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Dear Human Slaves. Wake up.

Normalisation of surveillance and surveillance technology under the cover of COVID, where people in society become used to or accept slavery and total population control. Not only that, but if I have to explain the dangers of what you’re about to read – you may be too stupid to understand and that is more worrying – are you going to “wait for someone to explain it to you” or are you going to get your brain back? We need you to have your “thinking mind” back urgently because you are becoming bloody zombies that literally trust the paid actors on the tv rather than finding out what’s really going on in the world – you have the attention span of a FLEA and it’s scary.

Is this the future you want?

Regardless of whether your tv told you “don’t look” – you NEED to look. You need to take a goddamn interest in what is actually going on or you and your children will be enslaved forever. If it’s “too much” for you – that you actually still believe now – that things are just a conspiracy and not true – then you’re already too stupid. Good luck to us all if Australian’s don’t figure out what’s going on in the next month.

They will tell you WHATEVER YOU NEED TO HEAR in order to accomplish this – you need to wake up and realize WHO is LYING to you and which of the friends who can see RIGHT THROUGH IT.

MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT BUYING INTO THIS B.S. but those that are buying into it – are endangering us all because it’s mostly those in “essential worker” jobs and healthcare positions that have not had any other view or any truth given to them this entire pandemic – so they have no critical thinking skills and the “tv” has told you “don’t think, trust us”. You need to break free from the media brainwashing and fast. WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY – those who are lying to you are the ones who are doing this to you. Be wise, get your mind back, face the truth with us.

Dedicated Mandatory App

In some embodiments, in view of the pandemic, the government may order the citizens to install a dedicated application on their smartphones (or other smart devices like tablets, smart watches, smart glasses, etc.) to help the government with the logistics of the vaccination procedures. In some embodiments, the government (or other body) provides the public with such dedicated smart devices. In some embodiments, the app and/or the smart device is configured to inform on the user’s location at all times and to communicate with adjacent smart devices (via Bluetooth for example) to assess the interactions between users, for example vicinity between users, movement of users, etc.). In some embodiments of the invention, already existing software may be used, for example, both android and is based cellphones have software (e.g., as an operating system service) which can detect proximity of others and such software may be used or improved to provide functionality as described herein.

In some embodiments, the app will be also used to send personalized communication to the users, for example, to come and be vaccinated. In some embodiments, in view of the information received from the app, specific actions are taken, for example, send a communication to the user to enhance his awareness to behavioral rules during pandemic, to come and be vaccinated, to avoid certain locations, which are at high risk of contagion.

In some embodiments, the term prophylactic treatment means a preventive measure taken to fend off a disease or another unwanted consequence.

In order to facilitate the explanation of the invention, the term “treatment” will be used. It should be understood that when the term “treatment” is used it refers to both vaccinations and prophylactic treatment.

In some embodiments, vaccines are all compounds as disclosed in in the website of the World Health Organization (https://www[dot]who[dot]int/publications/m/item/draft-landscape-of-covid-19-candidate-vaccines), which are all incorporated herein by reference, and which are optionally provided (e.g., as a kit) with software such as described herein and/or provided with instructions for use targeting potential super spreaders detected,

For example, an individual that was identified as a superspreader may or may not receive information about the fact that he/she was identified as such. In some embodiments, the potential advantage of not providing such information is to further enhance the privacy protection of the user. 

In some embodiments, insertion of the codes into their personal electronic devices will inform the system that that encrypted/anonymized user needs a correction in their score. In some embodiments, the correction can be either increasing the score or decreasing the score. In some embodiments, when the electronic device detects certain behavior, like an increase in the movements of the user, the electronic device (for example via the dedicated app) will warn the user that his score will be changed if the behavior is not changed. In some embodiments, changing the score can be either increasing or decreasing the score.

Western Australia & Northern Territory

South Australia & Victoria

New South Wales

ID Match Facial Recognition
Government Services & Documents

You should also know that all the things you’ve been “mocking” this past year because the media has been telling you to it’s “crazy”, are actually very possibly true and that all sorts of technology exist that have been around for decades. Here are some of the technology they (DARPA, Google, Microsoft, and Technology companies) are very open and public about – let alone what they are “not” open about. You mock that which you don’t know because your mind cannot cope with the possibility – because you didn’t even know this technology is already part of the plan.

Media = tells you “they are saying crazy stuff”

Media = bunch of liars. Paid to lie. Actually, sorry, “created” to lie. You don’t hear from any non-mainstream news anymore because this pandemic “removed” independent journalists and signed all mainstream media over to one global media.

Big Tech (Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) and Big Media (All your favourite channels and media organizations from BBC to ABC to Channel 7-10) are all “the bad guys” and have always been “the bad guys” but now they are all in alignment – actively working together to completely misdirect you from the truth and buy into their narrative, to create a “fake reality” that you are all living.

The media is the government, and the government is now this “one world government”, and the “one world government” is actually a “company that already owns everything on the planet“, and that’s just the start of this. I’ll let you marinate on this first:

Yes, they have EVERY intention of microchipping you and connecting your fucking brain to the “cloud”. Yes, it’s fucking crazy and yes, we need to stop these psychopaths before they convince everyone that it’s “what you want” which is where they are certainly heading – they call it “Human 2.0” and they are very excited about it. Total Population Control.

Considering they already have the technology to “change our memories” while you sleep, it’s very possible that is why it’s so hard for us to break through to this new hive-mind that we’re seeing out there – can you not think that maybe you are susceptible to this — or “something” other than “my friend believes it, so I do too”? I’ve seen some crazy shit lately like people becoming almost psycho about getting these experimental jabs they know nothing about – not because they think it will protect them, but to get “back to normal”… is that not insane? That a gov-speech can convince you to sign up for a medical experiment – with “unlimited maybe lifetime ‘booster’ shots for something with a <0.1 % fatality rate for those not living in a residential aged-care home, which doesn’t stop the spread, doesn’t prevent you from getting sick, doesn’t stop you being hospitalized or dying, is actually experimental, is actually a clinical trial, is actually the main reason the hospitals are filling up, has working treatments for in over 180 countries that will give you natural immunity which are far more safer, “saner”, and cheaper for everyone – even the vulnerable, and it wouldn’t of bankrupted the country, and that these v’s are “hit and miss” – russian roulette – causing a lot of harm that for some reason everyone thinks is still safe because the TV is telling them? I’ve seen people lose their babies and then line up their other kids a couple of months later – it’s insanity. They never check the databases for themselves and if they did, they somehow still think it is “extremely rare” because that’s what the tv says. It’s just unbelievable. Like why are they focused on “Cases” instead of “Deaths” when most “Cases” are healthy people that aren’t even sick? They are deliberately terrifying you of something that still – even now – 2 years later you haven’t stopped to question why? Their fear-mongering has never stopped. Don’t you wonder why they aren’t trying to be “nice” and keep everyone calm and not in panic mode? Everything they recommend makes no sense – will make you sick!

Even if you have religiously trusted the tv, there should be SOME kind of “doubt”? Are you not even curious as to why you haven’t found out about the deaths of kids yet? Are you not curious as to where the “injuries” are and why you don’t see that on social media or in Google images or on YouTube? Aren’t you curious as to why they want to mandate something that doesn’t even work? And that they basically giving people “NO CHOICE”? Like where is your natural curiosity? Everything that can cause “vaccine hesitancy” is CENSORED/Removed/Re-written – but that didn’t stop millions of us studying and learning the truth – why are the tv-watchers never checking? I even see some crazy things where people have died the next day or less than a week after a jab from a heart attack not knowing that these vaccines are causing heart issues, and so they actually don’t blame the jab, they think it’s completely random and unrelated – it’s friggin’ weird how completely blind-sighted and trusting of this “safe & effective marketing campaign / mantra” people can so easily trust – it’s kind of freaking us out. But we’re hoping it’s just some kind of fluoride/drug in the water/food coupled with the extreme state of “fear-psychosis” and evil that you’ve been non-stop getting from this new heavily-censored and carefully-scripted “one global media” which is super-powerful. And I tend to lean towards that being the case because I’ve been able to successfully un-brainwash double-vaccinated people just by showing them the truth, but of course, knowing all the technology that they “do” publicly pat themselves on the back for, we’re absolutely concerned that something else is causing you to be so hypnotized by the media lies without ever questioning – like maybe a flu shot or something in the test or something in the vaccine – it’s so crazy to us looking how you’ve completely made the tv-world your actual “reality”, you’re actual “truth”. Bizarre – some of the smartest people I know have never checked the data because of some line they heard that said they shouldn’t. Who does that? Who doesn’t learn about something before they put it in their bodies? It’s mind-boggling.


Do you want Aussies to live like this?

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