HARM | PCR Test Deception [Documentary]

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If the media were to ever report the facts about this test, the lynchpin of the whole illusion would be removed and the house of cards would collapse. That’s precisely why they won’t report the facts, and precisely why we have to.

HARM | The PCR Test Deception | Documentary

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This film is not for you.

It’s for the people who don’t believe you.

Without the PCR test there would be no “pandemic.”

What justifies lockdowns? What justifies “vaccines”? What justifies medical apartheid? Answer: CASE NUMBERS.

CASE NUMBERS that are produced by a PCR Test not designed for diagnostic use and not capable of doing the job it’s being used for.

The PCR test deception may not be news to you. And it certainly isn’t news to anyone who knew about it in the 80’s and 90’s when the test was first used to theoretically detect HIV. But old news never reported is always news to most.

“I didn’t make this film for people who already know about it. I made it for the majority who don’t. There’s no point preaching to the converted. Unfortunately, that is exactly what many videos posted online seem to be doing.”

The people we really need to reach fall into two groups: there’s the spellbound and hypnotised, and then there’s the educated and smug whose “scientific” beliefs are based on false assumptions. They are the ones we depend upon for our freedom.

Dr Stefan Lanka


Dr Lanka

“The virologists exaggerate. That’s their nature. That’s their task and that’s what they are paid for.”

Dr Malcolm Kendrick

medical doctor


“I hear the horns of war when science is being attacked and I want ride into battle. Because someone has to. My motto is, “If not now, when? If not you, who?”

If you can’t find something out – that should be easy to find out; it means someone’s hiding something.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick

Dietmar Lucas

trauma psychologist


“The Robert Koch Institute have put out wrong numbers in the past as well, so maybe it’s a tradition of the house, I don’t know.”

Meinrad Spitz

electrical engineer


“A memorial. That’s what I want to become: by standing day by day to catch the eyes of the politicians and by chance to trigger something in their minds. That’s why I started this.”

“This war against the people will be won when the people remember what they’ve been educated to forget. Future generations will then look back on this period of masked ritual as the dark ages of medieval superstition; a time when a world of “progress” truly believed in the false idols of junk science.

For attention spans shrivelled by social media and device addiction, anything longer than a few paragraphs looks like too much hard work. And of course, that’s one big reason for the big mess we’re in. When you’ve been trained out of the habit to read discerningly, vital information doesn’t enter your brain, making you highly susceptible to a belief system built on misconceptions and lies.

That’s why I decided to stop writing about it and make a film instead. Propaganda employs both words and images. The antidote must do the same. Text alone won’t do it, but people will watch videos until the cows come home.” ~ Rai Gbrym

Our oppressors DO NOT underestimate our power. They know that our individual power would become invincible if we all started working together. That’s why they tell us we’re all in it “together” while using every excuse to keep us apart.

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