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Sometimes I just need to let off some steam – constantly censored – constantly trying to think of ways to get past AI algorithms – constantly trying to get truth out. Frustrated. Sometimes I just need to pour it all out. I can’t handle not being able to speak freely – we are “self-censoring” now because we know nothing gets passed the censors, and because all our friends and neighbours have been coerced/conditioned by the Media to not “think”.


If I tell you the apple is poison & you still eat it, I didn’t poison you; you poisoned yourself ~ Satan

Why Don’t They Hide The Democide Better? Here is the ONLY explanation that makes sense to me on why it’s so easy to find all the evidence against them and why they aren’t hiding the data from us. (Karmic Retribution – if they aren’t hiding it and we still allow ourselves to be poisoned or don’t do anything to stop it, we’re complicit & are responsible & “deserve” any negative consequences, i.e. “they” didn’t kill us; we “killed ourselves” ~ Satanists)


Dear Global Citizens (Human “Slave Force” & “Lab-Rats”) [RANT]

Facts change as you get more data. My view on what is “factual” about the world today is far different than 2-3 years ago, and changes on a monthly basis as more and more data becomes available. Today I want to rant about the global human-traffic system of the slave-force variety, i.e. “you, me, and everyone we know”.


[Prof Nazar] C19 Vaccine-Bioweapon Genocide (paper & presentation)

Scientific proof of the PLANdemic with 2000+ peer-reviewed published references. At the very end of a very long 9-hour livestream in April 2022 was a presentation by Professor Federico A. Nazar on a paper he took 2 years to write that has been heavily censored online and in the academic world. It collates the majority of information we’ve all been researching into one paper, kicking the mainstream narrative to the curb.


[Rant] Satan-Claus Canada #WeWontForget

What will get kids put on the Naughty or Nice List? Well, the “Nice” list includes being masked up, vaccinated, and keeping up-to-date on boosters and flu shots. #NotTodaySatan


GMO Parasite Patent’s Review (I don’t see the evidence)

This is a post for me to scratch-pad out the patents that Dr Ariyana Love and Dr Robert Young put out about the GMO parasites and birth-control in the mRNA jabs. I cannot figure out how they came to the conclusion they did (and it’s pretty important for us to figure this out, because if they are right, it’s an enormous game-changer as far as treatment goes)


Lieberman > Lieber > HCQ > Quantum Dot > Self-Assembling NanoTech > DARPA > Nano-Networks

Today’s research took me unexpectedly down a “self-assembling nanotech” rabbit hole, and this is my “scratchpad” of notes I took following the white rabbit… it connects one of the signatories of the Lancet’s “quackery” letter at the start of the pandemic (that demonized “early-treatment”), with self-assembling graphene nanotechnology, quantum dots, DARPA, the ONS, and military-funded research to do with Self-assembled Computer Circuits and the blending of nanotech with living cells to connect the whole-body to a nano-network…. every day we find out just how much about this world we know nothing about.


“We will never trust Science-Fiction again” (updated Dec 4)

Collection of various clips as a reminder to never trust their science-fiction again, and to not forget what they did to all of humanity in the world’s largest mind-control operation


“The Playbook” – how the few control the many [Covid Edition]

“Do you know how many people would have to be in on it?” ~ My response.

Melbourne CBD Police

They want Australians ‘to forget’ about the last two years of “Keeping Us Safe“ [Police]

Examples of CovidPsychosis in play during the Covid “directions to keep us safe”. Police wants Australians ‘to forget’ about the last two years of “overreach and brutality” and crazy, draconian mandates.


How we lost Australia to Foreign Control

How Australia lost its Sovereignty and became slaves to Globalists. (Living document – My notes as I attempt to become less-ignorant)


[Rant] ‘Think’ next time… (and there will be a next time).

How can anyone still be stuck in covid-lala-land? I know the media is a powerful weapon-the most powerful weapon, but it’s been over 2 years now. At some point, you’re going to have to face the enormity of what is happening outside of the media-created-delusion.



This #Insanity has to stop.


[RANT] Fleming & McCairn say No Graphene or NanoTech (just Air Bubbles & Salt)

Dr Richard Fleming & Dr. Kevin McCairn say No Graphene or NanoTechnology is in the vials (they say its just Air Bubbles & Salt and “nonsense”) – but I can’t find anything to compare from any labs I’ve seen.


“Opportunistic Vaccinations”

Ignore me, I’m in a “mood” since reading these files…


What the HELL is going on in Schools? [Bernie Finn MP]

“I am absolutely shocked – I thought I’d seen everything, but this one is just beyond words… “Part of the 10 year old girl’s homework was to discuss with her father, his ‘erections’ and ‘ejaculations’.”

Patent KR20210028062A

[RANT] “Saline Containing Graphene” (Patent)

Just a little whinge, moan and speculating rant about this saline-graphene worldwide patent by the Director-General of UN’s International Vaccine Institute.


[RANT] Omicron as “Nature’s answer to a Covid Vaccine”

Omicron – is this natures antidote to the ridiculous vaccine psychosis – booster madness and illogical mandates? I BEG YOU to realize how much we’ve been lied to and how much they are continuing to lie to us over and over and over again with the fear-porn misledia.


[RANT] Canada shows World ‘Test-Run’ of forthcoming Social Credit System

Globalist Justin Trudeau has done a wonderful job highlighting how easy it is to ‘snap your fingers and create new laws’, seize your bank accounts, credit cards, retirement funds, loan access and instantly cut you and anyone who helps you off from money – giving the whole world a free preview of the Digital ID Social Credit System we’re passing onto our future generations.


Meanwhile…”Psychosis” in Canada [Police]

Police in Canada have gone full-psychosis this week as they obediently follow unlawful orders from globalist tyrants and steal (“confiscate”) fuel, trucks and vehicles, freeze bank accounts and crowd-funding, illegally arrest, bash, and abuse their fellow humans, and ride horses through crowds. They’re either complicate prostitutes who have sold their soul and will do anything for money or are they completely clueless to what this is actually about and are under the same sickness; this mind-control / mass-psychosis that has overcome a lot of the people in the world.


Meanwhile…”Psychosis” in Australia [Police]

Compliance & Slavery, Not Health – VIC Police on Saturday Fully-Masked, but on Sunday Unmasked & Mingling, and ACT police using sonic weapons on Australian families for asking for some common sense and logic to enter the medial mafia debate – these mandates make NO sense and our government has sold us out to globalism and you’re complying to the wrong side of history! Wow. Sigh. What a disgrace.


Covid-19 = Program of Mass-Extermination

Dr. Roberto Petrella, a retired Gynaecologist, from Abruzzo, Italy warned Italians that Covid-19 was a program of mass-extermination back in August, 2020.


Globalism Notes

Came across a site with Australian notes that looks like it may not be up for much longer since half the links don’t work and the articles are so aged, but I found myself copying a lot of notes about the one world government and new world order from the paragraphs and now want to put those “notes” somewhere I can locate them again.


Australian Senate – What kind of people do we have in Parliament?

Dark & evil secret-side deeply-embedded within Global Organizations including Australia? Something funky going on in Australia and for those of us paying attention it’s quite alarming.


Psycho brags about terrorizing “Antivaxxers” in Canberra

Canberra Media-Psychosis in Action! “Parked my car on an Antivaxxer” 12th Feb 2022 Philip Avenue in Watson, Canberra, Australia.

Mass formation psychosis is a conspiracy theory — until it isn’t.

This is now how people feel they can behave towards other people in our country because the media/gov has created a two-tired society + mass-formation psychosis.


[Rant] The Great Reset and New World Order are not Conspiracy “Theories”

This is actually happening – not misinformation – not lies – not disinformation – not a theory – this is actually a real thing. Don’t wait for the media to tell you about it – educate yourself and unite.


[Rant] More Vaccinated than Unvaccinated Deaths in Australia

What the hell is going on? Has everyone taken the Kool-Aid? Serious question.


[Rant] Let’s just label everyone an “Anti-Vaxxer” to win any argument

The smartest “most effective” thing they did was weaponize the word “Anti-Vax”. This clever campaign gives them the ability to lump all the crazy unverified shit in with the experts they want to silence. Just *wave that word* onto anything and we’ll run the other way.


The Consequence of TRUTH being Suppressed, Lack of Critical Thinking, & the Censorship of Alternative Narratives is the Destruction of our Lives

Whether the people behind the global censorship had good intentions or not – they didn’t listen to non-pharma-funded agenda-driven experts, they didn’t listen to doctors who had working treatments, lives were needlessly lost or endangered, livelihoods irreparably damaged, and we will be paying for this gross error in critical thinking and unprecedented censorship for generations.


[RANT] Pfizer / FDA – Court Released Docs [1st Batch]

So remember how Pfizer & the FDA blocked a FOI request and requested from the courts to delay handing over documents that the FDA used to approve it… that it would take them over half a century (2076) to fulfil the request? Here’s the first batch of released pages (only 54 years, 11 months to go…)


[Rant] ‘War of the Worlds’ Media Voodoo

Unchecked media = VOODOO Mind-Control.


[RANT] Fully-Vaxxed AirCrew Locked Up for 21 Days after Negative COVID Test Post-Flight

HEALTHY people are being LOCKED UP for 21 DAYS on a Layover Stop and the WORLD STAYS FAST ASLEEP! WORLD HAS GONE FREAKIN’ MAD. Wake Up Already.


[RANT] What about now? Extraordinary level of denial — How do they still believe the narrative?

How or what exactly do you think is the reason some still buy into the media narrative?


[CovidCult] “The Covidian Cult” (a Global Cult Crisis)

Facts should matter. Why does everyone believe they are “Following the Science” without checking? Why are they not willing to look rationally at anything? Why does the truth no longer matter to anyone?


[RANT] Cheers to those who Question things when they Don’t Make Sense

Cheers to all those who do their own research and have chosen to risk it all to get the truth out – in a world full of corruption and lies


[RANT] People are still dying & hospitalized even after being ‘fully vaccinated’ (UK, Israel)

Why are they ignoring the data? Why does noone check? Why does noone believe? Why does noone care about the TRUTH?


[RANT] The Great Deception – Storytime

The truth should matter to you – should matter to all. We can’t live in a fake reality created by the media when the truth sets you free from all the shit they are doing.


[RANT] C19 Vaccines SO POWERFUL they Can Destroy Nations, Lives, Relationships, Businesses, Cause your Death, and even Make You an Enemy of the State?! (But they can’t stop a virus…)

C19 Vaccines SO POWERFUL they Can Destroy Nations, Lives, Relationships, Businesses, Cause your Death, and even Make You an Enemy of the State?! (But they can’t stop a virus…)


[RANT] It’s not about health – there is no “return to normal”

It should be obvious by now. I need to rant.


[RANT] Aussies have been kept ignorant on purpose

Aussies are “disinterested” in the truth, we don’t follow politics, we’re unarmed and “believe the media” – they are taking advantage of our laid-back nature.


[RANT] Overheard “everyone just gets the jab and we go back to normal” DELUSIONAL!

You really have no idea how corrupt these guys are if you actually believe anything they are saying at this stage.


[RANT] I’m really nervous about what the tv is doing to my friends

The real terror here is that people are being driven to feel hatred and despise– a real division – that is caused by the media. The media is creating an “us” and “them”


[RANT] No Jab? No weddings, funerals, newborns, elderly, more…

Triggered by social media posts around the world who are requiring vaccination to attend events, I need to vent…


[RANT] I’m heartbroken and helpless and concerned and need to share

How can I be surrounded by so many who attack, dismiss, mock, or ignore instead of an appropriate expected response of “hmm.. maybe I should look into this further”… “maybe I should learn a bit more about it… “… “maybe I should know what to look for..”… “maybe I should understand the risks”…”maybe my information isn’t up-to-date”, “ohhh, maybe I don’t know much about these vaccines”.. “maybe I don’t know as much as I think I do by just reading the news”… “maybe, just maybe, I should seek more information before I decide”.

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