[Rant] The Great Reset and New World Order are not Conspiracy “Theories”

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This is actually happening – not misinformation – not lies – not disinformation – not a theory – this is actually a real thing. Don’t wait for the media to tell you about it – educate yourself and unite.

Big Media – Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all Mainstream Media, and Fact-Checkers are all in on this together. Total Destruction of the Economy & One Global Government plan (The Great Reset is THEIR WORDS, not a conspiracy theory – ACTUALLY HAPPENING). The New World Order or whatever other terms you hear (Agenda 21, Agenda 2030) are actually THEIR TERMS. Not “conspiracy theorist terms”. They created the terms, it’s their own words. Big Media is owned and controlled by the New World Order.

Every country that is a member of the United Nations have agreed to The Great Reset and New World Order under the cover of the pandemic and via the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 Climate Change plans.

Again, their terms!

It hurts the brain, it hurts our ego to be wrong, and it hurts that we’ve been lied to, and it hurts that they continue to lie to everyone and treat us like fools, but this is something we need to understand, because they are promoting it like it’s a “good thing”, and hiding the fact that it’s been over-taken by those with psychopathic fucked-up intentions (excuse the language, but these guys have really messed-up intentions for pretty much destroying every aspect of our lives under the cover of “saving” our world, and getting our “just doing our job citizens and politicians” to implement it for them) – making us all cattle fodder and slaves and giving them one-button access to controlling our entire lives – we placed our trust in them and they have abused this trust and there are terrible times ahead if we don’t understand and counteract some of the things they intend to implement.

They don’t want us to understand it, but they also haven’t hidden it. Some of the goals sound really good and would help humanity – it’s unfortunate that they have hijacked the plans and made it more about a funnel of wealth, power and control to a handful, instead of it being about helping the planet and the people. I wish I was joking, I wish this wasn’t happening, and more than anything, I wish I was wrong.

WEF Klaus Schwab “We Penetrate Global Cabinets with our Leaders”

Klaus Schwab names Vladimir Putin as a YGL and boasts that half of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet are Young Global Leaders. Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, in 2017:


“What we are very proud of, is that we penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF Young Global Leaders… Like Trudeau”

Harvard’s John Kennedy School of Government. Renowned globalist David Gergen (Bohemian Grove Former White House Communications Director) is moderator/interviewer.

Greg Hunt, Australia’s Chief Health Officer

Australia’s own “Greg Hunt” – our Minister of Health – was one of a number of Australian ‘leaders’ who trained at Klaus Schwab’s school for young global leaders and was the World Economic Forum’s “Director of Strategy” in Geneva (2000-2001), and was named a ‘Global Leader for Tomorrow in 2003. The Biosecurity Act gave him authority over Australia’s strategy in March 2020.

Some notable Young Leaders include:

  • Justin Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister) – also a WEF keynote speaker.
  • Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister of New Zealand)
  • Emanuel Macron (French President)
  • Vladimir Putin (Russian President – “President Putin’s Speech at the World Economic Forum”)
  • Microsoft founder Bill Gates (1993)
  • Former Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer (2000-2014, selected in 1995)
  • Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (1998)
  • Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page (2002/2005)
  • Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt (2001-2017, selected in 1997)
  • Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales (2007)
  • PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel (2007)
  • eBay co-founder Pierre Omidyar (1999)
  • Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (2009)
  • Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg (2007)
  • Jeffrey Zients (US White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator)
  • Stéphane Bancel (CEO of Moderna)
  • Tony Blair (Former British Prime Minister – still a leading proponent of ‘global vaccine passports’)
  • Jeremy Howard (founder of influential lobby group “Masks for All”)
  • Leana Wen (zero-covid CNN medical analyst)
  • Eric Feigl-Ding (zero-covid Twitter personality)
  • Gavin Newsom (Governor of California, selected in 2005)
  • Devi Sridhar (British zero-covid professor)
  • Sebastian Kurz (Austrian Chancellor)
  • Angela Merkel (German Chancellor)
  • Jens Spahn (German Health Minister)
  • CNN medical analyst Leana Wen (selected in 2018)
  • CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta (2010)
  • CNN host Fareed Zakaria (2001)
  • CNN anchor Anderson Cooper (2008)
  • NY Times Andrew Ross Sorkin (New York Times financial columnist, 2007)
  • NY Times Thomas Friedman (New York Times columnist, 1995)
  • ABC News George Stephanopoulos (ABC News, 1993)
  • FOX CEO Lachlan Murdoch (CEO of Fox Corporation, 1997)
  • BBC World Service journalist Dawood Azami
  • The Economist Lynn Forester de Rothschild (co-owner of The Economist)
  • Nathaniel Rothschild (son of Lord Rothschild)
  • Chrystia Freeland (Canadian Deputy Prime Minister; former managing director of Reuters and a member of the WEF Board of Trustees)
  • Mélanie Joly (Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs)
  • Scott Brison (Canadian President of the Treasury Board)
  • Karina Gould (Canadian Minister of families and social development)
  • More notable leaders https://swprs.org/the-wef-and-the-pandemic/

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution” “Build Back Better” “We are all in this together”
“New World Order aka New Global Order aka One World Government”

Digital Identity: The 2018 vision of the World Economic Forum

These terms were a “trigger” word for me to not look – I was also scared that it was another conspiracy or rabbit hole and so I focused the first year in journal publications and so it took me over a year to investigate and realize the enormity of it – that it’s not even hidden, it’s not a ‘rabbit hole”… it’s been announced by most of the world leaders, and there are many websites and books and tabletop exercises- by these global organizations, instructing our own governments how to implement it.

It’s even written in parliament speeches and all our new laws are designed around it.

The biggest ‘conspiracy’ I guess – is it seems like the media has been enlisted to make sure you’re too triggered by those words to look into it (by reframing it to “those over there are bad”“don’t do your own research”, “trust ONLY us” and you are “a good citizen”… and if you find anything that makes us look bad, then you are a “bad citizen”) – and repeating that over and over and over again in many different ways – while people are scared and are looking for someone to trust, this mantra and trickery has actually worked on a global scale – people are literally too scared and triggered to research outside of the news and they’ve become glued to the tv and believe everything they say.

Instead of explaining to the people what is going on, and sharing the detailed breakdown of what that means for every country in the UN, we are left in the dark about what is going on and are too scared to try and understand it, all the while the media has been trying to misdirect us back to “cases” and calling it a conspiracy.

There is now one “globally-controlled-media” that is automatically censoring everything that might disrupt this global takeover – all pandemic experts, health scientists, doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, microbiologists, vaccine makers, immunologists, people who’ve had permanent injuries from the vaccines, people who have lost everything due to lockdowns, masks, tests, and more.

Whilst they keep stating over and over again “the biggest problem is misinformation” – THE MEDIA is the biggest source of misinformation/disinformation. They are literally enrolled to keep you in a state of fear, stress, angry, and obedient, while the Great Reset is implemented.

Should you be directing your anger towards those who are letting you know the truth? Or should you be directing your anger towards those who are continuing to lie to you 24/7?

Even though some of the governments are being very open about what is happening – not Australia. They know Aussies wouldn’t want a bar of this, so they have cut our media off from the rest of the world – where all the main sources you would look, only see what they want you to see – are fully controlled and written by a centralized source – and if they don’t follow that source, they themselves are “taken offline”.

Again – this is actually happening – not misinformation – not lies – not disinformation – not a theory – this is actually a real thing, and they will enrol you into it slowly in way where you accept it (even “want it or demand it!”) – using the pandemic and a hypnotic script 24/7 to do so. Please learn that you are being kept ‘uninformed’ on purpose, using the media and all the main places you would look to do so. But it’s actually a real thing, that is actually really happening. It sucks and it’s devastating and it is painful and “impossible” to believe, but unless you become aware of it, you will just be like a frog in boiling water, and you’ll just wake up one day when the economy has been deliberately destroyed and realize you don’t own your property anymore, that you’ve been turned into nothing more than a barcode where your life and movements and access to anything, is completely controlled by one global government.

Why did our politicians sign us up for this? If the governments of the world weren’t already infiltrated by those groomed by globalists and families with looney-bin agendas and grand schemes for total population control, then I would innocently / naively guess they bought into “it’s a good thing”, knowing that having the title of ‘politician’ doesn’t equate to “intelligent and informed”. MAYBE we could, I suppose, give some of them the benefit of the doubt, that maybe, some of them are “just following policy”, just career-focused and blind. But for those who are standing up in front of the microphone, like Greg Hunt and the others with massive conflict$ of interest and ties to globalists and other agendas, I find it impossible to believe that they are not only in on it, but driving it – that they sold us out, especially when you follow their biography and see the connections they have and where they came from. But this has been a long-term plan as well, and has been in the works since the early 1990’s and even before – maybe even since World War 2 – so there are possibly a mix of “just following policy without seeing what is going on” (the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing – ignorance and corruption – just get my paycheck and put my head in the sand) and those who “sold us out and know exactly what they are doing and what the big plan is).

If you don’t know about it, then you are just going to keep doing everything they say without knowing the reasonings behind it, and you’re not going to have the right information to know WHY you are being told “don’t look there or you are a bad citizen”… “do this or you’re a bad citizen”… “stay in your cage or you’re a bad citizen”.. you won’t understand the population-brainwashing that is occurring that is destroying communities and relationships from the inside-out. They are literally “creating fear and hate” and keeping you in a state of terror – on purpose. Actually happening.

If this is your first time learning that it “may” be true, then this is a short < 10 min video that I think is a good one to start on, just because it summarizes it in a quick way – but there’s so much more to this.

To see how World Economic Forum explains the Great Reset:

I’ll keep adding to this blog as long as it stays up, but I’m far away from understanding all the things about it, it’s only by working together and discussing the evidence we find, do we put the pieces together, and it’s best to start your own investigation and learn about it at your own pace rather than getting anyone else’s interpretation.

But really try and understand it with a critical and open mind, rather than just allowing the tv to manipulate and drive your beliefs – really start questioning everything and learn what they have planned and whether you are “for or against” from a level of “understanding” rather than “the tv told me it was good, so it must be good”, or “the tv would give me the important highlights if this was real” – because the media are damn liars right now and cannot be trusted. There are probably things in the plan that you will like, and there will be things that you would only probably agree to – if there were ‘good people’ in charge of it – but these aren’t good people – they’re psychopathic looney-bins.

Learn to tell good from evil so that you know what kind of future we are creating by complying with every single thing they throw at us. Blind-trust (while the wrong people are in control of this plan) will destroy everything good about our world.

Telegram is currently not censored. They can control all the main media resources, but they cannot block or silence you on there (yet). This is where the others have found a platform to unite – to share the information and find the truth. They do want it banned and may soon succeed because they are using a lie of a narrative (saying it’s full of murderers) to try and get complete control over any information you have access to.

Unite with others who can help you verify what is going on, and help you through the de-programming, and what we can do together, when united with others as a community.

Install Telegram.org – first on your mobile device, and then on your computer (you need it first on your mobile to access the computer version).

Look, its not the best app in the world, it’s definitely not as good as the networks we’ve been used to, but it’s the only place right now to find millions of people who are conscious about what is going on, and are uniting with others to try and help each other through what is going on in the world.

List of Telegram Groups to Join

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