Aussie Police Speaking Out & Standing Up

IN Standing Up

New South Wales

Ex-Cop Sydney – Apartheid in Australia

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Aussie Cop quits Police Force to speak (Alex Cooney)

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NSW: Aussie Cop Alex Cooney Speaks with Melbourne Lawyer

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A Free Man. Alex Cooney right here in my new home town.



Craig Backman Former Constable

The Victorian Police Officer Craig Backman, speaks Out, Cafe Locked Out


By Police, For Police

AustraliaOne Party – Covid Roundtable No.3: By Police, For Police

October 17, 2021 Riccardo Bosi interviews Alex Cooney and Craig Backman

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Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell

Ethical Policing in Victoria

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Chief Commissioner (Retired) of Victoria Police
Kelvin Glare AO APM

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Roland Chrystal – Former Senior Constable

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19 Oct 2021 At What Cost. Walking The Thin Blue Line. 31 years as a front line police officer Roland Chrystal served with honour. We are so proud to have Roland in our upcoming documentary At What Cost?

Ex-Cop: Kent Bradley Brown

Take Action to Remove Corruption

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QLD/NSW Police Stand With The People At Border


Cops around the world standing up:

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