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The Director ID in Australia is Illegal

Tim Dwyer explains how the new Digital Director ID is illegal in Australia. I am new to this and it helps if I try and take notes whilst watching someone explain this, so I’m sharing my notes with anyone who is interested.


Prof. Iain Benson (Lawyer) | Ethical problems of forced experimental drugs

Australian lawyer Iain Benson on the ethical problems involved with the forced use of experimental drugs


Peter Fam (lawyer) | on Human Rights re: Covid

“In Australia today, in response to a virus where we’re locked in our homes, we’re forbidden from exercise, we’re forbidden from human contact, we are tracked and traced and digitised, we’re forced to accept invasions of our privacy that will never be regressed, and injections into our body that cannot be reversed, if we want to remain a part of functioning society. Even our breathing is restricted, but luckily Liquor Land remains open.”


NZ Informed Consent document

I wonder if the blame will shift to the doctors to take the fall when the truth comes to light? “The doctor undertaking the treatment is responsible for the overall informed consent process” “If a proposed treatment is new, experimental or lacks scientific evidence, have you explained this to your patient?” ~ Medical Council of New Zealand


[Legal] U.S. Felony’s with Forced or Coerced Experiments

When “Forced to do something that they would not otherwise do”, that is not only coercion but domestic terrorism. Download Legal PDF.


Dr Mark Hobart vs AHPRA

8 months ago AHPRA alleged that Dr. Mark Hobart was a threat to the Public health and suspended his medical licence. Court update and videos.


Sean Hartman’s dad wants to know “What happened to my son?” after Pfizer shot

Sean Hartman’s Dad wants answers to his son’s Pfizer death. Testimony at Toronto City Council board of health. I’m not an anti-vaxxer at all, I’m really not, but I think there is something wrong with this one.


How we lost Australia to Foreign Control

How Australia lost its Sovereignty and became slaves to Globalists. (Living document – My notes as I attempt to become less-ignorant)


Safe & Effective = Reckless & Dangerous | Julian Gillespie

Lawyer Julian Gillespie is standing up to Australia’s Secretary of Health in Federal Court against the dangerous and deadly shots, warns of big pharma’s influence over politicians and medical authorities, and new oppressive powers being legislated, and calls out the Australian government for ignoring the Pandemic Plan and letting WHO go rogue on the Australian people.


200+ Aussie Doctors Request Health Reform (AMPS Summit 2022)

Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS) Medico Legal Summit 2022 calling to cancel the experimental gene therapy and call out the health regulators (TGA & AHPRA), and provide & Signatories for a Parliamentary Health Reform.


Canadian Lawyer & Doctor on Corrupt Institutions

Bureaucratic Tyranny & Corrupt Institutions -( Universities, Journals, Public Health, WHO, Gates )- Canadian Lawyer Michael Alexander says that so many institutions have been corrupted – we need a Second Enlightenment.


Ballarat Candidates Federal Election [May 2022]

My homework on the non-major Ballarat candidates in the Federal Election


[2022] Grand Jury – Phase 2

Now that the Public Opinion Court is complete (so the world can learn what is going on), they are moving to phase 2.


[2022] Grand Jury

Presenting all the available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic.
(Includes transcript of Overview/Opening Statement.)


[LEGAL] Coerced Vax = Illegal

Nutshell: If an employer threatens with a non-negotiable demand to get injected (with a threat of sacking if you don’t comply), it invokes this law and the immunisation practitioner cannot legally proceed.

Former Qantas Pilot Graham Hood speaks with Glenn Floyd about Coerced Medical Procedures and the Australian Immunisation Act.


BMJ Clinical Trial Whistleblower Sues Pfizer (Brook Jackson)

Pfizer Clinical Trial BMJ Whistleblower Brook Jackson sues Pfizer, Ventavia Research Group & ICON for $2 Billion over falsified mRNA data submitted to obtain FDA Authorization for COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ and “deliberately withholding crucial information that calls the safety and efficacy of their vaccine into question.“


[Legal] Court Case: Separated Parents on Kids getting C19 Injections

Ontario Family Court – Relevant court case when separated parents disagree on COVID vaccinations for the kids. Judge rules in favour of mother who wants safety concerns addressed.


Catherine Austin Fitts “We are funding Genocide & Slavery”

Clip Edits from Testimony 82. What are Mr Global’s goals other than complete control? Suppressing the Immune System & Increasing Toxicity. Central Banks, Digital Currencies, Vaccine Passports and digital technology with a governance that doesn’t have your best interest at heart. WE need to stop funding and building it on an individual level.


Australian Companies illegally backfilling risk assessments to justify jab mandates.

Workplaces jumped the gun and implemented jab mandates for employees without doing their legally obligated risk assessment. When caught out, some have tried to ‘backfill’ their risk assessment, to make it look like they had done the process properly in the first place. As the Fair Work Ombudsman has told Senator Roberts, on the face of it this would be fraudulent under Workplace Health and Safety laws.


Hands off our kids! [C19 Aussie School Safety Letters]

Sending your kid to school is implied consent for the jab- here are some letters to give to your school to protect your kids from these unnecessary and dangerous medical experiments. (Download letters & instructions)


[Legal] Dr David Martin – Paper trail as far back as 1999 leads to Current Pandemic

Dr David Martin has uncovered this entire conspiracy with a paper trail of patents, grants, legislation changes, public official statements which debunk most of the Covid-19 Narrative. In this video he speaks to Aussie host Craig Schulze.


Human Rights Lawyer on Fear & Division

Peter Fam, Human Rights Lawyer, Sydney speaks about the Fear & Division that the media and governments are creating and has some advice for how to handle friends and family who believe you are a threat to them in some way and how we get through this.


Brian Peckford – Last Living Architect of Canada’s Charter of Rights – Stands Up!

Brian Peckford, former premier of Newfoundland and the last surviving architect of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, has been speaking out against the abuse and illegal use of Section 1 of the Charter by governments.


Senate Hearing – Jan 24 2022 – 3 Military Whistleblowers on C19 Vaccines – “Our soldiers are being experimented on”

300% increase in miscarriages and cancer. Over 1000% increase in neurological issues. 71% of new cases and 60% of hospitalizations are fully-vaccinated


United NT Businesses Stand Up against Unreasonable Mandates

Over 500 local businesses have formed an organisation to be the real voice of the territory people. They are defending the basic human rights of freedom of choice and body autonomy.


Winning Victoria Back – COVID Mandates [Interview]

Winning Victoria Back discusses legal cases and options for those fighting mandates in Victoria, Australia


[Comedy/Truth] Pauline Hanson Explains Australian Politics

Pauline Hanson has a new short entertaining series explaining Australian Politics


Can employers mandate medical interventions?

Peter Fam, Human Rights Lawyer, Sydney, explains reasons why employers who aren’t subject to a public health order should think three times before mandating vaccination for their employees.


Laws against C19 Mandate [Australia] Barrister Raymond Broomhall

12 Nov 2021 – Listen to Audio Call explaining all the laws against the mandate in Australia. Must listen for Australians.


USA Covid-19 Bill – Ban requiring employees to get COVID and other shots

The Michigan House Committee on Workforce, Trades, and Talent held a committee hearing on House Bill 4471, which would prohibit employers — including hospitals and health systems — from mandating vaccines or masks in the workplace.

The prohibition would include the COVID-19 vaccine, the influenza vaccine, and the Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) vaccine.


UK Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill

“There is a lot more damage being done to our citizens as a result of Covid-19 vaccinations than in any other vaccination programme in history.”


NZ Vaccine Mandate – Legal Option – Employer Health & Safety Act

Possible solution for Employer Vaccine Mandates (for New Zealanders)


Opposing Vaccine Passports – Australian Parliament – COVID-19

Bill Proposed & a Couple of Hearings trying to prevent vaccine discrimination and vaccine passports in Australia.


Fair Work Commission on COVID-19

Fair Work Commission – Vaccine Requirements in Relation to COVID


LAWS against Mandating Vaccines

There are laws against mandating experimental medical procedures which COVID-19 vaccines currently come under.


Legal Actions Challenging “COVID-19”

Just want to keep my eye on various legal actions relating to COVID-19 around the world.


Human Rights COVID-19 (Resources & Downloads)

Starting to look pretty scary out there in regards to what is happening to basic human freedoms and rights. Better start collecting anything helpful in regards to this.