1250+ COVID Vaccine Publications and Case Reports [download]

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Download the ever-growing list of peer-reviewed studies specific to Covid vaccine adverse events.

First Published: July 12, 2022 | Last Updated July 14, 2022

Peer-Reviewed Medical Studies & Reports

  1. 1250+ COVID Vaccine Publications and Case Reports and Studies citing adverse effects post COVID vaccination. React19.org
  2. 1000 Peer-Reviewed Medical Papers Evidencing Multitude of Heart-breaking Adverse Events in Covid-19 Vaccine Recipients. NzdSOS.com
  3. 1750+ COVID VaXXine Publications and Case Reports Citing Adverse Effects. DrRobertYoung.com

The mainstream media are lying when they say the benefits outweigh the risks.



  • If you have telegram, Dr John B. keeps on top of the latest Covid-19 Vaccine research and posts links and images and summaries.
  • There are also thousands of other telegram channels dedicated to the Covid-19 vaccines, for reporting and supporting the injuries, to calling out the absolute crime against humanity, FDA meetings, CDC corruption, whistleblowers, insiders, former staff, lawyers, and so on. If you haven’t got Telegram, you are living in the history channel.

Download Related Research:

The Pfizer Documents:

  • Download the Pfizer documents from https://phmpt.org/
  • Learn more about the Pfizer Data Dump if you don’t know what they are and to find the many thousands around the world that are working together to analyse them.
  • Search the Pfizer “PDF” documents by keyword.


  • THE VACCINE DEATH REPORT pdf (report published September 2021 by David John Sorensen & Dr Vladmir Zelenko) Evidence of millions of deaths and serious adverse events resulting from the experimental COVID-19 injections
  • [Download] Analysis Reports (Vials, Bloodwork & Autopsies) (Post with the download links provided by pathologists)
  • More Harm than Good (report published December 2021 by over 500 doctors and scientists from 30 countries) Video | PDF
  • Open Letter to Atagi, TGA and the Federal Health Department (published March 2022 by Australian Covid Medical Network’s doctors and health professionals) where they are requesting an immediate withdrawal of the experimental gene-based treatments to the general public and especially children. Post & Notes | PDF | Covid Medical Network | Annexures
  • More research available for download on this post

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