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Well this is confusing and worrisome. I found a lot of people who had to amputate their legs or arms after getting the COVID vaccines. There is a couple that got the vaccine but didn’t believe it could be related, and others that apparently weren’t vaccinated and blame covid. Scratches head. Then there’s a new story from yesterday about a man from NSW who had his leg amputated after the 2nd dose of AZ but then apparently contracted COVID in hospital and then was told by staff that he “could’ve got real sick” if he wasn’t vaccinated. I’m so confused.

Horrible and devastating outcome for all involved. Very confused though. Knowing that COVID-19 is treatable, I tend to be very maddened that the person who got COVID potentially wasn’t given the right treatment. And knowing that doctors have been warning this could happen with the vaccines, how there isn’t yet a protocol in place for anyone getting vaccinated to also be able to do things prior to getting vaccinated and after being vaccinated to alleviate blood clots.

NSW – Harold Molle

Leg Amputated after 2nd dose of AstraZeneca, contracted COVID in hospital and staff told him without vaccine he might of got “real sick”

Interestingly this piece isn’t on the 9News YouTube channel and can only be found on their website. Is this because of the “hesitancy” censorship?

Macquarie Fields resident Harold Molle developed a blood clot in his leg three days after his second dose of AstraZeneca. After being admitted to hospital, Mr Molle’s leg needed to be amputated.

Despite the life changing injury, he still thinks the Vaccine saved him. When he was in hospital, he contracted COVD, and then they told him that if he hadn’t of got the vaccine, he might of got “real sick”?

“The vaccine worked because it saved me in hospital because I caught COVID there, and if I didn’t have the vaccine they said I would have most probably got real sick.”

9News Article & Video Interview

“Fully vaccinated” medical worker had to have both legs amputated following jab-induced arterial blood clots

Daily Mail Article

After a call involving some 80 different health “experts” from around the country, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ultimately decided that Nache did not lose her limbs and livelihood because of getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan Flu. Instead, the CDC is blaming “covid.”


Daughter says her Father is getting his Arm Amputated after Clots from Vaccine


A 20-year-old student whose leg was amputated after getting a COVID-19 vaccine has died of blood clots in the brain.

Ketsiree Kongkaew, who studied at Phangnga Community College in Thailand, died of a hemorrhagic stroke after brain surgery. The student had remained unconscious following the surgery and needed a ventilator to breathe. She was pronounced dead Monday.

The young woman, who had been admitted to the Songklanagarind Hospital, had previously gotten her left leg amputated after she developed blood clots following her second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Bangkok Post.


Rhode Island senator’s leg amputated after blood clot infection says “There’s no reason to believe clotting was related to the COVID-19 Vaccine”

Article | Twitter Press Release

Northumberland nurse finger amputated after Covid jab

Michelle Wallace, 58, is struggling to survive on benefits and feels ‘let down by the system’ after she was forced to claim Universal Credit following nine months off work.

She has been left with an autoimmune condition which attacks her own tissues and organs. The damage to the third ‘ring finger’ on her right hand means that it will have to be amputated, such is the nature of the injury.

She fell ill after the jab in January, and lost more than 1st (15 lbs) in weight. Since the summer, she and husband Barry, forced to give up work to become her full time carer, have relied on their savings and help from their family.


Battle with COVID-19 leads to double amputation – thinks that if he had’ve got the vaccine, this wouldn’t of happened?

Pepe Forina Facebook

Doctors say Pepe Forina miraculously made it through that night – but then came news of his feet.

Forina’s diabetes had already been heightened by Covid, then he developed sepsis.

“It was either amputate my feet and live, or leave them on and die,” Forina said. “So it was a no-brainer.”

Now Forina’s learning to do things people often take for granted, but he says he trusts God will guide him through this entire process. Forina says he does have one regret – not getting the vaccine.

“I didn’t believe in it. It’s a choice, a choice that I made poorly,” Forina said. “Learn from me, and hopefully you won’t be in the same situation that I’m in.”

Article & Video

Man has leg amputated after suffering rare blood clot three weeks after first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine

A man’s leg was amputated because of a rare blood clot he suffered three weeks after his first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine.

Construction worker Goran D., 50, told reporters in Austria that had severe pain in his leg and “spat blood once or twice”.

The Sun

I couldn’t share some images or stories because they are too horrific, they would need to come with a graphic content-warning, including kids and women’s breasts needing amputations.

I’m just so devastated and shocked that this is happening as some of the articles I found go back to the start of the pandemic, so where is the mainstream media interviewing doctors with protocols for preventing blood clots (for both the vaccinated or unvaccinated)? I wish they would be looking at treatment for all. Can you imagine what these people must be going through now? Wow :(

HealthImpactNews has a list of even more

C-19 Victims Posts

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