Propaganda Antidotes (Methods of how people have successfully woke up their friends & loved ones) [Part 1 of 20]

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Steve Kirsch offered a way for people to share how they woke up their friends and loved ones to the truth. Here are some of the answers I downloaded on around day 3 (I’m sure there are heaps more by now). I’ve just posted them here without reading them all yet, and as I read them, I’ll correct any obvious grammar/spelling errors and link to relevant posts or references. This is a work in progress… Hopefully, we can all find ways to help our fellow humans see through the lies.

Work-in-Progress : First published: 30 September 2022 | Last updated 1 October 2022

Quoting studies of vaccine side effects

Quoting studies not published in MSM (latest Doshi study of vaccine side effects) and discussing serious vaccine side effects I know personally of.

Genocide, Propaganda, Hoax

  1. Told my friend who was vaxed it was genocide. The direct approach. She has listened to me for many years on other subjects and trusts me.
  2. Told my elderly friend before vax it was propaganda and a hoax. She half listened; I don’t know what the outcome was. She had another friend who said the same thing so that helped.
  3. I told one elderly friend who at the time we did not know her losing sight in one eye as a vaccine injury. She half listened most of the time until she stopped communicating with me. Her son also has what I now understand to be a vax injury. She is 91.

Created a presentation of DoDs legal violations

  • I put together a presentation of DoD’s legal violations (with supporting memos/emails/policy letters) while mandating an emergency use product. The laws violated by the DoD in fact apply to all citizens and it’s the first domino necessary to wake people up. my pro vax aunt told me she is no longer getting vaccinated.
  • My military peers tell me they feel deceived and feel like sheep led to slaughter. the medical conversation has too many emotions surrounding it. But when you speak simply the the black and white letter of the law people seem to wake up.
  • It’s all here:

Rumble | TruthForHealth | Petition | Formal Complaint | Slides | Vaccine Injury Data | Exhibits

Patents, Rothschild, CDC, Pfizer fraud, side-effects, Gates sterilising

  1. Showed them patents – Rothchild COVID swab tests, CDC patent
  2. 2.3 billion Pfizer fraud lawsuit.
  3. I’ve talked about side effect injuries my aunt and friends had (ended up in hospital short of breath, stroke, unable to use hand properly).
  4. Also, talking about Gates sterilising women in Africa and that it takes many years to show and that I have seen that documentary about 7 years ago and that he invested in all my vaccines (works for young people who want kids).

Bits of info with follow-up explainer-calls

The process for both individuals has taken over a year. One of them was extremely liberal, and the other one was more of a moderate but definitely had left thinking on everything Covid related.

Process was sending them bits of information and then after they’ve digested it having a follow up phone call with them to explain things.

Much more difficult with our liberal friend who is now completely red pilled, but the moderate friend drifts between red and purple.

They happen to be vaccinated while the liberal friend is not so this might make the information I’ve shared a little more difficult for them to except because they have slowly come to the understanding that they made a mistake by getting vaccinated.

I have to try and remember that when I am sending him information which could be extremely upsetting, knowing you have that poison floating around in your body.

20-25yr physician-patient relationship, hours of discussion and info-sharing

While in Penn State, the recipe has been to have a very long (sometimes 20-25 year relationship) physician- patient relationship, and then spend significant time sharing COVID treatment and vaccine information with my patients.

My intimate knowledge of my patients allows me to have a clear understanding of how they perceive and receive information, allowing me to tailor my discussion approach with them. It usually requires hours of discussion, in addition to forwarding email information for them to review.

After they have done some investigation, thought about it for a while, and even discussed with their red-pilled friends/family members (whom they thought were “anti-vax nuts”), some will have a literal awakening and realize they’ve been sold a bill of goods.

Many people are amenable to the concept that pharmaceutical companies are out for profits and not patient care. This can be a good place to start the discussion, as there is general agreement on this.

Casually mention vaccine-injured & research sources

  1. when discussing related topics, casually mention people I know that are vaccine injured
  2. if they seem receptive, discuss what I believe is going on and give them sources to research
  3. invite them to an occasional local get together of like minded patriot/health freedom folks

Ivermectin studies & censorship of Nobel-prize winning scientists

  • Before the disinformation blitz on early treatment and ivermectin, I managed to convince my family there was something fishy going on by providing them studies on ivermectin.
  • Then the lies on MSM ‘horse dewormer’ started, censorship and demonization.
  • In general, the fact that no government is proposing or supporting any form of early treatment is a no-brainer.
  • Also presenting evidence of censorship of respected (even Nobel prize winning) scientists, at the minimum disturbed my closer circle.
  • Far too many still fast a sleep, but the above has certainly planted seeds of doubt.

Young people who 'Died Suddenly in their sleep', FDA funded by pharma

  • Facts and data do not matter, they have been inculcated into a cult, and they will rationalize it as propaganda, wrong, political etc.
  • What I do is send them new stories of children and young people who “died suddenly”, which articles sometimes note their vaxx status and when vaxxed. It takes a while, but the emotional parts of the articles open up their minds somehow, at which point they start to see the correlations of vaxx and VAERs.
  • I also ask them at times, have you ever seen kids and young adults die so suddenly, so quickly, and often die in their sleep, and mostly without any cause noted?
  • Once their minds start to open, I note that my grandfather used to tell me when something doesn’t seem right, follow the money.
  • And then ask them if they were aware that half the FDA budget is funded by the pharma companies they are charged to regulate. THAT one point is something they never knew and could not believe.

Little bit each day, constantly sharing news

It’s like fixing teeth with a teeth straightener… little bit every day, constantly sharing news and asking questions, standing my ground, asking whether they truly think the vaxx was as successful as advertised, and they gradually move from being very pro-vaxx to “I will not take the booster“.

Athletes Collapsing on the field

The one most people cant deny are the athletes collapsing on the field. I sent that video to many. But I’ve seen the brainwashing first hand. They have no clue.

Pointing out the bias, inconsistencies and propaganda, the simple and obvious

For someone who has an open mind to listen such as my girlfriend who WAS a Democrat radical leftist, I simply pointed out the bias, hypocrisies, inconsistencies and propaganda that the left is spewing compared to the proven truths that the patriotic constitutionalist right offers, and I provided example after example to the point where she had no option but to see that I was correct.

Now she is as conservative as I am!

I just pointed out simple and obvious truths and I also allowed the bias leftists to prove my point as well!

I think most people are not capable of critical thinking

I wish I were more optimistic on this one, as I think most people are not capable of critical thinking, and as you know, at this point, are so dug in.

One can only ask a question or two at a time of people hoping to crack people open. “Developed by the Greek philosopher, Socrates, the Socratic Method is a dialogue between teacher and students, instigated by the continual probing questions of the teacher, in a concerted effort to explore the underlying beliefs that shape the students views and opinions.”

I have a friend who has been injured (“collapsed lungs”), for which injuries doctors have no explanation (or are afraid to convey their opinion). And, this person is even more reluctant to confront the possibility his injury is vaccine-related, due to cognitive dissonance.

I do my best to come from a place of compassion, prefacing everything with, “I love and respect you. But, have you heard scientists have shown how the vaccines affect your lungs? And, I say this because the effects are incremental, and I don’t want you to take any more boosters….”

Kirsch, Igor, Berrensons, and reputable journals

Only with big name publications and with the help of your analysis, as well as Igor’s, Berrensons and a few others. Has to be from reputable journals.

Package insert for Shingles vaccine, read the package insert

Showed one person the package insert for the shingles vaccine, which has a rare risk of Guillain-Barre, which can put you in a wheelchair for 6 months. Everyone can then choose if that little risk is worth it to them or not. TIP: Read the package insert (if there are two versions, read the one for healthcare workers) and the press release for every vaccine and medication you plan to put into your body or your child’s body. Search “xxx package insert.”

Was it tested properly? Did they prove it works? Is it needed? Are there other treatments? Is it safe? Is it worth the risks? Ctrl+F “death” – did anyone die in the trials?

If it is a live vaccine, are there precautions to take after introducing a live virus into your body? What are the ingredients? Are they good to have in my body?

KEY: Placebo is NOT always saline. Placebo = saline OR another vaccine for another disease OR some other substance. Comparing two vaccines is very different than comparing a vaccine to saline.

Give the power back to the people and allow them to decide the risk/benefit of drugs and vaccines. After educating yourself, then you can talk to your doctor about what is right for you!

Participate in public discussions with highly-documented, well-reasoned, non-offensive things

Okay so I have not succeeded in waking anyone up that I know of but I regularly participate in public discussions (town Facebook groups largely) that are so one sided they nauseate me and I must speak.

I am extremely careful with my language, I only say highly-documented, well-reasoned and non offensive things so that I cannot be dismissed outright.

I have had dozens of people over the past two years respond in a positive way … because my objections are stated so carefully, only the most insane can attack me (and they do) … most people seem relieved to hear a contrary voice on topic they may have felt were not okay to disagree about at any level.

Many strangers have messaged me things like “I always enjoy what you have to say and hope we can meet in person one day” … close enough to success for me! Kudos to the real red pillers out there … you guys ROCK

LifeSiteNews, Epoch Times, Kirsch, Berenson

Red-pilled my wife, initially mainly by forwarding her articles from LifeSiteNews and Epoch Times, then later on from Steve’s Substack as well as Alex Berenson’s.

Memes and Headlines

  1. Sharing memes from Telegram & Twitter.
  2. Sharing headlines (never share the entire article – nobody would read it).
  3. Never talk about the MAIN thing, like “covid19 vaccines”, or “lockdowns”, or “covid19 masks”.
    • Instead – undermine people’s trust in their authorities through memes.
    • I learned this when I showed an article about the flu vaccine killing people in South Korea to my obese hyper-normie-friend at work.
    • And guess what happened? He read it (in front of me) and he believed it.
    • Other friends at work were broken thanks to 100s of memes & shocking headlines (very few of them were about the MAIN thing).

Facts about the vaccine, videos explaining dangers

  • With my immediate family, I just told them the facts about the vaccine. We have been anti-vax since the 1980s so this was very easy.
  • With a couple of friends, I just sent them videos explaining the dangers of the jab. This was before it even came out.
  • Some friends didn’t want it but were pressured by their children with the threat of not being able to be around their grandchildren. A very effective threat. It worked 100% of the time.
  • My two friends who didn’t get vaxxed were childless.

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