[RANT] People are still dying & hospitalized even after being ‘fully vaccinated’ (UK, Israel)

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Do they care about their social credit system and Great Reset so much, that they don’t even care that the vaccines don’t work? Why are so many choosing the media’s cherry-picked lie when it should be obvious by now.

Why does noone check? Why does noone believe?
Why does noone care about the TRUTH?

Can we please stop “twisting” the data – everyone is in some kind of trance from the media & under their “magic spell” when they are completely lying about everything – everything they say is the opposite of truth, and people no longer have the ability to question or think – they’ve given their “minds” over to the media-mantra and what should be obvious to the whole world right now – is only obvious to those who still have the capacity to think. All their ‘health advice’ leads to the very opposite of health – but they use some kind of witchcraft word: “science says” and you’re trained to believe it? I don’t understand what is going on with people when they don’t actually check – even when I beg them to check – they have an automatic “You’re wrong” response – just for asking them to check – and I’m not asking them to check some dark-alleyway, I’m asking them to check the same “data” that the media is supposedly reporting on. If they checked, they’d see I’m not wrong but they won’t even check? They are more scared of “checking” for themselves, that they automatically ‘hate’ on those who are trying to help them get their thinking-minds back?

In the UK, 70% of the people who die from COVID are fully-vaccinated

Watch the above 2min snippet from Joe Rogan Interview with Alex Berenson author of Pandemia: How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Rights, and Lives

Document he’s referring to in above video:

Public Health England
COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report
Week 38

Published: 23 September 2021


See Verifiable Research, Trials, Publications, FDA meetings:
Highly-vaccinated countries are reporting higher viral loads
and increased risk of Hospitalizations and Deaths
in the vaccinated than unvaccinated

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Dear Alex, you said yourself in the interview that you’re not an Ivermectin expert, but you should get up to speed if you are going to express an opinion about it – if you ever come across this blog post in the future, perhaps this will help:


Maybe they actually have done something to people’s brains – maybe there is a bit of extra fluoride in the water, maybe there is something in the test/air/food/jab, maybe the zombie-apocalypse is real. Or maybe it is just the media that has that much power – I mean, if you own the media, and people never question it, you really do own the world – more powerful than any government or military or the world’s leading ‘experts’. You can wipe people out with a stroke of the pen, reputations ruined, history re-written, change the very definition of words, and get people to believe whatever you want. Especially when you are all working together.

We seem to be living in an inverted world and something is happening to the minds of people where they only know how to repeat information they hear on the media – all their ‘beliefs’ and ‘thoughts’ and ‘truths’ are coming from the media – do they not have the capacity to ‘learn’ or ‘think’ or ‘question’ or ‘check’ or ‘discern’? Literally destroying doctors who are healing their patients and banning working treatments – and trying to get this experimental jab into everyone when there’s been more deaths & serious injuries from them in the history of every vaccine combined – which they immediately censor or downplay… and if that wasn’t enough to halt it – it ‘doesn’t work’ to prevent disease, spread, hospitalizations or deaths and in some studies, the vaccinated have a higher viral load than the unvaccinated.

When something doesn’t work and is causing harm, it should be immediately halted and investigated – but they are introducing more drugs & ‘boosters’, mixing it with other vaccines (with NO knowns about the safety of that)?, mandating it?, giving it to KIDS!!!, trialling it on BABIES!, not allowing people who are pregnant or have pre-existing heart conditions to be exempt? Where is the common sense? Have I shifted to a hell world where everyone blindly trusts the lab-coats on tv without checking to see if something else might be going on? The disinformation from the media and these corrupt policies – that’s our real concern – misguided trust. Because they tell you “don’t trust anyone but us, we are your one source of truth“. A scary time to live in. All damn lies.

I am really concerned that noone has the ability to think anymore, they simply “parrot” what they see on the television without ever — checking the data — since when did our population get their advice solely from the television without ever questioning? It’s really scary that you are determining that you are actually listening to ‘experts’ just because they ‘hypnotically tell you they are giving you’ “the best available science”. Do you really think they have your best interests at heart after 20 months of completely destroying everyone’s lives – especially the city of Melbourne, which our regional areas seem to have no clue about – even though they are our neighbours? Do you honestly think they are giving “COVID” Patients the best possible treatment in hospitals? People are given NOTHING and fed highly-inflammatory foods – what is up with that? This is outrageous.

Maybe your life didn’t get destroyed or turned upside down, so the agony and suffering others have gone through hasn’t reached you yet – maybe you got paid more – maybe you still saw your family – maybe your kids still went to school – maybe you don’t know anyone in aged-care, maybe your business survived – maybe your family survived unscarred- maybe noone you know has died or been injured by the vaccines – maybe you never looked into how to protect yourself so you believed the “jab is the only way out” mantra- maybe you never did any research about this new technology other than the cartoon animations on the tv – maybe you don’t recognize the mental state of everyone – maybe you don’t even recognize that you have an injury because they are telling everyone it’s rare and that it’s safe so you don’t even believe it yourself because the health staff seem to have the same fluoride stare because they’ve also had ‘vaccines are safe’ drummed into them daily – as they have done for decades along with a marketing campaign against “antivaxxers” or “vaccine hesitancy” whilst completely redefining new technology to be a ‘vaccine’ so that you would think it’s just like any other vaccine you’ve been trained to trust – people don’t seem to care what others are going through, they just want to go back to watching the footy and have a beer with their mates, they don’t want to “think” so they get their tv to tell them what to think.

I’m really concerned that they’ve done something to everyone’s minds – like seriously. People are becoming “angry” with anyone that points out the tv is wrong – because the “TV” is telling you “who to be angry at” because “they don’t want you to know it’s them that are doing the lying”, but it’s so easily verifiable that I don’t understand where this misdirected anger is coming from. The media is being used as a tool to get the jab into all arms, silencing health professionals, censoring & downplaying all the deaths/permanent & serious injuries, working treatments, all to hide what is really going on, and it’s dangerous that people don’t question or don’t want to learn, it’s actually very necessary that we make it priority #1 to learn – because you’re not going to get the truth from them right now. They need you focused on the jab for the great reset. Not a conspiracy “theory”, their terms, actually happening. Not joking. Not tin-foil-hat. Not dark-alleyway talk. I’m not trying to put ‘more’ fear into you, but truth should matter, because without it, you’re sitting ducks for whatever they have planned – no matter where you work or how compliant you are – you need to know what is going on in the world, you need to know what they are doing to the world and to us, and to unite together rather than allow them to tell you who to hate, or what to believe – the truth should matter to everyone.

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