Sudden surge in cancer within weeks of C19 Jabs?

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Personally I’ve heard of people in my town getting sudden onset of cancer a few weeks after their 2nd jab, but it’s usually been when I’ve overheard it or “my neighbour”, “my father”, etc. – not people I knew well-enough personally to ask questions and learn more. I knew there was at least one doctor (Dr Ryan Cole, a pathologist) who was loudly raising the alarm since the start about all things covid-protocol related. I remember listening to something from him about noticing people’s cancers coming out of remission since the vaccines but I’ve been focusing on the other agenda’s lately and had not got back to see if this was something being reported in other parts of the world, and then tonight I came across a rather disturbing image in a paper and I’m interested to see what I can find in the next 30 minutes, and to look into again further when I have more time.

Expand or skip past my introductory ‘rant’:

Rapid Progression of AITL Following Pfizer Booster

This is the paper that struck me. The patient, a 66 year old man, is one of the corresponding authors of the paper (stuck on the pre-print server where all the important papers are being “held” because no pharmaceutical-funded journal will dare to publish anything outside of “safe & effective”).

The report is suggesting that vaccination with Pfizer might induce rapid progression of Angioimmunoblastic T Cell Lymphoma (AITL). Now I don’t pretend to know what AITL is, but looking up the definition – it definitely correlates to all the T-Cell warnings we’ve been getting, the impairment of DNA-repair reporting, and there’s a few cancer-gene regulation papers that I haven’t yet reported on (that you can find in my ), and the paper itself opens that the mRNA vaccines strongly activate T follicular helper cells, and because this was an unexpected rapid progression, the importance of exploring the correlation.

You don’t need a medical degree to play “spot the difference” here:

Rapid Progression of Angioimmunoblastic T Cell Lymphoma Following BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccine Booster Shot: A Case Report (01)

Other papers reporting similar findings:

Dr. Roger Hodkinson: Cancer & the mRNA Injections

Feb 11, 2022
Rumble | See Full Interview: RAIR Foundation USA Interview with Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Lymph Nodes Ruptured after 1st Jab

Earlier tonight, there was a post in the Australian Vaccine injury group I’m in with Photos asking for helpful suggestions after her friend got a massive lump in her lymph nodes and an extremely itchy and oozy rash on the back of her neck after her first jab, with comments from others saying the same thing had happened to them. There was also one comment saying the same rash had appeared on her son’s head after he had received the vaccine that she didn’t think was related until seeing the post. Another reported that her mum had swollen lymph nodes after the 2nd jab, along with a rash from head to toe that lasted 9 weeks.

Dr Ryan Cole, Pathologist

Dr Ryan Cole says after the vaccine came out they are seeing a 20 times increase in endometrial cancer in his labAs well as an increase in other cancers and diseases such as herpes, shingles, skin cancer.

“[We’re seeing] inexplicable cancers at really unusual ages that are really thick cancers and aggressive cancers compared to what we are used to seeing in a lab.”

Full Interview

Almost 300 percent increase in cancer: Senate Hearing, Military Department of Defence

Fullscreen | Blog post with Transcript

Dr Daniel Nagase MD gave exemptions to any patient with a history of Cancer… here’s why:


I write vaccine exemptions for cancer. Anyone in your family have a history of cancer, I’ll write you a vaccine exemption. Nobody knows how much cancer this new injection will cause because it takes twenty years to find out. Any new drug – any new therapy – takes 20 years to find out how much cancer it will cause.

I know there’s some pseudo-scientists who claim they know “the Science”, who will say ‘Well I can’t prove that it doesn’t cause cancer’, but let me talk to you about “Theoretical Science” – because I did Microbiology & Physiology, so if any of you are listening, all these ‘pseudo-scientists’ who think this vaccine is safe? Let me educate you on microbiology & cell biology:

In the human genome, anything that’s mRNA or RNA, if it gets inside one of your cells, it’s just a matter of luck, whether or not that cell reverse-transcribes that mRNA back into DNA. Every cell in the body has retrotransposons – every retrotransposon encodes a protein called reverse-transcriptase – this is not the reverse transcriptase that’s a part of HIV, this is ‘human’ reverse transcriptase.

So anyone that tells you that mRNA cannot change your DNA is absolutely wrong.

Dr Daniel Nagase MD

I’ll explore this more when I have more time, but let’s keep an eye out on this one.


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