Aussie Nurses, Paramedics, Health Workers speak out about COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries

IN C19 Prey

Australian Health Worker Whistleblowers speak on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Gags by Regulators.

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November 11, 2021 – Whistleblowers Speak on COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries (Teaser) | Mirror
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November 11, 2021 –Whistleblowers Speak on COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries (Long)

4 More Aussie Doctors Speak Out

(22 Mins)

November 19, 2021 – 4 Health Professionals & 1 Patient – More Aussie Doctor Whistleblowers

Speak Out Australia

Senator Gerard Rennick
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Senator Rennick questions Head of the TGA.

Listen for yourself how John Skerritt responds. Unbelievable. Enough with this whole downplaying of deaths and injuries, and suppression of working treatments, and ENOUGH with the LIES & CORRUPTION.

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C19 Victims

C19 Truth

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