Eddie Warne – Rare??? Jab Reactions & Covid Truthbombs

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An Eddie Wearne Edit / Mini Docco For The Open Minded.

12 Nov 2021: Rare……..???????? A Jabverse Reaction, Reality Check, Hundreds of Reactions. Trigger Warning, Too Shocking For The Msm. Straight out Of The Worlds Longest Lockdown, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Share If You Care. They Are Coming For Our Kids.

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From years of research & questioning, I believe that the situation that we are all in now, is a result of a combination of human failings…

A virus was created in a laboratory and intentional or accidentally released…

The shareholders of these pharmaceutical companies have control and censorship of the mainstream media and much of the mainstream online information, globally.

Censorship is rife…

Governments, who want at the same time to control the people, to remain in power, are overseen and controlled by the globalists….

These governments followed an option presented by pharmaceutical companies as a solution, to save lives, in a panic state, as a one size fits all treatment, lockdowns and vaccination mandates, passports, manipulation and fear without much consideration for alternatives.

Or the repercussions of doing so…

The disaster created by this reaction, the fear, financial ruin, physiological and psychological disorder, adverse reactions, suicides and the rest, have been more detrimental than the virus that the vast majority of healthy individuals would heal from…

The game is now one of money, power, greed, and control.

This is not about our health…

It is an attack on liberty & personal freedom…

This is the new normal…

Here’s to a Better Future…

  • There are more covid shot injured people in hospitals globally, now more than ever
  • Each booster, in time, depletes immunity, these are not vaccines, but mRNA spike proteins, so we are now, The Experiment….
  • These shots do not stop you from catching or spreading the virus
  • They may protect the elderly and vulnerable in the short term, but they are taking it’s toll on the healthy
  • Factual data is available in every country.
  • Many governments are controlling and manipulating the truth, at profit & for control…
  • To stand for our freedoms…
  • We must peacefully no longer comply…

Until then,

The plandemic runs in cycles

And may never end…

They are coming for our kids.

Hey Leaders, Live Our Kids Alone.

How Many More Boosters Until You Say No???

Spread Peace, Strength, Compassion and Love…

Love will Always Prevail.

Eddie Warne

“My Life Pre-Jab” – November 9, 2021

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Episode 48: Live with Eddie Wearne | Vaccine Injured Story – January 18, 2022

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