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Taking down their weapons

We’ve been brainwashed to fear authority, instead of to realize our rights and our own authority.

Learn how the legal system really works, build your knowledge and remove your fear, and then go confidently with love and truth, to empower yourself and others to use in all areas of your life.

Your whole life will change forever—for the better— when you join this movement as you’ll learn how powerful we are when we take group-action together with others who are just like you. We hold all the cards and there is nothing they can do to us. We are the ones to turn it all around and change this reality now and for the future.

Rumble *4min

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In Nazi Germany, the reason for what happened, happened, is because there’s a chain of command, and everyone says, ‘I’m just following orders. He told me to do it’

Andrew Petterson, Lawyer

I’m Josh del Sol Beaulieu, and welcome to the InPower Movement, where we are waging a revolution of love and action. The problems we’re facing are huge, and the adversary is monumental, but we believe we have found a solution that’s going to change the game. We’ve put together a unique strategy with an effective solution to hold liable and accountable those who’ve been causing widespread harm in a way that’s never been done before.

Now, what we’re doing is saying, ‘No, you took a very good salary, and you took an oath of office – we are holding YOU accountable.’

Andrew Petterson, Lawyer

What if the power to right any wrong in our world was in our hands?

What this talk is about, and the action we’re taking is basically dispelling all these illusions, Wizard of Oz-type things. We’re saying, YOU, as a human being, YOU are now liable. You can’t hide behind your position in a corporation or in a government.

In a land of silent treason against life itself, who will you hold accountable?

I ended up writing a document very similar to what you’re going to see, and what happened was a bunch of people in high-level politics left their jobs without notice.

Cal Washington

What if structures that corrupt power were revealed as illusions?

They were trying to have the judge rule against it. Well I knew better than that because they can’t. It’s very simple. I just decided I was done with it. (inaudible-to-me…) I confronted the court about her jurisdiction (please correct this transcript if you know what she said), and she put her head down, and she said “ok” and that was it. The judge put her head down and didn’t bring it up again? Nothing. The DTE Attorney looked like he was going to explode.

Andrea McNinch

What if the only thing you have to overcome to restore the love in our world was your own fear?

We’ve been brainwashed to be afraid of authority. It’s a tunnel of fear that we all have to go through, and it’s a growing process. It’s on a subconscious level. But you know something, when you get out the other side, you’re going to come out empowered.

Andrew Petterson, Lawyer

This smart metre thing is a huge problem. People are leaving office as we speak because the game is over. The lights are going on, and the bugs are running for the corner. What I’m showing you here is they have a huge problem, and if you guys can catch onto this, we can make big changes.

Cal Washington

Well they were telling each other, ‘We know this is dangerous. We know what this study says. It’s unambiguous. You can’t massage it. There’s nothing you can do. It’s real.’ And then they’re saying, ‘We’ve got to hide it.’

Robert Kennedy Jr, Lawyer


“We won’t wait for the standards. Turning innovators loose is far preferable to expecting committees and regulators to define the future. Unlike some countries, we do not believe that we should spend the next couple of years studying to generate tens of billions of dollars in economic activity. And that’s damn important.’

Tom Wheeler, FCC Chair and CTIA Lobbyist

So, once you watch ‘Take Back Your Power‘ and see the truth, we’ll walk with you step by step, start to finish, through this process., and there’s the notice of liability action itself.”

The focus for now in the InPower Movement is to remove:

  • Geo-engineering
  • 5G Towers
  • Smart Metres
  • Mandatory Vaccinations
  • and as a positive by-product, corrupt officials

Join me and others in the InPower Movement. (Not an affiliate link, just lets them know I sent you)

Current coupon* for $50 off is: InPower 10 (Normal price is $150/yr or monthly) *as at 22 Nov 2023

Tip: When you first join, watch “Episode One” first. (N.B. link only works for members.)

There is heaps in the backend that will step you through a total transformation of how you understand the legal system and you will find everyone very positive, helpful, and motivated to help our world and each other. If you love knowledge as much as I do, you will love the InPower Movement. And if you love integrity, living morally, and want to help your own community and world from ‘within’ the system instead of thinking we have to ‘exit’ the system, this is the way.

To learn more about it first, search for “Cal Washington” interviews on your fave video platform, or the above link should redirect you to the latest webinars, interviews, & presentations (let me know on telegram if it doesn’t). Below is the video that first started me researching and going on a “Cal Washington” binge before joining.

As you know I don’t have reliable hands at the moment and I’m currently packing after being evicted (so going through a ‘Tower moment’ in my life to place me somewhere else, hopefully wherever I’m placed next in life’s journey is what heals and empowers me completely and rectifies my finances as well), so I can’t do too much on my website at the moment, nor go into details about the InPower Movement, but as soon as I’m settled in my new life, wherever this journey takes me, I’ll put more details on this post.

Who has coincidentally stepped-down after receiving notices from the InPower Movement?
(No way of knowing if it was to do with InPower movement or not, but these people resigned from their positions after receiving the InPower notices so it’s possible that it may of at least formed some part of their decision).


  • Mark McGowan – Premier of Western Australia, Tyrant
  • Brett Sutton – Chief Health Officer of Government of Victoria, Australia
  • Daniel Andrews – Premier of Victoria, Australia, CCP-Blackstone Tyrant


  • Rochelle Walenski, Puppet, CDC Director


  • William Sheffield – CEO of Hydro One, Canada
  • Adam Topp – CEO, Shared Health Inc., Canada
  • Pierre Despars – Interim President and CEO, Hydro Quebec, Canada
  • Omar Alghabra– Minister of Transport, Ontario, Canada
  • Marco Mendicino – Minister of Public Safety for Government of Canada
  • Elizabeth Dowdeswell – Ontario Lieutenant Governor, Canada
  • Bonnie Crombie – Mississauga Mayor, Canada
  • Karen Hutt – CEO of Nova Scotia Power, Canada
  • Rosemonde Landry – President and CEO, CISSS of the Laurentians, Canada


  • Kim Lehman – CEO Kamstrup, Denmark
  • Jørgen Dencker Wisborg – Chairman of the Board Kamstrup, Denmark
  • Soren Brostram – Director of Sundhedsstyrelsen, Denmark


  • Ryan A. Sylvie – Chairman, Missouri Public Service Commission, USA
  • Peter Lake – Chair, Public Service Utility Commission of Texas, USA

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