What is the Great Reset and why should I be concerned?

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“It’s not only a Great Reset, it’s a Great Deception” ~ Narrated by Australian TV Presenter Rowan Dean

Here it is on our parliament website when Pauline Hanson asked the Senate to Reject the WEF Great Reset Policies last November:

On Pauline Hanson’s Website:

“Last week I asked the Senate to reject The World Economic Forum’s damaging Great Reset policies. My proposal was blocked 2-73 with only Malcolm Roberts and I voting to acknowledge the harm these unwanted policies would inflict on Australians.” – Pauline Hanson


“What is the Great Reset and why should I be concerned?”

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If this is your first time finding out that it’s real, I know how you’re feeling, I dismissed it too – never looked into it even though I had a feeling that the world was heading this way, and even throughout the pandemic I focused all my research on treatments and understanding the virus and vaccines, I deliberately didn’t look outside of the ‘mainstream’ journal publications because it was too important to get wrong, but I didn’t know that The Great Reset was … actually ‘mainstream’ – in the open – not hidden (other than via the media’s deliberate refusal to report on it). I didn’t know it was an actual already-in-progress agreement between countries that they decided to implement during the pandemic. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Understanding what they are doing is important for understanding why they lie, why they need a global digital ID, and what they intend to do while they have you divided and fighting amongst your friends, and destroying non-governed businesses. You can stop fighting with family and friends thinking they are stopping you from getting your life back or putting your life at risk – there is no going back to normal life. We might have a chance to repair our communities through the awareness that it’s not a conspiracy and that we need to come together and not split apart, that the people are ultimately the ones who are really driving this country, and that they cannot implement that which we don’t want, if we, the people are united and have an understanding of what is going on and work together on what we can do about it.

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