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ICIC: Dr Reiner Fuellmich talks to David ‘Lurnpa’ Cole, Bernie Bebenroth, and Iris ‘Tassie Tiger’ Richter about the outrageous events in Australia over the last three years. The government measures in Australia have been very harsh, and the vaccination pressure very high. Especially in the indigenous population, who were put under massive pressure and had military assistance to coerce almost 100% to comply.

Australian Aboriginals are Fighting for Survival

27 Mar 2023 ICIC.Law | Rumble | YouTube

The International Crimes Investigative Committee held a session to discuss the situation in Australia. The committee has three guests to give their views: Lurnpa (David Cole), an Aboriginal Australian; “Bernie from Australia”, German-born who has been living in Australia forever; and Iris Tassie Tiger Richter, a German-born who has also been living in Australia for a long time.

Lurnpa (David Cole) approached ICIC with the cry for help that his people were suffering greatly because of the “vaccinations” and that the deaths were massively increasing. (01)

  • David Lurnpa Cole says that Aboriginal Australians were deliberately targeted during the pandemic and that the government was happy to wipe out millions of Australians to take out one million tribal people.
    1. He mentions that in 2019, a number of Aboriginal tribes had a meeting with the Northern Land Council, where they said they didn’t want any fracking, mining, or damage, but the council representative said “they would get it another way”.
    2. In 2019, a copper mining company stated they would mine in the Robinson River area by 2022. When lockdowns happened, military forces were sent to the area to coerce and pressure people through fear to allow mining. Robinson River has a massive water supply, and the military was sent there to map out water supplies about 20 years ago.
      • “When the lockdowns happened here, they locked down that whole Robinson River area. Everywhere that they said no to fracking and mining and damming and everything else, they made “hotspots” and sent a military task force in there. They coerced and pressured the people through fear.”
      • “Not force them, but the mere presence of the military scares the Indigenous people into doing things they don’t want to do. Just the police presence scares our people.”
    3. In the last year, an average of 32 to 34 funerals were held in Robinson River, compared to an average of three to four funerals per year before.
      • “I spoke to a brother who runs the Corporation in Bemidji that looks after funerals and pays them out. He said to me, on average, he pays for about three funerals a year of people dying of natural causes. In the last year, he’s paid for 32 to 34 funerals. I believe it’s 32, we’ll go with the lower. So they’ve gone from an average of three funerals a year, sometimes four, to 32 in the last 12 months.”
    4. Elders in the Central Desert are having strokes and other illnesses, and the death rate never seen before.
    5. Over 300 funerals were held between Inala and Cherbourg in the Brisbane region in the last 12 months.
    6. In Borroloola and Ngukurr, the death rate is so high that people are calling for the Northern Territory government to be charged with murder.
      • “We’ve also got the people in Borroloola and Ngukurr, which is the Robinson River area as well. My Elder there, Clary Rogers, contacted me two days ago. They’re about 700 kilometers from me, so I’ve got to try and drive out there. He rang me and said, “Can you please come and see us? We’ve had enough. We can’t take this anymore, and we want to charge the Northern Territory government for murder.”
      • They are seeing death rates like they’ve never seen before. Uncle Clary himself had a stroke after he had the third jab, and he’s lucky to be here now.
      • His wife lost her brother only about a week ago.
      • His other brother lost his wife’s cousin-brother. He lost his sister only about three days ago.
      • So they are losing people at a rate they’ve never ever experienced in their life, and we are seeing our people getting buried at a rapid rate across the country. It’s out of control. I’ve never seen this many funerals in my life.”
    7. A health worker in the central desert region reported that 27 elders died within the first four hours of receiving the first vaccine dose.
    8. Mentions a book written by a doctor in the 80’s who identified that 50% of Aboriginal children who received vaccinations in the 80’s died.
      • Isis added “the book is by Archie Kalokerinos, and he said it had a lot to do with nutrition as they had a pretty bad diet, and they were all low in vitamin C. His line of argument that inflammation was caused by the shots and to counteract it, the body needs to be in a good state of health, so he was actually administering intravenous vitamin C alongside the vaccinations.” (02)
    9. A child with heart failure was flown out of Bemidji, along with four other children with heart conditions, kidney failure, and swelling-up/bloating within the past month. The medical staff made up a medical name for the condition and did not mention the vaccinations as a potential cause. They were all vaccinated. All under five years old.
    10. He says there is strong evidence that the deaths in their communities are caused by the COVID-19 vaccinations.
    11. Communities in the Darwin area are having funerals every week and the people are dying at a massive rate.
    12. The vaccination rate of Aboriginal people in Remington is close to 100%, and from the young kids up, they all got vaccinated.
    13. Many communities across the million people scattered across the area have not been heard from, but the ones that have, like Alec domiji and Tiwi Island, have mostly been vaccinated.
    14. There are rumors of the military intercepting and changing vials to minimize deaths but still allow the vaccine to be rolled out.
    15. Some people have had five shots and are still alive, but they are not well.

Iris Richter (03) (04)

Iris Richter
  • Iris thinks that the situation in Australia is bad, but she also thinks that it is bad everywhere, and that the state system in Australia is confused. She mentions that in 2020, the Australian government asked people to call the police hotline if they saw their neighbours outside during lockdown, which she thinks is reminiscent of the Third Reich.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich (05)


Reiner mentions that he a video of someone he’s going to interview, Katherine Watt, a paralegal from the United States, who dug deep into the long-planned agenda behind the current situation. Watt’s findings align with those of other experts. According to Katherine Watt’s testimony, intentional killing is going on as a part of this military operation.

Katherine Watt: The Kill Box (06) (Transcript, Extended Version, and Refs here)

  1. The COVID-19 vaccination program is a military operation, not under the control of the CDC but the Department of Defense.
  2. According to whistleblower Brook Jackson, Pfizer did not conduct any trials for efficacy or safety of the vaccine and defended themselves in court by saying they did not have to follow any rules or regulations due to a special contract with the Department of Defense.
  3. The pandemic was staged by misusing the PCR test, and this was done at the behest of the World Health Organization by a non-real Professor and non-real Doctor named Drosten.
  4. The military is also involved in the vaccination campaign in Germany, protecting the vials but not administering the shots.
  5. According to the testimony of the former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Catherine Austin Fitt, and another witness, the reason for the intentional killing going on as a part of the military operation is because 21 trillion dollars were stolen from American taxpayers in the late 1990s or 1980s, which could have been used to pay pension plans.
  6. Dr. Peter McCullough recommends not getting the third shot because the cumulative effect of all the shots can do harm to people. 30% of the population in the west may have gotten saline shots, so there is hope. Doctors compare the COVID-19 vaccine to a game of Russian Roulette.

  • Jerry Pruce (?), a barrister who did his law degree at West Point Military, confirmed that the virus was a military bio weapon, made in a U.S. lab, released in Wuhan.
  • The Sovereign movement was a movement that woke up the tribal people to the fact that they own themselves, their lives, their resources, and their rights of self-determination.

“Based on my research leading up to this, when this first started, I rang a barrister who did his law degree at West Point Military, because I thought, who can I contact that’s got military Intel. I know that this guy has good contacts because he introduced a tribal friend of mine to somebody from MI6 years ago when they were trying to pull off a false flag up in the Kimberleys and allow for the Kabasas military to come down and in 2010, massacre as many of the tribal people as they could, so that the US and Australian military could come to our aid and push them back in order to stop The Sovereign movement, which sparked in 2010.

The Sovereign movement was a movement that woke up the tribal people to the fact that we own ourselves, our lives, our resources, and our rights of self-determination. So I know he’s legitimate because of that introduction.

So I contacted him, and his name is Jerry Press or Pruce. I asked Jerry, ‘What’s this thing?’ because my research told me that it was a Department of Defense bioweapon. He said point blank to me, ‘David, it’s a bioweapon. It was made in a U.S lab, released in Wuhan, but it’s a military bioweapon.’ I said, ‘Is that your opinion or is that fact?’ He said, ‘I have the paperwork sent to me on my desk in front of me right now while I’m speaking to you. It is fact. It is a bioweapon.'”

  • A German doctor living in Seattle confirmed that in August 2019, he was dealing with patients from the intelligence community who suffered from symptoms that were a little bit different from what a normal flu would be like, which he couldn’t make any sense of.
  • In 2020, when the new coronavirus was exposed as COVID-19, he realized that what he had seen in August 2019 had also been this novel coronavirus.
  • This indicates that the virus was designed in an American bio weapon lab and then exported, probably through the World Military Games, to Wuhan so that they could blame it on China.
  • There is circumstantial evidence that COVID-19 was designed in a US bio weapon lab and exported to Wuhan to blame China.

  • Australia is under US military law and role, and the Australian Constitution and laws have been invalid since 1973 when the Crown vacated. Australian laws have been invalid since 1973. The Crown vacated in 1973 and registered quietly on the U.S stock exchange as a corporation.
  • Australia is being targeted by globalists for its resources, and they are willing to kill a million tribal people to get them. There is a “shadow war” going on between a corporation and the people, and that the corporation is trying to lock people into a contract with the Voice to Parliament and do treaties which they cannot do because corporations cannot do treaties with sovereigns.
  • There is a push on the elders, the knowledge holders who hold the song lines, dreamings, and connection to Country. If you take out the elders, the younger generations are coming through the socially engineered sickness through poor food, poor water, poor housing, poor everything in communities.
  • Our communities are like concentration camps, and our communities were already sick before this, and being genocided through stealth before the bio weapon, and that by targeting the elders, the next generation will not have access to the knowledge they need to survive on the land.

“Our people were already sick before this. Our people were already dying. We were already being genocided through a systematic form of genocide through stealth, giving the perception to the rest of the world that we’ve been looked after.

In fact, if you go to Northeast (?), the average house has 17 people in a three-bedroom house, and the average family out there has eaten dried biscuits on any given night. Our people live in abject poverty, and we are very, very ill. By bringing in this bio, we’ve been hitting all the elders. You take out the knowledge holders, the next generation is too sick. They don’t seem if they’re not singing the songs, holding the knowledge, they’re just going to be removed off the land.

And they’re after our water; they’re after our resources. And everywhere they’ve hit really is where they’re doing major, major mining.

Now, in 2012 at the national minerals dinner, the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a statement, all the mining magnets were asking for a tax concession, and her words were this: We will not be giving you a tax concession. And here’s the crux: We don’t own the minerals; you don’t own the minerals. Government merely affords you a license to mine a resource that we hold in trust for a sovereign people. They own it, and they deserve their share.’ End of quote.

Now, the reason that they’ve been coming after us and diminishing our health and through stealth genociding us, is to take the resources, is to steal the resources, and they do that through the land councils, which are a corporation. The corporation is owned by the Federal Corporation. I can’t call it a government; they’re not a government. We’ve got all the registration numbers; we’ve got the high court cases.

Actually, I sent you some information, brother, and in there it’s got the High Court Chancery of London high court case in 2004 that clearly states that the Australian constitutions and laws are invalid because the appointment of the Governor-General was not done through the correct process. The only way you could do that is by Royal seal of ascent or by referendum of the people, and then the Governor-Generals never appointed through proper process, and the High Court of London stated very clearly that the Australian laws and Constitution are invalid.

So, we’re dealing with a corporation that is breaking the laws. I’ve been through the courts; I had a next judge who’s now back practicing as a barrister with his private practice. He told me very, very clearly that (because I was in the courts challenging the courts in relation to the system stealing our children, so I was testing the court in relation to the Sovereign argument), and he said to me that all the jurors around Australia have met in relation to this argument, and I said, ‘What was the findings?’ And he said, ‘We were all told one thing,’ and I said, ‘What’s that?’ And he said, ‘Just ignore you.’ He said, ‘Because we just changed the rules; move you want and get the next person in.’

So, they’re not even following the rule of law in the courts here. It’s all corporatized; they change the rules. They’re breaching people’s human rights. There’s no accountability even within the judicial system, and that’s why, as the tribal people, we are reaching out for international support to deal with this outside of this bubble. Because this bubble is a corrupt cess pool of genocidal psychopaths that are running a corporation that’s filthy from the top all the way through to the bottom, and that’s including “That’s including the political, the judicial, and then the policing.

I’m not saying that the entire political, legal, and policing system and people are rotten, but those who are in control, those who are making the calls, and those who are manipulating everything to maintain the status quo are rotten to the core and criminally beyond imagination. So we are seeing this every day through the suffering of our people. We’re seeing it every day through the high death rates and amount of children we’re losing now…”

  • Bio weapon is being used to take out people in order to get to the resources.
  • Australian laws and Constitution are invalid because the appointment of the governor general was not done through the correct process, and that the judicial system is corrupt and not accountable for breaching people’s human rights.
  • The people in control, manipulating everything to maintain the status quo, are rotten to the core and criminal beyond imagination.
  • An elder from the central desert named Uncle Joe Young has formed a Wadi Council, which makes up over a third of Australia, in the central desert region. The council is crying out for international help to keep their culture and laws alive, as they are dying due to a bio weapon and lack of support.
  • The council has asked him to be their CEO / spokesperson for the central desert council.
  • Tribal people are standing up to claim sovereignty, not only to protect themselves and their land but also to protect the Australian people.
  • The people in the North and South West Arnhem regions are experiencing a high death rate and are calling for murder charges against the Northern Territory government.
  • The bio weapon is a U.S. military weapon targeting tribal people to take their resources and is part of a depopulation and population management plan.

  • “We were being genocided before this started. What it’s done is it’s just sped up the process.”
  • “We’re losing them [elders who hold the ancient knowledge] at a massive rate. I feel like crying that’s our sad this is it’s…um… I’ve never experienced it in my life, brother.”
  • “I can’t find the words to express how scary this is, we are on the verge of losing the oldest living culture on the planet.”
  • “.. and I know everyone else is under attack too, it’s not just about the tribal people”
  • “..this is not an aboriginal thing only, this is a global thing, it’s a humanitarian thing.”
  • “This is a bioweapon, this is not a vaccine…you are actually committing genocide.”
  • He bumped into some young 23-year old military women who were having lunch and told them what it’s like for his people “Just to see a military uniform makes our people so scared that they think that this is so real and so serious that they will go and get that poison. Unless you want to be remembered for being a part of genociding the oldest living culture on the planet, I suggest you start asking questions up the reins.”

Bernie Bebenroth (Bernie aus Australien) “Bernie from Australia” (07)

  • All the data we get is very manipulated from the ABS. Jane Halton, who attended Event 201 in 2019.
  • Jane Halton is married to Trevor Sutton, and they control the data that comes out, so it’s very hard to actually verify.
    • Trevor Sutton is a senior ranking ABS Deputy Statistician, his brother is Brett Sutton who was Victoria’s Chief Health Officer during Covid.
    • Jane Halton will lead an audit inquiry into Covid-19 vaccine contracts and supply.
    • This entanglement is alarming enough but there’s a lot more, see how the web of Covid-conflict$ in Australia are all related to each other.
  • The data on the effects of vaccination in the Australian population is manipulated.
  • The mainstream media in Australia promotes vaccination as safe and effective, but the numbers vary depending on the source.

After the start of the vaccination campaign, what we have been told is that the excess deaths wasn’t increased. Some reported 1,400% that the mortality rate increased after the vaccination. Some people say 400%, and some people 300%. People die more in Australia. So mainstream couldn’t put under the carpet anymore because it’s so obvious.

But of course, the mainstream says here it’s pretty unlikely that they died because of the vaccine. They’re saying they died because of the lockdowns, because people didn’t go to hospitals for treatments, pre-examinations about cancer, and all those things. So mainstream still tells us here the vaccine is very safe; you should have it. They’re promoting the fourth and the fifth booster as well. Mainstream media still convinces you they have. Even Pfizer admitted it doesn’t stop transmission or whatever, but we still get told so the numbers that vary wherever you look.

  • There are cases in Australia where people have died after getting the vaccine that aren’t getting reported.
  • My own experience last week, we had a lady here to drop off her dogs, and her brother died nine days after getting the second shot. He was 52 years old, totally healthy, she started crying. Her brother was confirmed by the cardiologist that he died by the vaccine. The TGA did not take the case seriously and did not include it in their statistics.
  • Just from this example, we know that it’s unreliable what we’re getting from the TGA.
  • There are politicians in Australia who speak out against the vaccine, but they are often dismissed as conspiracy theorists by the mainstream media and the government.
  • The majority of the population still believes in the mainstream media but there is a trend towards listening to people in power who speak out against the vaccine.

Iris Richter

Reiner asks Iris’s opinion on whether the Aboriginal population may be being targeted specifically for accessing resources:

  • Long history of forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families and disconnection from their culture. Stolen Generation. Still going on to this day.
  • The whole population, there’s a real Obedience problem in Australia, with people afraid to speak up against authority. This is why I started rallies here in Tasmania, because someone needs to put a face to it, to say “Ask me WHY I don’t vaccinate”.
  • Many people don’t realize they have a choice when it comes to vaccines and just comply with government mandates. They get letters from the government and they think they “must” do it.
  • Mandatory vaccination is an oxymoron and when she started looking into it, she found the science wasn’t being done and she was abhorred.
  • Vaccines are a multi-level marketing scheme. Every step of the way is incentivized for compliance and disincentivized for speaking up against it. The whole process is financed every step of the way.
  • Smallpox vaccine was introduced by Jenner in 1796 and by 1818 the Prussian government had a vaccination mandate that was funded by taxpayer funds.
  • Public policy and vaccination policies were important instruments in State Building and convincing the population that “we need a government that controls us”, and has powers to enforce quarantine, mass vaccination programs, etc., is needed.
  • In the early 19th century, vaccination laws were already in place in New York and Massachusetts, which were enforced through a vaccination mandate in 1809.
  • The late 19th century saw a wave of enforcing vaccination across Western countries, including America, England, and Germany.
  • Fear was the main driver of any Mass vaccination policy, as fear was instilled into people.
  • Injected vaccines have a 100% absorption rate, unlike orally-taken toxins, which only have a 3% absorption rate.
  • There are various chemicals and metals in vaccines, and DNA fragments cannot be fully eliminated.
  • No two vaccines have ever been studied together for toxicity accumulation.
  • The talking points about vaccination were the same 100 years ago as they are now.

Reiner: 1901 was a turning point when people fought back, and vaccination laws were repealed after the constitution was established. If people fight back, they can turn the situation around not only in Australia but everywhere.

  • The people in the past stood up more than they do now. Now people are more compliant than they were back then. The propaganda has been successful in making it difficult for people to listen to the other side.
  • The Vax bus in Australia is recording personal injury stories from people who have had adverse reactions to vaccines, and some councils do not want the Vax bus to use public land because they believe in vaccination policies, “we don’t want to upset the medical clinics”.
  • Australian Vaccination Risk Network is a non-profit organization that exists since 1998, and it advocates against removing the conscientious objection for vaccination.
  • No Jab No Pay legislation of 2015 removed conscientious objection for vaccination and now there is no valid excuse for not vaccinating children.
  • The advertising of medicines is strictly regulated in Australia, but vaccines are exempted, and the government sponsors large-coloured posters encouraging people to get vaccinated in every doctor’s clinic.
  • The court systems in Australia are failing people, and many people are trying to build a new court system based on natural law and the actual constitution to overcome the abuse of administrative law.
  • The people who are awake and looking for solutions in Australia are joining forces with the Aboriginal people to build a new judiciary system.
  • Australia has an all-cause mortality increase of 17%.

  • Over 100 councils are being formulated all over the country, and they are pleading for the tribal groups to come and enter into social compact agreements with them.
  • We can establish their own courts that work with tribal law and common law with the support of judicial people who are sick and tired of the current system.
  • In 2018, Prince Charles flew 3,000 kilometers to receive a 20-minute healing from his father.
  • His father is the leader of the golpo clan, which is the royalty clan for the Northeast Arnhem Urinal Nation. (I’m sure the subtitles got the spelling wrong ~ Penny)
  • There are 12 clan groups that make up the royalty, and each clan group has a say in tribal matters and affairs from the age of 14 onwards.
  • The decision-making process involves three senior people from each clan group who are appointed based on their knowledge, seniority, and going through law and ceremony.
  • The decision-making process involves input from all members of a clan, regardless of the number of people in the clan, which prevents fraud, treason, nepotism, or any sort of criminal behavior.
  • His father is the king of the golpo (?) people and was once gifted a sword by Queen Elizabeth when she was in her early 20s who told him to unite his people and take it all back.
  • The tribe has the right to hold a Tribal Law Court under their ancient government structure.
  • The ancient tribal government structure has been in place for millennia and allows for equal input from all members, preventing fraud, treason, nepotism, and criminal behavior.
  • The government and court system operate around this process, with both tribal and non-tribal legal people involved.
  • The tribal government structure is a natural balance of order given to us by nature.
  • The crown left the tribe’s land in 1973 due to a United Nations resolution that mandated decolonization of all lands on the planet.
  • The Crown left behind what they call the “Australian government,” which doesn’t care about Aboriginal people. The Australian government does everything to destroy Aboriginal people, and there is nothing set out to support them in any way.
  • There is a need to stand up and join forces to fight for proof and freedom.

No Treaty or Voice (2023)

The Tribes say no to a Indigenous Voice to Parliament and No to a Treaty, because they have not been consulted and do not want to have others making decisions for them they are not aware of. To enter anyone into a contract or agreement there must be full disclosure and informed consent, there has been no consultation with most of the Tribal people. The Aboriginal people pushing it can only speak for their own Country and not others, to do otherwise is breaking our law. The Treaty and Voice are nothing but corporate agreements and a trap for the Tribal People across these lands and we Say NO!

Dave (Lurnpa) Cole: Australian Military Begin Force Vaccinating Aboriginals (22 Nov 2021)

They Coerce The Indigenous People Into Vaccine (June 2022)

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