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Australian Dr. Paul Oosterhaus visited New Zealand to look first-hand at the data from the NZ Whistleblower. This is their video together with Liz Gunn, analyzing the data before the whistleblower’s arrest.

M.O.A.R Data Analysis with Dr Paul Oosterhuis

30 Nov 2023 Rumble-Source (1.5h)

I have looked at data on people under 40, and it is shocking, Paul. I don’t know that you’ve seen those pages because there is such an enormity of data for people in future months and years to get into from this amount of information. There will be proper scientists, ethical scientists studying this, I believe, Winston, for years to come.

Let’s hope so and with real science and not the Fauci-science and that they do actually do a good job of analysis and they’re transparent and truthful. I mean, they should go with science that the Hippocratic oath should follow and that’s ‘First do no harm’ and then do good. We must all abide by that. So if you’re looking at this with an agenda to try and hide what the data shows, then no, you shouldn’t be looking at it at all. You’ve got to look at it with open eyes, and I’m not biased with it. I wish this was not a thing, but these statistics, it’s mathematics at the end of the day, and when you calculate the probabilities, you realize that it’s just off the scale. This vaccine is a killer. We’re talking about a hundred billion to one against it, not being a killer. It’s just unreal.

It’s very sobering to me, even though it is a statistical mathematical and graph represented to me, I also see gravestones. I see families. I can feel that pressure of humans and families torn apart when I look at those lines. They represent so much more than just lines, don’t they?

Yeah, that’s the hard part about looking at this data. As a DBA, you just see letters and numbers. That’s your job. Just a table of rows and columns of data, it’s just meaningless a lot of the time, but when you connect it to a date of death, you realize that someone is sad at this point, someone is hurting, and that’s someone’s mother, grandmother, grandfather, friend, relative, there is sadness here, and it’s increasing, so it’s very hard to look at this without thinking, there is a lot of pain here. There are a lot of people who are looking for closure, and they haven’t got it from the government. They’re just turning a blind eye up until now, and we’re just going to make them open their eyes and see.

And from the government, from the mainstream media, and from the mainstream medical model as well, those outliers like Dr. Paul understand it, but there are still many in our hospitals who are not looking at the truth of what’s been unrolling in front of their eyes.

Yeah, I think on some level, they’re seeing it because we see that in the resolution polls, we’re seeing it in the declining vaccination numbers. Of course, the concern now is the WHO wants to bring in mandates for future pandemics, and we have to look soberly at how we’ve behaved during COVID, and then the result of the response the first time around, it doesn’t give me any confidence that the International Health Regulations that they’re changing and the bringing in of the WHO pandemic treaties. We have to face the carnage of COVID first.

And the WHO pandemic treaties reach across countries boundaries as it were and remove a country’s sovereignty. So it’s extremely dangerous. Not to mention that the WHO is now funded, its primary funder is a corporate, it’s the Gates Foundation, it’s Bill Gates, whose name has not come through this COVID rollout with respect from a vast number of people around the world. He has lost the trust of many people in the world, including me. What would you both say to the people of New Zealand and Australia if they start to be sold a pandemic treaty run by the WHO as being a good idea for our health? What would you say, Dr. Paul, first of all.

I would say that if you didn’t like medical martial law, which they call lockdowns, and if you didn’t like mandates the first time around, it’s time to make sure that politicians know that we have to exit these treaties, that we have to exit the WHO because we’re in danger of it repeating itself, and that’s why it’s so important.

And Winston, your view?

Yeah, totally agree with that, and I’d just like to ask, who elected the WHO? Who are they? The United Nations body, unelected, controlled by corporates, like you say, very shadowy and sinister, and I’m not going to go down any rabbit holes or anything like that, but I just do not like an unelected body having total control over my life, and to tell a government, oh, this is this is how it’s done now. It’s ridiculous, and especially the things like a WEF. I mean, who’s that Schwab? Klaus Schwab, who elected who made him the leader? Who made him, the boss of the world?

He’s literally a Bond villain. You just gotta hear him. I half expect him to say, “I’ve been expecting you, Mr. Bond”. He just oozes evil, and I get very leery of Germans talking about elites and globalism. It didn’t work out too well in 1939, and it’s not going to work out too well now. I’m very, very wary of that organization.

I will add in here another whistleblower from a year and a half ago, Dr. Bruce Dooley, who lives in the northern part of the South Island, came forward and told us about something called the FSMB, the Federation of State Medical Boards in Texas, America, which rules all medical councils and medical boards around the world, and it became very clear in that interview, they are like the enforcement arm for big pharmaceuticals, and FSMB was set up in 1913 by Rockefeller influence. Now, I’ll attach that interview for people who haven’t seen that, but it shows that our medical councils are absolutely fallen around the world, and Joan Simeon, the head of the New Zealand Medical Council, heads the international arm of the FSMB, which shows that New Zealand has been focused on. This leads into the idea that we are some kind of petri dish experimental nation. (03) (04)

And we’ve been told it’s climate change. It’s going to sleep in front of the television.

It’s every sort of ridiculous coincidence, and the thing that’s unique about this data set is, I think it should show anyone that this is an unsafe product that had multiple, multiple bad batches that led to unnecessary deaths, and there’s no way it could have happened if it was safe.

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