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Most people who email using this form are trying to sell me something or asking if I want their articles:
1.) I have no money to buy whatever you’re selling and
2.) As this is a blog just trying to get my head around what’s going on in the worldmy research – my notes – I’m not interested in adding your articles unless it’s directly related to the task at hand i.e. KNOWLEDGE relating to this WAR on HUMANITY (particular missing gaps, collaborating on research, and all possible solutions that can help the 99% win against the less than 2,000 that are destroying the world). Otherwise, this is a personal scratchpad / journal, not a commercial site – and so you can skip me please if you want to sell me or my visitors something.

PO Box 2472
BMC, VIC, Australia
Phone: +61 408-036-323

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note: Truthbook is not the US-based Trump one (which is a psyop in my opinion) – Truthbook is an Australian censorship-free Social Networking site.


I’m most active on Telegram and as I get 60K emails a week, I’m pretty hesitant to even login to my email account. If you are a real, genuine person, that really wants a reply, then the best way to reach me is via Telegram or Phone (SMS first, I don’t pickup unknown numbers).