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About Pfizer…

7000+ C19 Patients (0 Deaths). Cause: “Allergen to Spike Protein Man-Made Poison” [Testimony]

Dr. Chetty has personally successfully treated well over 7,000 Covid patients in South Africa since the beginning of the pandemic with on-label drugs. He investigated early on to devise a treatment regime to prevent people becoming critically ill and set up a tent in his parking lot where patients could be out in the sun and fresh air where he began his own clinical study, and through meticulous observation and examining each one of them personally, he was able to discern the nature of Covid-19 as a two-phase illness with a respiratory and an allergic phase. The allergen being the Spike Protein Man-Made Poison.

Robert Malone MD explains his Moderna Injury and how to check if you had a Toxic Batch

5% of the batches appear to have produced 90% of the adverse reactions and some Moderna batches are associated with 50 x the number of deaths and disabilities compared to other batches. – Robert describes how his 2nd shot almost killed him and how to check if your batch was toxic.

BMJ takes on FB Fact-Destroyers

BMJ editors take on FB Fact-Checkers censorship of the fraudulent Pfizer trials

Pfizer Deaths – Kids (VAERS)

People pretending this isn’t happening? Humanity has gone? At what point will this be more real to those who deny it than the fear of something that is absolutely treatable without risking experimental things with completely unknown adverse effects – on kids – who had their whole life ahead of them – these are kids!

Wow very Interesting Vaccine Batch Report (1 in 200 Harmful Batches – by Design?)

70% even 80% of adverse reactions are relatively harmless (1 reaction per batch) – but the other 20% cause THOUSANDS of reactions per batch – very interesting VAERS report which shows a pattern of a seemingly deliberate deployment of toxic batches in every 200 harmless batches?

Aviation Industry C19 Vax Victims

Graham Hood, Ex-Qantas Pilot Lists Aviation Industry Vaccine Industries in Australia as at December, 2021

Athletes who “suddenly” died or collapsed since vax rollout

Are our governments doing enough to alert us about the risks of Covid vaccines Pfizer, AstraZenica and Moderna? Since mid-2021 there has been a increasingly high number of “sudden and unexpected” deaths and collapses due to cardiac issues in sport. Stop automatically-calling “Coincidence” for any adverse reaction that could be related to a planetary-wide global rollout of experimental biologicals that are still in an ongoing clinical trial – especially when young athletes are not at risk of serious disease in the first place.

[RANT] Pfizer / FDA – Court Released Docs [1st Batch]

So remember how Pfizer & the FDA blocked a FOI request and requested from the courts to delay handing over documents that the FDA used to approve it… that it would take them over half a century (2076) to fulfil the request? Here’s the first batch of released pages (only 54 years, 11 months to go…)

[Comedy]? What FDA is like in their rigorous approval process…

A group of over 30 professors and scientists from different universities filed a lawsuit in September with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas seeking expedited access to the FDA’s vaccine files. FDA denied the request for an expedited release of approval records and asks Court to Delay Full Release of Documents on Pfizer COVID Biologic for 55 Years!

Senator Malcolm Roberts – TGA fails duty of care to kids

TGA failed to exercise duty of care towards vaccine approvals.

[Comedy] Drug Companies Don’t Fund The Media! Stop Asking!

Sometimes comedy is the best way to red pill. – AwakenwithJP

Why do you assume Pfizer are ‘the Good Guys’?

The manufacturers say it’s safe and we take them at their word?

Clive Palmer calls out “Pharma-Funded” COVID-Policies

Clive Palmer, head of the United Australia Party, says that Berejiklian was promised that she would not be charged in a corruption probe if she imposed a vaccine mandate. She allegedly accepted that offer, and has since resigned from her position amid an apparent unrelated corruption investigation.

Six months safety and efficacy of Pfizer

Reviewing six months safety and efficacy of the BNT162b2 Pfizer vaccine

BMJ: Unclean Data in Vaccine Trials (Pfizer & FDA should be investigated & Rollout Halted)

FINALLY some doctors who have been calling people “antivaxxers” when they’ve pointed out the corrupt science journals are realizing that we haven’t been lying and are actually starting to realize something screwy is going on with these big pharmaceutical companies. Maybe now, we can get the truth to the general population.

What we should be talking about (if Mainstream Media was doing their job)

If the mainstream media was doing their job, this is what we should be talking about.

Prof. Levi – C19 Vax – Increase in Cardiac arrests & Heart attacks

Prof Levi and his colleagues pointed out increase of 25% in cardiac arrest calls under 40. Any attempt to deviate from the narrative is faced with a wall of hostility, rejection, and elimination.

An Australian Engineer Speaks Out – The Many Mysteries of Covid

I remember when one or two of my friends were telling me sometime in 2021 about the origins of the pandemic and the hidden dangers of the vaccines. I didn’t take them too seriously, thinking that they had gone a tad too far down the conspiratorial road. However, out of a mixture of curiosity and duty to myself, I decided to do some research – with the view that I’d be able to determine that they’d been victims of too much-sensationalised information. Given that I used to head up the R&D division of a $700-million organisation, and that I’ve managed a wide variety of literally hundreds of corporate projects, I figured that it was a challenge that I could take on. Also, given that I have an engineering PhD that has helped me think critically, and that I’m very much a “show me the facts” type of guy, I figured that it wouldn’t be difficult to put any and all crazy conspiracies to bed.

Following the Science?

What happened to Follow the Science?

This documentary tears through the COVID Science narrative.

Against Our Will [Australia & New Zealand]

Post dedicated to those standing for freedom of choice over what goes into their own bodies. You are not alone.

Conflicts of Interest Australia COVID Policy [Part 2]

Can someone please explain to me why we are ignoring this? Other than the funded-by-Pharma media telling us to?

Conflicts of Interest Australia COVID Policy [Part 1]

Can someone please explain to me why we are ignoring this? Other than the funded-by-Pharma media telling us to?

Agenda-Driven Corrupt & Evil Programming – DO NOT TRUST THE MEDIA

The media is the main source of disinformation and misinformation – they are manipulating and programming everyone, owned and controlled by the most EVIL corporations on the planet. Understanding the media’s nefarious role in the pandemic and in our lives is critical.

[RANT] People are still dying & hospitalized even after being ‘fully vaccinated’ (UK, Israel)

Why are they ignoring the data? Why does noone check? Why does noone believe? Why does noone care about the TRUTH?

Heart Damage: mRNA Vaccines (Pfizer/Moderna)

1 in every 1000 people suffering myocarditis (rather than 4.3 cases per million claimed by UK Medicine Regulator)

Covid Truth with Dr Judy Wilyman

Absolute loved this interview with Judy as it lines up to everything I researched. I’ll add the research to the post to backup everything she said.

Verifiable References for Aussies

Links to Verifiable References

C-19 Vaccines [Videos] Doctors & Nurses

Selection of Videos from Doctors and Nurses about the C19 Vaccines

“Bioweapon” or “Virus”?

If I had been told this a year ago, I would not have considered it to be possible.

Health Insights from the first year of COVID-19 in Australia

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released a report on the September 10 2021.
“Health Insights from the first year of COVID-19 in Australia.”

Australia – 1st Jab Feb – “Delta” March

Has any C19 vaccine actually worked in Australia?

Cannot prevent disease or transmission, and worsened outcomes for vaccinated against Delta?

UK, ISRAEL, and USA now reporting alarming concerns showing increased risks for the vaccinated.

It is not “Safe” for everyone

It is not “Safe” for everyone – “Short-Term” Adverse Effects including Death.

Provisional & Still in Ongoing Clinical Trial

There are no Approved COVID Vaccines in Australia, and they are still in clinical trial.

COVID-19 Vaccines are Experimental

All currently available vaccines are defined as experimental – by the vaccine manufacturers

Differences between the Vaccines

SARS-CoV-2 Research for Family & Friends [Part 2] The Differences between the Vaccines

COVID Vaccine Victims Silenced

I want every individual to make their own informed decision about what goes into their bodies – you decide what’s best for you – I will never try and stand in your way. I’m just dismayed that there is all this censorship to what is working, the alternatives, and to people being aware of what to look-out for if they happen to get one of these ‘side-effects’.

Richard Fleming – Event 2021 – Parts 1-7 (Notes)

Currently watching and taking notes of Richard Fleming’s Event 2021 who is presenting how SARS-CoV-2 is a released bioweapon.

Vaccines Failed to Disclose Absolute Risk Reduction to Exaggerate Efficacy

Paper shows how the COVID-19 vaccine trials grossly exaggerated the usefulness of the injection and represents the “Worst Miscalculation in Human History.” People are being led to believe that the COVID-19 vaccine(s) will all but eliminate their risks, when, the data suggests, it actually only makes a barely detectable difference.

Health Professionals who SUPPORT the Jab

This is where I’m collecting health professionals who are encouraging people to get the jab, so that I can weigh-up whether I’m making the right decision holding off or not, and so that I don’t put the lives of my friends and family at risk if I’m wrong about being hesitant.

What is SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, & Biology 101 to understand the new mRNA vaccines

SARS-CoV-2 Research for Family & Friends [Part 1] What is SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, & Biology 101 to understand the new mRNA vaccines

[RANT] I’m heartbroken and helpless and concerned and need to share

How can I be surrounded by so many who attack, dismiss, mock, or ignore instead of an appropriate expected response of “hmm.. maybe I should look into this further”… “maybe I should learn a bit more about it… “… “maybe I should know what to look for..”… “maybe I should understand the risks”…”maybe my information isn’t up-to-date”, “ohhh, maybe I don’t know much about these vaccines”.. “maybe I don’t know as much as I think I do by just reading the news”… “maybe, just maybe, I should seek more information before I decide”.


Ebola Virus Audio Notes

Preparing for an Ebola Pandemic (notes after listening to 16 hours of Ebola-pandemic audio files, on strengthening your immune system and being prepared if/when Ebola comes if not contained immediately)