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Bad news after bad news. I need to collect “Good News” when I see it too. A Placeholder for hope – and I intend to fill this up as the world wakes up and rids itself of all this corruption and creates a much more conscious and better world for our future generations to enjoy.

Things look very bad right now, and maybe October was the worst month so far, but I think we’re going to have to deal with a lot more worse evils before things turn-around and we start to see a global awakening, the un-doing of corruption and human slavery, and the re-building a new world that frees humanity. We must get ourselves into a good mindset – be strong and mentally stable to help our fellow comrades for what is to come as they come to learn what has really been happening and dealing with the de-programming, and we also must be strong for ourselves and supportive of everyone in our communities, and know that there is no choice here – we win or it’s the end of humanity.

Please share any good news to the telegram channel so we can bring hope to all those who are standing up for humanity right now, with all the destruction and revealing of the corruption and evil, we can get stuck in a mindset of hopelessness, and not see any solutions. We need to start to see the veils lifting, the solutions coming, and a better world forming. Everyone needs hope.

Denmark Abolishes All Corona Measures – Oct 1 2021

“We Do Not Discriminate” Businesses

Jobs & Income for all (new directories & options)

USA Signs for Businesses

One man prints out signs for New York businesses to place in their window to let customers know they don’t discriminate – unfortunately I got this video from Telegram and do not have the link to his original video.

Australian Businesses
that do not discriminate


Businesses ALL welcome Jabbed or NOT jabbed

(Many Local Facebook Groups)

Can’t believe we even need this – but at least they exist :)

Sweden Still Proving the World Wrong
… this is Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Sweden on a Saturday evening. Sturegallerian people enjoy and walk in the night.

Millions Joining Together around the World to Take Action to Remove Corruption.

Australian Ex-Cop:
Join us – Take Action to Remove Corruption

There are good guys calling to reform the United Nations agenda

The Fair Work Commissions’ Deputy President knows what’s up with the Vaccine Mandates

Fair Work Commission On COVID-19

And despite the Evil Agenda-Driven News trying to convince everyone they won’t win – Lawyers are already starting class actions because they know they will.

More and more doctors, nurses and health scientists are speaking out

C-19 Vaccines [Videos] Doctors & Nurses

We have the working treatments to prevent severe disease and we know what to do to help our friends and family.

COVID Protection

We at least have somewhere to go for uncensored discussion and Uniting with others and Creating Communities

Telegram Unites Conscious Aussies With Truth & Community

We have truth on our side (not that it seems to mean much when they own the media) – but at least “we’re not the crazy ones” – we know what’s up and how to help others.

COVID-19 Verifiable References For Aussies

We’re winning some of the court battles.
(Am yet to do a post about them).

Doctors, health scientists, virologists, epidemiologists, and health professionals around the world are coming together – joining forces to get the word out.

Lawyers are coming together from all around the world to help each other with evidence and joining forces to get the word out.

Parliament members from all around the world are joining forces and trying to get the word out.

Military forces, Police and Veterans are coming together to get the word out.

Journalists are quitting or speaking out on “live” to get the word out.

Some of the mainstream media journalists and non-corrupt parliament members are finding creative ways of getting around the censorship and rules to get the truth out.

100’s of books have been written and published to try and get the truth out.

Some Journal publications have been able to by-pass the Big Pharma “Minders” and got some of the truth published on the pre-print servers.

The truth about Pharma-Owned Health Journals and corrupt scientific peer-reviewed data is coming to light.

The truth about NWO-Owned Media is coming to light. Many, many documentaries have been created to explain what is going on and to explain the media’s involvement. Whilst they can’t be shared on the media they control, more and more people are able to ‘understand’ the media’s role in wars, politics, and global population control on a scale never known before.

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