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Julian is a lawyer and former barrister, who wrote the legal opinion and prepared the brief for the current Federal Court proceedings, seeking two outcomes. 

  1. Firstly that the Secretary of Health perform his statutory duty and suspend or cancel the Covid-19 vaccines. 
  2. And secondly, that the Court rule the decision to extend the vaccines to 5-11 year olds is invalid at law, as the Secretary of Health lacked the legal power to make the decision 

Julian is dedicating his life at this time to the pursuit of truth and justice.

Mr Julian Gillespie, LLB, BJURIS Retired barrister.

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Vaccines should’ve been suspended or cancelled in about April 2021.

Why were these non-vaccines approved for young children who were never at risk? They are now being maimed and dying from these non-vaccines.

The greatest focus is on the historic deaths and injuries in Australia as a consequence of the introduction of these experimental gene-based therapies, improperly called Covid-19 vaccines.

Prior to the rollout of these drugs, Australia averaged 2.4 deaths per year from conventional protein-based vaccines, and averaged less than 500 annual adverse event reports reaching back to 1971.

Today, just a little over one year since these non-vaccines were introduced into the Australian community, reported deaths are over 880, and other adverse event reports have reached over 129,000. And do note that there is a substantial under-reporting of adverse events in Australia, where our estimates of deaths could be as much as five times higher, meaning over 4,300 deaths.

Our TGA refuses to properly investigate these deaths.

The enormous body of evidence we have amassed for our current Federal court proceedings shows these COVID-19 drugs have killed and maimed many more people than have actually died from COVID-19; they have killed and maimed young and healthy people who were at low-risk for COVID-19. Even for the elderly and vulnerable people, it is now arguable whether these gene-based drugs have caused more deaths than they have saved.

Yet our TGA, for the first time in its history, refused to cancel or suspend them and instead pushed on, only wanting to see younger and younger people, including children and infants receive them despite the numbers I have just cited, and despite SARS-COV-2, particularly the Omicron variant, posing no threat to healthy, young people.

Big Pharma pushes on and our TGA is only too eager to accommodate, which leads me to some central themes I wish to address.

We have a problem with complicity in our country, between politicians and medicos who don’t speak up!

Excepting, of course, some of the brave people who you will hear from tonight, and their associates and colleagues who distinctly share their views.

Experimental shots that are now shown to be produced by fraud by Pfizer—a corporation with an astonishing criminal history of fraud. Shots that do invade the cell nucleus of those who receive them with as yet unknown effects because the makers were not required to perform the proper safety tests into carcinogenicity and genotoxicity—these being tests to see if these drugs could cause cancers, or cause infertility, or cause the DNA of humans to be changed forever. No, these tests, which are to safeguard lives, were avoided.

Early and independent peer-reviewed research points to possible changes to the human genome, infertility, and cancers that would never have occurred but for these non-vaccines.

All of these incredibly devastating outcomes are brought on by big pharmaceutical companies’ paying for regulatory and medical silence, as well as pharmaceutical companies’ paying for political silence.

And an Australian Federal government paying our State and Territory governments to do whatever was needed to push these non-vaccines despite the mountain of adverse event reports, both here and overseas-despite now over one thousand published, peer-reviewed papers on the injuries they continue to cause.

This push by our Australian government is only for the interests of the manufacturers.

We ignored our own Pandemic Plan

And what is not discussed?

The federal government was behind this push. Using its justification of the IHR (WHO regulations), which were recommendations for repeated government messaging to get vaccinated, get the jab, it’s “safe and effective”.

While threatening and indeed implementing lockdowns, compulsory masks, compulsory social distancing, compulsory separation from family and friends, and vaccine mandates for many workers-just to name some of the measures we were ordered to comply with or be fined thousands of dollars, or be arrested, or as we saw in Victoria, be fired upon by police, bashed, pepper-sprayed, and trampled under police horses.

These measures of the Australian government—these were measures that WHO, and indeed, all Australian governments, knew had no firm basis in science.

Each of our Federal, State, and Territory governments knew this to be so – each being co-authors of the Australian Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza, published in August of 2019.

I suggest everyone view Attachment A – being the evidence compendium.

Australian Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza | PDF

An incredibly well-researched and extensive plan for any pandemic—which the Federal government said it would be guided by at the start of this nonsense pandemic, but ignored in practice—instead, deferring to the unsubstantiated recommendations issued by the WHO—where no reasonable explanations have been provided for this extraordinary departure—for well-established science against lockdown measures and mandates.

Indeed, the Australian public continues to wait; waiting to understand why they were coerced, beaten, oppressed, isolated, locked-down, segregated, mask-muzzled, and indeed treated no better than criminals within an Australia-wide prison lockdown scenario.

New Oppressive Legislation

But – I must move on to address new oppressive powers that a few health ministers wish to have made law so health professionals can be more effectively controlled come the next government-fuelled crisis.

The latest attempts by the Health Ministers meeting, a reformulation of the previous COAG health council, involve proposed amendments to the national law without any consultation from those affected, namely health professionals, and it’s nothing short of a doubling-down exercise for further exerting pharmaceutical interests by extending powers to gag, intimidate, and essentially defame health professionals who do not push the drug products our government needs pushed.

These proposed powers will allow so-called government health messaging to go unchallenged.

The recent pro-vaccine messaging campaign, undertaken by governments across Australia, was coordinated out of the Federal government’s Department of Health and wasn’t true. Pharmaceutical company messaging sent via the WHO, for scaring and inducing using mandates and coercing citizens to receive what is now understood to be the most dangerous and deadly products ever made available to Australians. The benefits from the rollout of these wrongly-named drugs have flowed to a few big pharma shareholders who in turn have shared their wealth via political donations and a flood of various research grants to those talking-heads who fronted cameras and committees to perpetuate the lie of “safe and effective” when there was never sufficient data to support such reckless and dangerous claims.

The “safe and effective” claim now shown to have been false, even before it was ushered to Australia as the Pfizer clinical trial documents reveal, and which was known to drug regulators including our TGA in early March 2021.

I am, of course, referencing Pfizer’s own report titled 5.3.6 Cumulative analysis of post-authorization adverse event report received on February 28, 2021.

Within that group, we see that of the 42,000 people who received the Pfizer jab, 1,223 died, representing nearly 3% of that group.

And 9 pages listing over 1,500 types of observed and recorded adverse events of special interest—over 1,500 different types of medical conditions caused by these non-vaccines.

Timestamp: 12min

Pfizer’s concoction that was only meant to prevent severe COVID illness, has instead gone on to also produce deaths, illnesses, and permanent disabilities.

Our TGA “forgot” to share this information at the time and indeed ever since, and yes – everywhere else too:

  • Regulators never stepped forward with these truths
    • Never informed our medical community
    • Never updated the product information with these facts
    • Never ensured Australians received this information for informed consent

Instead, they began to literally hide the bodies and injuries that started mounting quickly.

Recently and still now, we have quite simply witnessed and been subject to a period of the corruption of medicine, the corruption of healthcare, and of course the ongoing corruption of politics, achieving these aims regardless of the human counts in lives and injuries.

What do I know in saying all this? Quite a lot.

Assisted by the investigational efforts of many people possessing PhDs, forensic skills, statistical skills, and most especially a conscience.

People with a conscience who have now collected irrefutable evidence – sufficient for major judicial proceedings which myself and others are currently putting together in this country and abroad, for trials of international significance.

Witnesses to be called and for those involved to be called to account to answer questions about medical integrity and a lack of courage.

While many health professionals, bureaucrats, politicians, and the public have accepted the official narrative of “safe and effective” on face-value, there are questions for others about whether and when they knew (or started to suspect) that the experimental gene-based drugs were neither safe nor effective.

People who were therefore complicit in throwing the health and lives of Australians under the bus, knowingly, for what else but enormous political donations, multi-million dollar research grants, positions of power, and perhaps even cold, hard, cash.

The following persons will need to provide some answers:

  1. Former Prime Minister, Scott Morrison
  2. Former Health Minister, Greg Hunt
  3. Current head of the TGA, Brendan Murphy
  4. and his Deputy John Skerritt
  5. Members of the AHPRA boards
  6. Members of the ATAGI boards
  7. Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly
  8. Chief Health Officer members of the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee, the AHPPC
  9. Members of the TGA’s advisory committee of Vaccines
  10. Former and Current State and Territory Members of the National Cabinet responsible for implementing mandates, lockdowns, masking, social-distancing, and the fraudulent use of false-positive inducing high-cycle threshold PCR testing
  11. Former and current Chief Health Officers for each state and territory government
  12. Former and current Health Ministers for each state and territory government

If the enormity of what is being done to Australian men, women and children is still not known or understood by you, then clearly you chose “the blue pill option” the federal state and territory governments wanted you to take.

Assisted by an unquestioning and culpable Australian media that sold it’s journalistic integrity for a few pieces of silver.

I could’ve used my time here to speak of the need to head off the proposed amendments to the national law, but everything I have just said needed to be said plainly, in a public forum.

My submissions, prepared with great help, by Kara Thomas the assistant secretary of the Australian Medical Professionals Society can be viewed along with those with another 38 organizations – many of who also regard many of the proposed amendments as repugnant, overreaching, and just downright oppressive.

Indeed my verbal summary to Kara Thomas was that they represent a totalitarian style of tactics akin to those of the Chinese Communist Party to control over 825 health professionals in order to control the rest of the Australian community.

But now it is fitting to hear from those who as health professionals have suffered and continue to suffer under the national law, meaning then, so have their patients suffered, and thereby their communities have suffered and thereby Australia has suffered because these brave souls sought to stand to express the truth to protect their patients and the community for which doing so resulted in their relentless persecution. Despicable actions exacted over the last two and a half years by Australia’s political representatives and so-called health officers assisted by AHPRA and a national boards, where the latter behaved more like attack dogs and protectors of public health.

Despicable actions taken towards health professionals, the very people who first “Do no harm”.

Doctors, nurses, and any registered health practitioner who had looked into the real science behind these experimental products, and sought to protect Australians from the “safe and effective” drums being beaten relentlessly – daily by people who had no knowledge of what was in fact been pushed into the arms of Australians, or the money being paid by the federal government enabled the safe and effective cheerleaders to all look the other way.

Some who will speak tonight refuse to look away from their responsibilities towards their patients and the community and for upholding their ethical and professional duties, they will sacrifice for political expediency and to prevent the truth emerging.

Well now the truth is abundantly clear:

The Safe and Effective solution has instead resulted in being a fatal solution for now thousands of Australians, with tens of thousands more now permanently harmed and injured and disabled for life.

Before I hand over to our medical and scientific heroes, who will speak to the facts and science, let me be very clear:

In Summary

  1. These non-vaccines experimental gene-therapies have killed more Australians than have actually died directly from COVID.
  2. These non-vaccines continue to kill and injure and harm Australians at historically unprecedented levels both here and across the world.
  3. These non-vaccines accumulating booster doses affects the immune system to make people “More”, not less, Pre-disposed to being infected with COVID and to suffering more when infected with COVID.
  4. These non-vaccines were never needed because well-established early treatments using decades-old medicines of which the Nobel prize was awarded, were abundantly available. And so safe and efficient, they could be used as a Prophylaxis against infection, with minimal side-effects.
    • And yes, I am talking about Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, even Zinc and Vitamin D.
    • But Big Pharma ensured that most western governments demonized or indeed made illegal some of these incredibly successful and known to be safe medicines, because instead the priority became COVID 19 vaccine sales contracts worth hundreds of billions of dollars which of course could be shared around.
      • Therefore the push was to to get everyone injected with these new experimental drugs, which medically illiterate politicians confidently asserted multiple times a day for months were “safe and effective”.
  5. People under sixty always stood a greater than 99% chance of surviving covid-19.
  6. For healthy children, the survival rate is virtually 100%…
    • …but once taking these non-vaccines, everyone became 100% exposed to the chance of dying or being seriously injured from the billions of spike proteins produced throughout their bodies by the synthetic mRNA or DNA of these experimental gene-based therapies.
  7. These non-vaccines have never stopped transmission, nor do they prevent COVID infection.
  8. Natural immunity has always been superior to these non-vaccines which over 150 published scientific articles attest to now that our leaders do not want Australians to know this truth.
  9. With a greater than 99% survivability chance for people under 60, being unvaccinated acquiring covid-19, surviving covid-19, and thereby acquiring natural immunity, was always the best defence against future re-infection or future severe illness if re-infected due to natural immunity making the immune-system stronger.
    • Even the shadowy doctor Anthony Fauci is on record stating this truth.
    • True Australian health experts always knew this too but were silenced by AHPRA and National Boards from sharing this simple set of facts, so ensuring Australians were deprived of their right to informed consent prior to receiving these non-vaccines.
  10. Lastly, and yes unfortunately these non-vaccines have now been shown to enter the nucleus of cells, and adversely interfere with human DNA.

Everything I have just summarized about these non-vaccines has long been known by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, and those Health Ministers and bureaucrats throughout the states and territories who are doing their research in private, but they all wilfully and dangerously chose to withhold this information from the Australian community.

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