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Former UK Health Minister Matt Hancock video clips and links to damning articles about his role in the midazolam-induced euthanasia of the elderly and hospice patients during lockdown.

Matt Hancock | Midazolam | We Won’t Forget

Rumble | Telegram

Matt Hancock confirming the mass purchase of Midazolam for a “good death” with Dr. Luke Evans

At the start of the alleged Covid-19 so-called pandemic, UK Health Minister Matt Hancock ordered a two year supply of Midazolam and then went back to France for more. This was confirmed in a parliamentary committee meeting which included Hancock, Professor Van Tam, and Tory MP;

According to Dr. Luke Evans, a “good death” requires three things, one of which is midazolam.

At the same time, Hancock and the government changed the law on:

  1. the certification of deaths under the guise of the Coronavirus Act. (01)
  2. on cremations; removing the need for a confirmatory medical certificate. (02)
  3. on indemnity for health service activity including all NHS staff. (03)
  4. on visiting loved ones in care homes and NHS hospitals; which was banned. (04)

April and May 2020 saw a huge spike in deaths occurring in care homes, many of which were attributed to Covid-19.

A nurse in the United Kingdom on the murder of elderly and hospice patients in 2021

Rumble | Telegram (2021)

1.) They put all our patients on “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” orders
2.) Not allowed to go to hospital for ANY treatment
3.) Not to receive ANY antibiotics, pain medication such as paracetamol or codeine
4.) No “in-person” GP visits, it’s all remote.
5.) No COVID in the care home, but if a patient gets ill, they automatically put them on “End of Life” and “Nil by Mouth” and they discontinue all their usual medications
6.) Nurses have to sneak-in jars of baby food to try and feed the residents
7.) GP’s remotely prescribing “end of life” medications, which is morphine and midazolam injections.
8.) All regular medications taken away, regular pain-relief, all their anxiety, anti-depressant, and anti-psychotic medications, which a lot of their clients were on.
9.) District nurses come into the home to give “end of life” drugs, because, with the withdrawal of usual medication, the residents show signs of pain and anxiety. Morphine should only be used for extreme-pain when nothing else helps, and this “knocks them out”
Midazolam is given at ‘End of Life’ for sedation and to relieve terminal restlessness and agitation, however, it suppresses the individual’s breathing and quickens their death. No other alternatives for pain relief are given. No pain patches, no paracetamol—just put them straight on the hard-stuff, which, once started, is only a matter of days before the resident passes away.
10.) They are committing euthanasia—so much for them protecting the vulnerable.
11.) One of the people in the home got a chest infection and tested negative for Covid-19 during lockdown. This particular one actually got taken to hospital and treated, and the chest infection cleared up, so they were sent back to the home. When they returned, even with two negative-tests, and the chest infection cleared, they said the patient had “coronavirus by exposure” and that “all usual medications should be removed” so this patient was put on “end of life”.
12.) Get your relatives out of these homes.

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Here’s a quick run-down of some of the evidence 

  • Midazolam is a commonly used drug in palliative care, think of it as diazepam on steroids.
  • Midazolam is also a drug that has been used in executions by lethal injection in the USA.
  • UK regulators state that you should only receive midazolam in a hospital or doctor’s office that has the equipment that is needed to monitor your heart and lungs and to provide life-saving medical treatment quickly if your breathing slows or stops.
  • This is because Midazolam can cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems such as shallow, slowed, or temporarily stopped breathing that may lead to permanent brain injury or death.
  • At the start of the alleged Covid-19 pandemic Matt Hancock ordered a two-year supply of Midazolam and then went back to France for more.
  • This was confirmed in a parliamentary committee meeting which included Hancock, Professor Van Tam, and Tory MP; Dr Luke Evans, who said a “good death” needs three things, one of those things being Midazolam.
  • At the same time Hancock and the Government changed the law on the certification of deaths under the guise of the coronavirus act.
  • And the law on cremations; removing the need for a confirmatory medical certificate.
  • And the law on indemnity for health service activity.
  • And the law on visiting loved ones in care homes; which was banned.
  • April and May 2020 saw a huge spike in deaths occurring in care homes, many were falsely attributed to Covid-19.
  • In late 2020 the Care Quality Commission found 34 percent of Health and Social Care workers said they had felt pressured to place ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ orders on care home residents without informing the resident or their loved ones.
  • An Amnesty report also found the blanket use of DNR orders in Care homes.
  • The two-year supply of Midazolam purchased at the beginning of the alleged pandemic was gone by October.
  • What happened to all of the Midazolam?
  • Now the authorities are about to play this whole game again, this time under the guise of the alleged Omicron Covid-19 variant. (Full article: Déjà vu – The UK is about to experience a huge wave of deaths among the Elderly and Vulnerable comparable to April 2020; but Covid-19 will NOT be to blame | Dec 15, 2021)

Matt Hancock denies Bill Gates chips [Nov 2022]

Rumble | Telegram

Former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock talks about conspiracies associated with him and Bill Gates on the show “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

I couldn’t find the original on the “I’m a celebrity…” YouTube channel, but found these clips, which are actually interesting to watch due to the celebrities feeling this “elephant in the room” about Matt Hancock being on the show, how they approached him, and how he responded:

  1. Campmates confront Matt on the Pandemic
  2. Matt tells all on government cabinet reshuffles
  3. Charlene grills Matt Hancock over entering the jungle
  4. Matt shares his thoughts on Liz Truss And Boris Johnson
  5. Campmates SHOCKED by Matt Hancock & Seann Walsh’s arrival
  6. The Campmates question how genuine Matt is being in the show
  7. Boy George gets honest with Matt
  8. Matt and Boy George share their childhood hardships


[2019-22] Matt Hancock “What If Everyone Had Their Genome Sequenced at Birth?”


“What If Everyone Had Their Genome Sequenced at Birth?” Matt Hancock & Moderna CEO, Davos 2019 & other clips:

  • Clip 1: “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”, November 2022
    • “Matt tells all on government cabinet reshuffles” YouTube
      • This is damning because he literally explains how no one in government needs to know what the hell they are talking about, they listen to a panel and they only need to be good at communicating with the public and navigating parliament.
        • It also proves my theory on the “Pandemic Playbook” – how the entire world can be controlled by the few, by following the same policies initiated at the tabletops.
  • Clip 2: World Economic Forum, DAVOS, 11 Feb 2019
    • “What If: Everyone Had Their Genome Sequenced at Birth?” WEF YouTube
      • This shows his conflict$ of interest with Genomics England, and sharing a stage with the Moderna CEO:
        • “I’m Matt Hancock, I’m the UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, and I’m also the proud share-holder of Genomics-England, which is one of the most cutting-edge organizations for genome-sequencing in the world, and we, in December, hit the target of 100,000 genomes-sequenced, and we have reiterated a new goal, of reaching a million in the UK over the next 5 years. The Critical Next-Phase will be to deliver that within clinical settings in a way that improves people’s lives”.
  • Clip 3: Aspen Security Forum, 23 Jul 2022 YouTube
    • Opening Remarks & National Security Today: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities
      • Admitting DNA can be used as a targeted biological weapon that will kill that person or make them inoperable.
  • Clip 4: CDC & WIRED
    • CDC Tweeted this video after they admitted that 10% of the PCR tests ended up in a lab for genomic sequencing analysis on Feb 17, 2022 CDC Tweet
      • Video they linked to was: WIRED YouTube
        • “How Nose Swabs Detect New Covid-19 Strains | WIRED”
  • Clip 5: World Economic Forum, DAVOS, 11 Feb 2019 (as above)
    • Just adding more clips from that panel discussion that I think is interesting for people to know about, to see how they think, and what they spoke about on stage, compared to what they actually “did” in real life, just one year later.
  • Clip 6: “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”, November 2022 (as above)
  • Clip 7: “Use your brain – it’s time we started using simple conductive reasoning”

Dr. Mike Yeadon – Dec 8, 2022

Dr. Mike Yeadon just posted the following to Telegram:

Here is the most detailed description I’ve yet seen of the scandalous misuse of midazolam. It was the body of an e-mail on which I was a recipient. The author agreed I could share the anonymised body text. Please review. It’s pretty damning. Sedatives have no place in the management of a respiratory tract infection & anything that affects the breathing reflex is contraindicated. Midazolam and morphine individually do this & in combination are often lethal.

Best wishes

The Vitamin D connection was learnt from this podcast which is Ivor Cummins talking with David Grimes, Chris Williams and David Anderson from way back on 28th December 2020. Ivor is an engineer and a complex problem solver. He trained in Kepner Tregoe Problem Solving & Decision Making (like myself) which teaches you through a proper situational analysis to define the actual problem correctly before you try and solve it rather than solving the wrong problem as we seem to keep doing!

You have to ask the question why were morphine and midazolam – respiratory depressants – used for patients with respiratory infections at all. The Midazolam Matt Hancock issue is covered on 19th May 2020 in: Pharmaceutical-Journal

This points out the following:

  1. Supplies of the sedative midazolam have been diverted from France as a “precaution” to mitigate potential shortages in the NHS caused by COVID-19, the DHSC has told The Pharmaceutical Journal.
  2. One of five manufacturers of the drug told The Pharmaceutical Journal that it had to gain regulatory approval to sell French-labelled supplies of midazolam injection to the NHS, after having already sold two years’ worth of stock to UK wholesalers “at the request of the NHS” in March 2020.
  3. Midazolam is listed by the Royal College of Anaesthetists as a “first-line” sedative in the management of COVID-19 patients (, and warns in guidance published on 2 April 2020 that it “may be subject to demand pressure”.
  4. Matt Hancock, the UK health secretary, told the House of Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee on 17 April 2020 ( that intensive therapy unit medicines — including midazolam — are part of “a delicate supply chain” as they “are made in a relatively small number of factories around the world”.
  5. A spokesperson from Accord Healthcare told The Pharmaceutical Journal on 11 May 2020 that it was out of stock of midazolam injection after the NHS requested it “place all of its stock of midazolam — equivalent to around two year’s forecasted supply — into its wholesale partners”, even though the manufacturer “does not currently have any NHS contracts in England” to supply the drug.
  6. As a result of the NHS request [in March 2020], we are subsequently out of stock,” said Peter Kelly, managing director of Accord Healthcare.
  7. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) had given the manufacturer approval “for some French label stock — another 22,000 packs — to be sold into the NHS and [we] are currently waiting for the MHRA’s direction on where to place the stock”.
  8. The manufacturer said the French stock only includes midazolam at the strength of 1mg/mL in 5mL, while the initial supply in March 2020 contained a variety of four different strengths.
  9. The DHSC confirmed that its request for additional midazolam stock from Accord Healthcare was one of these precautions. “As part of our national efforts to respond to the coronavirus outbreak, we are doing everything we can to ensure patients continue to access safe and effective medicines,” they added.

Dr Renée Hoenderkamp is a GP in London

I was sent copies of the ‘frailty score’ which was being used as a delineator of who should and shouldn’t be sent to hospital. That the CCG were handing down instructions on just this very issue.

Midazolam information

Clinical trials.

Midazolam factsheets pdf ingredients.

Overdose on midazolam.

DNRs orders.

Remdesivir also used by uk gov.

Please have a look over all official pdfs and ask these questions were these drugs administered to your family members while in NHS care over the past few years? Have any family members or loved ones been given these drugs in a care home setting at any time and where you informed of the do not resuscitate orders placed on the elderly and vulnerable?? If so how much was administered in dosage ,who administered it and can death and care records to be made available to the family. Please don’t let this tragedy go unpunished they deserved the right to life and family’s deserve justice for your loss. You’re not alone 🙏

Palliative care Murder Plans


  • Palliative care and COVID-19 in the Australian context: a review of patients with COVID-19 referred to palliative care (05)
    • “Continuous subcutaneous infusions were commenced in 71% of patients, with the most frequent medications being opioids and benzodiazepines in relatively small doses; 81% required ≤20 mg subcutaneous morphine equivalent and 64% required ≤10 mg subcutaneous midazolam over 24 h. Fifty patients (91%) died in hospital and the median time from palliative care referral to death was 3 days (IQR 1-5 days). Five patients were discharged back to residential aged care facilities.”


Black, Asian and minority ethnic patients 

Unless I’m completely angry and biased (and I note, I truly am horrified by everything to do with the so called “management” of covid patients)… this study seems to suggest that those in minority ethnic groups who were referred to palliative care for symptom management should be put on end of life instead:

  • The need for early referral to palliative care especially for Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups in a COVID-19 pandemic: Findings from a service evaluation (07)
    • “The main symptoms experienced by patients with COVID-19 are breathlessness, fever, drowsiness, and agitation
      • “Time from referral to death was significantly shorter during COVID-19 compared to pre-COVID-19. However, many of these patients were referred for symptom control instead of terminal care. This highlights the need for more focused education on recognising dying among healthcare professionals. It also highlights the importance of early referral to palliative care in COVID-19 and setting up a responsive, flexible, and integrated hospital-based palliative care service. Given the symptom burden, psychological distress, and the potential for rapid deterioration and death, it is crucial for healthcare organisations to integrate palliative care into COVID-19 pandemic planning.” 

  • Characteristics, Symptom Management, and Outcomes of 101 Patients With COVID-19 Referred for Hospital Palliative Care (08)
    • “Most prevalent symptoms (n) were breathlessness (67), agitation (43), drowsiness (36), pain (23), and delirium (24). Fifty-eight patients were prescribed a subcutaneous infusion. Frequently used medicines (median [range] dose/24 hours) were opioids (morphine, 10 [5-30] mg; fentanyl, 100 [100-200] mcg; alfentanil, 500 [150-1000] mcg) and midazolam (10 [5-20] mg). Infusions were assessed as at least partially effective for 40/58 patients, while 13 patients died before review. Patients spent a median [IQR] of 2 [1-4] days under the palliative care team […]
      •  At March 30, 2020, 75 patients had died; 13 been discharged back to team, home, or hospice; and 13 continued to receive inpatient palliative care.”

Wow this one says oxygen therapy may help relieve breathlessness… but a “rapid review” found no evidence to support the use of oxygen for breathlessness… so the priority is to treat the symptom of breathlessness rather than oxygen saturation levels!!

  • Palliative care for patients with severe covid-19 (09)
    • “Oxygen therapy may help relieve breathlessness in severe hypoxaemia, and many patients with severe covid-19 in hospital will be prescribed oxygen. A recent rapid review found no evidence to support the use of oxygen for breathlessness among people with covid-19 in the absence of hypoxaemia.16 For patients dying from covid-19, the priority is to treat the symptom of breathlessness rather than oxygen saturation levels. The simplest way to assess for severity of breathlessness is to ask the patient if they are feeling breathless while at rest and observe for signs of increased work of breathing (inability to complete sentences, use of accessory muscles, and raised respiratory rate). It should be noted that some patients with hypoxaemia have minimal breathlessness. In dying patients, if symptoms are well managed, oxygen therapy may be titrated down while carefully monitoring symptoms. There should be an individualised approach, and some patients who are hypoxic may gain symptomatic benefit from oxygen therapy.”
  • It also promotes antipsychotics and opioids.. (Please see Dr Breggin’s information about antipsychotics)
    • “As with opioids, titration of the dose of benzodiazepine may be needed to achieve good symptom relief. If there is an element of delirium (such as disorientation to time, place, or person) contributing to agitation or anxiety, an antipsychotic such as haloperidol may be needed instead of or in addition to benzodiazepines..”
  • Wow it even gives tips to staff .. that I won’t copy here.. that infuriates me.
    • “Funded by NIH”

WHO Guide for Palliative Care during COVID

  • World Health Organization. Clinical Management of COVID-19. Interim guidance, 27 May 2020; – see pp. 46-47 as well as Appendix 3 for palliative care. (10)
    • “Palliative care interventions should be made accessible at each institution that provides care for persons with COVID-19.” (p. 46)
    • p. 49 “The primary goal is to identify all deaths due to COVID-19. A death due to COVID-19 is defined for surveillance purposes as a death resulting from a clinically compatible illness, in a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case, unless there is a clear alternative cause of death that cannot be related to COVID-19 disease (e.g. trauma). There should be no period of complete recovery from COVID-19 between illness and death. A death due to COVID-19 may not be attributed to another disease (e.g. cancer) and should be counted independently of preexisting conditions that are suspected of triggering a severe course of COVID-19.”
    • p. 50 “The use of official terminology, COVID-19, should be used for all certification of this cause of death. COVID-19 should be recorded on the medical certificate as cause of death for all decedents where the disease caused, or is assumed to have caused, or contributed to death. This helps to reduce uncertainty for the classification or coding and to correctly monitor these deaths”
      • ^^ Well, there you go.
  • See also: p. 54 (Appendix 3: Palliative Care Therapies – too big to copy here)

I haven’t read this one yet, it’s referred to in Appendix 3 in the above document:


  • NHS End of Life Care for Patients with COVID19 Version 2, 30 Sept 2020 (12)
  • p. 6 “Benzodiazepines = FIRST LINE for anxiety, fear and agitation”
    • Midazolam – suggest start with low doses for patients naïve to this drug but be prepared, if response is poor or short lived and anxiety is severe, to escalate dosing sharply if required.”
      • “If ward areas cannot access midazolam then lorazepam can be used as a substitute – generally 2.5 mg of midazolam can be regarded as ‘equivalent’ to 500 mcg of injectable lorazepam”
      • “For patients not responding to midazolam – this might be because doses have been too low or not frequent enough. Some patients might need much higher doses than normal” OR “They might need to use midazolam in combination with another drug e.g. a strong opioid or antipsychotic.”
      • “If the effect of midazolam is effective but short-lived the patient might require a continuous infusion of midazolam.
    • Morphine – suggest start with low doses for patients naïve to this drug but be prepared to escalate dosing sharply if response is poor or short lived and anxiety due to breathlessness is severe.”

UK COVID End of Life drug chart

I also have a screenshot for March 2020’s Wessex Palliative Care Physicians COVID-19 management of End of Life symptoms“. Download here if you wish to compare March 2020 to 2022.

If anyone survived these “care plans”, they are walking miracles.

Image credits: Evil, Evil Man | Care-Home-v-Midaz

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