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Well written letter to the Singaporean Government about vaccine mandates:

Open Letter to Prime Minister Lee

Dear Prime Minister,

It’s been more than a year since the Covid pandemic and the current policy of getting everyone vaccinated so that they enjoy good health, does not sit well with many fellow Singaporeans. This letter is written on behalf of many concerned Singaporeans with an appeal to review current policies.

To our honorable Multi-ministries Task Force (MMTF), I want to say this, we all agree the end outcome we wish to achieve for the population is good health. And this outcome is not dependent solely on vaccine roll out and hitting targets, as a means to an end.

The best solution that is humane to all is not in the coercion of new experimental “vaccines” that lack long term studies, but to empower people to decide in consultation with their doctors. The nation should not impose discriminatory measures on people, especially by medically untrained bureaucrats and journalists.

What we have got to date are many Singaporeans who have been injured post vaccination. They had followed the top down instruction, did the right thing as per media influenced, and listened to the government who said that vaccines were safe and effective. However, what we have since seen is that many of these victims have been ignored, gas lighted and denied by the medical community, especially those who had passed away within hours and days of their vaccination.

It is so much worse when the authority denied them a proper autopsy. This is why I am speaking on the indemnity scheme and for those who have been injured by the vaccination.

There are many victims who have been injured for months and unable to work, there are people who have been partially paralyzed in their lower limbs, people who have Bell Palsy, people who have strokes-like symptoms, myocarditis, raised heartbeats, irregular heartbeats, mild neurological disorders, etc. These people had been left helpless by the government and shunned by our media. They have to resort to social media to be heard. The government seems more inclined to indemnify pharmaceutical companies than looking into these cases. Why is that so?

I believed these victims should be compensated properly for every dollar they spend for their medical treatment and their loss of income as a result of vaccine injuries. Singaporeans should neither be told flat in their face that their injuries have zero connection with the vaccines without any scientific investigations, nor told that their cases will be referred to a government appointed panel of doctors to decide whether the injuries are connected with the vaccine. They should be rightly compensated for their loss of income as a result of the vaccine. In addition, there must be a framework that stipulates and defines what exactly constitute a vaccine injury. Currently, it is too vague. No one knows exactly how it works, and how soon and for how long the victim and their family will be compensated for.

There are some individuals who had have been paralyzed and bedridden after vaccination, and require money every week for their medical expenses, as well as people who passed away suddenly in less than 24 hours after the vaccination. They were told to wait for the findings. Many were told directly that it has nothing to do with vaccination. The onus of proof should be on the government to prove that the serious injuries weren’t caused by the vaccine, and not the other way round! Our vaccine victims should not be treated like criminals and be expected to prove beyond reasonable doubts that their injuries were indeed caused by the vaccine.

It is very traumatizing for the victims and their family members who aren’t medical experts to go up to a board of doctors and government officials, who are trying to talk these victims out of compensation. A better compensation framework must be established to give people certainty that the government will protect them. It is after all the Government that is coercing many people to take these vaccines with the current policies.

For people who are seeking to be exempted due to medical reasons, the current policy gets even more egregious. Individuals who suffered an adverse reaction from their first dose of mRNA vaccine, would need to go for a second dose of non-mRNA to prove that they are medical ineligible. What kind of an inhumane act is this? Seriously, where is the common decency and human compassion? This policy is intolerably cruel to those having medical conditions. I have met several people with clear documentation of medical history as to why they cannot take these vaccines.

Many of whom had already been granted exemption by their doctors earlier this year. However, the doctors were forced to abide by the latest protocol to eliminate vaccine ineligibility. Now, if a doctor already certified that you can’t take a vaccine based on your past medical history; why are the bureaucrats overstepping the medical profession and implementing rules that the doctors have to follow. Isn’t it an upside down world? This protocol is clearly not putting the well-being of our fellow Singaporeans as priority. This protocol must be reviewed urgently.

In addition, I do not understand why it is necessary to force these vaccines if we already had more than 90% of the eligible adult population fully vaccinated. In July this year, if you asked the MMTF if these figures of more than 90% are reasonable and adequate, I believed our MMTF would have said yes.

What is the real reason the MMTF is still pushing aggressively for the vaccine? Many people in the community are discussing and contemplating what is the real reason. Is it vested interest or public health? Is there some special arrangement with the vaccine manufacturers?

The recent data showed that after vaccinating most of our people, we had a tremendous rise in death rates, ICU admissions as well as community transmission. It is clear for everyone to see. Based on these 3 metrics, it is clear that the vaccine does not halt transmission and does nothing to flatten the curve. If the unvaccinated people are the vulnerable, most of the infected cases would be children, as they are all unvaccinated, however we have infected people across all age groups. The large data set from foreign dormitories last year and the KTV cluster this year has clearly shown that unvaccinated people are not equivalent to vulnerable people. More than 90% of unvaccinated people are asymptomatic and mild. They do not need the protection by implementing the differentiated measures. Instead, we know that Covid cases are most certainly age based, and it got worse if the infected person has other co-morbidities. Thus, further vaccination on the remaining unvaccinated population will not result in any substantial outcome in this fight against Covid. A review in current approach is urgently needed.

As we journeyed along this pandemic, our road should get wider, not narrower. More data are released internationally, and we now know we have many choices compared to the early days of the pandemic. Surely, there must be more than just vaccine and differentiated measures to combat the pandemic.

If death, permanent disablement and long term risks are potential side effects, there must be more than one choice given to the people, especially healthy young people who carry very low risk. Instead, we have vaccine differentiated measures which are totally illogical and not science based. Before the high percentage of fully vaccinated population, there were no such restrictions, after the vaccination drive with most eligible population fully vaccinated, we have measures like this. This is clearly not about public health. Our Ministers should not be holding the people to ransom. People should not be held ransom with their livelihoods; they should not be held to ransom by separating them from their children, they should not be held to ransom by discriminating them from dining in and entering the malls. The current vaccinated differentiated measures have gone too far and overreaching, depriving people of making a choice on a potentially harmful chemical which is a new technology that is rushed and had never been used widely in human history. The differentiated measures are mandates in reality, we are just short of calling it a mandate.

Ministry Of Health (MOH) and Health Science Authority (HSA) are the regulators for the vaccine, to ensure the safety and efficacy, to collate the records of the vaccine injuries in a timely and transparent manner, and to disclosing all side effects to the public. However, as we journeyed along this pandemic, more data is being omitted. In my opinion, the MOH is currently acting more like the marketing agency for the pharmaceutical companies than an independent regulator. MOH is ignoring other alternative methods of treatments reported by international community of scientists and doctors. Even recently published science journal and the whistle-blowing of Pfizer’s manipulating their vaccine data has been ignored. Our people who have great expectation that the Government will act as their protector, are expecting at least a halt to the vaccination drive in view of data integrity and the rising number of side effects published by science journals internationally. However, the people are utterly disappointed by the adamant obsession of the current vaccination drive. We have people reporting persistent non-life threatening side effects like irregular menses after fully vaccinated. People are reporting of persistent eczema flaring up with constant need for medical drugs, people with shingles etc. Should we not ask if there is a better way of doing things?

I believed most fellow Singaporeans shared the values of compassion and freedom of choice. We must allow people to take the vaccine based on their individual health status in consultation with their doctor, and not held ransom with their livelihood and their freedom of movement towards making a decision. It is entirely irresponsible to be not diagnosing, and looking at individual health conditions, before getting a vaccine, especially a vaccine which is still undergoing longitudinal testing.

To end off, these are measures that need to be reviewed urgently:
1) Indemnity scheme to vaccine victims to be clearly defined
2) The definition of vaccine injury
3) A framework to be established on how soon and for how long a victim can receive compensation
4) Exemption from vaccine for those with medical reasons, currently it is too restrictive
5) Vaccine differentiated measures to be abolished, and replaced with a new measure to define individuals who are vulnerable people and needs protection.
6) Explore alternative ways of Covid treatments established by international doctors and even TCM.
7) Informed consent and warnings to be obtained from all vaccination participants.
8) Non discriminatory and non coercive advisory to be published on MOH and MOM website. For example the following (from Japan Health Ministry) –

“Although we encourage all citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, it is not compulsory or mandatory. Vaccination will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the information provided.
Please get vaccinated of your own decision, understanding both the effectiveness in preventing infectious diseases and the risk of side effects.
Please do not force anyone in your workplace or those who around you to be vaccinated, and do not discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated.”

I hope you recall your oath to the office and stick by it to protect the people, leaving behind a legacy as one of the best Prime Ministers in Singapore.

On behalf of a large group of Concerned parents and Singaporeans
From a Concerned Singaporean

Source: John Atkinson, Facebook

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