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She works in a hospital and was told the vaccine would save lives. She regrets taking it and calls her friends who didn’t take it the “smart ones”, commends them for standing up and wishes she was one of them. “No job is worth it – No Job”.

She works in healthcare and was told that if you get the vaccine “you’ll save lives, you won’t get sick, and you won’t die.” The media was saying the same thing, so she believed it.

When a lot of her friends didn’t get it, she thought, “How could you NOT get the vaccine?” “What if you have it and don’t know it and you give it to your family members?” She was scared to be around them because she thought they were spreading COVID.

When she started seeing them, she realized they weren’t getting sick and the ones that did get sick, just got it lightly and were back on their way.

She has totally changed her mind and thinks they were the smart ones: “They didn’t wear the masks, they hung around each other and never caught it and never spread it” and she wishes she was one of them. She thinks very highly of the ones that didn’t take it, commends them, and says “no job is worth it“.

She now has a condition known as CIDP (chronic inflammatory demyla polyneuropathy) which has changed her life completely.

It’s rare to see someone like that come around and finally see the truth and sad she only came to the realization after having life-changing injuries after being Pfizer’d :(

Send your prayers to those who are struggling with the lasting side effects of the vaccine.

I commend her for finding the courage to speak up about her personal struggles in order to prevent others from experiencing the same outcome.

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