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Steve Kirsch presents the record-level vaccine-harm data proving the vaccines never helped anyone, only increased harms and deaths.

Steve’s Presentation at MIT’s Kirsch Auditorium

30 Nov 2023 Original-Livestream (*Talk begins at 13: 45) | Rumble-Mirror (with waiting-time edited out)

Notes from Student’s Intro:

So many people have been saying that there’s a problem with Kirsch, “he’s a fraud, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about”, let’s see if that holds up tonight.

MIT Students for Open Inquiry (MSOI) was founded to restore free expression and intellectual curiosity to the MIT campus, that’s the spirit of science, a lot of scientific theories like Darwin’s evolution theory was created, they came to existence because scientists and theorists back in the days had the audacity to interact with heterodoxical views like they went against the status quo, they went against Darwin went against the theory of this use that prevailed the world back in the days and a lot of scientific thinkers came out with breakthrough theories, inventions because that and that’s why we’re keen to restore this to MIT campus, the supposed epicenter of science and technology. (01)

So we are the action arm of those who want free speech, and to that end, we’re platforming distance and heterodoxical speakers who have lost their platforms in the mainstream, in academia, in this world of rampant censorship, that’s unacceptable, and I think that when you look at the political organizations that have sprung up left-wing, right-wing, maybe they have a certain issue as their cause, that’s one thing. But we’re MIT. We are the greatest college on the planet.

So it becomes clear now that since the start of 2020 to now, the vaccination issue, the lockdown issue and the mandates have not been discussed. In fact, they have been swept under the rug. So MSOI, we believe that this is a huge problem that has not been addressed at all. People have just ignored it and said, oh, you know what, it’s in the past, don’t worry about it, but this cannot happen. It is a travesty to the people, and thus, we declare as the MSOI that we condemn the censorship and the punishment of individuals who question the establishment narrative, and this is especially true for the most recent destruction of our liberties, the COVID narrative, the treatments. You know, we weren’t allowed to talk about that. You weren’t allowed to question the lockdowns or the vaccines or the master any of that.

But tonight, this all changes. At MSOI, we believe that medical dissidents have the right to speak their minds. They cannot be censored because no matter what smears are thrown at them, anti-science, crank, ultracrepidarian or not knowing what they’re talking about, science, like I said, it’s all about inquiring about the status quo. It’s about the spirit of open inquiry and creativity.

So-called health authorities are never infallible, and we have the right to speak our minds and interact with data, interact with all the stuff that’s out there and form real opinions, and so, people have the right to question the status quo, and I would also like to say something about the universities here who have been the most censor happy and the most draconian in their restrictions.

We, the MSOI, we denounce these elite institutions, especially in the academic sphere, the universities and the governments, including MIT. We got our lunch eaten by other colleges who are more happy to restore freedom, Hillsdale, I’m looking at you.

Anyways, I think that we need to have a reckoning about these organizations and the universities, which have been more interested in establishing and strengthening a censorship complex around COVID and the other medical topics. This has been going on for far too long and we are going to stop it, and we’re calling upon all organizations, government entities, private entities, everybody who’s engaged in censorious practices, who’s engaged in suppressing medical distance, suppressing free speech, to apologize for their malicious actions and intense and let make no mistake, it’s malicious.

We don’t know how many of them are actually going to apologize if they’re just going to say that this was all a big mistake and put it behind them. But the one thing that we do know is we have to take power back into our own hands. If we say no, then we don’t need to worry about whether or not they feel guilty for their actions. If we can take our power back as we are doing tonight, we will be in prime position to control our destinies and be free as we wish.

I know he’s an alumnus of MIT, he invented the optical mouse, so any gamers in here, you need to be thanking this man.

In February of 2022, Steve wrote to MIT, wrote to the chancellor, the president, and a few other key figures saying, hey, I donated $2.5 million to the auditorium, I would like to come back and talk about why the COVID narrative has errors. Nobody responded to him. They all ignored him, and there’s one of two ways to get Steve to come to campus. One of them is through a faculty sponsor, which none of them accepted. The other one is to have a student group that will invite him in. So, we, as the MSOI, are very proud tonight to invite Steve Kirsch. (02)

Notes from Steve’s Presentation:

I’m an MIT grad, as you know, class of 78, two degrees from MIT. Former serial entrepreneur—started a couple of billion-dollar companies which feature on 60 Minutes—written about 1500 articles on my sub-stack about vaccine safety, and today I’m the world’s number one misinformation spreader according to Google. This wasn’t what I planned on being the best in the world at.

Now, the benefits for being a misinformation spreader, which means you are calling for data transparency and you’re just looking for the truth, is that you have lifetime bans on LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, two lifetime bans, Wikipedia, stripped of national caring award on my Wikipedia page. Friends abandon you, country clubs won’t take you, corporate boards tell you to shut up or leave. Your scientific advisory boards quits en masse and so on and so forth, and the final thing is that MIT will not let you speak in your own auditorium because they couldn’t find a faculty sponsor.

A Safe Vaccine always slopes “down”

If you plot the deaths per day since injection of a vaccine in a safe vaccine it always slopes downwards, and sometimes it can go up and down if there’s something happening in the background and you’re not giving the vaccine over all time evenly. Safe vaccine = Line slopes down. It never slopes up. It always slopes down. The line should always go down.

View/Download the 288 x slides on either Steve’s Substack or GoogleDocs

Why they never want to see the data

MIT professor Robert Langer did not want to see the data. If he sees the data, he has a duty as a board member of Moderna to immediately stop the shots. That’s why these people will not and cannot, under any circumstances ever see what I’m about to show you today. If you were to walk up to them and show them the data, they would like run the other way or call the cops on you. They are not allowed to see this data because if they did, they’d have a fiduciary responsibility to stop the shots. He could be held criminally liable if they don’t stop the shots once he knows that they’re killing people.

So this is why none of these people ever want to see the data that I’m showing you. This will never be shown at the CDC or FDA. This will never appear in the New York Times. This will never appear in any media. No media will cover this because otherwise they’re going to have to stop the shots. The Prep Act only protects you from civil liability, not criminal liability. This is why they can’t afford to see any of this data that I’m showing you. They have to act if they know if they’re kill shots.

Flu Shot

A safe vaccine is only supposed to kill somewhere on the order of one person per million shots. This thing you can clearly see on day zero is killing a ton of people and in fact, the flu shots do the same thing. So when we talk about a lot of seasonal death in the elderly, I wonder if it’s the flu shots causing the seasonal death in the elderly. Nobody ever looks at that and I did a calculation, and there are actually more people who die from the flu shot itself than who die from the flu. The vaccine is killing more people than the disease.

Covid Shot – Medicare Data

What this means is that it means the vaccines are killing people. They’re not helping people. They are killing people. All you need is this one chart. You don’t need a control group. You don’t need to adjust for confounders. You don’t need any of that stuff. This one chart is the death shot for this vaccine, and it has all been in plain sight in Medicare since the beginning of the vaccination program. It’s just that nobody wants to look at the Medicare data, and the CDC hides it from sight. Going up 26% instead of going down by at least 5% or more for the Medicare audience is a net difference of a 31% over one year period. That is astronomical. This is a killing machine that should be stopped immediately, and they’ve had the data the whole time.

This is Medicare. This is the population that was supposed to be protected by the shots, and instead, the shots are killing people. There is no doubt about this. It didn’t save anyone. It killed people.

So this just shows this was not a fluke. This happens on dose one, dose two and dose three, and I don’t have data for dose four. It goes up. It’s supposed to slope down. Back in February 25th, 2023. I wrote an article, GAME OVER: Medicare data shows the COVID vaccines increase your risk of dying. I mean, it’s almost like a year later.

So do you know why they never spotted any of these safety signals? They’re looking for something that kills you immediately, right? They’re only looking for whether it killed you in the first week or two weeks. I was also guilty of this and even I was fooled, because at the start I didn’t realize that the curve showed you were dying six months to a year after you got the shot. It’s killing people in a way that we have never seen before. An unprecedented way.

Now this is the most damaging Medicare curve I have seen so far. These are people who got exactly two shots, not three shots, not four shots. The reason why this is so deadly is because it starts above the baseline and keeps going higher and higher and higher. There’s no doubt.


Scientists say anecdotes is not data. Bullshit. In a world where information is being withheld or distorted, anecdotes are often the best source of truth.

Let me give you an example, Jay Bonner, 57 year old high tech executive, 15 friends died unexpectedly post-vax. Prior to the vax roll out, Jay had one unexpected death in over 30 years, and four of the 15 people who died, died within 24 hours of a vaccine and three of the four were under 30, within 24 hours of the vaccine. Like, hello. (03) (04)

There’s something going on. The vaccine killed his friends, guaranteed. 15 of his friends died from the vaccine and zero of his friends died from COVID. But COVID is supposed to kill way more than the vaccine. Essentially you were expecting at least 15 COVID deaths that he should have gotten to match and he got zero.

What are the chances of that? This vaccine was far worse than COVID. It created deaths. It didn’t save anyone. I always trust the math because the math never lies. Poisson distributions never lie. It’s not like science. Science is, people can say, well, you know, I think this and think that we’ve got the theory and the changes. Poisson distributions never change.

“We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccines are until we start giving it.”

Okay, now there’s this famous quote from Eric Rubin, he’s the editor-in-chief New England Journal of Medicine. He’s on the FDA committee. He’s an adjunct professor of immunology and infectious disease Harvard University. This guy’s an expert, right? He said “We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccines are until we start giving it.” I’m not taking it out of context:


NZ Ministry of Health – Record-Level Data

I was an unhappy camper until I got this data.

They’ve never released the record-level data for any vaccine. No country has ever done that in the entire world. No state has ever done that. Nobody has released the record-level data. So nobody can ever figure out the ground truth about any vaccine or any pharmaceutical because they’re always hiding the data. That changed for me on November 9th, 2023. I have a Wasabi server and somebody uploaded the data to my Wasabi server in the cloud, and it was a whistleblower in New Zealand. He works for the Ministry of Health, and I know his name. I know that he’s legit. I know he works at the Ministry of Health, and I know that data is legit because I examined the individual data records to verify that the data is legit and I ran a whole series of statistical tests on the data and the data is legit.

This was also released just a day earlier. Operation M O A R — the mother of all revelations. Because this record level data has never been released by anyone ever before. This is the first time in world history where we can actually see the record level data released from a country that is stunning, and now we know why they don’t release it.

YouTube took down the video because it violated community standards. The community standards say you shall not speak about the truth about the vaccine. You have to lie. You have to tell people it’s safe and effective. If you don’t do that, you’re violating community standards and they remove your video from YouTube, even though you’re trying to save lives. YouTube is not interested in saving lives. They are interested in promoting a false narrative that is killing people, and anyone who works for YouTube should be ashamed of themselves and they should quit their job,

So this is record level data. That means there’s an individual record for every person. It’s official government data. This is gold standard data. This is ground zero data, and the Ministry of Health in New Zealand cannot say that this is fraudulent data or that this is not the data from their database. If they do that, they will be digging themselves into a hole which will lead to criminal prosecution of the people that lie about this. This is not something they are going to be able to tell a fact checker and claim that this was not real data. It doesn’t get any better than this.

We can statistically prove now whether a vaccine is safe or not from record level data, and the results are objective and easy to interpret. The slope go up or to go down. It’s really easy. Up or down. It’s not that complicated.

Now, have you ever wondered why it’s always kept hidden, right? It’s basically that New Zealand record level data shows about the COVID vaccine. It’s not pretty. Millions have been killed worldwide, and they did it for no benefit. It wasn’t like it saved any lives. It didn’t save any hospitalizations. No benefit whatsoever. With one exception, it did provide immunity for the pharmaceutical companies. The only immunity it provided is for the pharma companies.

The shots mean it more likely you would die if you were elderly—the very population the shots were designed to protect.

COVID vaccine epic fail. New Zealand Data.

A safe vaccine should have a flat curve that goes downwards. COVID vaccine epic fail. This is the New Zealand data. Nobody’s ever seen this before. This is the estimated baseline. This is what people should be normally in this cohort dying at, and look at what happens. It goes UP!, and then it goes down. Now, this is averaged over five doses. Okay. So this is the average effect. So each dose is going to have a different response curve. We saw what the response curve was for dose one. It went up for 12 months. So this is the combined response curve from the New Zealand data showing you what happens, and it is not pretty. It is killing people, and at the end, when we get to time 80 weeks since the shot, we’re starting to get into noise because we run out of data.

So could anything be happening in the background to explain this? No possible way that that could be the case. You can see the dashboard:

The dependent variable, and I look at the actual mortality rates for the four independent variables, and then below, I actually show the number of deaths. So you can see whether you’re going to have confidence in the data above. So with these eight charts, you can tell exactly what’s going on. This is my dashboard, and then I spend hours changing the variables. I say, well, let’s look at those three. Let’s look at those four. Let’s look at under 60. Let’s look at over 60. Lots of interesting stuff there.

Everybody says, oh, Steve, you’re a misinformation spreader, and you’re an engineer and you’re not a doctor, and you don’t know statistics. Okay. All right. We know whatever.

So here’s a guy who knows statistics. This guy is the worst enemy for the health authorities. This guy, Norman Fenton, is professor of statistics and information risk and information management in Queens Mary, University of London, and he is the only guy in the world who discovered that the UK data was bogus, and he wrote a letter to the UK office of National Statistics saying, “you’re wrong, your stats are wrong, and they said you’re right.” So this guy is the biggest enemy of the state, because he’s a true teller, and he understands math. acknowledged by the ONS. Nobody else in the world has those credentials. So this guy is the top dog, and he said, there is now no doubt the vaccine is increasing the mortality rate of older people, the very population it was meant to serve. So you don’t have to take my word for it anymore, folks. Norman Fenton has said it, and nobody can challenge that guy. Nobody in the world. (05) (06)

So the question is by how much? And so we can now use this New Zealand data to make that calculation, and when I did that, I found an average over 5 doses, 216 excess deaths per 100k person.

So two doses per person year and when you do the math, the answer is one excess death per 1000 doses. So if there were 675 million doses given in the US, that means 675,000 people died in the US.

  • If there are 13 billion doses given worldwide, it means 13 million people died worldwide, and they were killed by the vaccine.
  • Ethical skeptic looked at survey data, estimated 1.39 million excess deaths in the US.
  • Dennis Rancourt estimated 17 million people died. So he’s getting the same numbers. We’re basically in the same ballpark.

The UK ONS data, if you look at that, the ACM, the all-cause mortality significantly higher in the vaccinated for 20 consecutive months. Pretty stunning. This data has been out there, and if you plot it, look at that upward slope over time. So as people are getting these vaccines, they’re dying at a higher and higher rate over time. Isn’t that stunning? UK ONS has never plotted this.

Look what happened in the Philippines. Vaxxed deaths were five times the COVID deaths. Their excess deaths sky rocketed right after the vaccine went out. There was no excess deaths prior to the vaccine,. They roll out the vaccine and voila, man, it just peaks right up there, doesn’t it?

Here’s the United States Medicare data. We saw this before, slopes upwards.

This is from the Israeli Ministry of Health. So let’s look at the baseline calculation for Israel. How many people die in Israel a day? 28.4 people died per day in Israel.

This is record level data from Israel summarized by the Israeli Ministry of Health. This has been publicly available for a long time. Look what happens to the death count in Israel, and look what happens in the first seven months. After dose two is given. The peak is 3.8 times the baseline and nobody notices except for me. This has been in public view since March 7th at 2023.

Nobody cares how many people the vaccine kills or injures. The medical community does whatever they’re told to do. They are incapable of independent thought, and this is proof of it. It does not matter how many people die. If the medical community is told by the CEO of the United States, the vaccines are safe. The vaccines are safe, and it doesn’t matter how many people have to die. The vaccines are safe, and they will continue to recommend them or be stripped of the licenses. They don’t want to lose their job, and they don’t want to lose their board certifications, and so they remain silent while the killing happens, and even some of the whistle blowers don’t want to go on record because they need their job, so they’re they’re keeping their mouth shut.

Dr. Peter McCulloch didn’t keep his mouth shut. He’s one of my heroes. He’s one of the top cardiologists in the world, and he just had his board certification revoked for saying that the COVID vaccines are killing people. That’s why people don’t speak out. He found that 73.9% of the deaths following vaccination were due to the COVID vaccine. But all of these were labelled as just normal deaths by the medical examiners. (07)

Here’s another courageous U.S. Navy medical officer who spoke out. Heart failure is up by 973% in the military. Words cannot describe this.

( See also: His wife’s post on Twitter | Other Military whistleblower posts are under tag ‘military‘)

If the CDC were honest:

If the CDC was honest, here are the ads that they should be running. COVID-19 vaccines increase risk for infection serious disease and death. We made a mistake. We shouldn’t have recommended that people get the shots. Sorry about that. All vaccines are unsafe. Andrew Wakefield was right.

Where is the apologies? I hope I will live long enough to see this ad being promoted by the CDC. I may have to live to a thousand years old before I see that.

New Zealand Data

So the New Zealand data, it’s 4 million records, 33% of all vaccine records in New Zealand. There are 12 million vaccine records. It’s vaccinated people only dead or alive.

Now, here’s what the headlines are saying. New Zealand records the biggest increase in registered deaths in 100 years. Alarming acceleration in New Zealand, excess deaths, latest official figures up 70 percent on last year. For all ages, dose two, dose three, dose four. The curve should be flat.

Does that sound like a safe vaccine? 60-year-olds fail. This is the New Zealand data over time, death rate over time for dose two, dose three, and dose four. We have less info on dose four. For 70-year-olds, dose two, dose three, dose four. For 80-year-olds, dose two, dose three, dose four. For 90-year-olds, dose two, dose three, dose four.

Does anybody think those curves are flat? Okay. Because if you did think the curves are flat, there is a job for you in the CDC, in the safety department. Big picture, massive increase in all-cause mortality.

This is Robert Malone. He’s credited as inventing the technology behind these mRNA vaccines, and he has been a vocal critic of these vaccines, even though he has patents on the underlying technology, and he says, basically, it’s not 14 million lives saved like they projected, but over 17 million dead from the mRNA COVID vaccine. (08)

Dr. Syed Haider on Twitter sharing a graph from Ed Dowd of malignant neoplasm of the breast, brain, colon, skin. In other words, cancer, and you can see how these things are going up dramatically after the vaccine rollout.

And embalmers, it’s totally upside down. Embalmers used to rarely see clots. It was like 10 or 15%. Now they rarely see someone without a clot who dies. It’s the other way around. It’s like 80% have clots.

The world has turned upside down, and the CDC, of course, will say that there’s no evidence of harm because they refuse to investigate or view any of these adverse event data that is found by these people.

Four facts you need to know about the COVID vaccine.

It increases your risk of infection. It will not do anything to your risk of hospitalization from COVID. It’s a zero on that. It will increase your risk of death from COVID and it will also increase your risk of death from all cause mortality. Who would take a shot like this?

The CDC does not have the record level data. So they don’t get the vaccination records coming in from the states. So they cannot do a cohort time series analysis like I did because they don’t know when people were vaccinated. All they know is when people died. They don’t know the dates when individual people die and when those people who died were vaccinated. The CDC cannot do the analysis. They don’t have the data and they don’t want to ask for the data either because if they ask for the data, then I could FOIA it and I would know. So the CDC basically says, “No, we don’t want to know, but the vaccine is safe. Trust us.”

So infection, we have a paper from the Cleveland Clinic, which is one of the top medical organizations in the world, and it shows that if the more recently you got a vaccine, the worse off you are. You are better to be under vaccinated to protect you from COVID. (09) (10)

And in fact, there’s another chart that shows that every time you get a vaccine, it increases your risk of getting COVID, and that’s in the peer reviewed literature. (11)

Here’s another paper. This is in JAMA. Probably my favourite paper of all time. (12)

It’s a research letter, April 6, 2023. Comes from a top epidemiologist inside the VA, and this guy is an H index of like 77. I mean, this guy’s a smart guy, and he’s doing his study and he’s showing, hey, I’m going to look at people hospitalized for COVID versus people hospitalized from the flu, and I’m going to compare these groups and I’m going to see how they do in terms of death. So he looked at the baseline characteristics of people who are admitted to the hospital for flu and people who are admitted to the hospital for COVID, and he says, look, these cohorts are very, very similar. Their ages are similar, their comorbidities are similar, and look, even their vaccinations status is similar. So now let me do the experiment now that I’ve shown you that my groups are very similar.

You see the problem here? The groups aren’t supposed to be similar if you got hospitalized for COVID versus the VAX. So if the flu and the COVID vaccine is protected against hospitalization, you should see a dramatic difference between the groups.

Zero benefit, and it also means the COVID vaccines don’t protect against infection and hospitalization. It’s a net zero impact. So, this one paper basically proves that there’s no benefit from the COVID vaccine or the flu vaccine, and it’s gold standard data from the VA.

And then, of course, there’s death from COVID.

So we can’t tell from this data whether this thing actually makes you less likely to die from COVID because it’s all cause mortality data. There might have been a benefit, but we have the US nursing home data and it shows that the COVID vaccine had no difference at all in terms of your risk of dying from COVID. Basically, you hit the vaccine rollout and that orange line is supposed to go down and it goes up, and people don’t like to talk about this data because it goes the wrong way, and as an example, Apple Valley Village Healthcare Center, saw seven times higher COVID death rates after the COVID vaccine was rolled out. It was supposed to go the other way.

Record-Level Data

So record level data, of course, it’s simply the year of birth, the date of death, and their vaccination history. That’s what record level data is. It looks like this.

Very simple, and it’s the key, because we can instantly tell if the vaccine is safe or not. This is why it’s never revealed. At this point, we’re rearranging deck chairs on Titanic to say, well, did it kill, 1.3 people per thousand or 1.2 people? Who cares? It killed too many people, and was there a benefit? No, there was no benefit at all that we could see.

So, I’m, of course, pushing for a disclosure of this information, this record level data, and I offered all this stuff to the FDA, CDC, Pfizer, Moderna, and the California Department of Public Health, and none of them wanted to see the record level data. I advertised it to any qualified epidemiologists to see it. Nobody wanted to see the data either, and the reason is I wanted to show the data to them so they could say, They said “the vaccines are safe” and yet don’t want the record level data. They don’t want to see it.

Where did they hide the bodies? In Plain Sight.

That’s where they hid the bodies, folks, in plain sight. Okay, and then you saw the New Zealand thing. The US had 600K access in 2021 alone. It’s normally 2.8 million people who die, 3.4 million who died in 2021.

Massachusetts death records

John Beaudoin analyzed the Massachusetts death records and found 4,000 deaths caused by the vaccine He should have found fewer than 15 if the vaccine was safe. He found 266X higher than “safe” expectations! You should go check out his article. He spent a lot of work on those slides, and he deserves your support. The book is (13)

The 20 most vaccinated countries

Here’s what happened to excess mortality in all these countries. I’m not going to show you all of them, but you get the idea.

This is the US VAERS data. Do you see a problem? This is when the vaccines rolled out.

Do you see a problem? Nobody who works at the CDC can see a problem with this. They think this is normal. Can you believe that?

Western Australia equivalent of VAERS:

10,000 died suddenly in full public view since the vaccine program started virtually all are vaccinated. This is unprecedented.

In Ed Dowd’s book, Cause Unknown, they only found one person who was unvaccinated in the 500 people who died unexpectedly. (14)

What about the births that never happened? This is a tweet from someone that and this resonated with a lot of people. It got 128,000 views and the person wrote, “I do not know one person who has had a clear and normal pregnancy since they took the Covid vaccines. Either a miscarriage, stillbirth, or early birth”, and to have this resonate with the public where they say, yeah, yeah, me too, me too, me too, me too.

US infant mortality rate rises for the first time in more than 20 years. Clearly baffling, can’t figure it out.

But people are now seeing the evidence for themselves. People are waking up. This person wrote, he is double-vaxxed, he believed in it, and he says, “I have never heard about so many working adults sick in my life!”

If this is really true, why aren’t any of the MIT professors speaking out?

Well, some are. MIT Professor Retsef Levi. (15)

Others choose to remain silent, and so is that how science is supposed to work? Is professor Robert Langer the new role model for how scientists are supposed to operate in the United States of America?

You know, these people say, oh, yeah, we want the debate to happen, but it should happen in this scientific literature. I hate that because it takes years. Like autism for example, for 20 years, it’s been an ongoing question. Do vaccines cause autism? I looked at the data, and of course it does. There’s no question. I would bet my life on it, that vaccines cause autism. How has that worked out that we resolve this in the scientific literature? For 20 years, they’ve been papers on both sides, claiming: Yes, there’s an effect/No, there’s not. For 20 years! And that’s the way these so-called scientists want to resolve ambiguity. They want to do it in the literature. It will take 20 years or maybe never. That’s how they want this to be resolved, and we want it to happen now in a real-time dialogue.

If that’s true, how come I don’t know anyone who died from the vaccine?

Well, you probably did, but you just didn’t realize it.

Do you know that if you look at overnight autism, where the kid is normal one day and just becomes autistic instantly, in a 24-hour period, goes from normal to severely autistic. There are no cases that happened two weeks prior to scheduled vaccine visits, and I talked with paediatrician, he had 44 cases happening two weeks after the scheduled vaccine visit. If it’s not related to the vaccine, explain that. SIDS, same deal. 50% happened within 40 hours of the vaccine. If that’s not causal, I don’t know what is.

In 2009, Congress decided it was better if the NIH did not do a study comparing the fully unvaccinated with the fully vaccinated to look at health outcomes. Congress said the American people do not want to know if the unvaccinated or healthier or not healthier than the vaccinated.

Every single paper in the peer reviewed scientific literature that compares the fully vaccinated with the fully unvaccinated always shows the unvaccinated are healthier. There are no exceptions, and there’s a great book, new book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Brian Hooker that documents all this that everyone should get. (16)

There is also a large paediatric practice in the United States. They’ve been in business for over 25 years. They have no autism. They have no ADHD. The kids never get sick. The secret? They avoid all vaccines. They avoid the use of Tylenol if you have a fever and a few other things.

Heart disease doesn’t affect the fully unvaccinated. This is a comparison of heart disease for the fully unvaccinated. It’s zero versus 48% of Americans on average, and I checked the references on this. Your cardiologist simply forgot to tell you this. Bottom line, refuse all vaccines until there is data transparency.

How will they respond to this presentation?

They’ll probably ignore it, or if they are forced to, they will say “we do not respond to external analyses”. Fact checker’s will say, “You’re wrong”, or “It isn’t published in a peer reviewed journal. We don’t have to respond to it”. You can’t make us look. And if it does get published, the paper magically gets retracted. They’ll find a reason to retract it. Guaranteed. That’s how science works nowadays.

Or they’ll say, “The vaccines are safe. We’ve given billions of doses and nobody has died. You can trust us!”. And the fine print says, even though we’ve never done the proper autopsy on anything.

So final thoughts. Hiding public health data always leads to worse health outcomes. So why are we doing it? Stop hiding the data. Set the data free. We want to see the data and we want to see it now.


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Penny... on Health

Truth-seeker, ever-questioning, ever-learning, ever-researching, ever delving further and deeper, ever trying to 'figure it out'. This site is a legacy of sorts, a place to collect thoughts, notes, book summaries, & random points of interests.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is not medical science or medical advice. I do not have any medical training aside from my own research and interest in this area. The information I publish is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder, pain, injury, deformity, or physical or mental condition. I just report my own results, understanding & research.