Aussie Nurses, Paramedics, Health Workers speak out about COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries

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Australian Health Worker Whistleblowers speak on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Gags by Regulators.

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November 11, 2021 – Whistleblowers Speak on COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries (Teaser) | Mirror
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November 11, 2021 –Whistleblowers Speak on COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries (Long)

Update April 13, 2023 – just came across this post again, and it sorely needs a transcript since these doctors voices were covered up, but I don’t have time to do a 43 min transcript, so here’s the first five minutes. Maybe I’ll have a chance in future to do the rest, but not today.

I’ve seen suffering amongst people on a level that I’ve never seen before. In the last week, I went to my 13th cardiac arrest and subsequent death post the vaccine. What I’m seeing on the front line is that these vaccines are not as safe as we’re led to believe and in a lot of cases they seem to be doing more harm than good.

Four people in wheelchairs present back to the clinics after receiving fires and they were all under 40. These were all people that weren’t able to walk. They had numbness and they couldn’t feel legs and arms.

So there was a young person who had his job three days prior so he had it on the Wednesday and he was last seen well on Saturday night. Sunday morning he was found unconscious on the floor in his own vomit and he was diagnosed as being in septic shock and having a massive cardiac infarction and he went to ICU and I don’t think he recovered.

To be honest, I just wish that we were allowed to speak about this. It is so frustrating to be in a position where we are seeing this stuff and we are seeing what these vaccines are doing and we’re not allowed to speak about it. Under the threat of losing our registration we’ve been told that we’re not allowed to talk about these things and I can’t even begin to put into words how frustrating it feels to be silenced. Everyone’s living in fear of being reprimanded and losing their job.

My name is Sonya Young. I am a commissioner of declarations and have been so for 14 years. I certified the individuals identification documents as well as the employment and registration documents. I can confirm that I certified the identification documents for participants prior to their de-identifying themselves for the videos. I can also confirm that I was present for each individual’s interview. If the individuals participating today said they were a nurse or a paramedic, I confirmed by checking off their AHPRA registration papers or their hospital identification cards.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t work as a registered health professional anymore. I just can’t watch it. All of our protocols have gone out the window. We’re not treating our patients as we should. We’re not following any science here and I don’t want to be a part of that system. This is something else and we’re harming people. I’m remaining anonymous because it’s been made very clear by our registry board, AHPRA, that any form of speaking out against the narrative could lead to de-registration and Queensland Ambulances made that clear as well.

The adverse reactions that I’ve seen take place is really concerning to me and I feel like it’s my duty to speak out and let people know the real risks that they’re taking. I’ve seen many people have varied reactions to this vaccine. I’ve seen people die from it both in my professional capacity and also in my personal life.

I’ve never witnessed anything like this where there’s such a massive rise in strokes, bleed outs, neurological disorders. If it comes down to an option between my job and the vaccine, I will lose my job. I won’t, under any circumstances, take this vaccine.

Normally, vaccines don’t have severe reactions like this and normally you would make a bigger deal out of it and you wouldn’t just brush it under the carpet, which is what seems to be happening with this one.

So the thing that bothers me the most is that we’re lying to the patients and we’re telling them that this is going to keep them safe and this is going to keep them out of hospital and this is going to prolong their life and everyone has taken the vaccine under false pretences. No one has been told that there are horrific side effects. In my opinion, there’s been an increase in admissions to the stroke and neurological wards post this COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

I’ve noticed a big spike in strokes. I’ve also noticed there’s been a lot of neurological conditions going on. Chest pains, there’s been a lot of people presenting with chest pain post the vaccination. Sometimes it’s after the second one, two or three days, five days. Sometimes it’s immediately, the day of.

We’re called to approximately 20-year-old female post-seizure, never had a seizure before in her life. Again, healthy though, normal 20-odd year old, presented with seizures post her first COVID shot. That was two days after her COVID shot, she presented with seizures on the back of no history of the same.

A young girl came up in a wheelchair and she said that there was something wrong and she didn’t look good. One of the nurses just said that she’s just having a panic attack and sent her to emergency.

The main presentations in people that have been vaccinated has been a large increase in stroke, a large increase in pleural effusions, which is where the lung fills up with fluid and you can’t breathe.

Then the confusion in the elderly without any underlying dementia and heart attacks in people with no family history, no medical history. Since the vaccine has been rolled out on the front line, we are seeing what I would call the effects of this vaccine.

We’re seeing, or I personally have seen an increased number of cardiac cases in the almost 20 years I’ve been a paramedic. I’ve never before attended six back-to-back cardiac cases in one shift. In all of these patients, all six had been vaccinated.

I found that there was multiple people, even staff members of Queensland Health, coming back and complaining that they cannot feel their arm and their leg. Numbness all over the body and even young girls coming up in wheelchairs saying that there’s something wrong from the vaccine.

In my personal life, in my friend group, I have a lot of people who’ve been required to get vaccinated for their work and three of those of various ages, ones in the 20s, ones in the 30s, ones in the 40s, again fit well healthy males, all of whom are now in cardiac failure post the vaccine. The cardiac failure for all of them developed within about two to three weeks after them having their first vaccine. They went from functioning well human beings to human beings who now can’t walk around the block without getting short of breath. There are lots of people getting really chronically sick.

4 More Aussie Doctors Speak Out

(22 Mins)

November 19, 2021 – 4 Health Professionals & 1 Patient – More Aussie Doctor Whistleblowers

Update April 13, 2023 – Just transcribed this one as well.

I’m a GP here in Melbourne and I want to start by saying the words of my patient today, “I didn’t want to lose my job so I got the jab and now I can’t breathe, and now I’ve been told by my cardiologist to get a second jab. I was told it was all in my head and it was a coincidence that it happened four days after my jab. “

So our doctors getting into trouble for giving too many exemptions, I thought doctors were here to help people.

This is one of numerous cases, multiple cases of pericarditis affecting all age groups from the experimental drug, multiple cases of breathing difficulties, cases of unexplained blood clots, unexplained raised D-dimer (which is the marker for blood clots), patients are being discharged from the hospital with chest pain with no guidance.

So what does it mean for patients in the long term? They can’t breathe or walk long distances, they’re fatigued easily and ultimately they can’t function as normal, and this means they’re not able to work and it’s lasted for more than six months.

What about that severe mental distress and suicidal thoughts because they’re forced to get a medical treatment against their will?

What’s distressing is to see doctors have normalised these side effects. Never before in history have we allowed patients to receive a medical treatment following their first reaction to that same treatment. So here’s my plea, doctors, nurses, if you’re in your medical profession and what you’re seeing doesn’t make sense it’s time to speak out.

Oh my god, this is just the truth isn’t it. *crying*

So I’m a registered nurse with 30 years experience. I work in an emergency department in one of Melbourne’s busy hospitals. I became increasingly concerned when I noticed incredible numbers of attendance daily in our emergency department, post-COVID vaccinations.

Initially we were seeing 8 to 10 a day and it was increasing 10 to 15 average.

The adverse reactions are such like severe headaches, vision problems, chest pains, body pains, back pains, abdominal pains, shortness of breath, palpitations, swelling and pains, skin spots and rash, bruising, abscessed to the injection sites, shingles on the rise.

There were neurological problems, symptoms like facial, limb, body, weakness, paraesthesia or altered sensation and numbness.

Often there’s no logical explanations.

For example there were abscessed on the injection sides only which were only explained by injections.

We were seeing increased patients with clots, cerebral, pulmonary and deep vein thrombosis so that’s brain, lungs and legs. There was a patient that had heart attack and collapsed after a second vaccine and the patient had all three clots, brain, lungs and legs and ended up in intensive care.

I became concerned with these patients being sent home with race D dimers. When I challenged the doctors, I was told that in view of the COVID vaccines it was now within the new acceptable range.

The standard chest pains protocol were not followed for example into ECG, pathology, imaging, outpatient, stress echo, cardiology, outpatient appointments. Some were given full investigations and some were given scripts for Valium for the next three days. These are normal healthy adults with no previous medical conditions.

So why am I speaking up now when others are not?
I have a duty of care to my patients and I cannot continue to watch so many patients being injured, potentially and permanently harmed, and possible death, especially with our mainstream media saying nothing and the current narrative continues to encourage the COVID vaccines and now the boosters.

We have been coerced by our employers, the hospitals, we are silenced for fear of being deregistered by AHPRA and most of us have already lost our jobs.

The public has the right to know the truth and to stop this harm on people.

Registered healthcare professionals should be free from TGA and AHPRA, silencing them with threats for telling the truth or doing their jobs and putting their patient’s health before industry’s profits.

In 30 years of nursing it silenced me, seeing what I’m seeing today. It is plainly obvious that these experimental injections are not contributing to the patient healthcare but instead causing them harm and no one is taking responsibility nor acknowledging this.

You know today even, in all emergency departments, they have not been entering any data to the TGA or the safe vac to report any of these adverse reactions and it’s a disgrace.

And I asked doctors why? They say this could be coincidental is what they say to me. This is coincidental that they have the vaccine and then have this.

Doctors are not reporting this and what I see, I am only there for eight hours a day and I already see eight, ten, fifteen. That’s only on my shift.

I’ve met in the last few weeks even GPs who say to me, they are afraid to put too many, too many adverse reactions. AHPRA will tell them that you know they’re anti-vaxxers. It’s crazy right? I am pro-choice. I’m not against vaccine. I think the problem here is that I have had all the vaccinations okay. All work vaccination, all travel vaccination. I’ve been a nurse a long time. My children have had vaccinations. The percentage of people who have COVID and recover very well with the right treatment and the natural immunity, they recover very well and there’s no need for death.

You know you have COVID, you spend COVID two weeks from emergency and you’re not given any idea what to do. We don’t even give them a piece of paper to say you know whenever we’ve had influenza we always say take vitamin C, build your immune system, take lots of fluids and you know after a couple of weeks, two, three weeks you’ll feel better.

I realize that immunity is not talked about anymore. It’s like a taboo subject. Nobody’s talking about “Hey you know what you can do in the next two weeks when you go and isolate. These are the things you can do. Lots of rest, lots of fluids”, you know simple things.

We’re not. I’m ashamed when I send the patient out of the door. I’m ashamed.

Why should you listen to us? The medical lawyer said that I am nobody and I am not the chief health officer. That I should just do whatever my peers are doing.

How do we explain especially when all investigations come back normal of any young previously healthy patients with chest pains, Bells’ palsy, hearing loss, unexplained shocking headaches, loss of period, unexplained debilitating fatigue, unexplained neurological symptoms of pins and needles, unexplained inflammatory response such as patients literally look like zombies, grey and lifeless, feeling cold all the time, localized blood clots, and to mention the few injection site breasts swelling where we have never seen anything like this before?

I have read patients hospital summaries that they had unexplained loss of consciousness. Patients have also told me that despite turning out at the hospital with ambulance many times they were not taken seriously about their chest pains.

So why should you listen to me? I’m only a full-time general practitioner and I have been a doctor for decades.

There are no guidelines to treat any and even if we could treat them with protocols, AHPRA would threaten us. I would be in a clinic totally pro-vax. There’s nothing wrong with that.
However, after all they did say and I quote, “the doctor will change his or her mind if he or she knows how much money he or she can generate with two drugs plus two shots”.

The nurse generating patients does not even know what these vaccines actually are. We just have to do what we are told.

The patient often says “I didn’t even know that it is a trial and it is provisional”. How is this informed consent?

Medical educators are telling GPs that vaccines are approved – even for children!

I personally know somebody who died. This person could not leave the state or country because of the lockdown. I have not seen anybody at work who’s contracted COVID. I’ve only seen frightened people before their jabs and sick patients after the jabs. I know people who have died after COVID injections.

I treated someone performing PCR test results, stressed out because of being overworked and lack of sleep. Texting lots of positive cases but the news did not report any positives.

I listen to patients who are mentally broken and they cannot get to see any counsellor or psychologist. They come and beg me to write exemptions and I cannot help them because I cannot write exemptions.

One patient in distress threatened me if I did not write the exemption I will be taken to AHPRA.

I have seen reactions and the complications every day at work and there’s simply not enough time to go into everything. The profound ones I have mentioned.

When I ask a specialist when and why after primary infection once you get the vaccine only to be told off “Who are you? Go away and educate yourself and just convince everybody to get vaccinated.”

Specialists are refusing to see and examine their patients. I’m seeing patients every day complaining about this – despite being double vaxxed – the practice still prefers to turn them down, simply because they are scared of the government.

We are not practicing good medicine. People of Victoria and all over the planet if you still want to stay misinformed about the news and government’s orders, and cannot comprehend that none of this makes sense anymore, and that we must stand together united, I sincerely wish you the very best. I genuinely wish you that you do not destroy your body as well as your soul.

It has been two very tiring years and we need to get better at this. Don’t be scared of this mysterious virus. Don’t be scared about covid and these provisional approved vaccinations if you have no other choice but to get them unwillingly. Find the right way to take care of yourself.

Stop labelling anyone anti-vaxxers. Stop labelling anyone anything. Stop teaching children new labels and start doing the right thing by the children. Wake up.

Families and friends we need to stop dividing and fighting over getting jab or not jab. Please stop choosing irrational fear over love and care for those in need.

Men and women stop thinking no jab no job. There are resources out there and you need to keep searching and find the closest in the truth.

So I’ve worked in Allied Health for over six years now, and every week I have people come to me looking for help because they just don’t know where to turn. The horrifying part that people have been refused the right to informed consent because of the suppression that’s going on.

I’m not pro-vax or anti-vax but pro-choice and pro-informed consent.

None of these stories have been reported to the TGA. None of them have actually made it back as adverse reactions, and so the most horrifying terrifying part of this is that people are blindly trusting that these vaccines are safe, and our people are being robbed of the opportunity to make informed consent.

I’m not anti-vax. I’m not pro-vax. I’ve had all of my vaccinations up until just a short few years ago and I am not prepared to receive this vaccination because nobody can tell me what the long term effects of this vaccination is. No one can tell me that. Not even the TGA can tell me that.

People are blindly trusting and they’re having adverse reactions and they’re losing their brothers and sisters and nobody’s listening to them. They’re being turned away from their GP’s. They’re being turned away from other specialists. No one will hear their stories. It’s just really really shocking. I feel like I’m in a dream and at any minute now I’m going to wake up and this all have been a really horrible nightmare. I don’t know how we got here.

I’ve been seeing, especially the last maybe three months, I’m now starting to see adverse reactions. Old people are coming to me, with adverse reactions. The biggest things I’m seeing is cardiovascular issues, mainly in men, young healthy males.

My background, we also work with a lot of athletes so we’re seeing young, fit, and healthy men with no pre-existing conditions developing myocarditis, and one of our friends who’s a trainer has sent me four between the ages of 26 and 34 have all developed myocarditis within three weeks of their vaccination. They said they had, I think, 150 cases of myocarditis in a 10 or 15 year period and how we’ve had thousands of cases since the vaccine rolled out.

So I’m an allied health practitioner. I’ve been in this industry for the last 13 years and I’d like to share some of the things that I’ve been seeing in my practice over the last three months.

So predominantly there’s been an influx of cardiovascular issues and it’s been quite concerning because I work with a lot of athletes in my field of work and we’ve been seeing a lot of young males who are healthy with no pre-existing cardiovascular issues and I’ve had four males between the ages of 26 and 34 who have now been diagnosed with myocarditis and all four have been told it’s due to the vaccine but all four cannot get an exemption for their second vaccine and that’s quite concerning because this is a condition that once you have it, you have it for life, and the life expectancy beyond five years is 50 percent.

There’s a lot of us that want to speak. I’ve got a lot of friends in the medical industry – doctors, nurses, surgeons, plastic surgeons, integrating health practitioners – we are all seeing this but a lot of them have been silenced and gagged, they’re not allowed to speak up, they’ve been given ultimatums and loss of registration, there’s no freedom in speech, there’s no freedom for them to practice safely or ethically, the do no harm is gone, the privacy between patient and doctor, the confidentiality has disappeared. In fact every human right has been breached when it comes to medical health and privacy laws. This is the time that we’re living in right now.

The conditioning is out of control, the fear-mongering is out of control and people are scared and they’re making these decisions from a place of fear.

I’m a builder from Melbourne suburbs. I’m here to tell my story regarding a adverse reaction to a AstraZeneca first dose. I’m here to tell the story. I may be a lucky one, so you know? Yeah so I went and got my injection on the 28th of October and within 10 days I started having adverse reaction. The Saturday night started feeling numbness in my feet, tingles, severe pains down both my legs in my spine and yeah, I admitted myself to hospital on the Saturday night at 10 pm, and from there I was pretty much numb couldn’t feel my legs.

So then they just started doing tests, and next thing you know I was admitted into emergency and you know given drugs and painkillers and I spent seven days in hospital.

But I’ve just done it for the team, done it for everyone’s freedoms, sick of listening to people telling you just go get it you’ll be fine.

Did you voice your concerns about your symptoms being linked to the vaccine, to the doctor and what was his response?

That side effect or adverse reaction could be from a flu shot as well. I said well I didn’t have a flu shot, I had AstraZeneca.

Have you tried to get an exemption?

I have tried from the neurologist at the hospital. He believes, yeah there’s another two other different types of vaccinations and go down so apparently I can’t have the second Astra but apparently I could maybe have a Pfizer or a Moderna, throw something else in the mix! AstraZeneca didn’t fucking kill me but maybe this one here will top me off!

Speak Out Australia

Senator Gerard Rennick
If you need further assistance with this or anything else, feel free to reach out to my office on (07) 3252 7101 or

Senator Rennick questions Head of the TGA.

Listen for yourself how John Skerritt responds. Unbelievable. Enough with this whole downplaying of deaths and injuries, and suppression of working treatments, and ENOUGH with the LIES & CORRUPTION.

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