Japan Records Highest Excess Deaths since WWII

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Japanese lawmaker Mr. Yanagase Hirofumi accuses the Japanese government of covering up COVID-19 mRNA vaccine injuries and deaths, after the nation has just recorded a staggering 210,000 excess deaths – the highest number since World War II.

Hirofumi is a high-profile Japanese politician who serves as a member of the House of Councillors of Japan.

Japan Records Highest Excess Deaths since WWII

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The number of deaths in Japan has been on the rise continuously. Please take a look at this panel. As you can see from this panel, the dramatic increase in the number of deaths is quite obvious.

Last year, the number of deaths in 2022, exceeded 1.58 million, the highest number since World War II. Compared to 2021, the number of deaths has increased by more than 140,000. Compared to 2020, the number of deaths has increased by a staggering number of 210,000.

Covid didn’t cause so many more deaths. There must be factors (like vaccines). I wonder how the government is analyzing this problem?

Actually, Japan has been flooded with people, complaining of feeling ill after receiving the Covid vaccine. I’ve been carefully monitoring the system of reporting illnesses suspected to be caused by adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine. But we wonder if the system is functioning properly. Just in the reported cases alone, there have been as many as 2001 cases of suspected vaccine-induced deaths.

In my firm’s investigation alone, there were approximately 260 cases in which the doctor in charge reported that there was probably a link between the vaccine and the death.

Then, according to the health minister, there are 52 cases where a pathologist has performed an autopsy, and reported that there is a link between the vaccine and the death. Yet, only one case has been found to have a causal relationship between the vaccine and death.

Amazingly, even though more than 2000 people have died after vaccination, more than 99% of this deaths cannot be evaluated due to allegedly insufficient information. There have already been 2000 deaths.

Further, pathologists in charge have autopsied the deaths after vaccination. The pathologist found that the vaccine caused the problem and concluded that there was probably a link between the vaccine and the death.

Yet, only one case has been found to have a causal relationship between the vaccine and death. Under the circumstances, how can the vaccine risk be properly assessed under the circumstances?

I wonder how much more information is needed when the pathologist has done an autopsy, and determined that there is a link between the vaccine and the death.

In other words, there are many suspicious cases where vaccines are, probably the cause of death, but if all of them are determined to have no known causal link, the real risk will be overlooked!

For example, a man in his 30s, died three days after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. The cause of death was myocarditis. Myocarditis is a commonly recognized as a typical adverse reaction cost by the Covid vaccine.

Furthermore, as a result of the autopsy, doctors concluded that there was a link between the vaccine and the death. Even in such an obvious case, the evaluation committee, made up of a group of amateur academics paid for by the government declared that they could not evaluate causation due to the lack of information.

Last week, a group of bereaved families who lost family members as a result of the vaccination held a press conference. Mutsuko Suda, who lost her husband, said at that press conference. “The government must tell the public, the truth about the danger part of the vaccine from a neutral point of view: The number of reported adverse reactions caused by vaccination is present, the types of cases of vaccine, induced injuries, and the number of reported deaths after vaccination”.

The bereaved family’s opinion is extremely appropriate. As I mentioned earlier, I consider that it is extremely unusual to have reports of more than 2,000 deaths after vaccination.

In the case of the flu vaccine, only 7 deaths were reported in 2021 through a similar system.

According to our calculations, the percentage of reported deaths after the Covid vaccine is more than 38 times higher in comparison with the flu vaccine.

Translating a Japanese Thread from the 24 min version:

In Japan, the number of deaths after vaccination has increased by 210,000 since 2020, and there are many people who die immediately after vaccination, which is the highest number since the war, and many people suffer from aftereffects. A lawmaker who is sure to think that excess deaths due to vaccines are occurring in the situation is demanding a fact-finding survey in Congress

Representative Yanagase of the Meiji Restoration was asked a historic budget committee question. Prime Minister Kishida and Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Kato were boldly accused of the darkness of the corona vaccine that no one could do.

1. Causes of increasing excess deaths (including the relationship with vaccines)

2. Compared to the number of post-vaccination deaths recognized by autopsies (52 cases) and attending physicians (260 cases) as vaccine-related, the Adverse Reactions Investigation Committee judged one case too few, and 99% of the reason was information. The shortage is strange. Are vaccine risks correctly assessed?

3. It is strange that the case of myocarditis death 3 days after the second vaccination, which is considered to be related by the autopsy results, is “unable to evaluate due to lack of information”.

4. Mr. Suda appealed to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, saying, “I would like you to tell the public about the dangers of vaccines from a fair perspective, and how many reports of damage and deaths are currently being reported.”

5. 2000 deaths is unusual. 7 cases of influenza vaccine in 2019. 38 times more frequent. In order to seriously verify what is happening, we should proceed with pathological autopsies of those who died after vaccination and proceed with intensive verification.

6. The hurdles for applying for the relief system are high. Request the government to cooperate with medical institutions in preparing the necessary documents and expand the number of contact points.

7. Suspicion of inadequate vaccine risk assessment. On the other hand, moving to category 5 indicates that the benefits are decreasing. It was an emergency special approval, but it is no longer an emergency. Vaccination should be stopped once, the risk should be accurately evaluated, and the way of vaccination should be reconsidered.

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The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP), enacted in 2005 after 9/11, is a law that assumes bioterrorism and exempts from liability for public health-related medical procedures under the declaration of a state of emergency. Even if a lawsuit is filed against it, it will be dismissed.

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