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TGA Admission | Mandates based on Nonsense

Nov 18, 2022: TGA admits vaccines weren't approved to stop transmission, and thereby, mandates were based on nothing. #WeWontForget Facebook ...
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World Premiere: Died Suddenly documentary

Documentary from Stew Peters Network is finally released - Not suitable for children - Horrific, yet must-see and important documentary ...
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Safe And Effective: A Second Opinion (2022 Oracle Films COVID-19 Documentary)

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion shines a light on Covid-19 vaccine injuries and bereavements, but also to takes an ...
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Truth Bombs in UK Parliament Vaccine Debate

Dr John Campbell's commentary on the UK Parliament vaccine debate (and transcript) YouTube | Rumble | Telegram Official UK Government ...
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Aussie Media ‘Jab-Injuries’ Compilation

Aussie Celebrities, AFL Stars, Journalists, Politicians, & Well-known Aussies who "Died Suddenly", had to Retire due to clots/stroke/heart, or ended ...
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Military Whistle-blowers & the jabs [Interview clips]

Clips from Bret Weinstein's interview with the military whistleblowers - US airforce, US navy, and attorney and former major, Dale ...
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Sudden ‘Collapsing or † Dead Entertainer’ Syndrome 2022

Performers, musicians, magicians, singers, comedians, & other entertainers: Collapsing on Stage, Hospitalized, Cancelling World Tours due to ongoing Health Issues, ...
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83% Deaths had 3 or more shots | Oct 2022

At the start they were saying "of course people are dying, it's the aged and vulnerable that were jabbed first" ...
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Are the Kids ok?

Prominent, globally-recognized Cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough is now permanently banned from Twitter after tweeting this new video on normalizing myocarditis ...
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Finally, an Australian paper on COVID Vaccines…

Journal of Clinical & Experimental Immunology, Published: 21 Sep 2022. New Australian paper calls out the severe side effects and ...
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