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Are COVID-19 shots killing the bifidobacteria in your gut? Bifidobacteria are key to a healthy microbiome, says @SabinehazanMD (Gastroenterologist)

“We followed them for 90 days…their bifidobacteria dropped to like zero—from like a million to like zero.”

Are C19 shots killing the bifidobacteria in your gut?

Rumble-clip (8mins-above) | Rumble-clip (2min-below) | Full Interview (1hr)

Dr. Sabine Hazan is a gastroenterologist and CEO of Progenabiome. By studying the microbiomes of COVID-19 patients, shot recipients, and the microbiomes of babies breastfeeding from recently fake-vaccinated mothers, she noticed a pattern impacting the microbiome.

“The people that had severe COVID lacked a certain bacteria called bifidobacteria”

With the knowledge she gained from studying the microbiomes of COVID-19 patients, she developed and patented treatment protocols combining vitamins and drugs that increase bifidobacteria including vitamin C, vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine, and ivermectin.

Notes from Full Interview

… I felt that even in microbiology we’ve been wrong. We always thought that we would find the bug, kill the bug, and essentially that would be the end of the story. But it’s not.

It’s find the bug, kill the bug, but you kill the microbiome at the same time. It’s not the end of the story, it’s the beginning of a new story and a new disease and a new problem.

With Covid I felt that, because I knew this foundation was already wrong, I knew that we were going to make the same mistake, which is, “Let’s find a vaccine.” A vaccine for a virus that is mutating was just not the answer for me.

The answer to me was, “Let’s focus on the microbiome. Let’s focus on how to build our immunity because our immunity is in the gut,” rather than focusing on, “Let’s kill the virus. Let’s give a vaccine for a mutating virus.”

What exactly are microbiomes?

A microbiome is essentially all the bugs in the universe that are around you, that are on your skin, and that are in your gut. It’s bacteria, viruses, and fungi. My focus is really on the microbiome of the bowels, right in the colon. Why? Because essentially, everything you eat, you put on your skin, and that you breathe goes into your colon. You put something on your skin, it goes into the blood vessel, moves around, and ends up in your gut.

The microbiome is essentially the accumulation of all these microbes that interplay with each other. They all have a function. If you look at a macro vision of humanity, every human being has a function. The accountant is doing his thing, the plumber is doing his thing, the contractor is doing his thing, the doctor, the lawyer, and everyone cohabitates the planet doing their thing.

In the gut, it’s the same thing, except it’s microscopic. You can’t see them doing their thing, but they all have a function. Every microbe is doing something, whether it’s absorbing vitamin B, metabolism, or affecting moods. That’s what we’re going to find out. That’s a fascinating thing about the microbiome, it’s all these interconnections of these microbes doing something and essentially creating your immunity.

Husband tried to “catch Covid” from Wife

We looked at the microbiomes. We did another pipeline, which is basically a DNA of microbes and we discovered that the people that had severe Covid lacked a certain bacteria called bifidobacteria. But there were people that were exposed to Covid, but never got Covid, in the same family. I’m talking about a farmer that slept with his wife. The wife had Covid. He never got it.

This farmer, in particular, did this experiment. He kissed her, he took his saliva, smeared on his face. He wanted to catch Covid to get the immunity. He never got it, never got the antibodies. I said to him, “I want to see your stools, and I want to see your wife.”

Sure enough, she had zero bifido. He had a lot. Why? He’s exposed outside, he’s in the sun, he’s playing with the cow manure. He’s drinking the raw milk from the cows. That started my train of looking at the microbiome.

Alzheimer’s, Autism, and Fecal Transplant Success

That’s why I went into the space of the microbiome leading the technology. I thought, “If I’m achieving an improvement in C.diff, I’m going to understand C.diff better, because now I have the technology to look at these microbes. Then, I might achieve improvement not only in C.diff, but also in Alzheimer’s, which was my first case years ago. A patient had Alzheimer’s, and I was putting him on a clinical trial for Alzheimer’s, and he failed.

In the middle of trying to be in the trial, the family called me and said, “He has C.diff.” I said, “Okay, we’re going to use the stools of the wife and give it to him.” Then next thing you know, his Alzheimer’s started improving after fecal transplant. Because I had tried to do the clinical trial on him, I knew his mini-mental status. I repeated the mini-mental status at three months and six months, and it went from 21 to 29.

That was the case that basically started all this for me. I went to Dr. Finegold who wrote the book on anaerobic infections. I said, “What am I seeing when I’m improving Alzheimer’s?” He said, “You’re seeing these microbes at play, and when you get your machine to sequence the microbiome, you’re going to understand what I’ve been culturing for years.”

The Woolsey Fire happened. He passed away. I inherited all his books, his patents, and everything. I said, “I guess I’m dealing with the microbiome.” His big passion was autism, and sure enough, within the week, I got my first patient with autism all of a sudden. It just was one thing after another.

Covid symptoms, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, HCQ

We are in March 2020. We don’t know what we’re dealing with. I don’t have a mask in my clinic. I’m about to see patients with Covid. I’m about to bring Covid to my family, my parents, and my kids.

There was a fear at the beginning. I was dressed like a space astronaut with my patients. There was that fear at the beginning. But then I saw Dr. Didier Raoult with his patients without a mask talking nonchalantly about Covid. People were lining up at his office to get treated, and he’s older than I am. I said, “If this guy’s okay, I’m going to be fine.”

I started looking at his protocol, and I started looking at it as a microbiome expert. I said, “Let’s look at why hydroxy.” Hydroxy has the capability of transforming the pH of the cells. When the virus goes into the cell, it’s basically exposed to an alkaline environment. I said, “Look at this, the virus is entering the cell. It probably gets killed by the alkaline environment of the cell.”

At the same time, I felt azithromycin probably killed the wall of the virus, and then zinc was blocking the virus from penetrating. That was my mindset on the hypothesis of why this combination was working for Dr. Raoult. What I added to this, and that was by looking at papers from Italy and Japan, was vitamin C and vitamin D. There was data. At the beginning of the pandemic, there were patients that were getting discharged from the hospital after IV infusions of vitamin C.

I said, “Okay, we’re out of the pandemic. It’s vitamin C.” I knew what vitamin C did to the microbiome. I knew what vitamin D did to the microbiome, because it increases your bifidobacteria, your good microbes, the microbes we found were lost after severe Covid. That was the formula that I started creating.

I said, “You know what?” I talked to Dr. Borody because he was always into combination therapy. He created the patent for H. pylori treatment. He was always the creator, the innovator for years, he’s 70-plus years old. He’s done 40 years of creating patents.

We literally wrote the protocol mid-March, March 10 and 11. At the same time, I was treating people off-label. My first patient was a COPD [Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease], cardiac bypass two weeks prior, CHF [Congestive Heart Failure], diabetic, overweight, totally your nightmare patient. He was at home, and the family didn’t want to bring him to the hospital. By nightmare, I mean multiple problems.

In his 70s, and he happened to be the father of a girlfriend of mine. I was even scared of telling him to take the hydroxy because I hadn’t studied everything. I said, “Just lick the tablet and take the Z-Pak.” Then, I gave him a couple vitamins. The next thing you know, he improved. I said to myself, “If this guy is improving, I’m going to be fine. I’m younger, and I’ll be fine.”

I lost the fear at that moment. Then, I started treating more and more kids and people, and 100 patients later, nobody dies. A thousand patients later, nobody is dying. Even the worst of the worst, with oxygen in the 70s, weren’t dying. I treated them at home with an oximeter like this little thing.

It ended up becoming not the combination of a hydroxy, Z-Pak, vitamin C, D, and zinc. Actually, for the severe, it was a little bit more. We had to add the ivermectin, and ivermectin became important for those with low oxygen. At the beginning of the pandemic, we got away with hydroxy, Z-Pak, vitamin C, vitamin D. Then, as the virus became stronger during the whole Delta period, we needed to up the game a bit. We knew we needed to destroy the virus.

At that point, we had figured out vitamin C and vitamin D increases your bifidobacteria. We had also figured out that severe cases of Covid had zero bifidobacteria, and high risk exposure had a lot of bifidobacteria.

Ivermectin feeds Bifidobacteria

  • Retracted study: Microbiome-Based Hypothesis on Ivermectin’s Mechanism in COVID-19: Ivermectin Feeds Bifidobacteria to Boost Immunity (01)

We realized bifidobacteria was a key point, so we started focusing on nutrition with patients, fermented food, and ivermectin.

Why ivermectin? Because ivermectin, when you look at what it is, it’s a fermented product of a bacteria called Streptomyces. If you look at Streptomyces, it’s in the same phylum as bifidobacteria. Because I was doing fecal transplant and I knew that it’s replenishing the gut with good microbes, I felt, “Maybe the fermentation of Streptomyces is feeding the bifidobacteria to increase it at the time of the cytokine storm.”

  • The young, I gave them vitamins and they were fine.
  • The old with no comorbidities it was ivermectin, doxycycline, zinc, and they were fine.
  • With the severe, the hypoxic, I gave them Z-Pak, vitamin C, D, zinc, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, and they were fine, because I lost no one.
  • No one died.

We are talking about thousands of patients. On top of that, I gave my protocol to a lot of doctors. All my friends that were calling me, “How did you treat this? What did you do?” We had formed an alliance, the C-19 group. We were in constant emails, we were helping each other, and we learned from each other. At some point, there were some patients that were so sick that hydroxy, Z-Pak, vitamin C, D, and zinc, and ivermectin didn’t work. You had to go fenofibrate. You had to add [inaudible] Pepcid. Or you had to put steroids in the mix.

“Their bifidobacteria dropped to like zero—from like a million to like zero…There was a persistence in the damage, not only 90 days but 6-9 months later.”

Post-Jab killing of bifidobacteria

10, 20, 30, patients later, we’re seeing this killing of the bifidobacteria.

All my colleagues called me and said, “I saw your data. That’s incredible. How do you think this is happening? The vaccine is supposed to be improving your immunity. We all know bifidobacteria is a huge part of immunity. How do you think it’s happening?”

Then I said, “I think it’s creating a bacteriophage or bifidophage.” What we noticed in the four patients that we followed, who were in amazing shape, we followed them for 90 days and then next thing you know, their bifidobacteria dropped to like zero—from a million to zero. It kept persisting.

There was a persistence in the damage, and not only at 90 days, but six months, nine months later. That was the thing that started making me panic. Then, as we were looking at the microbiome of newborns to mothers who were breastfeeding, we started noticing that there was no bifidobacteria in those newborns.

We asked ourselves why, because newborns are supposed to have a ton of bifidobacteria. Ninety percent of the microbiome of babies is bifidobacteria. We said, “How come these babies born to moms that are breastfeeding, and that were vaccinated have zero bifidobacteria? Is the spike protein going to the breast milk into the baby’s gut and killing whatever the baby’s trying to build?”

Because I was doing work on autism, I noticed one of the commonalities with autistic children is that loss of bifidobacteria. I said to myself, “Maybe that’s how it happens. Maybe you’re killing off your bifidobacteria and then two years down the road, your kid stops talking.”

It was serendipitous, really, this whole discovery, because understanding what the microbiome looks like in Alzheimer’s in old people, in overweight patients, in Parkinson’s and in healthy kids brought it all together for me.

Used herself as a test-bunny

One of the things that I did myself was kill my bifidobacteria because I wanted to see what increases the bifidobacteria. I was the guinea pig. I was the guinea pig for the whole pandemic, first to see if I’m exposed to it.

Basically, I realized that I was drinking a ton of kefir, and my bifido was not increasing… and we noticed that the kefir didn’t have bifidobacteria in there. Even though it says bifidobacteria.

We bought 23 products. … we took samples. Only three of them had bifidobacteria.

You become an aware customer. This is what research is all about. Research is about, “Why isn’t this happening? Let me figure out why this is not happening.” And, of course, it was because my kefir didn’t have bifidobacteria. How am I going to increase my bifido, if it doesn’t even have bifido?

I started doing my own stuff, like the fermented foods and all the stuff that I know how to do. Basically, I’m happy to say I’m back to my normal bifidobacteria.

We’re all unique – we were wrong to generalize and give “the same formula” to everybody

The mistake we made in this pandemic… we were wrong… we generalized, we globalized. We thought everybody was equal in their microbiome. We’re not.

We make the mistake that we need to have everybody be like us and have the same pill and have the same formula, but we don’t realize that everybody has a different culture, a different food intake, a different stress level, and a different temperament. All that, in my opinion, plays a role in your microbiome.

To me, interference with research should never happen. The fact that somebody is trying to kill one protocol by one company should have never happened. We should have been able to finish these protocols. We should have had the same opportunity, and we shouldn’t have them branded to be bad drugs.

Because at the end of the day, think about it, hydroxychloroquine is given to thousands of lupus patients and arthritis patients, and ivermectin was given for babies with scabies. Come on. You’re going to tell me that they are dangerous for a person that’s dying with an oxygen level of 63 percent? Come on.

If that person is dying, doesn’t want to go to the hospital and wants to take 36 milligrams of ivermectin, we should be able to give it to them. They should have the right to take whatever they want. To me, this became not only a revolution, but about freedom of choice. To me, this was, “Why am I being told what to put in my body? I know my body better than anybody.” That’s it. That has been my path.

There’s another video circulating with Dr Hazan – an interview with the HighWire on whether the virus has been isolated and Dr Hazan saying “that’s old school, we don’t need to do that anymore because of genome sequencing“, and sadly, she was hostile and defensive with the #novirusteam when they questioned her paper on detecting SARS-Cov-2 in stool samples (02), rather than addressing their concerns or explaining the process to at least provide the data to defend her position. (Dr Mike Yeadon has at least listened and seems to be changing his position on respiratory viruses).

There’s a 2001 article on the CDC website that statesDetection of viral nucleic acid is not equivalent to isolating a virus.”

In summary, remarkable advances in molecular genetics have allowed rapid and precise identifications of viruses and of their genomes; however, such characterizations thus far can provide only limited information about the phenotype and disease potential of a virus.” (03)

I’m learning from all groups of thought, and hope the truth comes out clearly “for the rest of us” once and for all – I’m more on the team of contagion myth lately but I am open to being wrong if it can be proven. But in the meantime, just because she’s defensive and in denial about the virus isolation thing (like millions of others), doesn’t mean the information about the gut bacteria is wrong (don’t throw the baby out with the bath water). I do think gut health is going to be an important aspect to everyone’s healing, and if bifidobacteria is an important part of our gut health and the “missing bifidobacteria” is found to be linked to the cause of illnesses, then it’s something to try and correct.

The other reason this is on my radar is because of the neutrophils finding which isn’t conclusive as I haven’t seen it reported by more than two (but I haven’t been looking since I first did the post about it either), but 1.) Dr Yanowitz pointed out the lack of neutrophils surrounding the weird nano-structures he found in his ‘unjabbed‘ blood, and 2.) the Australian pathologists noticed that “black crystals” were “destroying neutrophils” in the blood of the ‘vaccinated‘. That got my red-flags up because when I was doing my graphene research, I found out that neutrophils “degraded” graphene oxide, (and it was one of the only antidotes), and the scientific literature was reporting problems getting their carbon nanotubes to work in humans because of our pesky good-guys i.e. “neutrophils doing their job”.

So neutrophils = good for those of us exposed to graphene (everyone), and “black crystals” attacking “neutrophils” suggests some nefarious way of bypassing that ‘problem’ (in my opinion). So my thought-process is that perhaps something is going on – deliberate or environmental (elfs/emfs, air/water/food, etc.) or some other factor is destroying important microbiome, good bacteria, neutrophils, etc. and that if there is this “war” going on within our guts, then we need to correct it. Sadly, most won’t touch the negative aspect of nanoparticles, so we have all these micro-nano “unknowns” not being funded or addressed much in mainstream, so it’s like.. we have this “unknown potentially dangerous thing” that might take years to validate, yet it’s something we might need to act on before we can verify fully what “it” is.

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