83% Deaths had 3 or more shots | Oct 2022

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At the start they were saying “of course people are dying, it’s the aged and vulnerable that were jabbed first”. Then they tried to blame Delta, then they tried to blame Omicron. Now they argue “of course” people with 2 or more shots are dying more than the 0-1 shot group because they think everyone is “vaccinated”. But we’ve been reporting this since the beginning of the rollout of this experimental gene therapy inoculation, and even the first trial data was terrifying – enough to say “Hell No!”. But we’ve now learned that they didn’t even do safety studies because they were “operation warp speed” and moving at the “speed of science“.

The only thing that changes is the narrative to fit the symptoms: anyone who dies after getting the shot is “anything but the obvious“. “Anything but the new substance everyone injected into themselves, sometimes several times”.

The fact that no one can even consider the jabs – even though they are a completely new technology where the manufacturers have complete oversight of their own products, they lied about the efficacy saying up to 98% when it was actually 2% or less, and have governments by the balls with their contracts, and that they are all still in clinical trials, and even though they are not doing autopsies or tracking anyone like a normal clinical trial, and even though they are not even looking at the data that IS being reported – is the most alarming of all – what is wrong with them, why can’t they see? It’s very sad how many are in denial about what is truly going on in this world. They will take their ego and cognitive dissonance to the grave with them. :(

NSW COVID-19 WEEKLY DATA OVERVIEW : Epidemiological week 39, ending 01 October 2022

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from NSW data:
COVID-19 Weekly Data Overview
Epidemiological week 39, ending 1 October 2022 [Issued 6 October 2022]

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