Methods of how people have successfully woke up their friends & loved ones


Steve Kirsch offered a way for people to share how they woke up their friends and loved ones to the truth. Here are some of the answers I downloaded on around day 3 (I’m sure there are heaps more by now). I’ve just posted them here without reading them all yet, and as I read them, I’ll correct any obvious grammar/spelling errors and link to relevant posts or references. This is a work in progress… Hopefully, we can all find ways to help our fellow humans see through the lies.

Work-in-Progress : First published: 30 September 2022 | Last updated 1 October 2022

Quoting studes of vaccine side effects

  • Quoting studies not published in MSM (latest Doshi study of vaccine side effects) and discussing serious vaccine side effects I know personally of.

Genocide, Propaganda, Hoax

  • Told my friend who was vaxed it was genocide. The direct approach. She has listened to me for many years on other subjects and trusts me. Told my elderly friend before vax it was propaganda and a hoax. She half listened; I don’t know what the outcome was. She had another friend who said the same thing so that helped. I told one elderly friend who at the time we did not know her losing sight in one eye as a vaccine injury. She half listened most of the time until she stopped communicating with me. Her son also has what I now understand to be a vax injury. She is 91.

Created a presentation of DoDs legal violations

  • I put together a presentation of DoD’s legal violations (with supporting memos/emails/policy letters) while mandating an emergency use product. The laws violated by the DoD in fact apply to all citizens and it’s the first domino necessary to wake people up. my pro vax aunt told me she is no longer getting vaccinated. My military peers tell me they feel deceived and feel like sheep led to slaughter. the medical conversation has too many emotions surrounding it. But when you speak simply the the black and white letter of the law people seem to wake up. It’s all here:

Rumble | TruthForHealth | Petition | Formal Complaint | Slides | Vaccine Injury Data | Exhibits

Patents, Rothschild, CDC, Pfizer fraud, side-effects, Gates sterilising

  • Showed them patents – Rothchild COVID swab tests, CDC patent, 2.3 billion Pfizer fraud lawsuit. I’ve talked about side effect injuries my aunt and friends had (ended up in hospital short of breath, stroke, unable to use hand properly). Also, talking about Gates sterilising women in Africa and that it takes many years to show and that I have seen that documentary about 7 years ago and that he invested in all my vaccines (works for young people who want kids).

Bits of info with follow-up explainer-calls

  • The process for both individuals has taken over a year. One of them was extremely liberal, and the other one was more of a moderate but definitely had left thinking on everything Covid related. Process was sending them bits of information and then after they’ve digested it having a follow up phone call with them to explain things. Much more difficult with our liberal friend who is now completely red pilled, but the moderate friend drifts between red and purple. They happen to be vaccinated while the liberal friend is not so this might make the information I’ve shared a little more difficult for them to except because they have slowly come to the understanding that they made a mistake by getting vaccinated. I have to try and remember that when I am sending him information which could be extremely upsetting, knowing you have that poison floating around in your body.

20-25yr physician-patient relationship, hours of discussion and info-sharing

  • While in Penn State, the recipe has been to have a very long (sometimes 20-25 year relationship) physician- patient relationship, and then spend significant time sharing COVID treatment and vaccine information with my patients. My intimate knowledge of my patients allows me to have a clear understanding of how they perceive and receive information, allowing me to tailor my discussion approach with them. It usually requires hours of discussion, in addition to forwarding email information for them to review. After they have done some investigation, thought about it for a while, and even discussed with their red-pilled friends/family members (whom they thought were “anti-vax nuts”), some will have a literal awakening and realize they’ve been sold a bill of goods. Many people are amenable to the concept that pharmaceutical companies are out for profits and not patient care. This can be a good place to start the discussion, as there is general agreement on this.

Casually mention vaccine-injured & research sources

  • 1) when discussing related topics, casually mention people I know that are vaccine injured 2) if they seem receptive, discuss what I believe is going on and give them sources to research 3) invite them to an occasional local get together of like minded patriot/health freedom folks

Ivermectin studies & censorship of Nobel-prize winning scientists

  • Before the disinformation blitz on early treatment and ivermectin, I managed to convince my family there was something fishy going on by providing them studies on ivermectin. Then the lies on MSM ‘horse dewormer’ started, censorship and demonization. In general, the fact that no government is proposing or supporting any form of early treatment is a no-brainer. Also presenting evidence of censorship of respected (even Nobel prize winning) scientists, at the minimum disturbed my closer circle. Far too many still fast a sleep, but the above has certainly planted seeds of doubt.

Young people who 'Died Suddenly in their sleep', FDA funded by pharma

  • Facts and data do not matter, they have been inculcated into a cult, and they will rationalize it as propaganda, wrong, political etc. What I do is send them new stories of children and young people who “died suddenly”, which articles sometimes note their vaxx status and when vaxxed. It takes a while, but the emotional parts of the articles open up their minds somehow, at which point they start to see the correlations of vaxx and VAERs. I also ask them at times, have you ever seen kids and young adults die so suddenly, so quickly, and often die in their sleep, and mostly without any cause noted? Once their minds start to open, I note that my grandfather used to tell me when something doesn’t seem right, follow the money. And then ask them if they were aware that half the FDA budget is funded by the pharma companies they are charged to regulate. THAT one point is something they never knew and could not believe.

Little bit each day, constantly sharing news

  • It’s like fixing teeth with a teeth straightener… little bit every day, constantly sharing news and asking questions, standing my ground, asking whether they truly think the vaxx was as successful as advertised, and they gradually move from being very pro-vaxx to “I will not take the booster“.

Data & Compassion, ONS UK vaccinated vs unvax deaths, all cause mortality

  • I simply reply with data, and with compassion. The sticking point people have left is that the jab will keep them out of the hospital and from death. The ONS in the UK has been keeping stats on vaccinated vs unvaccinated deaths involved with Covid, and all cause mortality. I took the time to dig into that data and made charts you can find on my Twitter feed. it shows that the vaxxed are dying at an unprecedented rate. @Charliezxi1. some of them, if they’ve been sickly, I ask them to trace back to when that started happening, and explain that the spike protein is toxic and could be the reason for their continued bronchitis, cold, etc.


Data from Kirsch, Adams, Buttar, reverse-engineer mass-formation

  • Essentially, being consistent with messaging, showing data from the likes of Steve Kirsch, Mike Adams, and Rashid Buttar. Because of the mass formation, you really have to reverse engineer truth….preach truth like they preach misinformation. It is a long road trying to cut through brainwashing, but consistency, I’ve found, works well and because the news is now bearing out everything I tried to say, many are too embarrassed to apologize. But they had an awakening of sorts.

Treated my patients with their vaccine side effects -

  • I treated them for their “breakthrough” covid or for their vaccine side effect. I also have educated several people regarding masks. Thankfully, I have time to spend with my patients, since I own my direct care practice. I am hosting an event in Kentucky to try to educate more people in October.

5 days of facts

  • By incredible patience in the face of incredible insanity. The desire to lash out and criticize the ‘pre-programmed’ person needed to be held in check. Having a small degree of authority helped the process along. By patiently presenting my facts over the course of 5 days and by humbly allowing the people to have complete control over the outcome of what they ultimately decided. In the sense that I didn’t try to make them feel stupid but I also hammered on them a bit by saying some things directly. I also allowed myself to act as if the ultimate outcome of their decision was not a source of frustration for me. Where is it written that, ‘only love can change the heart’ ? It seemed to be the only thing that worked. I wasn’t changing their mind, I was changing their stonewalled heart, it seemed. Also, the situation was one in which I pursued my observations and involved co-workers who were also ‘just data collectors’ until together we created a product that was undeniable and then still kept working on it. The manager that we needed to convince eventually changed their mind! It should have taken one second to change their mind because the facts were so strong but it took 5 full days of a 12 hour work shift for the person to begin to slowly process the info and weigh it and change their mind from the position they were told to have by upper management.

Research studies -

  • I share research studies, i have them on my company website. The Fed Gov demanded that we take them down and we refused, they have sued us in court. They have zero studies showing that washing the nose, the site of infection of not just covid but many illnesses, doesn’t work. you can go there and read the studies or you can call me. the first study that was published with just using saline…100% of the covid patients recovered in under a week…that is just with Salt water. I have received countless emails from people that i don’t know…but they have heard me discussing the topic on the radio and in print articles. Covid is an incredibly simple disease to stop/destroy if you do it before it spreads beyond the upper airway.

Pointing out the obvious holes in the narrative

  • Stick with one or two very glaring points where the data/recognized facts do not comport with the overarching storyline. Stay calm and do not push, let them make their points and only push that they consider one or two points and give them a method to look up and verify that info. Wait…….wait…..let them come back to you or, once enough time passes, bring out another point or two that are equally strong as the initial data elements you pushed. It is a slow process. Once they engage by saying ‘you were right about that’ or ‘that made me think about some things’. Then they are ready for more info or to be emailed articles or have books provided for them to look over.

Give them facts, warn them, do not go along with the lies

  • I stand my ground and say No that is not true. I give them facts. Stay away from using incorrect and non-factual information. I warn them about the fatalities of people and the wrong doings of the government leaders. I tell them I love them and wish they would look further into it as I do not want them to get injured or die. I have also failed red pilling more times than succeeded. Some people are just not ready willing or capable of hearing the truth. Some get very angry that the information I am giving them and feel it is undermining their ability to see what is true and real. Most people are so caught up in their belief system and do not want it jeopardized by anything outside of it. Many people believe everything their doctors tell them. Many people believe everything the government and media tells them. These people do not believe that anyone could possibly try to intentionally hurt people. People are genuinely trusting of authoritative figures. It is very unfortunate. Most of the people I have red pilled are friends and family.

Cancer returning after getting vaccine

  • Yesterday I chatted with a neighbour. She is a staunch liberal, and thinks the jab is wonderful. Has had the 2 and booster. She had radiation treatments for scalp cancer about 3 years ago. Very recently went back to her dermatologist for annual check-up, and the doc was shocked to find the cancer had returned. She is now set up for more radiation. I paused, then said “You are NOT going to like what I am going to say. There are many reports from doctors who say former cancer patients who have recovered are now seeing their cancer return after they have gotten the “vaccine”. She said she has not ever heard about this. I told her it is only on alternative news sites. I told her I would send her the links. I also told her that doctors who say anything bad about the jabs risk losing their license. I ended by saying “Just DONT get boosters“.

Natural Immunity after infection being ignored was red flag, myocarditis & renal failure of coworkers after jab

  • I’ve been at stay-at-home-Mom for almost five years, so I left inpatient nursing prior to the pandemic. I had a Covid infection 1/1/21 and due to this decided to hold off on the vaccine. It was bizarre watching natural immunity be ignored. I said to many people “if natural immunity doesn’t exist, then vaccinated immunity can’t exist either, we’re being lied to“. The fact it was being denied and ignored was a huge red flag to me. Then came an interaction with a past RN co-worker. She had Covid in September of 2020 and in January of 2021 took the vaccine as mandated by her employer. She shared her story with me only after hesitation. She developed severe acute myocarditis, acute renal failure, severe anxiety and insomnia. The myocarditis and renal failure almost took her life and caused her to need rehab for 11 months. On top of her physical problems, she was harassed for sharing her story. Called anti-vaccine and a Trump-lover. She’s sure given a lot of vaccines in her career to be considered antivax and certainly didn’t vote for Trump a whole lot for being a Trump-lover. (if we can’t laugh at some of these things we’d likely be crazy by now) Then my husband, who is in law enforcement, had two younger, healthy coworkers develop peri/myocarditis after the vaccine. It has been sharing these peoples’ experiences that has led to multiple family members and friends also believing these vaccines are not safe.

Family got covid after jab, BMJ interview Brook Jackson Pfizer insider, Great Barrington

  • I’ve had a Biden voting friend be just disgusted that she supported him after the mandate on companies over 100 people. And watching family who thought there was no way they’d get Covid if vaccinated (thanks to their president telling them so), then contract Covid end up questioning everything. I’ve shared the BMJ interview of Brook Jackson multiple times too and the treatment of the authors/Drs involved in the Great Barrington Declaration. Just yesterday my 69-year-old Mom had her annual physical and her PCP said that she couldn’t recommend the vaccine boosters and had concerns over adverse events. This is a doc in a large corporate system. I do believe there are more people with concerns than are speaking up. On a further note, I see your support emails for Ron Johnson often. I’m actually in his congressional district. The problem is that politicians have long supported and deepened the power structures of government and continued to erode the rights of the individual. That’s why we’re here today watching a pathogen be used to further control. The corrupt intermingling of money and power and a government that believes they own us first and foremost has led us to this point. When enough people walk away from supporting political systems that don’t defend the rights of normal people then we’ll really get somewhere beautiful.

Athletes Collapsing on the field

  • The one most people cant deny are the athletes collapsing on the field. I sent that video to many. But I’ve seen the brainwashing first hand. They have no clue.

Pointing out the bias, inconsistencies and propaganda, the simple and obvious

  • For someone who has an open mind to listen such as my girlfriend who WAS a Democrat radical leftist, I simply pointed out the bias, hypocrisies, inconsistencies and propaganda that the left is spewing compared to the proven truths that the patriotic constitutionalist right offers, and I provided example after example to the point where she had no option but to see that I was correct. Now she is as conservative as I am! I just pointed out simple and obvious truths and I also allowed the bias leftists to prove my point as well!

I think most people are not capable of critical thinking

  • I wish I were more optimistic on this one, as I think most people are not capable of critical thinking, and as you know, at this point, are so dug in. One can only ask a question or two at a time of people hoping to crack people open. “Developed by the Greek philosopher, Socrates, the Socratic Method is a dialogue between teacher and students, instigated by the continual probing questions of the teacher, in a concerted effort to explore the underlying beliefs that shape the students views and opinions.” I have a friend who has been injured (“collapsed lungs”), for which injuries doctors have no explanation (or are afraid to convey their opinion). And, this person is even more reluctant to confront the possibility his injury is vaccine-related, due to cognitive dissonance. I do my best to come from a place of compassion, prefacing everything with, “I love and respect you. But, have you heard scientists have shown how the vaccines affect your lungs? And, I say this because the effects are incremental, and I don’t want you to take any more boosters….”

Kirsch, Igor, Berrensons, and reputable journals

  • Only with big name publications and with the help of your analysis, as well as Igor’s, Berrensons and a few others. Has to be from reputable journals.

Package insert for Shingles vaccine, read the package insert

  • Showed 1 person the package insert for the Shingles vaccine which has a rare risk of Gillian-Barre which can put you in a wheelchair for 6 months. Everyone can then choose if that little risk is worth it to them or not. TIP: Read the package insert (if 2 versions read the 1 for Healthcare workers) and the press release for every vaccine and medication you plan to put into your body or your child’s body.   Search “xxx package insert” was it tested properly? did they prove it works? is it needed? are there other treatments? is it safe?  is it worth the risks? Crtl F “death” – did anyone die in the trials? If it is a live vaccine, are there precautions to take after introducing a live virus into your body? What are the ingredients? Are they good to have in my body? KEY: Placebo is NOT always saline.  Placebo = saline OR another vaccine for another disease OR some other substance Comparing 2 vaccines is very different than comparing a vaccine to saline. Give the power back to the people and allow them to decide the risk/benefit of drugs and vaccines. After educating yourself then you can talk to your doctor about what is right for you!  

Participate in public discussions with highly-documented, well-reasoned, non-offensive things

  • Okay so I have not succeeded in waking anyone up that I know of but I regularly participate in public discussions (town Facebook groups largely) that are so one sided they nauseate me and I must speak. i am extremely careful with my language, I only say highly-documented, well-reasoned and non offensive things so that I cannot be dismissed outright. I have had dozens of people over the past two years respond in a positive way … because my objections are stated so carefully, only the most insane can attack me (and they do) … most people seem relieved to hear a contrary voice on topic they may have felt were not okay to disagree about at any level. Many strangers have messaged me things like “I always enjoy what you have to say and hope we can meet in person one day” … close enough to success for me! Kudos to the real red pillers out there … you guys ROCK

LifeSiteNews, Epoch Times, Kirsch, Berenson

  • Red-pilled my wife, initially mainly by forwarding her articles from LifeSiteNews and Epoch Times, then later on from Steve’s Substack as well as Alex Berenson’s.

Memes and Headlines

  • Sharing memes from Telegram & Twitter. Sharing headlines (never share the entire article – nobody would read it). Never talk about the MAIN thing, like “covid19 vaccines”, or “lockdowns”, or “covid19 masks”. Instead – undermine people’s trust in their authorities through memes. I learned this when I showed an article about the flu vaccine killing people in South Korea to my obese hyper-normie-friend at work. And guess what happened? He read it (in front of me) and he believed it. Other friends at work were broken thanks to 100s of memes & shocking headlines (very few of them were about the MAIN thing).

Facts about the vaccine, videos explaining dangers

  • With my immediate family, I just told them the facts about the vaccine. We have been anti-vax since the 1980s so this was very easy. With a couple of friends, I just sent them videos explaining the dangers of the jab. This was before it even came out. Some friends didn’t want it but were pressured by their children with the threat of not being able to be around their grandchildren. A very effective threat. It worked 100% of the time. My two friends who didn’t get vaxxed were childless.

News only reporting rising deaths but not recovered was red flag, flu disappeared, McCullough, Martin, Butthar, Frontline Doctors

  • Early on I was terrified watching the news but then immediately began realizing they were only kept reporting the growing number of deaths, but not those that recovered. I also looked at death rates in the US over previous years. It was like flu and pneumonia disappeared. The more I dug, the more I found Dr. McCullough, Dr. David Martin, Dr Butthar, and America’s Frontline Doctors. I shared EVERYTHING i found with people. Then, in my state, Gov. DeSantis was letting people have freedom and buying monoclonal antibodies and it was working. The more I found the more I saw the media counter to it. The media predicted huge numbers of deaths because the beach was now open. When Google started suppressing info I went to Brave, Gettr, Brighteon, and more and more sites and totally ignored the fed, CDC, NIH, I know I pissed some people off, but then I turned it on how to save those vaxxed including my wife and one son, best friends from high school, etc. Been on supplements ever since and I had open heart in December and insisted on no blood transfusions at all and had to sign paperwork to that effect. Then my mom got Covid and had to be rehydrated in the ER. We insisted that, if admitted, she was not to get Remdesivir, the jab, etc. They waited 5 hours before giving her IV fluid and discharging her. No Paxvolid Rx no nothing. I took care of her for several days, along with other caretakers no mask, or anything. She is 82 this October. Blind and strokes took their toll, but I still have my mom.

Pointing out the facts to 13yo suffering altruism 'I want to do my part'

  • Basically, I follow his or her line and follow up on it. Just a long conversation I had with a thirteen-year-old who was advised by his mother (a physician and a friend of mine) not to take the shot, but was convinced to take it anyway.
  • The conversation started with some advice from a rabbi: “Take the shot. I was in a hospital with covid and it was terrible. Take the shot.” The rabbi, also friend of mine, behaves usually as a smart guy, but was apparently blindsided by a constant pressure from the state, that expected him to market the vaccine.
    • We just went through the town, and the young man explained to me his view. “If only we all took the vaccine, the pandemic is over.
      • ”Well, that’s not going to happen. Me and your mother, we are apparently not going to take it. There were people in the clinical study who did take it and got COVID anyway. There was even a serious case in a fully vaccinated participant. ”
    • That’s just 5 percent, but the 95 are safe.”
      • ”Well, 5 percent is still one in twenty. That is 50 thousand people, just in Prague. That is enough to keep the virus spreading and evolving. And moreover, rats are not going to take it. ”
    • Yeah, but I need to do my part to slow the spread and flatten the curve,” said the young man.
      • ”You know what, at your age, there is actually a greater chance that you end up in hospital with heart inflammation after the jab than with COVID.”
    • ”But I don’t want to be a potential spreader,” said the young man.
      • ”This jab cannot guarantee you that you won’t become a spreader. Actually, two weeks after every jab is more likely. But I do appreciate your extreme altruism. That reduces every value of you as a young man to the potential not to spread this specific virus. Even so, with this extreme altruism, if you do catch heart inflammation, what are you going to say? Please do not help me. I do not want to grab a hospital bed? Who is going to listen to you? They would get you to the hospital anyway. And moreover, your mother, because she loves you, would make sure to do anything to save you.
    • It was only when the young man realized his altruism may actually make things worse, that he became aware of the option not to take the jab, which may be actually better not only for him, but also for humanity.’

Asking questions to help them see past the narrative, Kirsch, VAERS, Vax injured, FLCCC, Frontline doctors, Pfizers own data, athletes collapsing, detox protocol, leave cards at gas stations & waiting rooms

  • After asking a person a general question about what they think of Covid, I gauge their interest, ask them some questions to help them see past the false covid narrative and give them the card full of resources and suggest that they look into it for themselves. I have a list of questions printed on two sides of a slightly larger than business card cardstock. I include bitly links that I formatted to make it easier to find the studies and articles that the questions link to. For example, the first question is “Covid shots safe and effective? Why are we told to keep on taking more boosters?” the link is to the Steve Kirsch vaccine essentials PowerPoint presentation. I also have questions linking to Open Vaers, Eye witness accounts of vaccine injuries,,, an article detailing Pfizer’s own data showing adverse reactions, athletes collapsing and dying and the Spike protein detox protocol. I also leave the cards sticking in gas station pumps, in medical facility waiting rooms and wherever else people might congregate. According to my bitly account at least 13 people clicked on two of the links, 1 to 7 on the other 6 links. I hope that the hundreds of other cards which were given out or placed at least cause people to think/ reconsider the pharma/ government propaganda

Martin, 'Covid Revealed' DVD set, went to sheriff with evidence

  • I printed the URL of the Greg Hunter interview with Dr. David Martin on Rumble having the title “700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028 – Dr. David Martin” onto a strip of paper, with hand-written text: Rumble Greg Hunter David Martin 700 to make it easier to search rumble dot com than reading/typing a URL. I dropped it into the book (transcript) accompanying Covid Revealed, the 9 DVD set of interviews by Revealed Films. When I told the deputy sheriff taking the evidence it was for premeditated mass murder on a global scale, the officer suggested I call the FBI. I reminded him that people had died in Gaines County, Texas and then he agreed to “look at it”. We made an appointment to meet. As I handed him the bag holding the items I told him that the DVDs were good but that the interview with David Martin was “Chapter And Verse”. Then I called the county judge and told him to whom I had delivered the evidence.

Friendly questions

  • By letting them present their position first. Then I ask a series of friendly questions that slowly but inexorably lead them to a contradiction. It’s like a python slowly squeezing its prey until it can’t breathe. I usually red pill the people sitting next to me on a plane where there’s time for me to ease them into it and they can’t run away. I’ve succeeded in every attempt but one. The lady was married to a woke anaesthesiologist and she had all incorrect data.

Proof, ie, Denmark & England stopped vaccinating minors, & podcasts from doctors

  • Appeal to authority and social proof. E.g Denmark and England have recently stopped vaccinating minors. Sharing podcasts from doctors that don’t talk about bitcoin and other stuff that muddies the waters

Let them come to you, Patience, Kindness, Compassion, Plant seeds, Arcturians

  • I waited until they reported a crack in their previous belief system, then I gently mentioned only a few things and then let them ask. This has been the instructions of the Arcturians and others in the higher realms – let them come to you. It’s congruent with my belief that you can’t wake someone up who doesn’t want to be woken up, just as you can’t heal someone that doesn’t want to be healed. Trading a mountain of videos doesn’t work, either. Remember how long it took you to get where you are today? How long it took for you to wrap your head around what’s going on? How much discernment you still need when perusing YT and BC? Patience, kindness and compassion still needed but you have to let them come to you. The universe is assisting with higher and higher background vibes (Schumann Rez, for example is off the charts) and eventually the old beliefs will begin to move, but if they are hammered again and again they will only cling tighter to what their trusted sources (MSM) have told them to believe. Not everyone recognizes TRUTH right away. Be satisfied with planting seeds and waiting for them to germinate. Of course, the germination time may be rapidly decreasing as we all get closer to the precipice. Use the same discernment you want them to employ. Be patient and be available but don’t pressure them. Mark Twain once wrote that it’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they’ve been fooled. (‘Nuff said, Samuel)

Listen to Podcasts and TikToks around them

  • My friend is a a former girlfriend and physical therapist. I was able to red pill her by listening to pod casts and strangely Tic Toks around her and over time she almost went through the stages of grief with me. It felt like she lost her old self and that person died. At first she was in denial, and I think she heard it but just tuned me out. It then led to her becoming extremely angry with me for exposing her to the information leading to fighting and literally telling me to turn the information off around her. It then led to bargaining that I do not play this information around her or I would not get her love or attention. It then led to her becoming depressed because she knew she was wrong getting the jabs and would cry a lot about it. She was also getting a chronic cough and blamed it on getting COVID when if fact it came on much worse after her shots. It then finally led to acceptance… and then she dumped me. I was totally fine as it was worth it to me to get her to the red pill over the relationship, but this my way. I think for many they have not seen or heard of anyone getting sick or dying around them so they do not see it. My sisters are both blue pilled, super intelligent, but as mass formation exists, these are the easier people to convince.

Appeal to their critical thinking capability... then question the narrative by asking what you would do vs what the govt did

  • I appeal to some relevant positive skills of a person, for example, critical thinking ability (I praise them first) and then challenge some of the propaganda. For example, “You are a born leader, right? One of the best I know around here. In such a critical situation, what would you do? Would you calm people down or rather start a fear campaign? Would you encourage discussion, problem solving and look for available solutions or rather ban any discussions, possible repurposed solutions and impose a new untested and not yet available one?”

Share the law suits, financial ties with CDC, FDA, hospitals, asymptomatic myth, Kirsch, Malone, Deace, Marik

  • Sharing your work. Recently, I have been sharing the details of the Stand for Health Freedom law suit brought by 2 Oregon state senators. This action presents a very clear picture of the money manipulation by the CDC, FDA, hospitals, mandates, the myth of asymptomatic spread, lock does and big pharma. I expect many more red pills ahead. I follow your work closely, as well as that of Dr Malone, Steve Deace, Dr Marik and others. My wife and I are in our upper 70’s, in good health, didn’t take the jab, took ivermectin and other good supplements and we never got sick. We travelled at will, never masked except when forced to in a medical office, got thrown out of a couple other places for not masking. Thanks for all you do. My son has a PhD from MIT, still haven’t convinced him yet. Blessings

Asking questions, menstrual issues, being publically clear where I stand

  • 1 – Asking questions they have no real answer to is a great method. 2- Asking them if they know any women who had menstrual issues after Covid vaccination – Every single person I’ve ever asked has hesitated and said they do. In many cases it’s themselves or first degree relative. 3- I make it very publicly clear where I stand, unapologetically. It allows people who have questions to reach out to me for answers. I don’t know how many people I’ve redpilled, but I’m grateful to know that the articles I’ve written have been used to help people explain their position to friends or family. I’ve personally redpilled many in my personal friend circle. None of my friends would consider giving their kids any more Covid vaccines, and some managed to refrain altogether.

Dr John Campbell

Athletes dying, current vaccines are not approved, employers took on liability

  • Personally I show people the pictures of the young athletes dying of heart attacks. Show them their faces. I think you will red pill the country when you start seeing ads that say, “Have you or someone you loved been injured or killed from the COVID vaccine? If so you may be entitled to compensation. Call the law office of …..” The class action lawsuits advertised on TV are what raised awareness of mesothelioma, talcum powder, and many other public health debacles. Those class action ads will turn everyone off of getting boosters. The vaccine companies forfeited immunity when they withheld safety information, doctors lost their protections when they failed to provide informed consent and employers assumed liability when they FORCED their employees to take a “vaccine” only “approved” under EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION. The current vaccines are NOT approved. I envy the law firm that takes on this work.

Open conversation, substack, compare reality with media propaganda, Malone

  • Open conversation and allowing all my narratives and opinions to be called into question while remaining a calm demeanour ad encouraging them to continue venting and sharing. Then, just scrolling through my Substack feed, showing articles and reports over the past few months, and asking them to truly compare their reality with that being published in the media. I don’t ask any trick questions and I do not try to stump the person. I don’t view it as a battle of intelligence, but rather a contest of recall, information regurgitation, and exercising critical thinking. It has become common that only one side of this conversation provides citations and sources. Here recently it has been much more difficult to have these conversations. As the veil is falling in the public and all the admissions by various officials, combined with the growing body of information internationally, it is so unbelievable that I still see people wearing three masks in a dollar general or bragging about getting their 4th booster and only feeling like crap for a week after it “this time.” I still have to explain to people who Robert Malone is and what his contributions to the field are. Some of these are extremely intelligent people. These are people I would go to for new perspectives and to brainstorm new ideas or thoughts. I don’t see myself doing that with them much anymore. I’m completely dismayed that these debates are still going on.

Created podcast, speak with groups, Hanson, on 3 research teams, Braun, Chang, helping long haulers and vax injured

  • Through my Charity and My Podcast DanTheMessenger and by going and speaking with Groups as well as Doctors. I have been in contact with Jeff Hanson Since early December 2020. I am on 3 research teams as well as been working with another person you are familiar with Dr.Tau Braun. The teams have saved thousands around the planet Another Dr Gustavo Aguirre Chang and His team out of Peru have also been helping Long Haulers, Vax Inj . Great Job in all of you work.

Daughter woke me up by sharing doctor clips and researchers refuting evidence

  • This is how my daughter changed ME-she said “Mom, this is NOT a pandemic!!! It’s a fake pandemic.“ then she started sending me videos, clips, etc. different doctors and researchers saying the opposite of the narrative, refuting what was accepted and believed by so many here in WA state. Now I share on Facebook and sometimes Instagram. I don’t know if I have changed people, but many tell me they can’t believe I haven’t been kicked off Facebook. Others say my posts help them and that I am very bold and brave in what I share. These are people that I think already think like me, but you don’t know who all is reading it. I have had lots of people argue, of course, and definitely lost friends and family who believe the lies.??

McCullough, Tenpenny, Mikovitz, Kirsch, Martin, Northrop

  • I would share the information I read or heard from McCullough, Tenpenny, Mikovitz, you, David Martin, Northrop, and others. Then eyes were opened to see the patterns of sickness in our circles.

Larkin Rose presentation to blow up the Red Team - Blue Team paradigm

  • Kevin just now red pill? Larkin Rose developed a presentation he called “candles in the wind” that liberated a lot if people from the uniparty red team- blue team paradigm – so they could be free to see the more relevant reality

(I think he means “Candles in the Dark”… I can’t locate anything called Candles in the Wind by Larken Rose)

YouTube |

More wary of vax than covid

  • Told them (including 3 Drs) the following; I am far more wary of the vaccine than Covid! that got their attention. I was thrilled to learn my Dermatologist is totally anti-vax.

Psychology of Totalitarianism by Mattias Desmet

  • I have bought 20 copies of “the psychology of totalitarianism” by Mattias Desmet and gave them away. It helped people who are in mass formation to question the narrative. It has been a great start for red pilling.

Audible | Interview

Google drive and notes with studies, articles, videos, photos, etc. Pfizers own documents, substack, helping with therapeutics

  • I have a google drive file and a notes file that I have been adding to throughout the pandemic. These files have studies, articles, videos, photos, tables, memes, etc. I either share a link to the entire file….or just shoot specific documents, depending on how much they are able to handle. A compelling thing to share has simply been excerpts from Pfizer’s own documents, particularly the lengthy list of adverse events. I also started writing a Substack to vent my frustrations…however it’s turned out to be helpful in red-pilling :) Another way I have successfully red pilled a significant handful of people is by making it known that when/if they get covid, we can help them access therapeutics. I will hand deliver these items (along with homemade soup). When people are sick, they are often suddenly more open. When they get better, usually within 12-24hrs, they are 100% red pilled…and grateful…and then PISSED AF.

Dr Mike Yeadon interview, The Real Anthony Fauci by RFJ Jr book

Helped vax-injured landlord, material, studies, deep-trust

  • My landlord got an autoimmune response after her second shot. Her hand joint capsulate began to dissolve. I told her that this probably was the jab and sent her to my best friend, a TCM doc. He helped her to recover and she’s fine now and said she will never ever touch those jabs again. That doc and best friend of mine was also for some time blue pilled. Took a lot of effort, material and studies to make him look deeper but since about a year he got it and the puzzle in his mind began to fit.. What made it ‘work’ was deep trust over several decades and him knowing I’m a trustworthy, reliable person. Trying to convince people neither close to me or not obviously harmed just by conversation and even studies never worked. I know even people getting seriously ill after the shots with blood clots, strokes and thrombosis (38 years old!) And they still said they would probably take the next booster and ‘their doc said its not the shots, they are safe…’

Appeal to seek alternative news sources, for them to find out for themselves the level of censorship & misinformation, Kirsch, Granite Splits.

  • Many people very close to me suffer from what I call “Suicidal Confirmation Bias” and there is no way to force-feed information. I’ve been successful with a few people by avoiding any kind of “make-wrong” context. I appeal to them to seek out alternative news sources. When individuals are able to see the level of censorship and contrived-mis-information on the part of the for-profit or on-the-payroll sources, they begin to experience the painful transformation to increased awareness. Unfortunately, the truth is like the tide bashing against granite—the power of “the idea whose time has come” will be an arduous process unless, through relentless efforts such as yours, Steve Kirsch, the granite splits.

Harvard 'why the news is not the truth', Pharma, Govt and Social Media collusion .

Virus Mania 3rd Edition, Paul Thomas, Kirsch, What really makes you ill, genetic sequences

  • Gave them a copy of Virus Mania 3rd Edition. (I bought 3 copies). Since I am in Germany it was Virus Wahn (the original language). It is updated with Covid-19. Two doctors simply refused to read it (they got quite angry – it was a crucifix to vampire moment). However a thoracic surgeon, a psychiatrist (my landlord) a piano technician and a CEO in Munich I have known for 25 years either read the book or parts of the book. I have also sent them Paul Thomas‘s child vaccine paper among others. With my daughter it was drip drip: bits and pieces including Steve Kirsch’s vax revelations and an outstanding peer reviewed paper by nephrologists warning that the EM images of spikey “viruses” used to prove the “cytopathic effect” are actually images of kidney cell breakdown known as exosomes. (Vero cells are monkey kidney cells). I sent my son a copy of “What Really Makes You Ill” and I think he is my most convincing convert overall. I was at a famous golf resort near Weimar during the summer at a gathering of doctors & biotech researchers, some quite decorated. None of them had any evidence to support the existence of a virus. They had to tell me to stop or refused to discuss. One from Michigan told me that they had the genetic sequences so they must exist. However I told him these are not sequences – they are assemblies from mixed sources. Sequences are complete strands from a pure source broken down piece by piece. Assembled sequences (contigs) are from millions of anonymous bits and pieces from an impure soup. Repeat NOT SEQUENCES. He said we should stop talking about it and finish our soup. Those at the resort willing to talk during a walk did not seem to know about the injuries. But they had no training in how to recognise vax injuries. The hardest people to convince are doctors. With my daughter (and the family of doctors she married into) I had to confront them last year about vaccinating their son. I was very angry and honest and it split us up for a few days. It’s a religious (almost cultish) belief in pharmaceuticals and the allopathic life style. Thanks for this opportunity.

Very gentle approach, healthy discussion

  • Patience, Listening and connecting similar issues. Very gentle approach. Agreement, understanding, consideration and then utilizing their own reasons to shift their thinking. Also, being so confident in my choice that they feel confused in their own opinion. “Omg no way, I am def not interested in that, I have heard too many horror stories” and using that to segue into a healthy discussion.

Take them through process of vaccination with mRNA. Lipid nanoparticles, Rose, Fleming, Japanese study, Pseudouridine, Lab origin, Markson

  • Explain to me your understanding of how the mRNA vaccines create an immune response in the human body.” They fail. Most realize they have no clue and are a bit red-faced.
    • With as much empathy as possible, “I’m not a medical professional, but I’ve logged well over 100 hours of research trying to understand it myself. Are you interested in hearing some of the information I’ve found? A lot of which is suppressed…” Usually they answer “sure”.
  • I take them through the process of vaccination with mRNA.
    • 1. Lipid nano particles. Jessica Rose
    • 2. mRNA…Fleming’s book.
    • 3. Spike protein.
    • 4. Antibodies and where they are produced.
    • 5. LNP and Spike. Widespread escape. Japanese study.
    • 6. Pseudouridine. 60 day study.
    • 7. Lab origin. Markson book. After taking them through that, I give them this article to start them on their journey. And explain this was why I ultimately refused vaccination by mRNA. Things I don’t talk about: VAERS, deaths, injuries, cancer, etc. They will find it. Most end up asking for a few resources. I usually start them off on Malone, Kory and McCullough.

Science of mandates.

  • I have joined several groups … Prepper type groups and have had the chance to speak there… But before speaking at those kind of groups, I have engaged many friends family and business colleagues in the issues surround the science of the mandates.

Real science vs political science, doctors, COVID Revealed transcripts

Ask questions, made discussion material to carry and hand out

  • I often ask people questions like “Why is it that adults seem to get CVD more quickly than children ( ace 2 receptor membranes )? Why is it so many of my family adult children all have had serious CVD fully vaxxed ( not effective ) and why is it so many of my friends have had serious issues like strokes or heart attacks shortly after the jab?” I make a point of asking them about their friends and relatives. I have made discussion material, carry it with me and hand it out as the opportunity arises. Dave

Open, Friendly, Honest. Share where you are getting information

  • My secret was never wavering in my conviction, based upon the best information available. Be ready to risk everything in not only pursuit, but exposition of the truth. Be open and friendly, but be honest. Share what you’re reading, share from where you are getting information. Share it incessantly. Don’t get into needless arguments where people judge the cover of the book. Debate in search of what is right, not who is right.

Preventative medicines, Ivermectin, Vit D, doctors, vaccine dangers

  • When the theme comes up about vaccines, I them know that I respect any choice they make about taking the vaccine or not. I let them know my position on the matter without insisting that I am right. I let them know that I keep myself healthy with preventive medications/vitamins like ivermectin and vitamin D and the like. If they want to continue on the subject then I mention how I see the vaccine as dangerous and that many doctors of high reputation agree with this. At this point many start changing subject but the they can see that I am no extremist and they generally continue our mutual respect. Generally I don’t get them to show me that they changed their mind. This is too much of a challenge to their ego, but the fact they continue our mutual respectful contact is already a step in the right direction. Some asked me what to do for friends that have long covid. Generally if they are really interested in learning more about the subject, I invite them to do their own research and inform them of the sites and tools to do that. Whatever they learn from other sources than me will be more welcome than from me only. I tell them gently that I have been very disappointed by the authorities that are managing covid response and that it can be challenging to search and get closer to the truth that they are NOT on our side.

The Flame, VAERS

  • I share verbally what I have learned by picking up on conversations and then give them a copy of a paper called The Flame, which is print paper for the people, by the people. Here is the website: It is printed monthly and has uncensored news, including the OpenVAERS stats on the back.

Israel data, McCullough, Malone, Zelenko, John Campbell, Dopesick

  • I red pilled my mom who was once awake before the plandemic. But then she watched CNN 24/7 and became brainwashed and took 2 moderna jabs and now is suffering from vertigo and can’t move her arm above her head. I red pilled her with a combo of the Israeli data + Dr. McCullough, Robert Malone, Dr. Zelenko and Dr. John Campbell’s YouTube videos. But ultimately she finally woke up fully after watching the Hulu series “Dopesick” as it made her remember who big pHARMa really are deep down. ?? ?? Thanks for all you do! You are a hero! ?? ps. I sent you a PM on Clubhouse a few days ago. ?? -Jacob

The brainwashing is severe and I can only wake up the injured

  • Only people who I’ve seen red-pilled are the vax injured. My former office mate had immediate heart damage from vax. Sharing info and data for an entire YEAR, he was still not convinced. He got 2 AZ shots plus continued to get Pfizer boosters. He finally got a giant blood clot in his heart, which finally convinced him it was a vax injury. I don’t how how he is still alive except he takes blood thinners for prior heart condition. I know 6 vax injured people and only 2 blame the vax. The brainwashing is severe and I haven’t convinced anyone who isn’t injured.

cite my own patients who ignored my medical advice and died after jab, Save studies on phone, if they still ignore, drop the bombshell that its irreversible,

  • VERY difficult to red-pill as “Sheeple CHOOSE TO REMAIN Sheeple.” I’m persistent, but not insane about it all. I know what I know. However, given the chance, I *appeal to >34 YEARs of MD-medical practice, *cite studies (that i have saved on my phone), *SEND studies (that I have saved on my phone), *cite MY patient’s that WENT AGAINST MY MEDICAL ADVICE who have DIED from the death jabs, and, *if all else fails, I actually encourage them to “do what they want to do.” It seems that, when AFTER ALL YOU’VE GONE THROUGH, IF they still want to go through with it, you “drop the rope” AND many times it gets their attention. I emphasize that, IF you go ahead with this dopiness, THEN (WHEN) you have adverse outcome(S), it’s Irreversible, so: “Go ahead.” “AND, WHEN that happens, don’t come back to me saying you weren’t told.” I really am tired of bashing my head against hard-hearted sheeple. “Sheeple Gotta Sheeple.”

Sending articles, references, videos and asking their thoughts.

  • By asking them questions about things I know or learn to see if they know the same information. If they open the door, I will suggest some websites, articles, etc. I’ll ask them if its okay to email them articles or references, videos etc. If they are OK, I’ll send them information and will ask them their thoughts on what I sent. My wife and I have worked on a particular Boston liberal for a long time. Her husband has been doing the same. She always believed everything she saw on liberal MSM. She took all the jabs, even in spite of being a nurse and seeing much of what is going on out there. Well, we move away but recently returned home and went out to dinner with them. We were shocked when she told us she watches Tucker Carlson every night. That is a huge change for this person. She is even challenging the jab and said she refused to take anymore. She sounds much like a person who is just wakening up, but way more open to things that we couldn’t discuss before. She may be the biggest change that we’ve come across so far, and it took a lot of careful discussions.

Your blind trust and lack of due diligence can kill you, more adverse events than all drugs in history

  • You have not done your due diligence. How many friends have you lost? Your blind trust can kill or maim you. We have NeVER rolled out such a dangerous vaccine. More people have had adverse events from the “vaccine” than ALL the drugs AND vaccines combined EVER!

Speak factually and openly about lockdown harms, advere events, and excess deaths

  • When the subject turns to Covid, I speak factually & openly about lockdown harms, adverse events following mRNA shots, and objective excess death rates in 2021-2022. I am calm yet do not back down when challenged. This has led to a people in my circle who were previously true-believers now acknowledging that their own family & friends were harmed by the shots. Important point: people will snap to reality in their own time, you cannot force it. Sadly, some of the people I used to respect the most still refuse to see. I can tell that others who took the shots out of a sense of social responsibility are too scared to acknowledge reality, so I don’t push the subject with them.

When overhaearing conversations, casually cite the evidence

  • I find the most effective method is to not be the instigator of the conversation. As an example, the other night at a dinner party 2 women were discussing how many of their friends had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I casually say.. “ wow, that’s ironic as I was just reading an article written by a doctor in the military and she shared that breast cancer rates are up by over 400%. I elaborate that she tied it directly to the vaccines. It opens the door and I typically continue from there depending on the response.

Friendly social exchange and then script and website, CHD, doctors, lawyers, JFK

  • First off, I have no idea of my success rate. When I am out shopping for anything, groceries or clothes or restaurant i may complement someone or find some way to begin a conversation. Most people enjoy a quick and friendly social exchange. The script I utilize most often is, I have a website that I share with fellow citizens and I always ask if you have a website you’d suggest I check out..? The website is It’s a .org not a .com Then I ask them if they remember late presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy? so far, they have all claimed, yes. I say, well his son grew up to be an environmental lawyer and that’s who started this website. And you should see the doctors, lawyers and health care professionals, from around the world that are being interviewed there, daily and weekly regarding what has really been going on legally throughout this pandemic. If you have not been tracking with any other alternative media source during the pandemic you’ll want to make sure you are sitting down because the info you’ll read/hear there will blow you away! In light of the data I’ve learned on the website, I question if we are really living in a democracy any longer and I don’t know how we can maintain our democracy if we don’t speak with one another and think critically about what it is we are being told by mainstream media.

Ask them about confirmation bias

  • Well if you have some kind of relationship built….be it at a dinner party, or a friend of a friend or something. I ask this question. “If you had someone that you trusted absolutely…like complete trust.. and ‘they’ changed their mind about say…vaccines?.. Would you be open to looking at the issue a different way?” The other way is to, in a to ask them if they know what confirmation bias is? With them I would never use the term “red-pill” it is a bit lofty. Who the hell are we? Like do we question the covid vaccine, but still believe that 2 planes took down the towers on 911? So many unanswered questions out there. Anyway Steve, you’re doing a great job, good on ya. Bill

Tell them I had covid but it wasn't horrible and what I used, (HCQ, NAC, Black Seed, Vitamins). Epoch, CHD

  • I have asked questions such as, “Why do you think all these people are getting Covid even with all these shots?” “Isn’t it interesting that I have never had a shot, I had Covid but it wasn’t anything horrible, and I have never had it again?” “Did you know I used HCQ, NAC, black seed oil, and other vitamins, etc to get well when I had Covid?” “You got Covid back to back after using Paxlovid? Wow, so sorry to hear. No, I haven’t had it more than once.” “Doesn’t it strike you weird that the “science” has been absolute-until it changes?” Now, I have asked questions like this to many who are not ready to hear anything other than what the msm tells them. But I think my health, combined with some of my questions, has helped those who were already maybe questioning, to see the light. If people seem to be ready to hear more, I use articles from The Epoch Times, CHD, and places like that to help them see more. But only if they are ready. I do not try to force anything. Regardless, questions seem to be the way to go. I will ask them what they think of a certain article, and discuss from there if they are open.

Gradual release of information, but delusion is very powerful, they have to be curious, there's no rational thought

  • I wrote an article on it on substack. Gentle techniques work best, and gradual release of information. You’re dealing with a person suffering from a delusion, so employing similar tactics as when you are dealing with a delusional person work quite well. This does mean that sometimes you cannot reach the person at all, however, the delusion is too pervasive/powerful. Generally I have found the person has to be ambivalent or curious about the subject to be red-pilled. Those deep in the totalitarian spell just recite lines back at you, there’s no rational thought occurring. I don’t think this can be overcome.

We interpret clinical studies for a living, recommended doing the same for Rona to coworkers and they saw through it.

  • Detailed analysis and fishbone root cause mindsets are part of our daily work activities.  I asked some coworkers to use the same principles while sharing my opinion about all?? ??in general (one person just had a baby). We read & interpret clinical and non-clinical studies for a living, and I recommended doing the same for the Rona and childhood Vaccines & schedule. Then they concluded on their own time & terms that something was incorrectly related to shots in general and Rona in particular.

Knew medical martial law was coming 10 years ago, not successful at waking the minds

  • Not very helpful, I’m afraid, but honest. Being incurably curious about the world, when I retired I “redpilled” myself about a lot of things, starting with people like John Stockwell and Bill Still. James Corbett and Richard Andrew Grove were extremely helpful. So since I had the advantage of knowing 10 years ago that “medical martial law” was coming, my only real successes are from tapping away constantly with the geological hammer from The Shawshank Redemption at the minds of family members. Even then I have been less successful than I would have liked. To some extent because I know how often you can change someone’s mind, which can be a self-fulfilling prophesy, and time is valuable. Wife – yes (and we help each other with wording and research) ex-wife – sadly no. Offspring A unvaccinated but will not prepare for the coming famine. Offspring B had 2 vaccines before stopping Sister- and mother-in-law , yes: they couldn’t resist the two of us demonstrating that we knew far more than them. Aunt, hardly needed any persuasion.

Maintain light attitude, ask questions - why, how.

  • I maintain a light attitude. Admit that we disagree and listen to what they have to say. Instead of “informing” I ask them questions that provoke them to tell me “why” or “how” they believe as they do. One friend says I delete everything you send without looking. I said, no problem…I do the same with yours, but I love you anyway:) I do not back down if others condemn my way of thinking. Exp. When discussing wildfires being set in Ca, an acquantaince said that is just right wing news. I responded…”you said that like right wing news is a bad thing” She responded…is is. I said without offense, “how do you know”? I ask “why” a lot and if someone simply will not listen, I just say I simply cannot agree with their position, but I can agree with their right to have it. I do not back off my position in response to theirs. I feel the condemnation that comes from a differing opinion is as offensive to me as their condemnation.

Pfizer trial data suppression, safe and effective, TNI Media control, BBC press release, VAERS data, Canadian Covid Care Alliance, McCullough, Malone, Bridle,

Signs, shirts, bumper stickers 'COVID vaccine killed my child'.

  • Physical signs, shirts, bumper stickers. The populations divided in their ways. They use the same websites, the same news, the same shows. So lots of people don’t even have a clue. But toss a sign up “The COVID vaccine killed my child!” And they won’t forget that.

Nibble method on things they can agree with like energy or government corruption

  • ‘Nibble’ method. I don’t go in with the heavy stuff. I just nibble away around the edges with stuff they can agree with first. Then, I nibble a bit more. Then, a bit more. It’s actually what was used by China (?) I think with PoWs. if you go in with anything to do with the vaccine, the walls go up. But if you talk about other stuff like energy or govt corruption, they cant help but agree. They have a toe in the water. Then, move in little by little. I have been using this with clients, friends and strangers mainly. Family just wont listen.

Stories via Instagram, Food red pills, Polysorbate 80, NIH studies, mercury, aluminium, corrupt pharma, Pfizer lawsuit Rockefellers destroyed natural meds

  • I have red pilled people either directly via my friendships OR via stories I share on my Instagram account. I have an Instagram account with about 72k followers – my account is about cooking, specifically grilling. However, this gives me a great opportunity to share food red pills as I learn about things. For example, I was sharing my love for a new pickle brand I found. I then go on to share that most commercially produced pickles have Polysorbate 80, a food preservative that is a KNOWN carcinogen and gave all the mice in studies colon cancer. I then link to to the studies (from NIH.GOV) on how Polysorbate 80 is also in Vaccines, ALL OF THEM. So then I get the opportunity to share with people all the weird toxins that are in vaccines. Then, I move on to sharing how Vaccines are also loaded in heavy metals. I then share the studies from the NIH showing the ingredient list of mercury, aluminium, etc. In this sense I have become somewhat of a food truther. Because we should know what is in our food and everything we put in our body. I also use my own experience with the corrupt pharmaceutical industry to show why big pharma cannot be trusted. I recently weaned myself off antidepressants after 20 years being on them. I shared them in my IG stories. I then share that the first antidepressant I was put on was a drug called Neurontin. This was an epilepsy drug they put me on. At the time my dr told me it had been shown to treat depression. Fast forward 20 years (I was no longer on this drug thank God) and I learn that there was 430M class action law suit against Pfizer for this drug. This drug never treated depression, the drug company just upsold it to DRs that way, there was no actual research to prove this. It was just a money making scheme at the expense of people suffering depression! I share this story so people know that we CANNOT trust pharmaceutical companies. Ever. I also use this as an opportunity to share how the Rockefellers totally changed the Medical industry in the 20s to be petroleum based business and put the homeopathic doctors out of business. Because keeping people healthy doesn’t make the medical/pharmaceutical complex any money!

Give clues so they can figure it out for themselves, kids don't get covid, menstruation, sterilization, severe side effects

  • Try to give them clues when talking to them so they figure it out for them selves, for instance I’ve heard about these people getting these or those side effects, have you heard similar things? Or with all those side effects it would be a shame to put children through these vaxxes when they don’t get very ill from covid at all. Or I’ve heard about so many women getting irregular bleedings would not want to put the chanses of having grandchildren or children at risk…. Or – I really don’t think getting an experimental injection with unknown content, rushed into production and facilitation with severe side effects is the smartest solution to this problem…. Hope this helps

Doctor said he wouldn't give the vaccine to his dog, coronavirus vaccine fail

  • I have a Doctor friend who warned me about the vaccine at the starter told me to hold out and watch the vaccine fail, he explained how a vaccine for a coronavirus would ultimately fail and his crowning statement was that he wouldn’t even put that vaccine into his dog. That really seems to wake up people here in Ireland.

My followers noticed the extreme censorship happening to me. Revolving door FDA - Pfizer

  • I gained a following on social media (around 1200 before being heavily censored) and continued to speak out. I have red pilled 6-10 known people, maybe others that never shared with me. Old high school class mates, friends, random followers on social media. The items that seem to wake people up the most are the extreme censorship that’s happened to me and others, and the revolving door of employees switching from each alphabet agency to another with conflicts of interest (for example, ex fda commissioner now works on the board of Pfizer) etc.

In Progress...

  • I think what also has helped wake people up is sharing my personal story. I have a rare experience in the movement because I decided never to vaccinate my children before they were even a thought or existed. I read studies and was following Andrew Wakefields work before I chose to have a family of my own and before they ruined his career. A lot of the movement have a vaccine injury story whereas I have two children who are 11 and 9 100% vaccine free and they can see that we never go to a doctor. It’s been 8 years (minus traumatic injury). I also train adults for my career so I do my best to post for different learning styles. Some people respond well to short and to the point posts. Some people respond better to lengthy scientific posts about micrograms of mercury and the difference between injection and ingestion. Ive lost a lot of friends and family for speaking up, but whenever I get a message that I have made a difference it really motivates me to keep doing it. here are a few personal examples: Someone I know has reached out to me to convince her boyfriend not to vaccinate their baby and I paid for them both to see vaxxed II when it came out. They didn’t vaccinate. I know I’ve saved at least one baby and that all makes it worth it. My step mom was always at odds with me and always wanted to talk about vaccines whenever I saw her and argue with me… until one day last year she said she really didn’t understand why if people vaccinate to protect themselves, then why would they be worried about anyone else’s vaccine choices?? She admitted to me that I really made her think deeper about this issue. Sadly she passed away on the day Biden was elected so we’ll never get to continue that conversation. Another guy I know from high school messaged me one day and told me he used to think anti vaxxers were crazy until he started to realize when listening to his own doctor that they really know nothing about health and wellness (he is a personal trainer).. and said he really respected my advocacy. I’ve received a handful of similar messages over the years so like I said- the true number is unknown.

In Progress...

  • it´s obviously not easy. My main strategy is making people aware of the scientists and more importantly – especially the scientists with huge CV´s. And also referring to the covid summit with more than 17.000 signing doctors. Here in Europe theres a couple of handfull really high profile doctors/ professors with impressive CV.s. Asking people to compare the CV´s (actually flashing the CV´s for them) to the scientists they have been listening to, convincing them of the narrative, and ask themselves if it is not strange that these scientists get censored, when their credentials at minimum level with the official scientists and often then some. In my world its a bit of a ridicules game – as a huge CV does not make you right necessarily. However – in this situation – “trust the science” argument – this has made a couple of people think twice. War of the CV´s – until we can actually have real discussions. I think, for 99.9% of us lay people – discussing these matters – always ends out in one referring to the off. narrative arguments and the other referring to the critical doctors arguments. And none of us really substantially know what we are talking about. Secondly also bringing the many injured stories up. Linking to the videos with personal stories. High emotional content. Important. On a higher scale, it could be interesting to actually make a list of the CDC, EMA,WHO top scientists – and pair it with the best CV´s we could find on our side, and send it out as a statement.. just a thought. best regards Bjorn

In Progress...

  • Socratic method. ask questions and more questions, after I show them John Podesta’s art work. first question: would you trust someone who Spends millions of dollars on art like this to make health decisions for you?

In Progress...

  • after a year of arguments where my close friend told me he would only discuss my new dog with me because he think’s that’s the only time I am happy which is ridiculous. I have a long argument where I seemed to convince him by explaining that the reason he believes all this bullshit is because those are the only people in his life . Rich liberals and NYC gay friends and that he lives in a bubble. After a few weeks he apologised and told me he would check out childrens health defender. He had a very close friend who lost vision in one of her eyes from the vax and I asked him to warn her but he said she is so happy because of her new granddaughter and he didn’t want to upset her . That’s the closest I got . He will not be getting the monkeypox vax or boosters.

In Progress...

  • Find a relatable in: for instance, talk to the financially-minded about corporate malfeasance to trace back Big Pharma’s track record in fraudulently bringing unsafe products to market. Don’t expect success after a single encounter, but repeated, quiet, stepwise de-programming will occasionally pay off!

In Progress...

  • A steady diet of memes and studies were provided to my friends and family. However, I think the best red pills are videos of actual Doctors testifying at government hearings about treatment (like ivermectin) of real patients as opposed to TV doctors or talking heads spouting vaccine hysteria. I was not able to convince them all, but I did my best to present solid medical information (studies and doctor testimony) and sassy memes to discredit the safe and effective narrative.

In Progress...

  • I start from an apolitical position.. most in America have a very hardened definite political stance.. when you get them to think objectively.. then move to critical thinking.. and allow them without pushing to SEE then they start to come around.. other peripheral issues even politics as propaganda can now be seen more clearly.. those that try the fullcourt press will be rebuffed..if you watch a lefty on tv pushing their argument with smug holier arrogance.. a well balanced individual will see thru it.. ultimately the truth will prevail.. its a balance between that rhythm and time really being of the essence in terms of unmasking this before further globalist power grabs from WEF WHO and the cabal.. keep up the good work Steve.. Godspeed Jim

In Progress...

In Progress...

  • It was a joined effort with multiple family members and friends continuing sharing trustworthy sources showing conflicting data. If needed only in local language or with translations. Not arguing to the point of outrageous discussions.

In Progress...

  • I am the author of a “picture book” exposing how inter-generational organized crime runs the “government”, media, and academia. Most people are visual learners and my book leverages a number of learning techniques including revelation of the method and visualization to bring people to the “moment-of-insight”. The book is called: “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed @ James Corbett of the Corbett Report interviews voluntaryist author, Etienne de la Boetie2 about his book: “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! subtitle: How Inter-Generational Organized Crime Runs the “Government” and Media.

In Progress...

  • “2030 Unmasked” This documentary came out in Sept 2021. Censored many times from YouTube. Although the data presented is outdated, it is still effective in making the undeniable points and arguments. If the movie is watched in its entirety, I have found it to be the most effective wake up method to change the marginal mind. The narration and visuals are excellent and the whole thing is highly engaging. Calmly and effectively lays out the whole story, with supporting evidence – without overwhelming with confusing data.

In Progress...

  • I have found the most successful route to influencing others and increasing their awareness of truth are practicing the points below. While I won’t boast of influencing dozens I believe the impacts I have made are significant and intransient. 1) I have to be a respectable, credible individual that reflects my values with my actions consistently. If I don’t have integrity people will figure that out. Even if it isn’t right away- when hypocrisy does come out- it will damage any influence I might have had. I need to live a life that makes people intrigued by its evident outcomes. Not social or economic status but things that sincere people desire and are gratified by: a life of meaning, love, peace, and gratitude. 2) I have to value people and communicate that effectively to them. I’m not talking about being ‘nice.’ I’m talking about treating them as I would want to be treated and being willing to go to great lengths to understand, challenge or confront, encourage or build up- whatever it takes to be real, honest, and improve their life. The flip side of this is I have to be self-aware. Satisfying my ego will not help others. My intelligence, reason, and passion will all be of no use if I can’t accurately assess and improve how I communicate (listening being the priority!) and orient my approach to what they need not what I want to deliver. 3) I have to be aware of truth myself. I need to weigh new information with healthy skepticism. I need to gain understanding in a broad array of subjects of sufficient depth- at least where I can’t be sidelined by a headline. No one has all the answers- and it is really healthy to acknowledge what you don’t know. But neither is there any excuse for ignorance or even being passive about the information I take in. I often recount to those around me the journey I took to become aware- our own personal experiences are powerful. 4) This is a much finer point- but I believe there is huge value in controlling my own inputs. I need to make active, strategic decisions about what and how much I expose myself to and from what channels. Clarity and a peaceful mindset are of more importance to me than just gaining more information. Personal interaction with those around me is of far greater import than a social media feed. I need to choose what I set before my mind like I choose what I ingest.

In Progress...

  • Ask what he/she values most. Then explain how that concept or value (in most cases) is at risk with leftist ideology. I had a friend who was fighting the experimental vaccines – she was horrified by them, yet she voted for Biden. I kept telling her it was the democrats and leftist agenda pushing for vaccine, mask, and other mandates. She started to make the connections within a few months.

In Progress...

  • Sharing short clips via Messenger or by text of RFK, Jr., (less than 3 minutes) talking about the money involved, followed up by the clip of the Department of Justice announcement of the largest criminal fine in history against Pfizer. I also use a one minute clip of RFK, Jr talking to Reiner Fuellmich about how Congress changed the law to allow pharmaceutical companies to do direct consumer advertising on TV. Then I follow up with the Joe Rogan clip busting Sanjay Gupta for how his news network lied about him taking horse dewormer. with a few short clips, the money, deception, fraud can all be summed up neatly. I also used the Kyle Warner clip (the pro mountain biker) since I know a lot of cyclists. Sadly, I know some very young cyclists at Penn State, one in particular did not want the jab. I hope they will be ok. By the way, the copy of Real Anthony Fauci that I sent to the President of Penn State was returned to me. Thank you for all you do to Steve and everyone – you guys are my heroes. best wishes, John McDanel Sewickley, Pennsylvania

In Progress...

  • I managed to convince a couple of colleagues that the vaccines are unsafe and ineffective, by showing them some of the recent academic papers containing evidence of this as well as simple analysis of public data that demonstrates it. I work in a quant trading firm so people are more willing to let data drive their decisions and more able to interpret data. There’s also a culture of betting, where if somebody isn’t willing to put their money where their mouth is, it’s seen as a tacit admission that they don’t disagree with you. This approach is not necessarily useful to the general population. However it does suggest that there are people out there who’d realise the reality of the vaccines if they were exposed to the studies/data, but do not actively go out of their way to research it.

In Progress...

  • I am a Chilean citizen with a longstanding academic collaboration in the US. I obtained my PHD in Mathematics at Stanford in 1990, and completed a 3 year postdoctoral position at the University of Pennsylvania before returning to Chile. I grew up in a family of physicians (my father a pathologist and my mother a pediatric cardiologist) and have remained very fond of that profession. I have followed the Covid events through non main stream media, and the information given by Malone, McCullough, Scott Atlas, Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorf, Ryan Cole, Jessica Rose, Russel Blaylock, Naomi Wolf, yourself, several Telegram channels, doctors Mortensen and Campbell in youtube, and newspapers like The Expose, The Gateway Pundit, The Epoch Times, Bright Light News, and for excellent news in german. I started collecting and later classifying a great deal of information, before putting it together in a tight 6 page word document with nearly 50 hyperlinks to various documents and videos in my drive, as well as to web links to various sites. The document covers censoring, the Barrington Declaration and its leaders, vaccination and safety, lockdown measures, PCR tests, alternative therapies, and the vaccines. It was first shared with close friends and family, and is now being offered selectively to other people I know and at the university. The document was shared with doctor Blaylock, who read it and had very kind comments. I have even contacted the authorities of the university, who I know very well from my time as a dean of the Faculty of Mathematics for 6 years. For this, I prepared a new document that is shorter but is focused exclusively on the Pfizer fraud exposed by the declassification ordered by judge Pittman, and the overwhelming evidence that vaccines are unsafe because of the uncontrolled generation of the spike protein and the toxic lipic molecules. I would be delighted to share both documents with you, but I am not sure I know your email. Best wishes from Santiago, Chile.

In Progress...

  • Slowly sent them articles from reputable drs and people and tried not too scare them too much, with the lasting problems they could have.

In Progress...

  • Encouraging people to inadvertently develop an epistemic ideology that leads to academic thinking is the subject of my undergraduate research. My major is Neuropsychology. I am 53 years old. Used to work for major corporations in sales and marketing.

In Progress...

  • Keep it simple . How many people did you know had serious Covid ? died when not expected ? Were not elderly . Explain that elderly never have autopsy but need one to to diagnose real cause .average age 81.6 , no children, Fauci ordered Autopsy not be done , Why ? mRNA .altered viral code injected into people , experimental,unprecedented will interfere with natural immunity which controls cancer.,infection , neurological problems ,prions . Cover up of all times . Don’t go into too much detail .

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  • I can understand your frustration but,its my opinion if theyve not gotten it by now,its kind of foolhardy and waste of your time to try further. Yea yea I know. Look I’m not sure if you’re aware of larken rose,you can go to The Rose and he,s recently got info posted for sale of How to talk to Statists,Candles in the Dark I think is latest. Imho he is one of if not the best to explain cut thru all bs and succinctly point out exactly how this constitutional representative republic or democracy it’s more recently hailed as is totally illegitimate bogus hoax. He’s a exrepublican statist now anarchist/voluntariest after waking up to the scam. He really seems to be a straight shooter and I’ve watched hours of his talking straight logic morals ethics an I’m dammed if I can see fault with his message. Anyhow I thought I’d mention mr.rose as I cant really say elsewise. Plz dont disregard offhand,if anyone stands a chance at waking these folks up itd be him as he,s been frustrated with trying to have Statists wake up,i think his method of having them answer several simple yet direct and to point questions themselves in their own time taking as long as they like to come up with what is the Right answer without peer pressure is probably the best method I’ve seen yet. Sorta like females you can waste your time tellin arguing till your blue in face an stroke out but if you think for a minute you’ll change their mind,well you Wont. Give em the idea an let em ponder it an come up with the only correct answer on their own an then your cooking with gas,???? hope I was of help. Brian Fitzpatrick

In Progress...

  • In December 2019 (after having a discussion with a friend with an agency who would be expected to know about unusual upcoming events of this type), I began explaining to people I knew that a virus that they have not yet heard of was likely to spread from Asia (China specifically) around the world. I detailed that it was a coronavirus, based on SARS 2002-2003, that it would not in itself be particularly dangerous (less so after one year and two years of very fast mutations…it’s what coronaviruses do) but that groups from the Pharma industry and certain agencies around the world and associated governments would seek to use this “opportunity” to initiate society wide levels of lock downs travel bans and forced vaccinations once the proper levels of fear and willingness to comply have been reached. In the first week of January 2020 I detailed the Renin Angiotensin System impacts of the virus based on its ACE2 attachment and the destruction of the function of the ACE2 in the biofeedback loop that manages everything from hypertension, venous perfusion, von Willebrand’s Factor, fribrinogen etc etc, as well as the role of Vitamin D in the immune response et al. I do have excellent references for you to discuss my knowledge of these with including French top researchers as well as some in the US. My knowledge of these is reflected on my LinkedIn if you can get access to view there as well as my list of expert LinkIn friends in this research field that I have made due to my knowledge on these subjects. At university I did work in research from 1980-1983 that included evolution of pandemics, both viral and bacterial. I never stopped my interest and pursuit of research over the last 40+ years (please do not mistake me for my elder brother Gerald (Gerry) T Marsischky PhD genetics expert), but I did myself leave the graduate program in 1983. Prior to that I was a tutor for persons who were preparing to take the MCATs at my university. I switched my work from my university degree programs to mining via a 3 year industry apprenticeship leading to a 40 year career that has taken me many places including Africa (28 years) and France (25 years). In Africa I was involved in government level projects as well as governmental advisory positions for African governments as well as directly with the French presidency of Jacques Chirac. In January of 2019 I was contacted by the creator of the French “digital medical records card” that had served for many years as the means for French citizens to both access their health care and to carry their records (or access to those) from medical provider to the next medical provider. The gentleman asked me to join him in a new digital ID/credit/monetary card project that he wanted to begin in Africa. In 2017 he had been informed by the French government that he was not going to continue in his contract to provide services to their secure medical card scheme that he in fact held more than 80 patents for on security, digital reader functions and for many future developments. He stated clearly that a extremely dangerous combination of western based pharmaceutical groups and agencies were working to tear down the French and other socialized medical programs and would through this new system strip individuals of any anonymity in their medical or financial lives. He was frankly distraught, but still believable. I was at the same time looking into and following a 2015-2016 outbreak of a possible influenza or coronavirus that disappeared as quickly as it began. Deaths of a number of major personalities were linked to pneumonia like symptoms that continued to appear and disappear on either 30 day, 60 day or 90 day cycles in each case lasting for exactly one year for every individual infected. There was no variation on timing, these intervals were set. I had a cycling 60 day version that lasted one year. On what would have been the 7th occurrence, no illness. The illness would be quite possibly a Spike protein damage in form and there is suggestions that the labs were attempting to use other viral vectors for spike protein in that time frame, including a W1V1 virus(?) I was also looking at the pneumonia outbreaks that were killing people utilizing vaping pipes, with similar symptomology. In Dem Rep of Congo where I worked as an advisor from 2001 onward I had contact with certain agencies who noting my past experience in medical research from the early ‘80’s asked for my opinions on Ebola and other hemorrhagic fevers and their impact on the population especially the mining sector there that I was very familiar with. (More details in that maybe of help later). As my early knowledge of the events before they began to unfold was so extensive and that I had prior research allowing me to speak clearly on these subjects I have been very successful. A number of members of the medical community, doctors and nursing staff as well as officials I know in a few governments were convinced based in my extensive detailed knowledge of the virus and checklist I gave them (verbally) of the events and Pharma/ government strategies to come. Obviously this is a brief thumbnail of the subject. But it might give you a reason why we might speak more directly, if you would like to. The call with my friend within an agency was on Dec 19th 2019. All parts of what has occurred was covered in that call. One last note, because of two returning medical staff becoming ill with possible Ebola after coming home to Denver from an Ebola vaccine testing area in Dem Rep of Congo in July of 2018 I was able to alert the DRC government, office of the president and minister de migration (Immigration for our a English use) who are I’m powered to control movement of people within the different provinces of the DRC, before a new outbreak occurred in August of 2018. Hard to miss the timing of vaccine workers arriving when no outbreak was occurring and then to have outbreak occurring after they leave the region (with symptoms of Ebola).

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  • I must have annoyed my environment quite a bit back in 2020 when I kept pointing out that what the media said about Covid could not be true. I backed up my statements with statistics from the very institutions the German government was referring to. Most people did not listen, did not want to check anything and dutifully followed the instructions of the authorities. Two families I was friends with became thoughtful and double-checked everything I had said. I tried to show them that they had a choice: either follow the crowd and be scared to death, or seek the truth and remain lonely but calm. These families did not get vaccinated and thoroughly changed their media consumption. In autumn 2020, I again pointed out to those around me that they were being fooled, and that they should learn about the new “vaccinations” in good time. In the spring of 2021, I summarised first on 17, then later on 40 pages with (178 footnotes) why I would not be “vaccinated” under any circumstances. This helped at least insofar as I was hardly put under pressure by those around me regarding the “vaccinations”. Many family members and friends had themselves “vaccinated” because they finally wanted to have a normal life again. They wanted to close the “Covid” chapter. They did not heed my warning that they would not be able to get rid of Covid with these injections and that there would not be just two of them, but at least a third or a fourth – if not even more. At the time, I put a bottle of CDS in my parents’ cupboard (“Yuck! We don’t drink chlorine!” was their reaction). Then when the boosters came, some people remembered our conversations and stopped getting injected. Others did, got sick and then remembered. I had already stopped investing my energy in the question of how I could redpill my social environment in the winter of 2021. Instead, I started to look at how I could help them in case of health problems. Since I am not a doctor myself (but a theologian), my options are of course limited. But for some people who had difficulties, I could at least name one or two biomarkers in their blood that could be looked at. With success. In the meantime, a number of people have approached me, asking me to refer them to redpilled doctors and therapists. Some have asked where I got my knowledge, others immediately concluded that I must be unvaccinated, given this level of knowledge. The experience that the unvaccinated were better informed than many doctors has probably been made by many. Then we usually get into a conversation, in which I try to stay calm and not to reproach my counterpart. Reproaches do not lead to reflection, but provoke defensive behaviour. In the course of these conversations, one or the other takes the red pill.  The conversations with my (unfortunately boostered) parents are also nice. They remember the many debates we had, eagerly take vitamin D and have even completed a CDS cure. Now they are trying Methylene Blue, asking about blood values that could still be determined, etc.  In the meantime, one or two doctors and therapists have approached me and asked for literature. That makes me very happy. I wouldn’t call these doctors “redpilled” yet, but they are definitely on the right track ;).

In Progress...

  • I informed myself beginning: 03/2020 (pcr-test), and got curious – I kept at it INTENSELY – and told all my knowledge ALL THE TIME TO E V E R Y B O D Y I MET ???????? you, dear Steve, helped me A LOT !!! THANK YOU ??????????????

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  • I’ve thus far only got my parents to slowly wake up. They trust me because I’ve recovered from very ill health on my own thanks in large part to intensive independent study on health & nutrition over 25yrs. Armed with that info I’ve helped them as much with their health over those years as their doctors have (maybe more).  The key to finally getting their attention regarding vaccines was multiple deaths in their social circle due to sudden advanced cancers. I explained the mechanism behind vaccines (diminishing the activity of genes responsible for detecting and controlling cancer in the body). I shared studies on this. My mother has been cured of her cancer for 15 yrs but THAT info scared her. She and dad lost 2 loved ones this year due to aggressive cancers that “suddenly” reappeared after the vaccine. My parents aren’t fully red-pilled yet, but they’re listening to me more than they were. I have one friend who may be slowly getting red-pilled too, based on my consistent posting of actual science and peer reviewed studies on my Gttr:

In Progress...

  • I tell them the truth about the vaccine, that it was not adequately tested, is neither safe, nor effective, clearly does not prevent the disease it is alleged to prevent, and that it kills people, including my younger brother. That last part gets their attention “right quick”. I share my brother’s story, and show them his pictures (literally dozens of them). It is my goal to have something good come out of the tragic (and unnecessary) loss of an awesome person and fellow health care provider, so that his death will not be in vain. The more jabs I can prevent, the more potential lives saved. It is how I honor his legacy.

In Progress...

  • First person I red-pilled was a Facebook friend in 2016 that was a huge Bernie Sanders supporter and wanted college tuition to be free for all. I asked her how we were going to pay for it and she said that the government would pay, I asked her, “How? They do not make anything they can sell to make money, and they don’t offer a service that we pay for. The ONLY money they get is taxes they take from us. So, how are we going to pay for “free college.” She said, “Well the government can just print more money!” This is not a stupid woman, I’ve conversed with her several times and she’s an RN and very smart, just uninformed! I asked her if she knew what actually happens when the government prints more money and she said she didn’t. I asked her if she’d like a short crash course on Economics and that I’d love the opportunity to explain it to her and she said YES. So, I spent the next 2 hours on FB messenger explaining inflation, quantitative easing and how that all devalues our dollar. When I got done, she said, “OMG we can’t do that!!” Since then she has been a HUGE Trump supporter and since her eyes were already open, she didn’t buy into the COVID fraud. For others, especially during COVID, I showed them actual links to the CDC and NIH’s own websites saying things that were OPPOSITE of what they were promoting, or had always previously promoted for good health. I gave them links to how the CDC changed the Death Certificate form and had doctors list COVID as primary cause when it wasn’t, and links to research done on the NIH website on Ivermectin (safe and works), Hydroxycholoquine (safe and works), and then Remdesivir that FAILED that trials because so many participants had kidney failure or died and the FDA never approved it for use because of that yet that was the ONLY medication allowed to be used and it was shutting down people’s kidneys and they KNEW that it would! So, from that they could reason for themselves that we were being lied to and quit listening to the tasing heads and stopped complying with the mandates. You can’t help someone that doesn’t allow you to help them. But, my approach has always been to ASK them QUESTION like, “How do you know that Ivermectin isn’t safe?” Then when they say the CDC / TV I point them to the NIH website and show them proof that it is.

In Progress...

  • I have red-pilled some family members and it is mostly by sending them Steve Kirsch’ SubStack articles! Personally, I love the “Elephant in the Room” .pdf But, other articles were also instrumental e.g. Robert Malone and anything from Peter McCullough. Joe Rogan’s discussion w/ all of the above and Brett Weinstein were also good. Lot of times people inherently trust the US Government (can anyone say Tuskegee Experiment, Iran’s WMDs,…go on forever here,….75% of FDA’s testing budget is from Pfizer). Sometimes its ignorance…”ever heard of VAERS”? Do you know what’s in the jab? Do you know who is liable if you get side effects? (not Pharma, not the govt.)…Did you know hospitals are grossly incentivized to give the shots, confirm Covid diagnoses and even code Covid deaths? Ever hear of the Nuremberg Trials? The Hippocratic Oath? Why do you think Big Tech, Social Media, the government censor and cancel any mention of the “counter narrative”? How long should it take to properly test an experimental vaccine and why should we do animal testing first and be super cautious w/ fertility/pregnancy, women and young children? Sometimes, I tell people common sense or even ‘conspiracy’ stuff (when they doubt anything could go wrong) like, “99% of all Doctors agree w/ the person signing their paychecks”, “the medical establishment in the US doesn’t make money by curing people, they make it by keeping people sick” (tons of evidence of this – friends who are damaged for life and keep going back to the poison well). Lastly, I goto “The Epoch Times” for news because I find them to be more objective and fact based than major media outlets that “have a self-serving agenda or dozens of topics ‘THEY JUST CAN’T DISCUSS’ like NYT, WaPo, Fox et al.

In Progress...

  • My Red-Pilling of the Medical Mafia : Possibly, you’ll investigate the  connection between SSRI drugs and mass killings : Possibly :  Young killers/shooters are victims of Learn-to-Kill-with-Glee violent videos, such as “Call of Duty“ and “Forte Night” and . . .—and psychotropic drugs that CAUSE violent behavior in both children and adults ( suicides and/or murders ).  # # ?P R O Z A C-Caused Murders—the Record // Other Medical Mafia Dangers  Mass murder is product of  Big Pharma and Hollywood’s  Violent Videos / Movies. Here’s Big Pharma’s contribution : [[ The MEDICAL Mafia’s deadly reach extends by prescribing psychotropic  drugs that potentially trigger mass  shootings. SSRIs are product of US. Defense Department‘s research—for a drug  that would effect a “Super Soldier,” having no inhibition about killing in battle. ]] # Forwarded Message : P S Y C H I A T R I C  Drugs  cause  mass  killings ? : “Kurt Danysh, age 18, and on Prozac, killed his father with a shotgun. He is now behind prison bars, and writes letters, trying to warn the world that SSRI drugs can kill.” Drugs prescribed for these mental disorders: “ THE following list of mass shooting perpetrators and the drugs they were taking or had been taking shortly before their horrific actions was compiled and published to Facebook by John Noveske, founder and owner of Noveske Rifleworks just days before he was mysteriously killed in a single car accident. Is there a link between Noveske’s death and his “outting” of information numerous disparate parties would prefer to suppress, for a variety of reasons? I leave that to the individual readers to decide. But there is most certainly a documented history of people who “knew too much” or were considered a “threat” dying under extraordinarily suspicious circumstances. From Katherine Smith, a Tennessee DMV worker who was somehow involved with several 9/11hijackers obtaining Tennessee Drivers Licenses, and was later found burned to death in her car, to Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb, who exposed a CIA Operation in the 80’s that resulted in the flooding of LA Streets with crack cocaine and was later found dead from two gunshot wounds to the head, but was officially ruled as a “suicide”, to Frank Olson, a senior research micro biologist who was working on the CIA’s mind control research program MKULTRA. After Olson expressed his desire to leave the program, he was with a CIA agent in a New York hotel room, and is alleged to have committed “suicide” by throwing himself off the tenth floor balcony. In 1994, Olson’s sons were successful in their efforts to have their fathers body exhumed and re examined in a second autopsy by James Starrs, Professor of Law and Forensic science at the National Law Center at George Washington University. Starr’s team concluded that the blunt force trauma to the head and injury to the chest had not occurred during the fall but most likely in the room before the fall. The evidence was called “rankly and starkly suggestive of homicide.” Based on his findings, in 1996 the Manhattan District Attorney opened a homicide investigation into Olson’s death, but was unable to find enough evidence to bring charges. As I said, I leave it to the individual readers to make up their own minds if Noveske suffered a similar fate. On to the list of mass shooters and the stark link to psychotropic drugs. • Eric Harris age 17 (first on Zoloft then Luvox) and Dylan Klebold aged 18 (Columbine school shooting in Littleton, Colorado), killed 12 students and 1 teacher, and wounded 23 others, before killing themselves. Klebold’s medical records have never been made available to the public. • Jeff Weise, age 16, had been prescribed 60 mg/day of Prozac (three times the average starting dose for adults!) when he shot his grandfather, his grandfather’s girlfriend and many fellow students at Red Lake, Minnesota. He then shot himself. 10 dead, 12 wounded. • Cory Baadsgaard, age 16, Wahluke (Washington state) High School, was on Paxil (which caused him to have hallucinations) when he took a rifle to his high school and held 23 classmates hostage. He has no memory of the event. • Chris Fetters, age 13, killed his favorite aunt while taking Prozac. • Christopher Pittman, age 12, murdered both his grandparents while taking Zoloft. • Mathew Miller, age 13, hung himself in his bedroom closet after taking Zoloft for 6 days. • Kip Kinkel, age 15, (on Prozac and Ritalin) shot his parents while they slept then went to school and opened fire killing 2 classmates and injuring 22 shortly after beginning Prozac treatment. • Luke Woodham, age 16 (Prozac) killed his mother and then killed two students, wounding six others. • A boy in Pocatello, ID (Zoloft) in 1998 had a Zoloft-induced seizure that caused an armed stand off at his school. • Michael Carneal (Ritalin), age 14, opened fire on students at a high school prayer meeting in West Paducah, Kentucky. Three teenagers were killed, five others were wounded.. • A young man in Huntsville, Alabama (Ritalin) went psychotic chopping up his parents with an ax and also killing one sibling and almost murdering another. • Andrew Golden, age 11, (Ritalin) and Mitchell Johnson, aged 14, (Ritalin) shot 15 people, killing four students, one teacher, and wounding 10 others. • TJ Solomon, age 15, (Ritalin) high school student in Conyers, Georgia opened fire on and wounded six of his class mates. • Rod Mathews, age 14, (Ritalin) beat a classmate to death with a bat. • James Wilson, age 19, (various psychiatric drugs) from Breenwood, South Carolina, took a .22 caliber revolver into an elementary school killing two young girls, and wounding seven other children and two teachers. • Elizabeth Bush, age 13, (Paxil) was responsible for a school shooting in Pennsylvania • Jason Hoffman (Effexor and Celexa) – school shooting in El Cajon, California • Jarred Viktor, age 15, (Paxil), after five days on Paxil he stabbed his grandmother 61 times. • Chris Shanahan, age 15 (Paxil) in Rigby, ID who out of the blue killed a woman. • Jeff Franklin (Prozac and Ritalin), Huntsville, AL, killed his parents as they came home from work using a sledge hammer, hatchet, butcher knife and mechanic’s file, then attacked his younger brothers and sister. • Neal Furrow (Prozac) in LA Jewish school shooting reported to have been court-ordered to be on Prozac along with several other medications. • Kevin Rider, age 14, was withdrawing from Prozac when he died from a gunshot wound to his head. Initially it was ruled a suicide, but two years later, the investigation into his death was opened as a possible homicide. The prime suspect, also age 14, had been taking Zoloft and other SSRI antidepressants. • Alex Kim, age 13, hung himself shortly after his Lexapro prescription had been doubled. • Diane Routhier was prescribed Welbutrin for gallstone problems. Six days later, after suffering many adverse effects of the drug, she shot herself. • Billy Willkomm, an accomplished wrestler and a University of Florida student, was prescribed Prozac at the age of 17. His family found him dead of suicide – hanging from a tall ladder at the family’s Gulf Shore Boulevard home in July 2002. • Kara Jaye Anne Fuller-Otter, age 12, was on Paxil when she hung herself from a hook in her closet. Kara’s parents said “…. the damn doctor wouldn’t take her off it and I asked him to when we went in on the second visit. I told him I thought she was having some sort of reaction to Paxil…”) • Gareth Christian, Vancouver, age 18, was on Paxil when he committed suicide in 2002, (Gareth’s father could not accept his son’s death and killed himself.) • Julie Woodward, age 17, was on Zoloft when she hung herself in her family’s detached garage. • Matthew Miller was 13 when he saw a psychiatrist because he was having difficulty at school. The psychiatrist gave him samples of Zoloft. Seven days later his mother found him dead, hanging by a belt from a laundry hook in his closet. • Kurt Danysh, age 18, and on Prozac, killed his father with a shotgun. He is now behind prison bars, and writes letters, trying to warn the world that SSRI drugs can kill. • Woody _, age 37, committed suicide while in his 5th week of taking Zoloft. Shortly before his death his physician suggested doubling the dose of the drug. He had seen his physician only for insomnia. He had never been depressed, nor did he have any history of any mental illness symptoms. • A boy from Houston, age 10, shot and killed his father after his Prozac dosage was increased. • Hammad Memon, age 15, shot and killed a fellow middle school student. He had been diagnosed with ADHD and depression and was taking Zoloft and “other drugs for the conditions.” • Matti Saari, a 22-year-old culinary student, shot and killed 9 students and a teacher, and wounded another student, before killing himself. Saari was taking an SSRI and a benzodiazapine. • Steven Kazmierczak, age 27, shot and killed five people and wounded 21 others before killing himself in a Northern Illinois University auditorium. According to his girlfriend, he had recently been taking Prozac, Xanax and Ambien. Toxicology results showed that he still had trace amounts of Xanax in his system. • Finnish gunman Pekka-Eric Auvinen, age 18, had been taking antidepressants before he killed eight people and wounded a dozen more at Jokela High School – then he committed suicide. • Asa Coon from Cleveland, age 14, shot and wounded four before taking his own life. Court records show Coon was on Trazodone. • Jon Romano, age 16, on medication for depression, fired a shotgun at a teacher in his New York high school. Missing from list… 3 of 4 known to have taken these same meds…. • What drugs was Jared Lee Loughner on, age 21…… killed 6 people and injuring 14 others in Tuscon, Az? • What drugs was James Eagan Holmes on, age 24….. killed 12 people and injuring 59 others in Aurora Colorado? • What drugs was Jacob Tyler Roberts on, age 22, killed 2 injured 1, Clackamas Or? • What drugs was Adam Peter Lanza on, age 20, Killed 26 and wounded 2 in Newtown Ct? Those focusing on further firearms bans or magazine restrictions are clearly focusing on the wrong issue and asking the wrong questions, either as a deliberate attempt to hide these links, or out of complete and utter ignorance. “ – End of Report – # Again : Possibly : Young killers/shooters are victims of Learn-to-Kill-with-Glee violent videos ( Call of Duty and Forte Night and . . . )—and psychotropic drugs that CAUSE violent behavior in both children and adults ( suicides and/or murders ). -Rick Below paragraphs found at gunsinthenews dot com : “Suicide, birth defects, heart problems, hostility, violence, aggression, hallucinations, self-harm, delusional thinking, homicidal ideation, and death are just a few of the side effects caused by the medication taken by the monsters named above, some of which are known as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), or antidepressants. “There have been 150 studies in 17 countries on antidepressant-induced side effects. There have been 134 drug regulatory agency warnings from 11 countries and the EU warning about the dangerous side effects of antidepressants. “Despite this deadly laundry list of potential reactions to these medications, their use has skyrocketed by 400% since 1988. Coincidentally, as antidepressant use went up, so have mass shootings. “The website has been documenting the link between selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and violence. On the website is a collection of over 6,000 stories that have appeared in local media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals) in which prescription drugs were mentioned and in which the drugs may be linked to a variety of adverse outcomes including most of the mass shootings which have taken place on US soil.” As the Citizens Commission on Human Rights notes, before the late nineteen-eighties, mass shootings and acts of senseless violence were relatively unheard of. Prozac, the most well-known SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant, was not yet on the market. When Prozac did arrive, it was marketed as a panacea for depression which resulted in huge profits for its manufacturer Eli Lilly. Of course, other drug companies had to create their own cash cow and followed suit by marketing their own SSRI antidepressants. -Rick Two ways: 1: For people who are now turning on their own and asking me questions, I give data and facts. I have a lot of liberal friends, and I recommend they read Kennedy’s book about Fauci and watch the movie “Dallas buyers club” (about the aids epidemic) to realize what a villain Fauci is and how he’s doing the same thing as he did in the AIDS movie. I also like to make a chart with two columns, one with “science” quotes and one with “conspiracy” quotes. And I ask THEM to circle all the correct ones. Then ask them who they think is giving better advice. The conspiracy theorists have been crushing it. If they try to argue the science has “changed” I point out that the “science” was dead wrong every time, and they only changed it to agree with the conspiracy theorists once it became so obvious that they were wrong. I also ask “which doctor do you want in charge of your medical decisions?” 2: For people who are hard pro mask / pro vax, I basically go “hard left” and mock those ideas by saying things like “blasphemy! The vaccine is 100% effective at preventing covid, anyone who says they got covid after the shot is an anti science misinformer trying to increase vaccine hesitancy! Better not post that online or they’ll take your account down!” And anything along those lines to poke fun at how very wrong they all are. Kept presenting my research…I don’t unless it’s from a verified source: CDC, MSM, scientist or doctor who has credentials to make an assessment on Covid or vax. My liberal friend and I have been going round and round for a long time but I am finally getting through because I said ivermectin could have saved people and she gave me old info that it wasn’t safe or an approved treatment but I sent her the new guidelines showing NIH recommended it and she researched and said she wants some. I have told her the end game plan and I could tell by her face that she thinks is probably coming but still hangs onto old myths. Always says I pull from unverified sources but she now admits some people are dying from the vax and agrees the WEF wants depopulation. I have a few conservative friends who were a little wary of the vax and knew a little bit about what was going on but I told them about all my research and what I discovered so they are more red pilled…one knew nothing of the vax or great reset but he believes me. I keep all the receipts to present, my phone notes are filled with them so I chip away at ppl but don’t clonk them over the head with it non stop… I wait for my opportunity and present evidence. Can’t get anywhere with my lib family…one threatened to block me. I trudge on…and always search for more knowledge and evidence. My 2 young adult children thought I was kind of nuts when I suggested they don’t get the jab. There was a ton of pressure to get it, especially at the university. I kept sending them information in drips nothing too wild such as the potential for shall we say “contaminates” in the formulation. Eventually the conversations came took a head and I asked them “do you really think the government cares more about you than your own MOTHER???” That finally seemed to do it. I stood out in front of the retirement community apartment building with signage—very neat professional looking signage …. that listed all the reputable doctors. scientists and others who voiced their legitimate disagreement with the “vaccine” agenda….starting with Sucharit Bhakdi and Mike Yeadon…heavy weight people and I gave them links to places like doctors4covidethics etc. …. I am a very healthy and fit individual with no chronic conditions which is unusual for a 72 year old…. btw I was able to heal my body from rheumatoid arthritis with diet about10 years….It took awhile but now I am as flexible and pain free as I was 40 years ago….I tell them they CAN regain their health from this….I am an optimist and I love people. There are people who live here who have had strokes after the vax and also others whose cancers were in remission….who told me it came back when they took the vax and they wished they had listened….I gave them names and websites to do their own research and question what has gone down…and find out information to detox from this bioweapon. This is been an ugly time…..worse than the 9/11 media hoax which was also an unprecedented incursion on public trust. I ask these questions: What is in the shot? Where is the informed consent? No one is responsible if you have an adverse event… they are silent. Some come around and ask more questions. Others, including my Cardiology Physician Assistant daughter shut me down and refuse to engage in any conversation. She got the jab X2 including BOOSTER -and I said: So, you are still wearing the mask and you are not prevented from getting the disease or spreading it. She just looked at me and remained silent. I gave birth to this child and genuinely hand raised her. – she was never planted in front of a TV set and grew up before cell phones thank G-d. She was hand cultivated to be a genuine human soul. Sometimes, I just let a few statements out when around others and I will find the like-minded instantly. The ones that refuse to see run. I know who they are immediately. I cannot even talk to my own daughter. I am passionate about this topic and am relentlessly searching for ways to address this issue. 99.9% of the people in my workplace Sentara Healthcare: Clueless. It is frightening. They think I am crazy. In both Leadership roles and as a Trusted Advisor. Much can be predicted at least six months in advance. Just start sharing various disparate facts and questions they beg. In a few weeks start sharing some projections / predictions based on those accumulated facts. Watch most peoples reactions when those things come to pass. Done with various meds / toxicities and herbal alternatives (with huge data). Done with TV news. Done with Politicians statements, policies, cultural myths, economic cycle stages, foreign policy, etc. Just start talking, anywhere, to anyone, who will listen. Some get the “Oh God” look, some get the blank face of ignoring, some say “WHAT?” Point is: IT IS ALL INFORMATION, AS ESSENTIAL FOR EDUCATION, SPREADING THE PRINCIPLES OF FREE SPEECH, AND THE ART OF CONTINUOUS DEBATE — WHICH IS “THE ART OF SCIENCE”, INCLUDING POLITICAL SCIENCE Hi FYI, I haven’t taken any Covid jabs . However I did take the shingles vaccine 2 years ago so I am driven by data . To be honest( tried hard) I was not successful in persuading my friends to join me in passing the initial 2 jabs . However I did prevent all of them from boosting . I did this with a lot of jawboning and sending them barrages of data and videos by Dr’s Bhakdi, Malone, McCullough and Steve Kirsch. The Vax injuries are doing the RED pilling. My wife went to our general practitioner this week and he is totally overwhelmed by cases. He spoke of a women who was so debilitated that she can barley function. He spoke of MD colleagues whose practices are 100% dedicated to the vax injured. This is a MD who we selected due to his medical approach but he co-operated with the Vax effort and jabbed all his family and recommended it to his patients. He is now a doctor with great regrets. He is frightened by what he is seeing. The RED pilling has begun. It begins with being absolutely calm and without the agenda to change them in any way. They are in the amygdala and will move away from any feeling or energy they intuitively sense that is to ‘change’ them against their will because forced change is a form violence or attack. They are super sensitive to this because for them it is truly life or death. After a polite conversation about something in common, such as travel, or sports, or movies, whatever, I ease the conversation in a non-threatening way to the current situation. If I have been calm enough they will feel okay to share a clue about their pilled status. From that I usually have enough awareness to know whether or not to proceed with the red-pill without red-pilling. I engage their curiosity. I like the question-comment “Do you know how the mRNA ‘vaccine’ works? It isn’t like conventional vaccines.” If they answer “No” the pill is dead. If they answer “Yes” I ask if they know how a conventional vaccine works. I have been surprised at how often they do not. From that I begin a kind of question and answer explanation of both, if required, or just the mRNA injection. With the mRNA I calmly, without any wish to change their mind or ‘red-pill’ them, explain how it is different: it creates spike proteins for an unnaturally extended period of time because in normal creation it is very unstable. In normal vaccines, the spike proteins attach to the virus and the body mobilises for the attack. With mRNA there is no virus, and so the spike proteins have nothing foreign to attach to. And since these artificial spike proteins are around for a very long time, certainly several weeks and perhaps even months in some cases, they are attaching themselves to the body after moving around instead of to the virus. The mobilised killer cells don’t have anything foreign to attack, other than the spike protein which isn’t normally there. What are *the killer cells doing* while waiting for the real virus? The long term effects of this are not know. Also, nano-lipids, which are artificially created super tiny fat particles, are used to extend the life of the mRNA. They are insoluble and settle into the body in the vital organs. No studies have been done on what these may do in the long or really even the short term, because they are brand new in the body.” I do not engage in rational argument. I present information that they are totally free to reject. That avoids any type of logic because they are in their amygdala and CANNOT rationalise or think beyond the inner highly circumscribed and ‘irrational’ logic they have built from fear. Without expectation of change their curiosity may have been engaged enough to be curious about other inconsistencies with the narrative. Perhaps immediately, although that hasn’t been my experience. Or later on their own. If their curiosity has been really tweaked they may ask for more information. I tell them I can send them information if they like, or they can look for themselves. Or I simply supply my contact information if they might have more questions later. I explain that the information on this is available on-line. And I don’t send anything too out there. Simple examples of science or obvious simple to comprehend contradictions, such as the masking insanity. I am not aggressive or excited or even happy. I am absolutely calm without any agenda or plan or hope or desire to change their thinking. None of us really like to have our core beliefs challenged at the best of times. These are not the best of times, and any challenge of their beliefs will be seen as an attack on their life because this belief has become absolutely life and death. So I engage their curiosity first. If they do not have curiosity, they are zombies and best avoided as potentially dangerous to your health. Go back to your own experience, Steve: when you knew the ‘truth’ about the injections’ safety before you woke up you had NO curiosity because you KNEW the truth. (You tell your awakening very well.) When you heard the woman describe two of her relatives dying within a week or two of getting the shot you hesitantly rejected her question about causation. When that was followed by your pool cleaner’s heart attack after his first shot, what happened? You allowed your curiosity to breathe instead of suffocating it beneath your known (as it turned out to be) false truth. I’ve not had much success. The people I meet are mostly already at least partially awake, or very asleep. My biggest circle of contacts practice yoga. And it turns out they are often amongst the most asleep, having used yoga like an addict to keep themselves from feeling anxiety without addressing the cause of it. A nice irony I explore in my substack “Becoming a Refugee in the Time of Covid”. A bit of philosophy: It is possible that I could have more success if I managed to feel true joy in my core. That is a yogic work in progress. From various sources it is clear that true evil cannot survive joy. To fight this fight the awake are best to discover the joy of life rather than the resting in anger, resentment, and even hatred for the evil that is being done. Evil feeds on those energies regardless which side of the ‘good’ fight is creating it. The initial feeling of anger is what gets us moving. Once the movement into engaging the enemy is begun, fight with joy. LoL. Yes, Kung Fu panda, if you will. From the Bhagavad Gita: The doors of Heaven open for warriors who rejoice to have a battle like this thrust onto them by chance. If you fail to wage this war of sacred duty, you will abandon your own [sacred] duty and fame only to gain evil. 2nd teaching verses 32-3. Of course no-one really wants to engage in a war. We would much rather practice yoga, eat sugar free cookies with fantastic Mexican coffee while growing organic kale. That is not our time. Our time is to choose to fight or spiritually die. We are living the Bhagavad Gita, an instruction in the time of war for the confrontation with our internal spiritual truth and demons. We have met the enemy, and that enemy is us. Thank you for asking. I hope this helps, because we are living in a dangerous time, one that is making things like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and even the American destruction of various countries look like child’s play. This is an amazing time to be living. All the best, with peace and gratitude.

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  • I am retired and have had time to read a lot – I try to educate people by quoting from actual studies or from articles I believe to be well researched and very likely true. None of which I find on most (if not all) of the news channels people regularly watch. I may just gently mention a study I read about, or the fact that someone like you gave up his day job to help people, or I mention the FLCCC or the Canadian equivalent (I am Canadian) – and if I’m not too pushy about it I have seen it start to at least make for a discussion. Some people will not even hear you, (and don’t want to) but some will.
  • Viruses are dubious inventions of drug-pushing megalomaniacs. When I explain why it’s better to live as if there are no pathogens, and how logically, pathogenic-driven sickness is unobserved, based on the phenomena that would be expected, and then they see that this actually reflects how most people actually live…. the building begins to crumble.
  • I direct them to certain news sites,(cfp,whatfinger,epoch times,etc),or tell them where to find certain articles to read-the uninformed, you can reach, those under the mass formation psychosis… not so much
  • The missing piece to this puzzle took place before covid. Now before I explain this I’m not a financial advisor nor do I work in the banking sector so I’ll do my best to explain this situation. The repo market blew up in September of 2019.. this happens to be a liquidity issue which in return would have led to the mother of all bubbles to implode. Coincidentally in march of 2020 covid gave them the excuse to pump the markets with trillions of dollars. Now ask yourself, how many times have governments pump markets with liquidity during a pandemic? How many times in history did they tell you shut down your business “and by the way, here take this loan from us. & if you can’t pay, no worries. It’s on us”. Never happened during any plague/pandemic. So what’s going on in the financial markets? Or what’s going on with government debt… due to demographics and the growing debt/entitlements… as of 2020 we’ve reached a point where we can no longer service the debt. History shows us empires devalue their currency once debt gets to a certain ratio compared to GDP. Every year moving forward as of 2020 the federal reserve will devalue the currency at a minimum of 15% to keep the system afloat. Imagine the civil unrest that is on the horizon. How could we actually “get back to normal” if this is taking place right beneath the surface? So how do the boosters have anything to do with this? Well you see, the federal reserve has a balance sheet problem. Humans are one of a few variables to their equation. It’s no secret that the bio weapon covid attacked the weakest organs.. liver, kidneys, etc.. what’s makes up majority of government debt? Medicare. But wait, they aren’t done.. we now have an issue with inflation due to this funny money. Normally they would raise interest rates to combat inflation but they can’t in this environment.. raising interest rates above 5% would implode the system.. yet they need to reduce demand.. hmmm.. well what’s causes demand? Humans.. so if you can’t raise interest rates then how do you come back down to an equilibrium? Well you begin to remove variables from your equation/balance sheet. Hence.. the boosters. Ladies and gentlemen, picture a world where your central bank devalues the currency annually.. if money dies and it was money that controlled the people then how do you maintain order? Haven’t you noticed all these billion dollar packages being tossed around? & the billions sent to Ukraine? Instigating a world war might be in their interest. This would lead to a great reset in which all debt would be wiped clean. Bye bye entitlements, bye bye debt. Why did the Roman Empire fall? It was their debt that destroyed the empire. when money dies it’s best to Reduce the numbers and control the energy(water, food, petroleum).
  • my periodontist was double vaxed and 1 booster. When I went in for my appointment I asked him if he wanted me to share a link on why he should not get his 2nd booster that afternoon. I sent him and 3 days later sent ‘Doc the just published their I-recover protocol for people who have taken the shots. The doctors I have used for two years for prophylaxis prescriptions / advice are also listed. Here is the link‘ he said ‘Ed, thanks. I did hold off on my booster. As long as I can go back-and-forth to Spain without it I’m happy.’
  • Just kept repeating how much MSM were lying. I convinced two people. On everybody else I failed??
  • It was never a singular moment, but a realization, generally, from a prediction made prior to the first available shot. In one instance, a friend (to whom I was providing the predictions) was being ridiculed by his position on the matter by members of his family (of note, he is a prominent legal person). At a family gathering, he had noted ‘a friend’ (me) during one of his replies to their ridicule was predicting a series of outcomes, and being reasonably skeptical and supplicant, that time will tell. Afterwards, one of his relatives came to him and shared she was experiencing precisely one of the predicted dispositions that he described to them. For any hesitation he had about my predictions, they were eradicated, and for him, confirmation to her what she was experiencing was expected. In a single moment, two red pills. And so it has been with dozens of people. My failure is not in forcefully preventing what I reasonably knew to be true. But I can’t live for everyone. I find, for all these folks who have come to realize the verity of my perspective, they have had to experience it, either directly, or indirectly through a known acquaintance or relative. Given my unique position…the husband of a wife who does a lot of translation for immigrant communities, my disgust is with those who were supposed to know or accurately prevent these terrible outcomes. I have seen institution after institution fail many people, personally, and I can only do so much after the damage is done. There is not a day that goes by that I do not field a dozen questions of those who have fallen victim to the coercion of this ‘vaccine.’ Some, whose reunion with their displaced children held hostage by their vaccine status. Some, I was able to redpill before they were vaccinated. They were trusting by historical efforts for their well-being and for their respect for my demeanour. Others, only red-pilled after negative experience. I think you are probably looking for a recipe for success, but there will be no singular recipe. Short of a massive perspective changing event, the formulaic promulgation of a change in disposition exists in the authority of government.

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  • Our employer, a public office in Europe, recently announced the availability of the new bivalent injections. I happened to see Igor Chudov‘s article about this subject, where he told there is zero medical reason to have 2 years later the old Wuhan part in it, as this variant died out in 2020. So I posted a comment and questioned the Wuhan part using Igor’s words. One brainwashed colleague replied that they have explained, that having the old part somehow “makes it better”. Another colleague started to question it in his reply. A third colleague called me and after talking one hour on the phone, she decided to cancel her appointment for the booster. We try with some colleagues to always speak up a little, to be the dissent voice; this is very important – not to agree (in a neutral, respectful way) – please read or youtube about Prof. Mattias Desmet, Ghent University Belgium.

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  • When I decided not to get jabbed, it was because I wasn’t comfortable with the speed of the process. I decided to wait and see what happens. My husband got J&J. Since then, I started following the research and adverse reactions and got totally red-pilled. I’ve been dripping my findings to my hb for over a year now. He still thinks I’m a conspiracy theorist, BUT he didn’t get any boosters and is not going to. So half-way victory. He recently had covid, which wasn’t any worse than the regular flu. I was taking care of him and didn’t get it. I think that was more convincing than a year of talking about it.

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  • We own a business that is reputable and has always made people feel good about freedom, choice, personal health options. We sent a few newsletters to our customers about the situation. We make products that go into stores like Whole Foods, but their customers are mostly “liberal.” That means our customers were also. We lost about 50-60% of our business by telling people they had choice. BUT, we had many write us about how important it was for us to say it. We have no regrets. It’s not about the money, but we do make some damn good oral care products- really!

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  • As their doctor, I tell all of my patients I am not C#VID vaccinated and that I will never be. I am willing to lose my licence to practice medicine over this issue. I have been their doctor for many years and they know how committed I am to my profession. It really makes them think about it. They come back and ask me if I have been vaccinated yet. They confide in me. They are moved by my choice. I never tell my patients what to do, but I check them out thoroughly and give them all the information to make their own choice. I think I command their respect and their affection, and this is the best way to red pill other people.

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  • I usually send them videos from bitchute or rumble on the subject we were discussing I.e. vaccines or government corruption or geo engineering and then they usually do their own research and wala they are redpilled. It usually leads them down other rabbit holes which if I am familiar with the subject I can guide them. What’s sad is people get really upset and usually burn themselves out on info gathering and it’s depressing. So you constantly have to remind people to take a break from it. Most of my friends now are people I have never even met, people I met in fb groups or on other platforms, who have like minded views and we constantly exchange information and stay in touch. Thank you for all the work you are doing!

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  • I am a sub-contracted mold inspector for an industrial hygienist who works almost exclusively with clients who are highly sensitive to mold and the mycotoxins they produce. Most of the clients have been diagnosed with chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS). This diagnosis almost always comes from a functional doctor instead of a traditional doctor. With very few exceptions I am hearing that these functional doctors do not recommend the vaccines. In fact, on a recent post inspection follow up call, one client was in tears because she could not find a functional doctor that supported/supports her decision to get the vax. Most of the clients I meet with have not been vaccinated as they have already lost confidence in main stream medicine. They almost all have the same story- they’ve been to 5 or 6 regular doctors who just tried treating symptoms instead of looking deeper into what’s really going on. It’s not until these clients finally see a functional doctor, who looks for things like environmental toxins that could be causing their health issues, do they start the healing process. One of my family members who I had sent countless videos and articles to concerning the safety of the vaccines still got vaccinated as did her two kids. Her final reasoning for getting vaccinated was that their family (traditional) doctor recommended it. She recently started seeing a functional doctor who doesn’t recommend the vaccines so now she won’t be getting boosted. Since there are a lot of vaccine injured people out there, trying to steer them toward functional doctors could be key in getting people to question the necessity, if not the safety, of the vaccines. Hearing concerns about the vaccine from a doctor in a one on one patient/doctor setting seems to make a big difference.

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  • The most important element is empathy. Hectoring people to suggest they are ignorant, haven’t done the research, are naïve etc does not work. Find a subject over which you can command the data. Walk them through the decision makers, decisions and outcomes. Then explain who benefits from what. Who does not benefit. What are the benefits? it’s better to ask questions for them to respond to “so by mandating vaccines for school kids who benefits?”

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  • My son didn’t want to hear me out for the last couple of years. We found a similar interest, the series “Breaking Bad”, I slowly was able to explain certain things going on today in certain situations. You could do it with most movies. He showed me this video and I think that this would be a good way through entertainment and learning. Make it relatable and then bring the information to them in that way. Or bring it up in an example geared towards the person’s interests. C/O my son – This video shows the connection between Breaking Bad and the real world with Big pharma and our deep dark desires.

In Progress...

  • I tried to focus on sharing articles that friends would think were credible such as BMJ etc. Or anything that clearly exposed the lies. Used Facebook quite successfully in the beginning but after the first few bans they really have me on their radar which means I’m banned more than I’m active on there now. So I’m now going to focus on the CBDC / cashless angle. Catherine Austin Fitts suggested giving a small slip of paper with every cash transaction, informing the recipient of the dangers of cashless society. I’m going to pay cash in every shop and hand over a small printed slip each time.

In Progress...


In Progress...

  • I don’t use a tried & true method, I’m just very much engaged with the subject matter, data, and history, and try to tailor my approach to the individual person. I deal with scientists at work, many who are PhD’s, who mostly have more education than me (I studied microbiology as an undergrad at Berkeley), family members, and friends who were almost all far left to liberal. First off, to plant a seed, I use the tamest, most mainstream level-headed references for all the types of people, like The Great Barrington Declaration, or some of the early Alex Berenson twitter posts and his handbook series (no graphene oxide, David Icke, terrain theory – not that I’m personally unaware of those points of view or even discard them). Then you almost always have to give them time, unless they want to engage more & ask a bunch of questions right away, and allow the basic idea to sink in. In most cases, if they’re open minded, they’ll bring it up again and then you’ve got ’em! I have to say older scientists and really far left friends (who have never trusted the government) have been the easiest to red-pill. Of course, everyone here at work is red-pilled, since I’ve got a couple of new stories or studies every day. Middle-of-the-road liberals are the toughest nuts to crack, so I don’t really try to work on them, other than telling them to watch Jimmy Dore and Bill Maher.

In Progress...

  • Most importantly, I want to offer encouragement to keep talking, by way of Mattias Desmet (of mass formation psychosis.) He says your goal is not to red-pill — it’s to break a trance, even momentarily. Whether you’re believed or not, you’re keeping others from sinking deeper into quicksand. He’s studied history and says that in Germany there were people warning others about Hitler. But they eventually stopped talking because they weren’t believed. He says it was about 6 months later that the roundups began. So don’t throw up your hands when someone tells you, “Yes, it’s weird that the FDA/Pfizer went to court to keep data from the public for 75 years, but I’m going to keep taking the boosters anyway because I don’t want to get Covid.” You are still having an effect! Your silence is required for the worst to proceed. That said, I try to keep the tone light. If it turns into a heated debate, you’ve probably lost. It’s not easy because of the emotional attachment I have to friends. I really want them to live, but I have to detach from that to discuss. Desmet advises saying something like, “I think differently about this than most. I’m just going to put it out there, and you can take it or leave it, okay?” Those I’ve had success with have been concerned on learning the FDA/Pfizer went to court to hide data from the public for 75 years. I ask, “Is that something YOU would do if you had a safe and effective product?” One friend said, “Oh, I hope they’re not hiding anything.” Another said, “No, that’s not what you do.” The latter was red-pilled eventually. I like that one because it’s pretty easy to confirm independently, even through MSM. It’s also pretty easy right now to confirm that the latest booster has only been tested on 8 mice. Other things, like insurance company data, or that both overall and Covid deaths have gone up since vaccines were introduced takes more digging, and probably more time than they’re willing to spend. Another good technique is talking about injuries to friends/acquaintances/celebrities/athletes.

In Progress...

  • I like to start from a place of gratitude. Lately, I’ve thanks my friends and colleagues who, even though they may not have agreed with me, didn’t ostracize me, at least not directly. I thank them for their openness, friendship, understanding and support. If someone expressed openness, to talk more I would start by relaying my initial support for the second gulf war. I was caught up in it even though I questioned the reasons for attacking Iraq. I relay how the gulf war cost lives, thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. I take the conversation away from a political left/right discussion and shows how I too was fooled. Now we know GW Bush planned an invasion from day one of his administration, now we know our government lied about weapons of mass destruction, now we see the deaths and ruined lives of those in our own country and overseas. And for this, I ask God’s forgiveness, because in some way I’m responsible. Covid used the same playbook as the war on terror. Government stoked fear, threats, intimidation, various forms of violence. I saw it coming with Covid because I was honest about our governments role in Gulf War 2. I saw the Covid fear threats, intimidation and violence and resolve not give into it. It’s a sad day when you lose your belief in your own government. But, I never lost my belief in a God who made us and loves us. Our rights and nation stand on the principle of a God who made us and loves us and wants what’s best for us. Our rights which include medical autonomy, free speech, freedom to practice religion. These rights are foundational and most American still believe this. I’m also a blood donor and happen to be CMV negative. CMV is a very common virus and my blood is specifically earmarked for babies and burn victims I wouldn’t get the vaccine in good conscience with the possibility of spike protein and lipid nano-particles in my blood stream. I wouldn’t willfully put babies and burn victims in harms way. And with a sever platelet shortage, I couldn’t in good conscience not give blood.

In Progress...

  • Have they any fertile soil? Are they at lease a little open minded? Ask would they view a short pictorial view of the past few years? If yes pass them a slip of paper with this link:- Thank you for all you are doing to help save the world. love from the UK Peter

In Progress...

In Progress...

  • He’s a good friend who trusts me and my scientific/regulatory knowledge and judgement. Before he got the first shot, I gave him a bunch of information which I thought would convince him to hold off (which he essentially agreed to do). I even said “If what I’ve given you isn’t enough to convince you not to take the shot, I’ve got more for you to read before you decide to get the shot”. Nonetheless, he got the shot without talking to me first. Same routine for the second shot. But when it came to the booster, what I sent him finally got to him and he agreed he had had enough and at least to the best of my knowledge, he hasn’t gotten any more. BTW, he’s felt no effects from either of the shots. That’s the best I’ve been able to do. :(

In Progress...

  • Many of my blue-pilled friends trust John Campbell, who was initially pro COVID-19 vaccine. He has now changed many of his opinions based on Pfizer clinical trial documents and other studies. Can you have him as a guest on your show? His reach is quite large.

In Progress...

  • Treat their Covid-19 with Ivermectin and/or Lactoferrin + Diphenhydramine.

In Progress...

  • Lived in the heart of Portland, OR – broke through to family members during the BLM/Antifa Riots in 2020 when the Left and local leadership proceeded to blame Trump. My message didn’t change, but they could suddenly see with their own eyes the disconnect in law and order and who was agitating and becoming violent – and it had nothing to do with Trump. That was the beginning – once they viewed things through a new lens (which was really just coming to the realization that the media LIES) than they started thinking more critically about all the other major media narratives – like Covid. They routinely talk about how they can’t believe the didn’t see it before. One thing I have learned, repeatedly, is FACTS DONT MATTER. You can’t convince anyone with facts or data. They simply have their own set of “facts and data.”

In Progress...

  • Start with what they already know/admit. “The best thing we can say is that the Vax is a defective product that does not do what a vaccine is supposed to do. Agree? And the worst we can say, we just do not know, because we have no long term safety data. It took five years for scientists to connect the dots with Thalidomide”. The second is a question that tells you if you are wasting your time: “Do you think it is conceivable that you could corrupt institutions, politicians, and media if there were hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars at stake?”

In Progress...

  • Considering that most of those who have fallen for the propaganda are well-educated, left-leaning people, I present myself as being in their group. While speaking casually or writing (I’m a novelist and a philosopher of science), I act as though “everybody knows” what I know and I use humor to gently mock those who don’t know. I might say something provocative as an aside and then change the subject to something else. I might bring up the topic while talking about seemingly unrelated things—for instance this lecture I gave in Czechia this summer. At least half the people who go along with the official narrative do so because they don’t want to be in the out group; they do not want to be ridiculed. Most well-educated, professional people are where they are because they are good at going along and doing what’s expected of them. The group is heavily biased toward conformity. If conformists get any sense that the wind is changing direction, they will be first to change course and pile on with the new in-group. Start playing the member of the hip crowd. Culture, art, music, philosophy, literature is going to be especially important in swinging this ship around. I’m a novelist and I understand how propaganda works. I use rhetorical devices to work on the sub-conscious level. Currently working on this:

In Progress...

  • I make pictures, posters and T-Shirts. Sometimes funny and sometimes not. They Get people talking, plants a seed and passes it on. I think thats how it works.

In Progress...

  • I’m a health economist, so I start by sharing some studies that don’t make it to MSM and being available for follow-up conversations. I didn’t start speaking up until the mandates were imposed, so most of my family and friends took at least 1 dose. Sharing these less publicly cited studies works well when they’re already ‘purple’ eg. vaccinated and got covid anyway, know people with vaccine side effects, or parents of young children. Parents of young children are especially open to information on covid vaccine risk, and some of them then decide to not take the adult booster(s). Half are ‘pink’, not quite ‘red’ yet. Unfortunately my workplace is full of true blue covidians, even the parents won’t listen, so I have to be very careful at work.

In Progress...

Mercola, McCullough, Malone

  • Two very analytical people (whom I thought would be hold-outs) were convinced by getting them to regularly read Mercola. For others, I gave them the big picture verbally, then have sent them some good overview articles or videos (McCullough, Malone). Several people told me that they want to continue to live in their bubbles, but I continued to chip away with data. I wish we had a good document that listed facts, with links to key articles of support.

In Progress...

  • I just kept telling them the facts behind the shots, the motives, the lies and the deaths. They just had to admit that I was right. I initially gave them a video of Sherri Tenpenny and my brother said she was crazy. So they both, him and my mom, got the J&J shot. Once they start remembering all the lies and the corruption they’ve seen all their lives, my claims the shots were deadly, didn’t seem so out of character for the government. My mom also said Cuomo couldn’t have killed all those seniors and she didn’t believe me when I told her. After her and my brother moved to NJ and witnessed corruption on a large scale there, she started realizing it wasn’t out of character for Cuomo to put all those people in a position that caused their deaths.

In Progress...

  • Sent a copy of RFK’s The Real Anthony Fauci to one person, recommended it to another. Told several about the FLCCC website, as well as provided links to Michael Cappuzo’s article reprinted in the Substack RESCUE, ‘The Drug that Cracked Covid’, also articles by Mary Beth Pfeiffer in RESCUE, Joyce Kamen’s article ‘The Despicable Defamation of a Lifesaving Doctor’ featured in RESCUE. Three friends have chosen not to get boosters. Others do not want to hear anything that goes against the official narrative (and this goes for both liberal as well as conservative friends).

In Progress...

  • I have had a fair amount of success in red-pilling, almost always by showing people the “gold-standard” randomized, blinded clinical trial results straight from the FDA website and NEJM, specifically: a) more deaths overall with mRNA vaccines than placebo b) 40-50% higher cardiac deaths with mRNA vaccines than placebo c) only 5 COVID deaths out of 35,000 people in the placebo groups of the trials, versus 2 COVID deaths in the vaccine groups (this shows vaccine protection from COVID death is greatly exaggerated) d) only recently: the Novavax trial had double the incidence rate of neoplasms/tumors in the vaccine group as the placebo group This method of using clinical trial results has been quite successful, though not entirely so (and many people don’t openly admit to being red-pilled, but they have definitely changed their minds about getting more shots, as well as their overall stance). Most importantly, using the clinical trial results has been far, far, far more successful than other common methods- it convinced numerous people who were unmoved by tragic anecdotes or VAERS, because almost all of them responded to anecdotes/VAERS with some form of “that’s terrible, but the shots still do more good than harm”. The clinical trials are the ONLY thing that PROVES the shots do more harm than good.

In Progress...

  • There are two pre-requisites for red-pilling someone. Without either it’s a hard stop. First, there must be curiosity on their end. Second there must be trust. We have many people on our side that know of people who are curious and who trust them. The problem is they do not know how to talk to them or know what information will be appropriate. Dozens of folks on our side have come to me personally asking me how to speak to their spouse, ex-spouse or pediatrician about the lack of safety and efficacy of these shots. Finally I put together a public presentation in Santa Cruz this spring. Many people came to me saying it was the most effective presentation they had seen. I have since published a tighter version of the presentation on an Independent media platform called ThePulse that was released several weeks ago. Now, when people ask for advice I ask them to sit with their “target” and watch it. It is proving very effective. Again, the reason why it works is that the “target” trusts the person who shares it with them. And, the “target” is authentically curious as to why this trusted person in their life is so “misled”. In this 45 minute YouTube video (yes, it takes 45 minutes–this doesn’t happen in five minutes) I do not quote third party opinion or preprint studies. I dissect the Pfizer Trial and the memoranda between Pfizer and the FDA to demonstrate that we knew all along that these things were not performing as advertised. Furthermore it shows how it is unassailably true that there were serious shenanigans that were not pursued by our regulatory agencies. Here is the link:

In Progress...

  • The method is to regard Pfizer injections as drug dealing and look for corruption plus emphasis on United Nations Office OfAnti Drugs And crime though not even that is sufficient for some. Also using rehab programs to enroll injectionist proponents and hiring deprogrammers of the type which extract people from cults can help. Also international tax transfer forms authorization if direct transfer to rent kiosks fir UNODOC offices in cities. Perhaps a transfer if DEA funds for recruitment abd training. Defining attempts to impose injections in people as drug dealing can help though enforcement to prevent drug cea,ing is key. A Just Say No Campaign and updating school anti drug programs can work, Perhaps also laws on protecting minors abd school children. Get Child Protection on board with people trained fo understand rights. Army Criminal Investigation or National Guard Anti Drug program made into Anti Drug Unit. Perhaps local citizens opposed to injections can build National Guard UNODOC Anti Drug Units. Also F.B.I. Fraud Squad which is neutral from politics. U.S Justice Marschals who investigate corruption. And failing that citizens arrest vigilantes who bring wrong doers to court and with minimal restraint as possible place restraints on pro injectionists and shut injection sites down. Also education. Disruption of board meetings of corporations to place emphasis on priorities of peace and education to be free. Might involve becoming F.B.I. Agents if can remain intellectual independence as is a worry citizens have with three letter agencies

In Progress...

  • I dont give up on people. I give them the information they need to make an informed descision. I don’t stop even when they stop responding. I present them with relevant information from all sources: msm/indy/social media, official govt, journals, peer reveiewd studies, historical, anecdotal, personal experience and try and keep things humorous if possible. Even if the person i am communicating with won’t admit they’ve had their pants pulled down I am seeing a gradual effect on them and the people around them. People that have decided to take my advice also have a knock on ‘snowballing’ effect on others that are close to them. I would estimate for every person redpilled, three to five more have followed suit. I make a lot of time for people, help them with small problems, take time to talk to them about things and invariably converstation turns to psyop19… Some people refuse to listen no matter how many times i try to get through to them… i wont give up on them – my door will always be open to them. Many people are simply unaware of the true history of the world… many are badly affected by cognitive dissonance to the point where it makes them physically sick… Many people purposefully avoid dissonant voices: ‘I sleep better at night not to know these things…’ and ‘Oh I keep my head in the sand, I just want to have a nice life…’ are actual quotes. I find that the most stubborn, pig headed self sure people are often the least informed, though they may be highly intelligent. I find they are also often likely to do a sudden 180° uturn on thier beliefs. Which is another reason not to write them off. I believe we need everyone on board to win this and i am prepared to look past politcal/ideological differences to present a united front. Division is a great weapon of the cabal… Thanks for all your time and great work Steve man, many of us are sincerely appreciative and forever in your debt.??

In Progress...

  • i am a healthcare provider and mother of vaccine injured kids. I learned to formulate questions out of any facts I want to share. When a person is given a question they don’t know the answer to, or they believe the answer they’ve been indoctrinated into believing, they will often try to debunk which will begin their research. Or find a public person, often one who was once asleep, who they respect who they can hear the info from

In Progress...

  • I start with asking questions…questions that are formed from issues we see in the news everyday. I make sure not to give any input as to what my position is on the matter or subject, because most people I speak with are more than eager to get their point across. I allow people to speak freely and with as little interruption as possible. Everyone wants to be heard, yet most aren’t willing to listen. give someone a microphone and good luck getting it back…lol Most people I have spoken with rarely ask me what my position is…I don’t think they really care. Most just want to get off their chest how they feel about most subjects I speak to them about…once they have pretty much given me the info needed to hit them with follow up questions, does the tone of the conversation change. Most who are listening to what they say, realize how crazy some of it is or just laugh when they see the expression on my face from disbelief. Sometimes people will apologize for what they say…only to ask me, if I agree. Its at that point, I will make a comment about what they said, get them to acknowledge it, then return the discussion to them asking for examples of wat they mean and so forth. Each situation is different…I usually fly by the seat of my pants and will adjust my position to keep them engaged. it is rather difficult to get anyone to change their mind…but if you ask the right questions, pose the right scenario or different approaches to the same issue, without telling them how to do it or even suggest how to do it…people will change for themselves, or at least, consider what was discussed. Body language, tone, and words all have a way of triggering people…even more so today. I will bring up some of these words in conversation, mention how they affect me and let the other party go off on how they feel. At the end of the day there are many who just want to be heard. I can’t tell you how many people I come across in casual conversation who don’t believe most of what they parrot…if it comes from the political party they relate to, they repeat it ad nauseum. I ask why…and the answers are all pretty much the same…because they said so. No thought goes into what many believe any more…its pretty much what I have discovered in the last 16 years talking to people from all walks of life. Thinking takes effort. connecting dots takes more effort. Putting novel ideas together…God forbid how much effort it takes. I laugh inside, but am actually disappointed in how many have given up. Sensory overload…every day. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I am sure there are some other blowhards you would rather hear from…lol Thanks for the session…who do I bill? John

In Progress...

  • I started a Podcast when the lockdown began 3/19 on YouTube. I contacted doctors like Dr Zelenko, Dr. Stella, Dr Gold, Dr Northrop, as well as experts on mind control, mk ultra, propaganda and totalitarianism. Having been in the media/entertainment for twenty years I knew immediately we were in a psyop orchestrated by the puppet masters I had been trying to expose since I first happened upon Hannah Arendt’s origins of totalitarianism my first year at NYU on. This has been an orchestrated move planned in many documents that are out there and I expose. I use the great reset architects and globalists own words and documents and connect the dots in real time. I ask questions, use logic and reason and always ask the viewers to contact me and visit my resources and read for themselves the massive amount of documents and factual pieces on my sites resources page. Encourage critical thinking from the outside in. I got kicked off YouTube with 100000 subs after a show with Dr Z, but restarted on rumble and have surpassed that. I encourage debate and other thinkers outside the norm. I do not believe in left or right or Republican or Democrat only right and wrong. Good v evil and humanity v a small group of elitist billionaire globalists I can trace with their own documentation from Nazi germany to the creation of the UN and CFR to where we are now. None of this was not planned and executed by what I call the puppet masters. Please check out me show on and TheMelKShow on rumble. Facts and truth in the end always win out. Like Twain said “it’s easier to fill someone then convince them they’ve been fooled.” But once they open their mind and realize the deception.. watch out! The great awakening is the only explanation. Thank you for your work, your voice, your bravery and your resoluteness. Appreciate your work! Mel K

In Progress...

  • We have an email group in my 55+ community of about 3000 residents. I regularly send out information to inform of the truths of the Covid shot situation. Many people thank me and some steadfastly stick to the “narrative” and believe that is the best option for them. I am delighted to learn almost every day that more truth is coming out and I share this with my community. Every now and then someone will tell me they have “seen the light” but I have no idea how many people have learned enough about it to decide against further shots.

In Progress...

  • With men I find that sending them podcasts of REAL MEN like Joe Rogan & Matt Le Tissier (ex Uk footballer) or Maajid Nawaz helps. My husband & daughter thought I was insane 2.5 years ago and I spent a lot of time lonely & crying. We went on a 10 hr drive (camping) and I lined up lots of podcasts with the info in them that I’d been talking about. I think when the people they ‘know’ or have listen to for years are talking about it they listen!

In Progress...

  • I have been listening to independent news outlets and researchers for mist of my life. You see my mother’s life was destroyed by pharma, so I have taken a path to understand. Due to all the research I have done, I managed to Red Pill my husband, somewhat. He has always looked at the world with rose colored glasses, and it is very difficult for him to come to terms with how diabolical many can be on this Earth. However, he listens to me, and has not been jabbed. My brother, on the other hand, is an Engineer in Singapore, and has been triple jabbed. I have managed to share a few videos and research articles, yet he does not respond with any acknowledgement. However he did say he was done with taking the jabs. My circle of friends is small, due to me stating back in 2021the injections were not a good idea to have. Three close friends, after lengthy discussions took the jab and ended our friendship. So I guess I was not effective at Red Pilling them. I started a new job at a highschool and maybe I will meet friends or maybe I wont. I just pray I am not to ostracized if the whole covid plandemic comes into conversation, for I have not been quiet about what I see and read, and this will not change. Anne

In Progress...

  • I send people I trust info from Children’s’ Health Defense, FLCCC doctors, The Great Barrington Declaration, the Highwire, Drs. Ealy, Nass, Lawrie, and Mercola; Ron Johnson’s panels (many other democrats never watched that, unfortunately). News from attorneys like Fuellmich, Rentz, Siri. And news from doctors in Africa, India and Israel with real data on why this jab is lethal. They have been victims of experimental vaccines for decades. I also send speeches by the brave few Canadian and European MPs and marches around the world that have been censored. All of this info is circulating around Europe – via private messages and translations of speeches. People are getting it in Europe but their governments are still scaring the hell out them with moving-target regulations. Many Americans seemed to rely on one Washington Post opinion piece to forego watching any speeches at the DC Rally and Ron Johnson’s hearing. Perhaps they don’t know who owns the Washington Post and he would be happy to keep everyone locked down and ordering his products so he can try to fly to the moon. Unfortunately, most Americans have no idea what is going on in the rest of the world and likely most could not care less, unless they want to vacation here. They do worry about how they are going to get their “energy,” wheat or sunflower oil, as if it is all produced in the Ukraine. Sunflowers are indigenous to North America. As for energy sources, that is not my area of expertise, but I would recommend using less of all of it. All of the doctors mentioned above have been so discredited by the mainstream media that even the most rational people I knew in 2019 are now irrational. BTW – I’m not sure about the terminology “red pill.” Perhaps determine another method of outreach? It seems to declare political boundaries. We could use less of that now. All the best on your important work!

In Progress...

  • My major strategy was talking about illness symptoms, possible allergic reactions to shot contents, lack of disclosure/ informed consent by doctors, and therapeutic supplements; and staying away from any politics. 1. One friend had shortness of breath and dry cough for many weeks/ no other symptoms, for which her doctor said, “Take some Advil,”… which did nothng to help. She had an adequate vitamin D3 level. I suggested that some people have an allergic reaction to polypropeline glycol, or another adjuvant in the shots, that only shows up many months after taking the shots. I did not want to tell her the shots were toxic to all. The supplements I suggested she take seemed to work. I figured she might be suffering from one or another of the following, with my recommendations for supplements to remedy. 1. envenomation (magnesium glycinate to relax coughing reflex, plus increased antioxidants such as liposomal vitamin C, quercetin, zinc picolinate, eat Brazil nuts for selenium, NAC ) 2. D-Dimer sized blood clots in lungs, (aspirin+quercetin+ NAC ) 3. spike protein replication (shikemic acid in peppermint tea + star lotus seedpod tea, plus breathing in the steam from sage, thyme or peppermint leaves simmering in a pan on the stove. This frend was led to ask, “So, do you think the shots can cause illness in some people?” And I answered that there are lots of things in the shots about which no one has any idea, and no one tells them, including their doctors, and that is a shocking failure of doctors. My friend was also shocked that her doctor had no further help to suggest when taking Advil was no help. This all led to a discussion about the suppression of information about natural and supplemental therapies for covid, my belief in my immune system and health sovereignty, the Nuremberg Codes, constitutional right to privacy, etc. That led to her question, “Oh, so you think the constitution is OK, even though a bunch of old white racist men who owned slaves wrote it?” ….And it went on from there. 1. I told another friend that I have the severe autoimmune condition called mast cell activation syndrome, from Lyme disease, and that I believed that any foreign material injected into me could really harm if not kill me. I told her that another of our mutual friends had the autoimmune condition of psoriatic arthritis, so he also did not take the shots. My blue-pilled friend asked, “Do you believe the shots can cause neorological problems? Because our friend Melanie also has psoriatic arthritis, and she got the shots, and has had terrible neuropathy ever since.” I replied that lots of people who got the shots are having neurological and blood clot problems. And this led to my friend’s comment that people with autoimmune illness should have been told that the shots were not tested on any people with autoimmune illnesses. I suggested that she look up Front Line Critical Care Alliance, to discover thousands of doctors who are helping people recover from covid……….including using Ivermectin……………….which led to a discussion about the suppression of available covid therapies……………………and that led to a discussion about the PCR test, and that inventor Kary Mullis emphasized that the PCR test COULD NOT BE USED to diagnose any illness, infection or contagion. I sent her the video of Mullis saying that……….That confounded her, so she ended the conversation……… And I await the continuation of our discussion!

In Progress...

  • When this first started, I was an RN with decades of experience, working at a Major Medical Center- blue pill Ground Zero. I was also a veteran of the Gulf War, and had been forcibly vaccinated with experimental vaccines there, and had the health issues to prove it. Thus, I suspected the new vaccines were unsafe- a cursory examination of Warp Speed(!) raised multiple red flags; and the history of Coronavirus vaccines was one of 100% failure. Additionally, mRNA vaccines as a general idea seemed preposterously dangerous-to whom are we entrusting our genetics? That being said- when the vaccines first came out, I I briefly helped administer them on several occasions. I thought it was possible I could be wrong, and that getting it over with quickly would speed the return to normalcy we all craved. I stopped (very) soon after, once the side effects became apparent, and it was evident I’d been right in my hesitation. (Obviously, I now regret this.) So-on to the red-pilling of people. Once vaccine mandates began, I immediately informed my family (ex-wife and teenagers) that we would NOT be participating; at the very least, we would use the FLCCC protocols as needed. I was adamant in this. Thus, I think my obstinance convinced my family that it was imperative to avoid the vaccines at all costs. I insisted that no social penalty compared to a lifelong health risk. Also, as a Christian, we are taught to expect persecution for our beliefs- this was no different. Later, when I refused vaccination at MMC, my family knew I was risking my career over this; I was leading by example, I suppose. (Surprisingly enough- MMC* approved my exemption request. I still don’t know why. I suspect I am part of a miniscule minority, in that regard, at that institution.) And as far as my colleagues? No one listened to me at all; I got to see first-hand what mass formation does to otherwise educated, intelligent professionals. Out side of my family, In my social circle, I have some professional credibility. I insisted to anyone who would listen that the vaccines were unsafe, and that safe and effective alternatives existed. (Once again, the FLCCC site got referenced.) I convinced my lifelong friend to not allow his family to be vaccinated; here, I used a mix of rhetoric and dialectic; since arguments aren’t won on logic alone. (I even convinced one of the local shopkeepers, using the same methods. She credits me with her refusal- I am grateful for that. I assume the ripple effect with her refusal, in her circle.) So-TL;DR- I used passion and professional authority, with a command of the data, as well as skin in the game. AKA- Ethos, Logos, Pathos, Dialectic, and Rhetoric. I feel I did not do nearly enough. That they’ve given these poisons to children haunts me.

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  • I have always had a following son social media. I was considered an influencer before COVID but for fashion events creativity. When COVID hit I shared my feelings and reactions which at first was pure fear and belief in everything the media told us. But within a month i began to slowly wake up and i shared that journey. My thousands of followers then slowly woke up with me. I got stopped daily by people thanking me for saving them. I have now thousands of followers on telegram WhatsApp and insta where I redpoll every single day. It has become a full time job.

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  • I showed my mother VAXXED and VAXXED II, and then I showed them Maddie De Garay‘s story on The Highwire. She was horrified Pfizer could do such a thing. Some people just started to notice their own mysterious medical problems popping up (or their children) after each shot and they’re becoming hesitant. Also the recent headlines about marketing of SSRI’s kind of made people wonder if their doctors really know what they’re prescribing, that helped break down their defences a little bit. The problem is getting people’s time and attention to watch these documentaries for hours… they’re very long and you need to sit and really absorb what you’re listening to. I listen to hours of podcasts every week and they just aren’t able to (time constraints or poor attention span). Think “this is highschool.” There are powerful influencers, and rumour mills… you’re one of the uncool kids that’s been slandered and it doesn’t matter what you say. Everyone wants to go to the cool kids party, and they’ll sell their soul to be there. Once you are at peace with being rejected or conned, you open your mind to other options.

  • In conversation I think Dave Charalambous encapsulates it well: Once a good communication channel is set up, as above, the next step is sharing solid trusted information.

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  • As I still have enough money to order for a few hundred € pills, I did so in 2021 and even again in 2022. I wanted some for myself, but also to send to friends who live far away, whom I cannot visit now as I am not jabbed nor want to test. So I gave these pills away at 7 times. To 6 people whom I have known all my life or for at least many decades. One person I did not personally know, but a friend of mine called me late at night, if she could come to pick up some red pills from me so she could deliver those to a sick friend of hers. Alas, I was tired and not alert, I should have asked: does this person drink at least her 8 glasses of water per day, eat mostly veggies& fruits, avoid all toxic foods, did she take vit C, vit D and Zinc/ Selenium, etc. Two days later that sick lady ended in hospital, as she also took medication and help from regular doctors at the very same time she asked for pills via my friend. Well, red pills are not working in a strong way like antibiotics, so I considered it had been a waste of my red pills. I will in future times only hand them out to people after I have asked them in person about their symptoms and their dietary habits! As I continue to study natural remedies I discovered in May 2022 that black cumin seeds or the oil of those are also a good remedy, so I have been stocking up on those as well and sending these bottles of Nigella sativa especially to 2 friends in England, who have no ways to get hold of any red pills themselves. › nigella-sativa-or-black-seed-black-cumin-for-covid-19 Nigella Sativa or Black Seed, Black Cumin for COVID-19 24 okt. 2021Nigella Sativa is recommended at 40 mg/kg a day in their prevention protocol. FLCCC recommends NS should be used if ivermectin is not available or added to ivermectin for optimal prevention. You can click on the links to print the protocols. For early treatment of the Delta variant, the dose is higher at 80 mg/kg a day for 14 days.

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  • I am a grandmother, and when i see young Moms with children, I find the opportunity in our conversation to bring up childhood va$$ines. I immediately tell them we are healing children with autism with a va$$ines detox method, which includes with doctors own protocol healing their own sons. I tell them about Dr Rashid Buttar and his son. I hand them the method I typed out in 2 sheets, along with Moms Against Monsanto and Weston Price vaccine info pamplets. It works, Many never heard of autism being able to be healed!!! Here is my protocol: Autism Spectrum and Vaccine Injury Healing Information Natural Detox Methods for heavy metals from vaccines*   1.    Build a strong gastro-intestinal and immune system   –      Consume – Organic only, Raw dairy, grass fed meats, fermented foods, bone broth (minerals), veggies, fruits. Ketogenic Diet, GAPS plan, Microbiome gut health. Vitamin supplements and probiotics   –      Eliminate – Genetically modified organisms (glyphosate exposure and autism rates show a nearly 100% correspondence and glyphosate kills good gut bacteria), white flour, white sugar, white pasta, white rice. No antibiotics, vaccines, Tylenol (reduces glutathione in liver that makes it difficult to detox). No silver (mercury) fillings.   2.    Drink spring water only, best brands for detoxing are Volvic/Fiji due to high silica. No fluoride water/toothpaste   3.    Replace household laundry and cleaning products with natural non-toxic, no synthetic scents alternatives.   4.    Create a sleep sanctuary free from WIFI, its non-thermal pulsed radiation. Get a guard for modem and smart meter.   5.    Cleanse   a.    Baths – Detox in bath as a therapeutic environment with Epsom, Dead Sea or Himalayan salts. b.    Foot baths – IonCleanse detoxifying foot baths. c.     Sunshine and lots of exercise, sweat releases toxins d.    Far Infrared Sauna – Infrared light penetrates deep into the body and stimulates detoxification pathways.   6.    Form a healthy spinal structure. Utilize chiropractic care to create a healthy spinal structure and allow for proper innervation of all the organs, tissues and muscles of the body. This will stimulate the body’s healing and detoxification potential.   7.    Stimulate the body’s ability to generate healthy cells, immune function and detoxification pathways using Homeopathic Treatment. 8.    Modulate and restore homeostasis – restore balance to: brain, body, cells, muscles, organs, spine, skin, gut, etc. – gently address the underlying cause while removing stored stress via B.E.S.T.    Remove heavy metals at cellular level (TCD: True Cellular Detox)   9. Parasite cleanse. Many autistic children have parasites that excrete their waste    in gas form (inside the body) similar to morphine, ammonia and histamine. Healing the symptoms known as Autism, 2nd edition Kerri Rivera 10.  CBD or medical cannabis for autism and more: 11.  Gut Health Restore product by Dr Zach Bush  12.  Mercury Detox Method Dr Rashid Buttar I also wrote this paper and hand it to them. The 4 Poisons: How to make a Nation drop to its knees, POISON THE CHILDREN   We are poisoning our children. A silent pandemic of neurodevelopmental toxicity is disabling our children. The Root Causes are from 4 major poisons.   1.    Fluoride. Just look at the bag at your water plant, its states POISON. Here are 500 studies that show the danger: , Bashash 2017 & 2018, Green 2019, all determined Lower IQ in children. 50% of children have dental fluorosis   2.    GMO foods, since 1990’s Glyphosate has accrued in 80% of our food supply. Monsanto, the same company that brought you agent orange has altered our seed supply with poisons that destroy our gut microbiome that results in brain harm. Studies: Entropy Seneff/Samsel 2013, Seralini 2012 and more….LAWSUIT WIN: Monsanto guilty of glyphosate injuries.   3.    WIFI radiation.  Neurological damage to brains of developing children Studies: Hensinger Wilke 2016, Havas 2013, Levitt Lai 2010 and more…. Pediatric Neurologist & Neuroscientist Dr. Martha Herbert Harvard/MGH: “EMF can certainly contribute to degrading physiological integrity of cellular and molecular level” “contributes to chronic illnesses” “thousands of papers document adverse health and neurological impacts of EMF” * Historical Lawsuit WIN ~ FCC lost, they never showed safety of wifi.   4.   Vaccines: 72 doses (24 doses in 1983) of formaldehyde, animal/human DNA,  GM bacteria and viral DNA, MSG, polysorbate 80, mercury,  and the big one Aluminum: 4, 925 mcg by 18 mos. Studies: Grandjean Lancet Neurology 2014”Environmental toxins are causing widespread brain injury and loss of a generation of children”, Umar Exley 2017, Seneff Liu 2012.  Gherardi 2015.    152 Studies show Vaccines DO cause autism:  Dr Rashid Buttar & Dr Dan Pompa healed their sons with autism by detoxing. Both have written books about this.               Glyphosate in vaccines study: by             Moms across America. 1 in 6 children have developmental disabilities. 8 million children are on damaging psych meds. 11% of children have ADHD.  50% of children have chronic illnesses.   20% of children require special education services.   Solutions to the 4 poisons.   1.    Drink spring water. Ask your town leaders to remove fluoride from the public drinking supply. 2.    Eat only organic food with no pesticides/glyphosate 3.    Get a for your router/modem and electric meter or replace your electric/water/gas meter with analog. 4.    Learn Natural Immunity. It works and lasts a lifetime. We didn’t survive for thousands of years because of “lifesaving vaccines”. The human body is remarkable to heal given the correct nutrients. Vaccines do not give immunity. Do the research.   If your child is already injured due to the 4 poisons, there are many non-toxic nutrient based detox protocols. We are healing children with ASD, ADHD, Tics etc. (autism spectrum disorder) with these detox protocols. These conditions are not a life sentence.   Medical mandates are politics pretending to be science. Mandates (fluoride, vaccines) and “Uninformed” Consent (gmo foods, wifi radiation) amount to human experimentation and are in violation of our constitutional freedoms and universal human rights.   ALL our Govt regulatory agencies are only looking out for corporate financial health and not your children’s health. CDC/HHS/NIH/FDA/EPA/DEA/USDA/FCC   We now live in the information age. All the above studies and healing protocols are recognized by thousands of grass roots organizations. Here a few of them. The Mom Street Journal Thinking Moms Revolution                                     The Wild Doc Moms Across America                                              Vaxxed 1 Vaxxed 11 March against Monsanto                                            Weston Price Foundation Childrens Health Defense Real Physicians for Informed Consent I Can Environmental Health Trust The Drs. Wolfson Green Med Info   Our Nation is only 5% of the world yet we take 50% of all drugs. We have the sickest children in history; we must change this to save ourselves.

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  • I tell them as a registered nurse working for over 31 years we have never treated a virus like this. We always did treatment for a disease and this time we don’t. I explain in my training and in my 80’s medical dictionary a vaccine is an attentuated virus not a new gene therapy like mRNA. I explain the years of testing that goes into a vaccine and that a vaccine is pulled if there are 10 deaths or more. I ask them what happened to the yearly flu? Where did it go? I explain how a virus mutates from person to person and that it is impossible to predict and make a vaccine to eradicate a virus, look at the flu shot. I explained how yearly I would get a flu shot and be deathly sick afterwards and that I eventually refused them. I explained in our nursing training that we learn about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome can happen but that it was never explained why this happens and did it correlate to the infant immunization schedule. Now we have a new category called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and isn’t it interesting that this is now happening after this new technology of injections. I explain after my first and only injection I had pain in my arm and can not use my full range of motion in my shoulder which means I can not take off my bra as I had before the injection. I am healthy no medications and then this happened. I have bilateral trigger finger of my middle fingers, swelling and pain in my hands. I ask them if this vaccine works why do we have to socially distance ourselves, wear masks that do nothing ( in my training the vendors of the masks would tell you that the moisture from your breath would cause the mask to be wet and micro organisms would pass through and therefore would need to change every 10-20 minutes, and the N95 masks would need to be fitted properly with the occupational and health team checking the seal for leaks, those masks could be used for 24hours but you had to donn and doff properly to not get it contaminated). Also, if the vaccine is safe and effective why is it so that so many people get Covid after their injection. The vaccine does not stop transmission so why do you need frequent boosters? We were told only 2 now it is forever. Also, I mention that the yearly overall cause mortality is up 40% and I ask them why? Why is that? What has changed since 2020? Why does Alberta now have an unknown category for death? I ask them why were we first rewarded to get a shot with doughnuts/money/ tuition etc and then we are now coerced to get a shot, if you don’t get one you don’t get to work. When has this ever been the case? Why is it a woman can say my body my choice when it is abortion but not for this? Why can’t doctors write exceptions for the vaccine or wearing masks? Why are doctors dying in Canada at an alarming rate? I ask them the questions and get them to answer. I tell them I have so many questions and none of this makes sense or has every been done. Also, I tell them we are the experiment and that never have I ever not been able to read a product insert and see everything listed in it. Also, I tell them when I was working in the acute hospital during the 3 weeks of shutdown there was maybe 2 people in the hospital with Covid. The hospital was a ghost town. It was so quiet and that in my 31 years of nursing it was like a vacation. I was able to red pill my husband, daughter and her boyfriend, my 2 good friends and 2 co-workers. Unfortunately, I could not reach my niece who is a public health nurse giving injections and that made me incredibly sad and she will not talk to me. I have been terminated from my specialty as a registered nurse because I would not take both injections. Thank-you for letting have a voice. I use to work in Canada (BC). Lisa

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  • The only person I’ve been able to red pill is my wife who has been vaccinated but not boosted (I like to think that is my doing). Honestly, I really don’t try to red pill anyone. Why? You ask. Most of my “friends” are Democrats and Liberals. Most of my family are Conservative and Republican. Almost all of them have been vaccinated, and mostly the lefties have been boosted. I can only think of one couple that are, like me, unvaccinated, and they are definitely on the right side of the aisle. The three of us have had Covid and recovered. Everyone of the above mentioned, with the exception of my wife, have had COVID. There is a chance she had it before the pandemic was in full effect and “all the rage”(she travels a lot for work). But that she has not had it again (at least not yet) is counter to the current data. A considerable portion of the family and friends on the ‘right’ regret being vaccinated. Thus, they do not need to red pilled. Most on the left have been boosted and had all their kids vaccinated (not sure if they boosted their kids or not). So why don’t I try to red pill these “friends”. Honestly, because I do NOT care. It’s not worth my time, nor is it worth the effort. None of them, to my knowledge, have had any significant side effects or injuries from the vaccine. That being said… I am waiting for it. I’m actually quite surprised none of them have experienced a terrible, life threatening event as they represent a wide swath of fit and active, lazy and obese, and everything between. Does that make me a bad person? Maybe. But as I said; I no longer care. I am angry. I am frustrated. I am tired. And it’s mostly because of these people and people like them As long as my wife remains healthy, that’s all that matters to me. As for the others, let the chips fall where they may. I know this doesn’t help you, but I thought you might be interested in another point of view. Thank you for all you do!

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  •  I have tried the face to face approach to little affect. I find people are less defensive when you are both looking in the same direction. I use a kind of deflection. I have a “conspiracy nut brother” that sends me emails daily. I read them out in just the right moment, then criticise them  with shaky logic. Followed by statement, ‘imagine if he was right’. I have had some interesting reflective looks. To those that may criticise and disagree with me I make a line in the stand and ask them, what have I said that is a conspiracy? The funny thing is the first person I successfully ‘Red pilled’ was my brother. My farther was man who spoke when appropriate and in well thought out sentences that reflected his love of quotations. “Question authority and show respect where due, if you don’t who will?” I am 51 now and have children of my own. I think very carefully about what affect my choices will have on them. Lately I have been. I never let  the thought of what people think of me limit my choices in life, I know I look back and realise they were not thinking about you anyway. I have very little to loose, but what little I have, means more to me than my life, my family. I wish I had houses, cars, millions to loose, like a wall of fodder to protect and surround my family. Each day I ask myself ‘what can I do today to fight this craziness gripping this world?’ I hope that soon, very soon the truth will be abundantly clear, as will the sides people picked.

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  • I think This is one specific case involving a police woman a bank (Lloyds uK) the manager of the bank and two police women – one of whom, I believed I red pilled….for she looked quite shocked when she realised what was going on . I tried to withdraw £5,000 in cash from Lloyds Bank in the UK. I had to answer many many questions to prove I was not being forced to withdraw the money by scammers……. I answered all the questions and all was well – then she asked me what I intended to spend the money on – I said it wasn’t really her business what I wanted to spend my money on but I answered anyway and said I wanted cash to buy things. She asked ‘what things? — I said everything from clothes, birthday presents, dinners, shopping right down to paying for my morning coffee- The bank manager heard this and came over to the counter -He said he did not believe me – I am a near 70 year old woman with an unwell 84 year old husband and we have been with Lloyds bank for 35 and 70 years respectively…. The bank manager proceeded to humiliate me in front of the customers first saying I was telling lies and that clothes and coffee’s do not cost £5000 —and that it was a big sum. -I tried to explain that it was of course a lot if you are on a small wage but it relative to the wealth of the person – He asked when was the last time you drew out that sum? I said a couple of years ago as I had spent quite a bit of time in my Caribbean home these past two year but he just shook his head — I was reduced to showing them pictures of myself and my husband in our Caribbean home and our home in Monaco to prove what I was saying was true ….. All this, just to try and get £5000 of my OWN MONEY. He told me I was not having it and to move out of the way for other customers…….. I said I was going to call the police and the manager said, good, for that is what they do when a customer will not accept they have been refused.. After another two and a half hours of waiting with me in floods of tears the whole time and very anxious and fearful for my unwell husband being home on his own – two policewomen arrived —— HERE IS WHERE I RED PILLED ONE OF THEM. . I had to go through all the same stuff, prove I was an individual of reasonable high worth —- the bank manager still said no, and told the policewoman ——- I should be like most other people and use cards to pay….. To cut the story short…. I replied to the policewoman – I know most people pay by cards – and now some people are having a chip implanted into their hand in order to pay things ———- I then asked the police woman — ‘ Can you not see where this is leading? —-In the end you will not be able to enter a public toilet that requires payment without this being recorded by unknown people Your every single movement will be tracked YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE BE PRIVATE ABOUT ANYTHING AGAIN…. The police woman looked completely stunned for a moment —- it was as if she had never though about that aspect of it before – She then turned to the bank manager and said — ‘ Give this lady HER Money’. I think in that one moment — When I said without cash — Cards and Chips will rob you of every bit of privacy forever —- That police woman was RED PILLED and Woke Up BANKS DO NOT WANT TO GIVE CUSTOMERS THEIR MONEY – THEY DO NOT WANT US TO HAVE CASH … Of course they said the reason they gave for not giving me my own money was ?? ‘To KEEP YOU SAFE’ —‘ IT IS FOR YOUR OWN WELL-BEING and PEACE OF MIND’ They were so worried me – that they watched me cry my eyes out over two hours even thought they knew my husband was ill and home alone – Further —- two days later I had scam callers at my front gate pretending to be from the gas and electric company —— As soon as I said I was going to call the police they drove off like bats out of hell ——I luckily had run down the drive got a photo of their car and reported it to the police.. (who were not really interested) Lloyds bank – said this was a co-incidence ———- I don’t think so — Lloyds Bank had publicly forced me to beg for my money and prove I was a woman of means -in front of all the staff adn customers — I do not think this was a coincidence at all. =——— I am now fearful for my own safety in my own home, all because of this bank ——- who want your money but will not give it back to you …. But —- The point is – I TRULY believe the policewoman was red pilled – when she realised – without cash – she will never have a single moment of privacy …… She looked totally shocked when the reality hit her…. I am so sorry this is so long —- but I think it is VERY important that people realise the banks do not want to give us OUR OWN MONEY —- AND use the usual Keep you safe, we care about you LIE ……..

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  • For a person who was considering giving the shot to their under five year old kid I showed them that Denmark was no longer allowing kids under 18 to be vaccinated. Using this link and pointing them to the childhood vaccination section.

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  • I show how the COVID-19 pandemic began as a globally coordinated campaign of mass senicide. First I show how Cuomo did it with Executive Order 202.5 and the subsequent Nursing home mandate. Then I show how four other states committed Depraved Indifference Murder categorically by doing the same thing. You don’t commit mass murder in a genuine pandemic. I remain convinced that the only way out of this mass formation hypnotic trance is the same way we came in: SHAME. Categorical proof that five states committed mass murder of the elderly will shame the public out of the trance. They’ve been conditioned to sacrifice everything for “the elderly”–ergo, they’re already conditioned to wake up. Email me, and I’ll send you the Executive Summary.

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  • I don’t believe I can red pill anyone. I prayed to the Holy Spirit to open their eyes and asked God to touch their heart. i really believe we are dealing with a spiritual blindness and deafness. The awakening has to come by God I believe. I would send 2-3 times a week articles to my parents, friends and in-laws. I would try to find reputable interviews on bitchute and rumble with doctors and virologists that shared why it was dangerous. Majority of friends didn’t listen. my friend said the video that made him decide not to get the jab was this CNN nurses video I sent him:

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  • I got red-pilled. So I watched people for 18 months sharing things on their instagram. I share info on my personal instagram account. I add my own take on the situation. I explain why I dont take the shot. But it isn’t until something happens close to you that you connect it all and become red-pilled. Dont give up! Be kind in conversation. Noone likes a know it all or a dickhead.

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  • I make it known that I am fully prepared to change an opinion at a reading’s notice. But that reading had better be good and credible – most within sanctioned media are neither. As such, I make a liberal practice of forwarding credible links such as yours and arguing in public with the useful idiot constituency, such as during an impromptu park debate involving the head of a local Covid therapy clinic and a couple park rangers. I make a point of noting that the one-dimensionally intelligent can Tarantino the hell out of the narrative and chronology and it still won’t change the fact that asses like Fauci started this mess, lied about it, and have profited by it, and I have nothing but contempt for their enablers. Those that fault me for not knowing the science are using the wrong metric: I recognize the sociopaths involved and their histories. That, coupled with the filing away of things long ago read and largely suppressed these days (such as our never having had success with any of the 160 coronaviruses prior to 2020), is enough to find me asking questions more legitimate than the answers we’ve been given. Early in the pandemic, I predicted that the answer to Covid-19 lay in therapeutics. Nothing I have seen since has altered that paradigm. If anything, the arduous efforts to discredit therapeutics has hardened that suspicion. What has instead been foisted upon us with an obviously panicked zeal is not a vaccine but an experimental drug, one with already thousands dead from it and counting; many thousands more with already manifest side effects and draft picks to be named later. These points and many others are verbally or typed to those I feel need to hear them owing to my concern for them or those that stand to be impacted by their actions. Finally, I make a point that when I see large numbers of bureaucratic bodies go after the perpetrators of this viral nightmare with the same zeal they do of its victims that I will perhaps have greater optimism as to their credibility, integrity, and motives. 

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  • Ever since this Plandemic began, I was alert with my 6th sense. I began downloading and printing out as many science papers of studies on the vaccine side effects. I began looking up the data on the vaccine excipients, for the various chemical adjuvants used to manufacture it. As soon as I realized the scope of complexity built into the vaccine, I started sharing these documents with my friends and family. The important thing I did was provide a summary of important points to be understood in each email. People could get the primary leading particulars in a simple way. Then, at their leisure they could read more closely the full scientific context. Private gatherings and in person discussion was always helpful. I attribute any success I had at Red Pilling people to keeping material summarized and simple. Everyone continued to share the information with more people. I estimate that I may have caused red pilling for up to 3 dozen people over the last year.

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  • It took a series of casual conversations where I mentioned a fact that showed part of the official narrative was false – and the government was actually lying. I could see by the look of sheer terror on the person’s face that I hit a nerve. I didn’t press it that day, but let another fact drip later. Eventually the person started asking his own questions. A few facts that were especially effective: – A nurse opened a vaccine clinic in a neighboring town just for covid vaccine injuries. The fact that there are enough injured people for a business showed that the official numbers are wrong. – I know two people paralyzed and two with heart problems due to this vaccine – but no one I know is injured by any other vaccine. The two paralyzed people got the vax due to mandate. – Coquin de Chien showed that every official child Covid death in my state MA is actually a vaccine death that was improperly classified. – Coquin de Chien also showed that all cause deaths are up, and after vaccine release they are now cardiovascular. – A local nurse told me that her hospital was mislabeling most covid patients as unvaxed due to rushed intake. She checked the state database and found out most were vaccinated. When she tries to change procedures to get accurate counts she was told to stop. All hospitals in MA use the same flawed self-reporting procedures.

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  • 20% can never be reached. They have to learn the hard way and even then will be in denial. Recently in Portland OR people were lined up down the block and around the corner to get the Omicron booster. Mind you these are people who only consume organic, vegan, gluten free, ethically grown with no BPA! They are beyond help. “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled” – Mark Twain

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  • Working in the clinical laboratory, I know that the PCR test basically is testing for the common cold (coronaviruses we humans have for detoxification, as in colds!). It is basically picking up snippets of RNA which does not mean you have actual virus, especially if amplified a lot. So we have been scammed into testing for the common cold (which in elderly and/or comorbid can indeed put you over the edge), and jabbing for the common cold, the gift that will keep on giving as we are going to endlessly have colds as a means for our bodies to detoxify (from meds/drugs/vaccines/crap food/pollution, etc.). Health is not through vaccines. This is what I tell and email others, as well as teaching that viruses are not contagious as we have been led to believe thru the Germ Theory, another scam to keep us as guinea pigs/lab rats in the big pharma and big medical cartel$$$$ to learn and no longer have fear!

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  • Tried, and tried again. I couldn’t even talk to my younger brother about it who lives in Germany, we also had e-mail exchanges with a cousin of ours in Hamburg, Germany, she is a physician, she is (still) pro-vaxx. Nothing that I presented made any difference. The same with my colleagues at UNR: there was a vaccine mandate, I lost my part-time appointment last December (I did not opt for the religious exemption, I was just too disgusted). The colleague who I worked together got vaccinated, also his whole family and his children who are attending other universities. I was also astound by his fear from infection. Just about a month ago, I helped a student of his with a spectrometer and he came by, wearing TWO masks (!), we were ‘polite’ and wore a mask, too. He acknowledged that since he had a beard, there was probably some leakage. So why did he not shave his beard? That doesn’t compute. He should know that there is no way that these masks could stop a 100 nm virus. I met another colleague, a professor in microbiology, at a grocery store. He told me that he is getting the booster. Interestingly, he made a comment, he talked to health-care workers in Reno and he was concerned about over-vaccinating children. Each vaccine has adjuvants and if you give several vaccines at the same time, than all these adjuvants are adding up, something that was never tested! The comment of the health-care worker: “Once we have them here (the children), we give them everything we got!” It is impossible for me with a Ph.D. in physics to red-pill my colleagues at UNR. One of them makes fun of me, when he sees me he say, “oh, you are still alive?” Completely brain-washed. It will be a brutal awakening some day. I think 90% of my Facebook friends are vaccinated. Just a few are red-pilled, I see that in their comments and posts. My ex-wife, still a good friend, got vaccinated so she could join her family to go to a baseball game in California. Just for a ball game!! She was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and operated upon, her oncologist: “we see an increase of cancer across the country”, I wonder why. Now she is undergoing chemo, so sad. I think she knows that she made a big mistake. My son and my wife are not vaccinated, we all got Omicron in the beginning of July, I had two days of symptoms, they had it only one day. We also supplement D3, zinc, quercetin, etc. Neighbours of mine struggled with it for 4 weeks. Just another one now recovering after 10 days of Omicron. A waiter in a health food restaurant who I know for 20 years, vaccinated, two weeks of Omicron. But, of course, these are ‘just my own observations’ and are not statistically relevant, so someone commented on a Facebook post. True, but that is what I read everywhere on alternative media, including Steve’s newsletter. Of course, this is all ‘disinformation’…

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  1. My family members, they got 2+ shots still get positive test results, I told them there are ways/meds to treat covid, vax is useless. 2. My friend got slightly brain fog, chest pain after receiving 2 shots of the China vax(de-activated virus), I told him everything he won’t hear on the MSM/Big Tech, then he woke up. 3. Most of the people got trapped in the mainstream narrative, it’s difficult for them to even think that the gov, the health institutes can fool them, and it’s bothersome for them to have this kind of talk, too heavy for them.
    It had nothing to do with my methods and everything to do with the one friend I have who is the least attached to any narrative. Still, he continues to booster because the love of his life is completely blue pulled, and he wants to stay in a harmonious relationship with her. So essentially I feel like I haven’t reached anyone. Everyone else thinks I’m a conspiracy theorist.
    I felt it was my moral duty to begin red pilling the people of my town, and I attempted to do so by using my 5 minutes of “public comment” time at the monthly Board of Education meetings. Our Board of Education was going along with the dangerous mandates imposed on staff, and I felt that if I started to educate them, maybe their consciousness would be activated and they’d back off– not a chance. I gave them the benefit of the doubt by giving them lots of crumbs to dig on. We since learned that school districts were receiving ESSER funds to impose the mandates .. our town received $5.4 million. I was given 5 minutes each time, and I spoke 6 different times (4/2021, 6/2021, 9/2021, 1/4/22, 1/31/22, and 3/22). I even followed up with emails to provide the Board with sources that backed up my extreme statements. Vaccines were being mandated on the staff and students were being encouraged to take the vaccine (so they wouldn’t have to quarantine,) and because I knew of the harm being caused by the vaccines, I felt I had a moral duty to step forward and warn people. The topics I covered were the dangers and negative effects of the masks, the dangers of the vaccines (side effects and deaths,) how the pandemic was a “plandemic,” how the adults in the town should be shielding the children and not use the children as shields, the findings of Reiner Fuellmich’s mock Grand Jury, the findings of Ron Johnson’s hearings, and The Great Reset. Each time I spoke, I prepared very detailed and organized statements to cram as much as could into those 5 minutes before they cut me off. After all of the info I provided, not once did a Board member follow up with a question. I was only told that I should take up my grievances with the governor’s office and they were just following orders. All of my statements were recorded and are still out on the district’s YouTube channel. I spoke to not only hopefully break the Covid spell that had gripped the community but to also get on the record that the Board was warned about the dangers of the shots and also that they were not only violating human rights (masking children without scientific reasoning) but also denying parents their rights. Our town used to live stream the meetings but now they are recorded and uploaded days later. When the meetings were live streamed, we’d have (on average) 1500 views but now the view counts are 1/4 that.
    Our friend came to visit and over dinner he extolled the virtues of the Australian government’s efforts during the pandemic. Up until this point there had been no opening for me to counter his belief in the vaccines and the lockdown methodology. Today Avi Yemeni posted a video of an Australian conference for physicians and scientists at I wrote an email to my friend with the link saying, “When we had dinner, you offered a glowing view of how Australia handled the pandemic. I’ve been watching Australian news for the last two years and I thought you might be interested in this video.

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  • Analytic approach based on official data, peer reviewed papers and pronouncement or quotes from eg Fauci. This for analytic people. Sources they believe. No source they might find reason to distrust eg Alex Jones. – DO NOT provide links to anyone or anything which you haven’t already looked the ‘fact check’, and frame around said ‘fact check’. Rebut the fact check at the same time as you provide the material or link. – Provide an ‘out’ short of trying to get them to believe the gov is trying to hurt them. Eg Pharma greed and the usual incompetent and partially bought CDC FDA, this can be believed. You have to avoid shaking their world view too much too quick. – “Early treatment was suppressed” is powerful and provable. Use McCullough and his multiple under oath testimonies in US senate. – Sorry Yeadon is ‘out’. He would have been perfect with his Pfizer background but he just steps out there. Not saying he is wrong but hints of genocide is a bridge too far – Ask questions rather than make declarations – Drop it when they get ‘tired’ – McCullough has a great CV and quotes a peer reviewed paper every second sentence. I use him a lot. – Despite all of the above I only redpilled one ‘normie’. Another was already there more or less, doesn’t count. – Online be polite, stick to facts, be aware what the fact check says if you provide sources – I may get more aggressive. By an order of magnitude. Been pondering all of the above. I think more aggressive online will get exactly nowhere. But with the people I know pretty well and who know me, the shock might have effect. Time is running out – Continuing to talk in whatever forum is better than not, regardless of any obvious immediate effect. People will have to make up their own minds, we need to provide impeccable sources calmly presented to give them the background to make the leap.

In Progress...

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  • Regrettably by using our family’s personal covid tragedy as an example. I find that by saying “My fully vaxxed dad died from covid treatment protocols that’s why I looked into the vaccines more closely” helps open the conversation in a way that is non-threatening. I share that our otherwise healthy, fully-vaxxed father was hospitalized with covid in 2021 just days after Biden declared “If you’re vaccinated, you won’t get covid, won’t get hospitalized, and won’t die“. Our father was doing fine, chatting with us on the phone, until he was given Remdesivir – he went downhill quickly, was ventilated and died within 2 weeks. During this time, we asked the doctors if he could try additional protocols (IVM, HCQ, experimental stem cells we could obtain on our own), and the answer was always “No, that’s not the protocol. There’s no supporting evidence. This is your only option.” The experience was devastating for our family. I ask how public health authorities could have scripted and promoted Biden’s statement, knowing full well that the bold declaration was false. My father was NOT the first breakthrough case resulting in hospitalization and death for a vaccinated patient. So either the authorities are beyond incompetent or they’re dishonest. Either excuse is troubling and suggests that they cannot be trusted. Furthermore, what kind of public health protocol prohibits patients from trying every last treatment option? The policy was evil and the consequences devastating for so many families. I tell blue pillers that I don’t want to see other families suffer the same tragedy that our family experienced, and that is why it’s critical to do your own research and make your own health decisions, especially as it relates to the vaccine and boosters.

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  • Basically, the same technique they use: drilling. You share 1 little piece of information about a study which raises questions to they worldview. A week later, another. An so on. Always encouraging them to plug into truthful sources, like FLCCC, Mercola, CHD, Fuelmich, substacks (Steve Kirsch, Robert Malone), etc. I always share on all media platforms: WhatsApp groups, Telegram, Gab, Gettr, Rumble, Odysee, Bitchute, and the Big Social Networks (you need to change certain words to avoid censorship, even in reddit). Some of my messages reached hundreds of thousands in distant lands: it’s like throwing a message in a bottle! Caveat: many may block you or leave the WhatsApp group, but in the end, the few left will thank you for saving their lives. I did find a friend who reacted exactly like Tank in the Matrix movie: he told me he wasn’t interested in any news which would ruin his perfect world to enjoy life… Acknowledging that the most powerful are after your life, is a threat to hedonism. There’s another thing: the ultrasound constant attacks through cell phones, increasing screen refresh rates beyond the human perception, everything points to neuromodulation and subliminal propaganda. It’s either that, or mankind is unbelievable stupid and manipulable.

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  • I told my friend (x3 spiked) how alarmed I was that the province of Quebec desperately searched for evidence that they needed to impose draconian curfews in late 2021, but when no evidence could be found, that the Province went ahead and imposed them anyway. I then sent my friend a link to the CBC article that covered this story: She was completely taken aback that such harsh policies had absolutely no scientific merit. Later, I was able to show her that there was also no scientific basis for air travel restrictions, using court documents from the Rickard vs Transport Canada court case, and reports such as this one:

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  • I begin by asking what their thoughts are about covid? Then I ask if they have read the cares act? and if they noticed when it was written and if they noticed it was monetary incentivized at every step for hospitals? Then I ask if they verified any of the numbers and percentages we have been fed. If they thought people in these positions Fauci, CDC etc really are that stupid to put infected people in hospitals and nursing homes? Intelligent people respond to crises very carefully. Why all the off balance talk? Why not just say” this is what we know. When we know more we’ll let you know “. Then I ask about the red pill doctors? These aren’t some idiots. These are the top of their field. Why? What would they have to gain? I then ask if they have ever read anything about the “Paris climate accords” “World health Organization” the 2030 agenda etc and “World Economic Forum”? I then explain that in the Great Reset book by Klaus Schwab it refers to a virus to move towards the great reset? Why has the world been so accepting of what happened in Wuhan China? Even when they knowingly exported the virus by allowing intercontinental flights. Why? No fines, nothing. I ask if they have ever read anything regarding the medical studies of Ivermectin? And where it has been effective? Why the mask? I knew they didn’t work as my wife sells them. I know several doctors and even one CEO of a Healthcare system. The CEO knows, but won’t say anything. The doctors? Some I know they know for sure. Others I think know, but won’t say anything. All of them I refer to have no integrity. They earn big money and have a great living. They don’t know what else to do if they stood up and said what they know. In the end, some people just don’t want to know. Why? I think they enjoy ignorance. I’ve seen several red pilled people receive the jab afraid of their job. Most who listened were already convinced there were election irregularities so they were already guarded.

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  • Real Life hard copies of this zine have been successful. People react positively and will engage with it and take the time to read it when previously they haven’t with videos/links. I think the humour/light heartedness helps. My husband being a prime example. I did not create it, a clever lady only known as Eve did. Note that it was only released in August 22. It is not about vaccines, though. Its focus is the Technocratic Architecture that we experienced that accompanied them. Of course, it has been being built even since before the pandemic by BlackRock, Goldman Sachs and DARPA’s etc of this world. Many of us (including many of my friends and family, ) are involved in building this – we just don’t necessarily know it. We need to understand and discuss the Economic Imperative and the Data Analytics Imperative behind these Blockchain systems, and also behind the Data Driven Therapeutics and Wellness prescriptions and pathways tied to digital id and dashboards that are going to be offered. There is also a YouTube video which fleshes out each page of the zine in great detail by Alison McDowell, whose research the zine is based on. This is a conversation more people need to have.

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  • I try to wake up one person a day, so I really might have awakened more people, I will go out of my way to try and enlighten someone, while working or doing daily things in public. I share information almost daily on a mass email list, hoping that the meme, story or video will register a response. Usually friends will tell me that they shared what I shared with them. Take for instance your articles, I share them on an email list of 50 friends and they will respond or not. No matter, if I have planted the seed. I always try to “Red Pill” people about 9/11, it is an easy one to use. Just mention WTC 7. Thanks for what you do.

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  • The only thing that has worked for me was when I was getting lectured by a doctor on how vaccines in general work, and I asked him, “Do you know what natural immunity is?” He ignored me and continued his lecture, and I interjected again, “Yes, yes, but do you know what natural immunity is?” After doing this two or three times and insisting that he answer my question, he finally said, “yes.” And I said, “OK, then.” I didn’t try to make any further points, and the conversation soon ended, but after that exchange, he seemed more open to my outside-the-box ideas around vaccination and treatment than before.

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  •  There is MANDATORY information on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) that we will be going over at the parent meeting on the 22nd. This is a new requirement from the State of Wisconsin. Unfortunately the forms we needed from WAHA were not available in time for registration or we would have collected them the same way we do the concussion information. Kids are not allowed on the ice for the season until the SCA forms are turned in, so it’s really important you get to the parent meeting or make special arrangements to get them completed. Thanks for your patience this first year, next year the process will be easier.   this is from our local hockey association. If this doesn’t red pill you- then I don’t know what else to say.

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  • Red Pilling Takes Time and Effort As health care consumer 1) I challenge masks with, “We’re still pretending masks work?” I get little push back this year and even some chuckles. 2) Emailed my dentist a list if studies that masks don’t work with comment “this should about cover it”. No masks next visit. 3) In one on one I say “You don’t need to wear a mask for my sake”, a few will remove their mask. As retail consumer 1) Always wait for a warning before putting on mask and I state “You know these don’t work”, “Still pretending are we” or “I’m not playing pandemic anymore” 2) Email and social medial I share Steve Kirsch articles & videos, Coffee & COVID and many other articles and videos from various sources. Family 1) I stuck to health risks and mitigations. Recommended first HCQ+zinc, then IVM, sent studies and articles, was shut down by (let’s not talk about this or you don’t believe the experts, you horse dewormer idiot) 50%, accepted. 2) I simply state things like “I’m hearing bad things about those vaccines, I wouldn’t get them”. I let that go where it goes. Church I spoke with elders about the danger to young couples based on early studies showing that the mRNA concentrates in the overlies. I had the studies and videos. I started my Rumble channel as a ‘go to’ place for further information if they were interested. It was a touchy topic initially, but everyone seems to know now. A few fell victim anyway.

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  • Maintaining gentleness and consistent care regardless of differing opinions. Asking questions that can’t be answered easily. Showing contradictions between government or ‘regulatory body’ directives. Raising issues regarding unresolved problems from pre-Covid era. Avoiding endless dialogue and using simple terms and phrases to jolt a persons thinking. (aka – trying to use value from language systems like hieroglyphics). Eg. $cience. “Anecdotal” – when all of the anecdotal evidence leads to one obvious conclusion. “Professor BS” (Victorian Chief Health Officer – Victoria Australia) Giving people permission to ask better questions. Also having everyone ask themselves this basic question – If you were stupid, how would you know? Humility is the beginning of the journey to truth… Staying with people when they are going through the fear of adverse health events (4 family members – all vaccinated). 2 have come back and apologised for not listening to me. Following Air Crash Investigation methodology and principles – Make No Assumptions!. Prove everything where possible. Explaining to people the lessons I received in Basic Training in the military and the various forms of warfare which include “Information Warfare or Propaganda”. Opening conversations with people about “Conscious or Unconscious Knowledge Avoidance”. The principle of not wanting to face a reality of some nature partly because of the immense implications of the possibility of that reality. Maintaining reputation. People don’t have to agree with you to respect you. I have one other major option I’m currently working on. Will not speak openly about it…

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  • I am very unsuccessful. I’ve lost two jobs during the pandemic (hard to prove b/c right-to-work state) . Even tonight, I have a nephew’s wife tell me she will vax their almost 1yo and I’m an a$$ for suggesting God-Given immunity is better. Wish I was just drunk uncle, not “reality uncle”. They’re Christian, so they have given it to God, not recent “science “. Should I step in with my sister? It gets worse at that point. Nope, only red pills are my wife and friend who won’t take another booster regardless… it wasn’t me. Sadly.

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  • Before the censorship got out of control I was posting on the comment sections of pro clot shot news articles using a news app on my phone. My bold comments were attracting responses from people in the medical/research areas. They had no chance. I had the facts ready to go: transcripts from expert interviews, clot shot death rates from multiple countries, real life examples of people cured with ivermectin, links to real faces of clot shot damaged individuals. My most memorable red pill I give credit AND GLORY to God as it is likely the catalyst in saving the life of Johnathan Jordan’s mom in Mississippi’s Forest General Hospital and the person I was corresponding with (mel_bel) worked at that hospital and knew the doctors involved in her treatment. The correspondence took place in the comment section of the HuffingtonPost’s article titled, ‘Delta Variant Will ‘Find Everybody Not Immune,’ Warns Mayo Clinic Vaccine Expert’ no author, dated July 23, 2021. The hook/post that got his attention: “They start them off on Remdesivir, intubate them, followed by a death cocktail on sedatives. These aren’t COVID deaths. It’s premeditated medical deaths and people need to go to jail over this.” I got him to watch the 20 July 2021 interview with Johnathan Jordan on the Stew Peters Show to which he replied he knew those doctors personally and “You & Mr. Jordan have no idea the medical needs of patients on the ventilator. Covid patients make progress & crash. These lies have caused this man to interfere in his mother’s care and now he can’t even visit her.” Because I had transcribed the entire Johnathan Jordan interview I was able to pointed out the fact that the doctor disobeyed a court order to withhold ivermectin. I also pointed out that I know of studies on ivermectin and that ivermectin saved two elderly women in NY from death also administered under court orders. mel_bel said he would forward the interview link to one of the doctors thinking they would have a case for slander. THE RESULT (a couple days later on the Stew Peters Show – 28 July 2021) Former Pfizer Employee Confirms ‘Vaccine’ is POISON! – Jan 6 ‘Commission’ HOAX! Gun Grab Underway! Stew Peters: I have just got one of the coolest emails that I think I have ever had. An update from Johnathan. You remember we covered his mom who was on the vent. She wasn’t getting the ivermectin that she needed. The pressure worked; Being on the show appears to have worked. You guys went into action your reviews, your phone calls to the medical center. They have since pulled her off the vent. They have given her what she needs. She is on her way out of there and doing very well.    We are protecting you against the jab. We are protecting you from the lies and the propaganda and we are delivering the truth.

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  • I have successfully convinced ~10 people who were pro-vax to no longer receive any further COVID vaccines. I did this simply by sharing and discussing a lot of information on your sub + Alex Berenson’s sub. You guys both have solid data and link it to studies. No one cares about some fringe opinion piece. But when I beat people over the head with links to studies with big names like Harvard, UPenn, BMJ, etc – it works. It’s never quick, it takes time, and they’ll be frustrated about the info. But eventually it always clicks. I send them a link to a new study every 2 (ish) weeks. And when I know they won’t read it, I post the article summary in the group chat. I force them to see the numbers from legitimate sources that are indisputable.

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  • Socratic method. Data share doesn’t work. Ask well worded question like, ‘Why do you think they censor doctors curing people?” ‘Wonder why all vaccines are liability free?” . . . don’t really know how many I’ve red-pilled . . . I talk to lots of strangers.

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  • I shared the Naomi Wolf interview with Edward Dowd of Blackrock….the actuary numbers from insurance company tables.

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  • Waking people up pits the informed citizen against the entire corrupt medical establishment, backed by corrupt Govt agencies (FDA, CDC, NIH), politicians and the MSM. It is like trying to deprogram cult members who still live in their cult and continue to get nightly sermons from their kidnappers about “safe and effective”. That said, knowledge is power, and there is plenty of knowledge out there thanks to heroes like Steve Kirsch. My family hasn’t faced a death – yet. But we’ve had blood clots, doctors pushing the poison on pregnant family members, and stories of acquaintances and extended friends who’ve suffered. One murdered by Remdesivir. For my part I’ve alienated most of my family to a point, but they still talk to me, listen to me, and I believe, take what I say seriously. I’m up against the system highlighted above. Sadly, most people are sheep. Their heads are down eating the grass and they don’t pay much attention to where they’re being herded. But… No one in my family has gotten a booster. No one is going to get a booster. Whatever damage has been done, I’m praying it ends here. I don’t think my prayers will be enough, though. Except for my brother, no one has gotten a bad lot number. My brother got one, but so far he seems fine. I know he’s not, but no serious adverse effects we’re aware of. My wife’s family is a lost cause. Californians; they’re lost causes. They’ve gotten the booster and will get this new untested injection when it’s available. It’s going to take a very serious adverse event, or even a death, to get their attention. They are so bought into the lies I gave up on them a year ago. My wife too.

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  • I redpilled my sister. She was asleep for many years. I exposed her to David Icke books and talked about Chem Trails. She was asleep until 2019. Now she tells me about the chem trails by her and tells me about conspiracy topics I haven’t heard. The other was one of my workers. I started by giving him the Rich Dad Poor Dad book. This got him thinking differently. From there I mentioned Jordan Peterson. On his own he found Ben Shapiro, Candice Owens and others. Now he is MAGA. I also work at Seagate Technologies (not on the World Economic Forum list of partners but still woke). I work in HR and have to be really careful since I started in May.

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  • 3 lines that come in handy: “Everyone who sees what you see agrees with you!” (they appreciate the acknowledgement. ) “But everyone who sees what you see AND sees what I see, agrees with me.” and “Yes, but on that subject, what is the other side that is a hundred times worse” and “Is that what you think, or is that what you have been told?” (Truth is what you discover, lies are what you are told) Offer to show them the other research, they will decline, in which case you can say “That is why you don’t know” Call me when you want to know what the facts say, and not the summary that powerful people want you to believe. In he meantime you can wonder why nothing you have been told has come true, and everything I have said from day one has. They wont ever call, but at some point they will stop protesting and interjecting, (that is as close to listening as they will get) to them the ubiquity of the narrative is supportive. (How many times did you hear, “safe and effective”) They need to hear the truth many times before they start to realize it has merit, since they are obviously not ones to search past being spoon-fed by MSM to get it. (And I also say “it sucks, and I hate that it is true.) I don’t want anyone believing I am some sort of pessimistic masochist, I told you so, type.

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  • The easiest people to red pill are those that had two shots and one or more boosters and then get covid and test positive. These people are usually already upset. Especially if you talk to them while they are sick with covid. So you ask them the following questions. “Does the vaccine prevent infection?” “Is the vaccine 95% effective?” “Does the vaccine prevent transmission?” “Did politicians and health officials lie to you? Listen to their answers and try to figure out what question will nudge them towards the truth. One person who seemed to be technical I went as far as telling him about Dr. David Martin, his data that the covid spike protein has many patents during the last two decades and you can look up the patents online.

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  • I simply talk talk talk pretty much everything about everything, not only about Covid but false flags like 911, Ukraine, and of course about “global warming”. By doing so, I red-pilled only a few friends including my sister. People around here still are wearing masks. It’s really hard to red-pill this kind of population. And in 2020, I got so angry about what they’ve done and started to write blogs for Japanese people(I live in Tokyo). Since they generally don’t read foreign language stuff, I often translate fantastic articles such as yours. I’ll be happy even one person get red-pilled by reading my post.

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  • It’s like talking to a tree. Sadly the only thing that will ever happen is the leaves will fall off.. and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, 12 in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but I assume your are speaking of red pill with regard to covid, but I feel that covid is too emotional for people. Taking the discussion back to the vaccines that we had as kids compared to what is on the cdc schedule now is an eye opener for people. Especially the over 60 group who only had a couple vaccines and never noticed the modern day vaccine schedule for kids today. My mother (late 60’s) is a nurse in a large hospital system and has come around to asking the legitimacy of these added vaccines for children today. In turn, when the covid vaccine for kids was being pushed, my once pro vaccine friends and family started seeing the connection. They realized how much they were asleep at the wheel all these years and should have paid closer attention. Planting the seed with people and asking questions is what leads to red pilling my friends and family. Let’s call it the Socratic method.

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  • My method leverages the madness in our society, pronoun choices, Supreme Court nominees and others that can’t define what a women is, etc. So it starts with….either someone makes it known to me that they believe I am an anti-vaxxer or I elicited someone confirming they think I’m an anti-vaxxer. After this is accomplished I can then say words to the effect, ‘hey wait a minute, seems to me that in our world out there today, it’s not reasonable to narrow things down to one or the other (male or female as the example). So I proclaim it’s not fair to me to be one or the other, pro-vaxxer or anti-vaxxer……….I proclaim I’m a BI-VAXXER. The word BI-VAXXER is key. So then I explain BI-VAXXER……….a person, or sometimes I start with ‘a sinner like me and everyone else’ that is generally in favor of the use of STERILIZING vaccines, generally meaning mostly in favor of but not 100% or absolutely in favor of (no vaccine is 100% sterilizing by the way), and also a person that is generally against the use of NON-STERILIZING vaccines – especially on a population wide basis)…….. again generally doesn’t mean 100% against the use, there are certain special or limited situations that the use of non-sterilizing vaccines might be okay. Then I explain the reasoning which is based upon the believe that more harm than good is the result when non-sterilizing vaccines are used. Then I use the death from whooping cough figures today vs 20 or 30 yrs ago to make the point that the use (or switch) to the non-sterilizing pertussis vaccine is what’s behind the increase in deaths since the 80s. Basically the carriers aren’t harmed because their natural immunity is strong enough and this may be true for the majority, but there is a certain percentage of people with weaker immunity systems across the population that get harmed (from whooping cough). So it boils down to, I know u were thinking u were doing good by taking the Covid vaccine to help others but that’s not really what’s going to happen, and being a BI-VAXXER is good thing, it’s a way to have your cake and eat it too on multiple levels. So perhaps you can migrate from blue pill or red pill thinking and help make it known to a wide audience or the wider population that there is another pill, it could be called a purple pill or call it a multicolored red and blue stripped pill, – we need the CDC to establish BI-VAXXER as an official word with a definition like mine above.

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  • showing research – one got cancer research explained clearly and simply sharing as much MSM evidence available showing how to connect the dots getting people to join Telegram

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  • I have found the best methods for redpilling are using the World Economic Forum’s own videos from the past and showing lots of articles about sudden deaths. One specific example I used was the government report from Alberta that showed that I’m 2021, deaths from “Ill-defined” reasons was the leading cause of death in the province. Using the World Economic Forum and listing events such as Event 201 are the best way. Always use websites like Wikipedia or Global News to stop them from saying “that’s just right-wing conspiracy nuts”

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  • I wrote a comment on your Substack post on this subject. Dr. Mike Yeadon replied. Reading his reply caused me to think a bit more deeply about my original comment. I have posted a reply to Dr. Yeadon which more deeply explains my experience overcoming triggering barriers in current media sites. Here is my reply to Dr. Yeadon:
  • Dr. Yeadon, Grateful for your work, your courage.  Calling your attention to the very effective style of Russell Brand and ways it may help in this cognitive war …  Russell’s work definitely stimulates people’s appetite for the truth. He is really very funny. His humor seems to disarm the highly polarized among us. Its how I got doors open to share Substack articles with co-workers.  Russell has definitely got the heart of a lion. He wishes to do good with the benefits he’s received from his successful career. Although Russell had a bit of a rough go in life he turned it around for the good – and he wants to do good. I would say at a minimum, if you chose to visit his video links below it will probably give you a few good healthy, restorative belly laughs! You’ve been out there along with Steve and the outstanding professionals fighting the good fight for us all – a very tough slog, crucial for humanity. But here I hope you find a lift. Here is someone trying to help you carry that ball. Thought about Substack – it does not use political paid-for ads for revenue.  When a person who is basically on the fence sees such ads they can be triggered. Example, I sent an extremely well prepared article from The Gateway Pundit to a co-worker who did not read the article because he took offense at the ads at the top of the article. He texted me back balking that it is a “conservative” site. Sadly, because of this he never did digest the contents of that article. Not to be daunted, I waited some time then sent some Substack articles on the same subjects plus a Russell Brand video on vaccine mandates (link below for you). Now I’ve got text conversations on a regular basis and can easily enter into discussion about what is happening globally.  Great progress! Ok, on with Russell … here is the first Russell Brand video I shared with “normies.”  Russell’s videos seem to break some cognitive ice with them … In this 17  minute video Russell jumps the “group think” guardrails on vaccine mandates. Bravo Russell! “This Is A DISGRACE” by Russell Brand 9/8/22 Then doing my research for you I came across another video … Russell is beginning to pry the lid off of Fauci, et al … this one is 13 minutes … “So, He Lied??” by Russell Brand 9/8/22 I think this is the start of something good.

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  • I designed a simple two-sided full color business card with an image of Covid-19 Fraud EXPOSED! Both in English & French. The other side, the web site plus I added 4 different web sites to visit. All translatable in numerous languages. I place this business card on people’s car on the drivers side, inside the glass rubber casing. The important message gets transmitted without too much talk which causes fear or confusion and sheer curiosity takes over. has been a new facebook like social platform but more improved. It’s only been around for about 2 1/2 years and it has exploded with well over 30,000+ members internationally. Not all are paid subscribers as I am, some are higher paid members but it’s gained lots of traction with Americana and European and also international audiences. The design and content is fantastic and improving constantly. We are uncensored and also live at times. It’s a whole new concept and it’s gaining momentum. Started by two BC, Canada entrepreneurs. Norbert Orlewitz a marketing whiz and Roman Timachenko programmer. Norbert’s wife has also been an active video producer and interviewer, of high profile people, medical doctors, nurses etc. Odessa Orlewitz. She’s on many social media platforms. LibertyTalkCanada on Bitchute, facebook, Rumble…etc…Need a photo of this business card? Let me know…I’ll e-mail it to you. Robert – WatchmanForTruth, I’m in Montreal, Canada

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  • I’m the manager of an IT company. When vaccine mandates were introduced I announced I would sack anyone who got vaccinated. I reasoned that if the government made it lawful to sack people over medical decisions, I could too and also I wanted to create employment for unvaccinated people who were being fired from other companies. At first one or two staff were concerned but when one staff member’s 39 year old uncle died from heart attack soon after vaccination, staff realised I was right. My own father had a stroke 3 days after a Pfizer Booster and died, so my Red Pilling was limited.

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  • I simply point out they lied to us they said if we got the shot we couldn’t catch or infect anyone with Covid it is easy to convince them they lied.

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  • I use humour . When they tell me they are out to get their booster to protect others in the community I just agree with them . Then I say that I always make sure to take my birth control so the nice couple next door doesn’t have another ‘Whoopsie’. This has actually been a lightbulb moment for some of my friends who are silently stunned and then they laugh instead of getting angry.

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  • I keep a written and growing list of people within my social circle that I know personally and or their family members and friends who have either died following their vaxx or have experienced a serious vaxx injury and I share that information regularly in conversations and over social media. My list has grown to over 100 and is growing weekly. I pastor two small churches with approximately 120 members. 90 percent of our membership is unvaxxed.

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  • 2nd response. Blue pilled is completely refusing to see another side – I have not been able to change anyone’s mind that thinks this way. I have only been able to talk to other health care providers that already were not buying into the narrative from the beginning. Same in the social scene – an over 60’s singles group that meets for dinners, another group – pickleball players mostly seniors. This topic is nuclear waste for those that don’t want to hear it. I have had to make alliances with like-minded people as I can no longer relate to those that refuse to learn the truth. I cannot speak to my own daughter about this topic – she is certain I am crazy.

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  • I can’t say I red-pill people. I help people facilitate self-red-pilling for want of a better term. My observations are that most people are not 100% accepting of the official narrative. If you have a genuine conversation with someone and really listen – genuinely try to understand their position, they will tell you all sorts of things about themselves that you would never get out of them if you asked them directly. You can then take this information, sometimes it will contain the exact place(s) that they don’t accept the official narrative. I’ve had reasonable success asking questions on topics that are adjacent to the part of the narrative that the individual doesn’t accept. I only give answers if asked directly – I avoid wherever possible to tell someone what to think, my foremost priority is to get the individual to think for themselves. If I am asked for what I think on the subject I will try to explain how I came to the conclusion, and also that I may well be wrong. It’s not a particularly rapid process on the individual, but I have observed outstanding results as the process seems to be able to be self replicating. The self-red-pilled individual will then go on to get others to question the narrative.

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  • For most individuals, taking the red pill is a “hard pill to swallow” and understandably so. The expression refers to a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the “red pill” or remaining in a contented state of ignorance with the “blue pill.” These terms refer to a scene in the 1999 film The Matrix. We are living in very difficult, distressing, and unprecedented times. As a rule, I have found that vast majority of people don’t want to hear the truth, they just want to be reassured that “what they believe is the truth!” As creatures of habit, humans do not succumb to change easily. Change comes slowly like the proverbial boiling frog – “gradually.” It explains why it took many generations of mind-bending propaganda through every form of controlled media to achieve total social compliance. Years of gradually moulding people’s brains into believing that any lie spoken about often enough will systematically become truth. Why do you think television shows are referred to as programming? – “You mean the moon isn’t made of cheese?” Sooner or later, 20% of the populous will start to notice subtle and consistent change for the worse. Their analytical frontal cortex will begin to surmise that there seems to be some serious shit happening here! Ten years ago, when I first began my journey down the rabbit hole, it was extremely difficult to discuss the noticeable inconsistencies of this world with the average person on the street – many of whom would look at you as though you had three heads! But through casually speaking with friends that carrying these conversation on to others, small changes in attitude begin to take hold in the growing number of minds through a naturally occurring phenomena known as the (SOC) Self-Organizing Collective. The real truth, as disturbing and unbelievable as it may be, begins to noticeably rear its ugly head to more and more people. Over time, reality sets in and this awareness slowly spreads like a contagion and makes talking to more and more people much easier. The former doubting Thomas’ are now beginning to pass around the red pills amongst themselves and others, though it has to be done cautiously and covertly like talking about a Speakeasy to strangers during prohibition. I was at a sandwich shop the other night and when I engaged in certain benign political comments with the staff. I overheard them suddenly turned to each other as they spoke about me under their breath saying, “He’s one of us!” I felt in good company like people in the movie, “They Live.” It has been my experience that calm, logical, and evidential discussions will create open and honest conversations with those who are not too brainwashed. Unfortunately, I find most individuals in this world would rather be fatally wrong, as long as they were in a group of their peers, then be right standing in left field all by themselves. The 80 / 20 rule applies to red-pilling as it does to most things in life. Typically, up to 20% of the population will start to influence the remaining 80% who lag behind. Slowly, word gets around as change begins to form protests and potential revolutions. But according to an upcoming publication in “Science,” a study describes an online experiment in which researchers sought to determine what percentage of the total population a minority needs to reach the critical mass necessary in order to reverse a majority viewpoint. The tipping point they found is just “25 percent.” The study showed that there was no effect up to 24% but at the 25% mark and slightly above that level, contrarians were able to persuade anywhere from 72% to 100% of the population.”  But in this day of mass global corruption, multitudes of vaccine deaths and injuries, civil unrest, wokeness, climate change, political insanity, and let’s not forget that we are on the brink of World War 3 with Russia – it appears that cognitive dissidence is alive and well. There are still many people who refuse to have their utopian world messed with! During a crisis, they will still defiantly hide in a corner with a bottle of scotch rocking back and forth while uncontrollably mumbling, “Take me to a happy place.” Then there are those with a bad case of “normalcy bias.” These unfortunate souls have a tendency not to be capable of dealing with life during a disaster. They will likely hide with their heads in the sand like an ostrich and hope the problem will resolve itself or deny that there even is one. By the way, ostriches are not known for hiding their heads in the sand, only people do that. My final thought on this subject is wondering if we’ve come too far? Is it too late for the warehouses still full of red pills when it seems that we are all out of stock on blue ones?

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  • I told them my story of how I was reluctant to get this jab. My company told me that they couldn’t place me at the main client I worked at without the shot. For the first time in my life I felt bad chest pain 6 hours after the first shot. If I wasn’t so distrustful of hospitals I would have called an ambulance. I then tried to get a doctor to exempt me from the second shot but no doctors were prepared to give me such a letter. Fortunately I wasn’t any worse from the second shot. But it’s took me 8 months before I could exercise properly without any chest pain. Although much improved and able to function properly now, I am still not back to 100%. I am 20% worse in running and rowing than I was before the first shot in October 2021. When I share this story with people, it has worked to prevent them from getting any further shots.

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  • I replaced their fear of Covid with fear of the state. He had all the hallmarks: cycling in a mask, standing well away from me even outside. He now sends me evidence of vaccine harm etc that demonstrates a complete conversion. Perhaps I caught him at just the right time. Btw most people in uk seem redpilled now simply because the propaganda has disappeared and there are no restrictions. In short: fear of the virus needs to be replaced by fear of the state.

In Progress...

  • I work in IT and was an architect on the systems for Rona reporting to Parliament. 1-This background gives me some credibility with people who know me. Been in IT and data systems forever. Know stats and data very well. 2-Red pilled maybe half a dozen or more colleagues and friends. Oddly my family rejected my advice doing the opposite including my Dad and Step Mom (eagerly believe gov’t and fake news which is their liturgy). 3-Supported more than half a dozen who decided not to believe the fraud but were subjected to the biggest psyops in history and wanted some data/support. 4-How: -Very publicly demonstrated that I/our family were never get stabbinated and the state could go blow – would never comply and that Rona was a fraud (March 2020 and I was marching in protests as well) -Never followed any of the rules – never wore a face anus wrap -Built my own data dash and analysis, shared it, and talked to people in numbers, real Rona dead vs stated, real IFR vs the normal flu season, the real death rate (unchanged), and about how viruses work, our immune system and why imprisoning people destroys your natural immunity. Admittedly a tough way to go, given the illiteracy of 80% of the sheeple. -Would confront their belief system – ask them why they believed the TV, who are these experts, why would they believe that this guy the Minister of Health or Science, or Rona response, knows anything, why would they trust criminal Pharma or a criminal government about their own health? How much money were the criminals making? How great was the destruction of society for a 0.03% real IFR? -Discussed freedom and rights to one’s own body, free from coercion, Nuremberg Code (this was usually met with hostility by the Covidians) -Predicted that the Stabs would kill and injure before they arrived in Dec 2020, told plenty of people, proven right, this added credibility, even people 2-3x jagged eventually started to understand the nature of the fraud and privately agreed they were wrong though none apologised for the Vaxx Fascism and coercion. -Also discussed the lopsided Uke war coverage and NATO’s history, 2003 WMD and all the election frauds with people. If the deep state(s) and fake news lie about everything why not Rona? Having said that, Rona just confirmed for me a man of average intelligence but with a deep distrust of authority, government and fake science and pharma; that about 50% of the population are stupid (and many are corrupt), 30% will comply to survive (though not believing what they are told) and 20% are critical thinkers who will risk a lot, in some cases everything, in order to follow the truth and be free. The Climate cult reveals the same.

I just joined Gettr and I highly recommend it - it's the best alternative to them all so far:


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