How Jimmy Dore Broke Out of the Propaganda Matrix

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Comedian Jimmy Dore initially got caught up in the fear propaganda and took the shot and suffered severe side effects from it, and realized he’d been duped. The shot was nowhere near as safe (or effective) as they claimed, and started seeing through other propaganda narratives as well – that we were lied to about “everything!”.

Dore realized the medical establishment lied about early treatments, herd and natural immunity, masks, that COVID jab prevents transmission, the safety of the shots, and about the seriousness of the virus itself.

He also fell for Paxlovid & bought into the lie that Ivermectin was horse paste. He’s been calling them out for everything they lied about since, including that the governments and corporations are corrupt, that the U.S. are the terrorists, and that we are already run by fascists, and that the Left/Right are funded by the same source. He warns that corruption has been integrated into every part of the government, and every system used to run it.

Highlight Reel (24 mins)

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(Full video – 60 mins – below)

(skipped the general chit-chat)

Dr. Joseph Mercola: All right. I’m impressed with your critical thinking skills because you really, like most people, got engaged with the propaganda and were brainwashed into believing that the vaccine and the jab would be a really good strategy. And you took the jab and you got side effects from it and suffered, and you had to find a physician who was really able to guide you through the process. And I’m not sure if you’ve completely recovered, but maybe you can share that story because it’s impressive that your critical thinking skills were functioning, unlike maybe a third of Americans who just no matter what amount of evidence you throw at them, they’re just so brainwashed. They can’t see the truth right before their eyes.

Jimmy Dore: I was completely propagandized. I was completely afraid. I was convinced that if I got COVID, that I have a bone condition that I have to treat every day. And so, I was afraid. They made it sound like if you got COVID, it’s going to go find your most vulnerable part of your body and it’s going to infect it and kill you. And so, I was convinced that if I got it, it was going to go right to my bones and it was going to kill me. And I was scared to death.

So, I knew I was going to take the vaccine and I was afraid to look into it. This is true, right? Because I knew I was going to take it anyway. And because both of my doctors had told me to take it because they didn’t know any better, none of us knew at the time that they were suppressing accurate information. I didn’t know that. Neither did my doctors. Everybody was just as in the dark as anybody else. And at that time, we didn’t know that there were other doctors out there with another narrative. I didn’t know about the Great Barrington Declaration. (01) (02) (03)

I didn’t know that there were other leading scientists and doctors who had a different idea. I didn’t know what a criminal Dr. Fauci was. I didn’t know that he did the same thing in the AIDS crisis. I didn’t know about that. So, then I took the vaccine, I got sick, never got better.

It was just horrible side effects. I had 180/120 was my blood pressure. I could have had a stroke at any moment. I had nerve pain, nerve damage. I was diagnosed with an occipital neuralgia, which if you know what that is, it’s the most wicked stiff neck you’ve ever had in your life. I had joint pain, I had exhaustion, short of breath, the whole thing. I had it for months.

And I got into this program, luckily a doctor who was on the forefront of treating people who were vaccine-injured and they were trying to find out a protocol, meaning a protocol for treatment drugs to treat people who had long COVID. And they had a theory. My doctor was Dr. Yogendra, he was working with Bruce Patterson and their idea was that the people who got vaccine-injured would be presenting as if they had long COVID. (04) (05) (06) (07) (08) (09) (10)

And he showed me, they did a special blood test. I had to go to a special place. And then he showed me my biological markers on a printout and he said, “You are presenting as if you had long COVID, but you’ve never had COVID. So you got this from the vax. So we’re going to give you a bunch of… We’re trying to come up with a protocol to treat this, and so here’s what we’re going to give you.”

They gave me fluvoxamine, they gave me azithromycin.

Jimmy Dore: They gave me ivermectin. And when he gave me ivermectin, I was like, “Hey, what’s this? I thought this is that horse paste.” And they go – and that’s when it was explained to me that we were being lied to on a scale that our minds can’t comprehend. (11)

That ivermectin not only is not dangerous, it’s not only for animals, it’s a human medicine. And in fact, it won the Nobel Prize for human medicine, and it’s on the WHO (World Health Organization) list of essential medicines, been prescribed billions of times and has saved billions of lives, and it’s less toxic than Tylenol. And I was like, “Are you kidding me?

And he said, “Jimmy, before COVID, they were looking at ivermectin to treat cancer. It was considered a wonder drug. (12) And the reason why they’re lying about it now is because if ivermectin treats COVID, they can’t get their emergency use authorization to get these vaccines. And then that’s all over.” (13) (14)

Well, it can treat it. It does, and so does hydroxychloroquine. And that’s why Africa doesn’t have a problem with COVID and everybody’s trying to figure it out. (15)

Oh, it’s because they have a lower, younger population. It’s because they’re outside more.” It’s because of this, blah, blah, blah. It’s probably all those things. And it’s also because of the ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. So, that was like, “Oh my god, they’re lying about it, so this is just a big money grab.” And as soon as I figured that out, and no matter what I looked into, no matter what I looked into, they were lying about it. They were lying about ivermectin. They were lying about hydroxychloroquine. They wouldn’t even tell you about monoclonals. (16)

You remember when Chris Christie and Donald Trump, they all got COVID at the same time because they were at the same thing? They were at the same party and they all got COVID and then they were all better. They were all better a week later. And I’m like, “Wait a minute. The fattest guy in the country, and this is supposed to target the obese, and they’re both obese and somehow they made it through,” and Trump’s elderly. He’s in his 70s. It didn’t make sense to me.

Oh, it’s because they were getting monoclonals and they didn’t tell anybody that. And so, we actually did have a treatment. It’s called monoclonals. And they were 80% at least effective according to their own numbers.

And so, everything they lied about.

  1. They were lying about early treatments. (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33)
  2. They were lying about herd immunity. (34)
  3. They were lying about masks. (35)
  4. They were lying about natural immunity. (36) (37) (38) (39) (40) (41) (42)
  5. They were lying about the vax preventing transmission. (43) (44)
  6. They were lying about preventing contraction. (45) (46)
  7. They were lying about the safety. (47)
  8. They were also lying about the seriousness of the virus. (48) (49) (50) (51) (52)

The virus was never a serious virus because just like Bill Gates, after he cashed in his stock, his money that he invested in Pfizer, he cashes it in, and then he starts telling people the truth. He says, “Yeah, well, the virus, it isn’t that deadly. It has a low fatality rate.” This is a direct quote: “It has a low fatality rate. It affects the elderly and those with comorbidities, kind of like the flu, but a little different.” (53)

Yeah, the average age of death from COVID is over the age of life expectancy, but we’re vaccinating high schoolers? We’re vaccinating teenagers and children and now babies? This is a criminal act on an unbelievable scale. And they’re still doing it because they own the media and because they’ve gotten away with it and because they have immunity from lawsuits. (54) Why do you need immunity from a vaccine? Why do you need immunity from a lawsuit? Why do you need that if it’s safe and effective, if you’ve done all the trials? Because it’s not, and you haven’t done all the trials. That’s why. And because the people who are pushing this are the biggest criminals in the world, and they’ve already proven that they are willing to kill massive amounts of people for profit. They do it left and right. (55)

You know the story, you know how they did with Vioxx, you know they just got half the country using that [crosstalk 00:09:27].

Dr. Joseph Mercola: I was the first one to publish that publicly in 1999 before it even went on the market. I said it was going to kill people from strokes, and it wound up killing 60,000 people.

Jimmy Dore: And they knew it was going to do that.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Yeah, they had the evidence for it.

Jimmy Dore: And the internal memo reveals that they didn’t care. They go, “Yeah, but we’re still going to make more money than they’re going to fine us for.” It’s the most psychopathic evil system I’ve ever seen. And everybody is okay with it.

So, that was my journey. So, when I looked into it, they were lying about everything to the point where they were even coloring Joe Rogan’s face to make him look sicker than he actually was when he got COVID. He got COVID, he beat it in two days. He was tested negative for the virus, and CNN had to lie about him. And they continue to lie. They literally colored his face to make him look green, to make him look sicker. Those are the people who are lying. Joe Rogan was never lying. Joe Rogan never lied about COVID. In fact, everything Joe Rogan told you was true about COVID. (56) (57)

Now, Bill Gates is now also – not only is he telling you the truth about how unserious or about the pathology, the deadliness of the virus, which it’s not, he’s now telling you the truth about the vaccine. So now he says, “Yeah, these vaccines aren’t good. They don’t block transmission, they’re not long-lasting.”

And I was like, “You son of a bitch.” So how could we have mandated that, something that doesn’t block transmission? The only reason you would mandate a vaccine against a virus is that it did just that. It blocked transmission. That’s the only reason.

And it never made sense to me that you had to get your vaccine so I didn’t catch it. “Well, if it works, why don’t you just go get your vaccine?” I don’t have to worry about someone else when I get in an elevator if they have the polio vaccine or if they took their measles vaccine. I don’t have to worry about that because I took mine. But why is it all of a sudden – so that’s how you knew they were lying.

They always knew. They always knew that this vaccine was not a vaccine. I don’t know what you call a medical treatment that doesn’t block the transmission of a virus and doesn’t block you from contracting it. That’s not a vaccine. That’s called a therapeutic. And by the way, it caused more harm than good. So more people were injured by the vaccine than got saved by it.

And by the way, people who are under 80 years [censored] old and don’t have comorbidities don’t need to take the vaccine because they’re going to get – right now, nobody should take it. Omicron is a cold. It has exactly what Dr. Robert Malone explained on my show in early 2021 was that the virus is going to mutate to become way more infectious and less deadly. And that’s exactly what happened. And I’ve had COVID now three times in the form of omicron, and it was nothing. It was the mildest cold I ever had in my life. But then I took Paxlovid like a moron, and I got it again. And I got it again.

So, that’s my journey. And what people can’t realize is that, well, what’s crazy is where is the LGBTQ community on this? They’re the ones who were storming the NIH (National Institutes of Health) building in the ’90s. (Note: Dr. Joseph Mercola corrected the year from ’90s to ’80s)

Jimmy Dore: In the ’80s, Fauci kept cheap, effective drugs from AIDS patients, just like he’s keeping cheap, effective drugs from COVID patients. They did the exact same thing. And what did they do? They had a money-making drug that they wanted to push, and they pushed it. They pushed AZT, just like they’re pushing remdesivir now and just like they pushed the vaccines, and they’ll never tell you. Anyway, what’s happening is we’re run by psychopathic criminals and the entire government. (58) (59)

People don’t realize that our government is not just ‘regular corrupt’. When they hear people like me say the government is corrupted, they think, “Oh, Joe Biden gave his kid a no-show job on an energy board in Ukraine,” or “Donald Trump set up a business deal with his kid in the Saudi.” That’s what they think about when people say corruption.

No, no, no. The whole thing is corrupt. The whole COVID policy was corrupt. The whole vaccine rollout, 100% corrupt. Everything that happens in Congress happens because of the grease from the oil of corruption. If there isn’t corruption to grease the wheels, the mechanisms of government don’t run.

That’s why we can send $100 billion to Ukraine, because that’s $100 billion in corruption, while we don’t send $100 billion to the United States to end homelessness. $100 billion dollars could end homelessness three times in the United States, and they won’t send it to our own goddamn country because there’s nobody there to make a profit off of it. But there are lots of people who already have their grips on our government, our legislators who make a big profit off of war.

So, we have an endless death economy, and that’s all we can do. We will not invest in our own country. This is called the end of an empire. This is how all empires end, and we’re ending right now.

FULL VIDEO: Breaking Free From the COVID Propaganda Machine (60 mins)

April 02, 2023 (60mins): BitChute | Rumble-Mirror | Article | PDF | Mercola

Rest of the Interview broken up into parts:

Petrodollar. Ukraine war. Trump. Jan 6th. Wall St. BigPharma. Silicon Valley. Military.

Right now, they’re wrecking the petrodollar. They’re wrecking the petrodollar with this proxy war in Ukraine, and as soon as the petrodollar – what is that? So, they’re doing all the things that they claimed “Trump was going to do because he was such a madman. Trump was going to alienate the rest of the world, including our allies, and they were all going to join together against us”.

That’s exactly what’s happening right now. Russia and China and India, Italy, Venezuela, they’re coming together and they’re creating economic power centers to combat the United States and NATO hegemony. And they’re doing it by sabre-rattling with two nuclear powers.

This was the stuff that they said Trump was going to do. Trump actually wasn’t. He was actually a peacenik compared to these guys. Trump didn’t start another war. And that’s why they’re arresting him. That’s why they’re doing all this stuff. That’s why they impeached him twice.

They had to do an FBI op on January 6th. The whole thing is they know that people are done with the oligarchy. They’re done with this two-party duopoly, which is a uniparty because they all work for the same people. Just like the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals get paid by the same guy, the Democrats and the Republicans get paid by the same guys: Wall Street, Big Pharma, health insurance, Silicon Valley, and the military-industrial complex.

Democratic Party = Fascists, Railroad Tycoons, East Palestine, Clinton, Biden, Trump

They all work for the same people. We can have an ecological disaster that’s poisoning people in East Palestine and nobody cares about it in the government, but they will fly to Kiev and promise another $10 billion to another foreign country because corruption is greasing the wheels of that happening. Corruption is keeping people from helping those people in East Palestine. Corruption greases the wheel to ignore that problem because the oligarchs, the railroad tycoons own the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, and Joe Biden works for them.

That’s why the Democratic Party told you that you had to vote for them because they’re the ones trying to save democracy and the Republicans are fascists. The first thing the Democrats did after they voted for them was they committed fascism by crushing a railroad workers’ strike. They fasciously crushed a railroad workers’ strike because they were going to win. They didn’t do that because the railroad workers were going to lose their strike. They did that because they were going to win and they were going to win immediately.

So, we live in a fascist government. Anybody who thinks they’re voting for Democrats and patting themselves on the back like they’re fighting against fascism or white supremacy, I want to disabuse you of that stupid [censored] idea. You are voting for another brand of fascism. Joe Biden was not the lesser of two evils, just like Bill Clinton was not the lesser of two evils, nor was Barack Obama.

The Democratic Party is the greater evil because they can get more stuff done because they put a pretty smile on their evil just like Barack Obama. The reason why the empire hates Donald Trump is because he puts an ugly face on their imperialism and their empire, and that’s why they have to get rid of him. And that’s why they can’t let him run because they know people are done with that already. They’re done with the oligarchy and they’re willing to vote for a game show host con artist over Hillary Clinton, over Joe Biden, over whatever corporate tool they put in front of us again. That’s how bad it’s gotten.

Canadian Truckers were vaccinated - protesting authoritarianism

I don’t know how much longer people are going to take it in America before they get in the streets, but the truckers in Canada showed that the way to get at them is you shut down capitalism.

The truckers in Canada, people don’t know this, were vaccinated at a higher rate than the general population in Canada. The truckers weren’t protesting medicine. The truckers were protesting authoritarianism and they were right. Okay, I’ll stop talking. (60)

Belief system needs to research other Vaccines like Smallpox and Polio

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Well, thank you for that monologue. It’s a really great example of what you do regularly on your show. And I watch your show pretty much every night, the YouTube clips, and I do it right before I go to bed, and I’m really entertained as you just entertained us with a summary for the last few weeks.

So, I’m particularly curious though, you as a person who was in fear and capitulated to the idea that the vax was going to save you from some devastating disease and you woke up and you learned the truth and you investigated it, but yet it seems you still have the belief system that the other vaccines, like the smallpox and the polio vaccine, were authentic and real and they really served a good role. I don’t know if you’ve done a deep dive into them, but there’s incredible evidence to suspect that’s a scam just equal to COVID, unequivocally.

Jimmy Dore: Well, I have seen some things about polio vaccine lately, in fact, that there was a polio outbreak in New York state that was caused by the polio vaccine. Which polio vaccine? Not the kind they give to people in the United States. It’s the kind of vaccine – it’s the oral vaccine, which we know gives people polio.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: It’s a live, attenuated vaccine, right.

Jimmy Dore: And where do they send that vaccine? They don’t send it to Massachusetts, they don’t send it to San Francisco. They send it to poor countries. And so, that’s how people were getting polio again. And of course, they released that.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: It’s even deeper than that though. It may not be the actual poliovirus that causes polio. That’s the assumption.

Jimmy Dore: Right.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: But if you look into it, they changed the definitions completely, just like they did with COVID, to define what is COVID and what is a reaction from the vaccine because most of the people who are getting the symptoms were getting it after they got the vaccination. But the belief now of people who really studied this carefully is that it’s due to heavy metals and DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane). That’s what caused the epidemics that we had in polio in the beginning of the 20th century when they started putting these pesticides like DDT into the food supply. And there was really clear evidence on it that’s just incredible. So, it’s all a fraud, all a scam. I’ve really understood this since the ’90s and really had the honor of being on the front page of The Washington Post one Christmas or Christmas Eve as the primary funder for the “anti-vax movement.” They called me out.

Jimmy Dore: I would say that the difference between Jonas Salk and Dr. Fauci is striking though, right? Dr. Salk actually didn’t want to make money off his polio vaccine. I don’t think he was an evil character like the people in Pfizer and Moderna are today or Johnson & Johnson. Would you agree?

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Absolutely. Absolutely. Jimmy Dore: Okay.

Insulin Scam

Dr. Joseph Mercola: In a similar mode, it’s almost equally as egregious. Although they’re not killing people, they may be in some ways because of the financial hardships that they’re creating, but the inventor of the insulin drug, his name escapes me at the current time, but it was the 1920s. They sold the patent to the university that they worked for, for $1. They wanted this to be done for humanity.

Now, insulin is a hormone that’s injected, that’s absolutely required if you have Type 1, not Type 2 diabetes. It’s probably more commonly used for Type 2. It actually accelerates the death process if you give it for Type 2. But for Type 1, you are dead within days without it. And I don’t know if you know, but when I was in med school in the ’80s, insulin was like $5, $10 a bottle. Do you have an idea what they’re charging now?

Jimmy Dore: I don’t know, $50? Dr. Joseph Mercola: $300, $400, and $500 for one bottle of a life-saving medication that the patent was given away for free, essentially, so it would serve humanity. And they didn’t have to struggle to get this life-saving drug. It’s not really a drug, it’s a hormone that your body makes. But they developed recombinant DNA techniques to produce it. It’s even more efficient and it costs less to make it now. Before they had to extract it from animals or humans, now they make it with essentially E. coli. They extract it from it and it’s much more efficient. And they charge 500 or 1,000 times as much as they did literally a few decades ago. So that’s another egregious challenge, but it just demonstrates how corrupt the whole system is.

Pharma, no accountability, complete immunity from damage they cause

Jimmy Dore: Yeah, I don’t think they’ll be able to repair the lack of trust in public health. I mean, our public health system is completely corrupted. It’s run by for-profit interests. And this is the kind of healthcare you get. You get the people who make the drugs have complete immunity from the damage they cause. And so, then they just keep pushing these defective products that are poisonous on people left and right because they don’t have to worry about anything and they never go to jail anyway.

The only thing they have to do is pay a fine if they do get caught and that doesn’t come out of their pocket. That comes out of your pocket for – it’s the same thing.

Can you imagine them trying to get people to take another vaccine? I don’t see it happening.

Population awake? 50%. Democrats = completely indoctrinated.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Now that you woke up to the truth, what is your perception, since you’re in a state where there are a lot more people who are still confused and brainwashed, of the percentage of the population that is still brainwashed and doesn’t understand? Do you think it’s a third, higher than a third, more than a third, or less than a third?

Jimmy Dore: I would say half. I would say if you vote Democrat, you are completely indoctrinated in the propaganda around COVID. I don’t know many people who voted for Joe Biden who don’t still repeat the lies about COVID and the vaccine that came directly from Big Pharma criminals and Fauci, who’s also a murderer.

Cult, Losing Friends, Russiagate, Jon Stewart, Clinton, Fauci, Nazi-Trumper

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Did you lose a lot of friends because of your position?

Jimmy Dore: Oh, yes. Oh, my friends look at me like I have a scarlet letter on my chest. That’s what happens. Yes, that happened. I mean, people I’ve known for 30 years.

And people think like all of a sudden Jimmy just started lying. I started somehow repeating – well, Jon Stewart found out. Jon Stewart went on 18 months ago, went on the Stephen Colbert show and did a hilarious routine about how, of course, the virus came from the Wuhan lab that studies coronaviruses. Of course, it came from that. And it was hilarious. And he got ostracized. He got cancelled by his, what I like to call, well, his liberal – well, I call them shit-libs because being liberal is a good thing, but they’ve bastardized being a liberal into being the opposite, to being an authoritarian. And so, I call them shit-libs. And he runs in those circles and they ostracized him. He got cancelled. And he said, “I found out that the lab leaked.” If you thought the virus came from a lab, that made you a right-winger, and if you thought it came from a wet market, that made you a left-winger.

And that’s crazy. That’s called cult. That’s a cult thinking. And so, when he did an obvious comedy routine about the virus, he got cancelled. That’s what cults do. And Jon Stewart won’t say it’s a cult. He won’t call it out. He bent the knee to the cult. And how is he bending the knee? Well, he won’t tell you the truth about Ukraine. He pinned a medal on a Nazi at Disney World for Ukraine. He gave a tongue bath to two war criminals, Condoleezza Rice, and Hillary Clinton. Not one hard question. So that’s him trying to bend the knee to get back in with his shitlib circles.

And yeah, that same thing happened to me. And the thing that’s crazy to me is that all the machine has to do is find your fear point, and if it finds what you are afraid of, they can press it, and then all your critical thinking skills go out the window. My friends who are comedians, and I don’t know if you know about comedians, but we’re the most skeptical people, cynical people in the world, people who could see through Russiagate, people knew Russiagate was a BS thing that was concocted by the Democratic Party and the intelligence community and the establishment. They could see that that’s what that was. They could see through it clearly.

They’re the same people who could see through why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. The same people who knew it wasn’t racism. The same people who voted for Barack Obama twice, then voted for Donald Trump. The reason why: They were done with both political parties turning their back on workers, and that’s what happened.

So, people who could see through that and see through Russiagate had not one question about COVID. They pressed their fear button. They framed it in either, if you believe Fauci, you’re a “good person“. If you don’t, if you have questions against Fauci, you’re a “white supremacist Nazi Trumper“. That’s how they framed it. And people ingested that propaganda. And then re-spew it.

Same people who could see through Russiagate, same people who could see through the lie about the 2016 election, they bought the COVID lies, hook, line and sinker. And even when someone like me who they’ve known all their life, who was on the right side of every goddamn issue, whether it be Syria, whether it be Russiagate, whether it be Venezuela, whether it be Libya, whether it be Afghanistan, no matter what it was, I’m getting it right before everyone else and getting my teeth kicked in for it. And they’re still with this, they still won’t admit they were wrong. It’s easier to get some – and my people say, “Well, do your friends apologize to you for being wrong?” And I say, “No, they’re not going to apologize.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Not one of them? None of them have apologized? Jimmy Dore: Not one. Dr. Joseph Mercola: Or recognized their errors? Jimmy Dore: Not one. Well, one, but he was someone who wasn’t sure. He wasn’t out there wagging his finger at me. So, no, nobody who wagged their finger at me has… Dr. Joseph Mercola: That’s fascinating.

Experimental medical treatments, Chomsky, Nazism, Covid insanity

Jimmy Dore: Not only that, but it’s more of this. They’re not going to ask me for forgiveness. What’s the saying? There’s a saying, I don’t know who came up with it. But the saying is, “It’s easier for people to forgive you when you’re wrong than it is for them to forgive you when you’re right.” And that’s what’s happened. I was right.

And they’re never going to forgive me for being right about COVID, right about mandates, those ghoulish mandates forcing an untested, experimental medical treatment on people, forcing them to take it or you can’t go to work, forcing them to take it or you can’t travel or you can’t go eat lunch or you can’t do anything. You can’t be a participant in society.

Just like [Noah] Chomsky. Chomsky wanted to isolate those people, the unvaccinated. And how did they get food? He said, “That’s their problem.” It brought out the inner ghoul inside everybody, including a guy like Chomsky who lived through the Nazis. He should have known better. He did it. It just showed you, if you scare somebody, they all become right-wing authoritarians. And that’s exactly what happened to Chomsky. (61)

That’s exactly what happened to every one of my friends. And they’re never going to apologize. And it just goes to show you that you only have a few friends in life, and you might think you have a lot of friends. You don’t, no matter what you think. If you can say you have two good friends in your life, you’re doing okay.

Robert Kennedy Jr. running for congress, Bernie Sanders figurehead, AOC

So, now my friendships have shifted, and now I see the courage and the balls of steel of a guy like Bobby Kennedy [Jr.].

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Yeah, you interviewed him last week. (62) Jimmy Dore: That’s right. Dr. Joseph Mercola: I interviewed him a few days afterwards. (63)

So, I was going to ask you about that as the next question. What do you think about his chances? Well, because he seems pretty aligned with your principles, and I was really impressed. I actually got goosebumps interviewing him because he provided some compelling arguments that if he was able to secure the nomination, that he could really make a difference. Unlike Trump who promised things, he knew how to fix it. (64)

Jimmy Dore: Unlike the Republican Party, the Democrats have super delegates, and they already admitted in court that they could hand-pick their delegate in a smoky room without any elections and they couldn’t do anything about it, which is exactly what they’ll do if Bobby Kennedy [Jr.] runs as a Democrat.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Oh, he won’t get it because of the superdelegates. He won’t get the nomination.

Jimmy Dore: Nope, he’s not going to get the nomination. There’s not a chance in hell. And if you see what they did to Donald Trump, that’s what they would’ve done to Bernie Sanders had he somehow miraculously won. But it’s exactly what they’ll do to RFK Jr., too. The same thing.

And what he needs to do is run in a third party, but he’s going to run inside that corrupt anti-worker, pro-war Democratic Party because he’s been a Democrat his whole life even though – what I wanted to tell him, what I did, I pushed back on him a lot, I tried to get him to realize that it’s a fool’s errand to run for president inside the Democratic Party. I just don’t understand what could he possibly – the only way you can attack this is to get people in the streets. And even if you run as a third party – I wish he would try to build a new party. That’s what we need. Actually, we need a new party that the corporations and the military-industrial complex haven’t corrupted already.

I know he wants to run as a Democrat because he’s been a Democrat his whole life. What I wanted to tell him is, “Hey, the Democrats don’t want you. I don’t know what you think, but they don’t want you.” I mean, the people who run the party and the people who are not going to let go of the party, they got caught cheating Bernie Sanders. Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to step down. It was completely corrupt, the whole primary. They never had to change a thing. And Bernie Sanders never made them change a thing. He never made them pay a price for getting caught cheating him. But they didn’t cheat him. They cheated Americans. They cheated Bernie Sanders’ following. They cheated progressives. Bernie Sanders was just a figurehead. And Bernie Sanders, by the way, never asked his followers to do one thing, to fight the establishment, never, accept vote for him. Never do one other thing, never get in the streets, never shut something down, never go to protest at the Capitol, never go to protest at the – never do a damn thing.

AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) will never ask you to do anything. Bernie Sanders will never ask you to do anything. And that is why having people like that inside the Democratic Party is actually more harmful to our country than it helps because it gives people the false idea that there’s somebody in government fighting for them. There isn’t. Bernie Sanders is a war pig, just like AOC is a war pig, and they’re voting for hundreds of billions of dollars to be fleeced from our treasury while they don’t give us health care, they don’t give us a living wage, they don’t give us education that doesn’t bankrupt us.

There are people living under every goddam bridge. Those people are corrupt war pigs. And Bobby Kennedy [Jr.], running as a Democrat gives people the false idea that one of those parties is going to actually work for you. Well, they’re not.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Now, didn’t you support Bernie Sanders though in the 2016 election?

Jimmy Dore: I sure did. I supported him 100%. And then, as soon as I saw that Bernie Sanders tucked his tail and folded into the establishment, I started telling the truth about Bernie Sanders. That also lost me a lot of friends and followers. That’s the irony of this – people say what I’m doing is because I’m a grifter trying to get people to like me on a phony pretense. I’ve challenged my audience several times and lost lots of audience because of it. It’s because I tell the truth.

Propaganda. Sanders. Biden. MSM. Russell Brands MSM Rant. Tucker.

My show is successful not because I’m a liar but because I tell the truth that people are desperate to hear. That’s why my show is successful because I push back against propaganda.

Right now, everybody who used to be a Bernie Sanders follower and had YouTube shows are now Joe Biden bitches who are just repeating propaganda about everything from vaccines to lockdowns, to immunity, to Ukraine, to everything. There’s no point to them.

People think that The Intercept is somehow telling you the truth. It’s amazing. I’ve talked to people. They think what they read in the New York Times and the Washington Post and what they hear on CNN or MSNBC, they don’t think those people are lying.

Russell Brand was on Bill Maher, and he confronted that guy by saying that Fox News is no different than MSNBC or CNN, and it isn’t, except it’s a little better because Tucker Carlson actually tells the truth about Ukraine and foreign policy, and they’ll never do that on MSNBC or CNN. And Tucker Carlson will tell the truth about vaccines, COVID, and lockdowns, and they’ll never do that on CNN or MSNBC.

When he challenged that panel on Bill Maher, the guy said back to Russell Brand, “Hey, give me one example when a host knowingly said something they knew was a lie.” And he kind of got handcuffed on that. (65)

Well, go turn on the news about Ukraine. You don’t think they know as much as Jimmy Dore does about the Ukraine War? Of course, they do. They choose to lie because that’s where their paycheck comes from. I would’ve said, “Hey, they all lied about the vaccines. They all said the vaccine stopped transmission, it’ll stop it dead.”

Rachel Maddow. Liar. Covid Vax & IVM Disinformation. Rhodes Scholar.

Rachel Maddow had a five-minute soliloquy about how if you get the vaccine, you cannot pass the virus, you cannot catch the virus. She’s a Rhodes scholar. I knew that was a lie when she was saying it. You don’t think she knows it’s a lie? I’m a C student comedian pothead. She’s a Rhodes scholar with $100 million-dollar staff. You don’t think she knows everything there is to know about the vaccine? She knew and she lied. So, I could tell you a million lies what they lied. (66)

Dr. Joseph Mercola: But isn’t there a possibility she was confused like you? Jimmy Dore: No.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Why are you so confident that’s the case? Because you made the same mistake. Why is there no possibility that she made a similar mistake?

Jimmy Dore: No, she made that mistake after we knew this stuff. They all were saying that. And it’s not a mistake. There’s no way Rachel Maddow was misinformed. There’s no way. She was saying it when we knew the truth. And by the way, she’s never retracted it. Isn’t that funny? That’s how I know she knows she was lying because she’s never retracted it. And that video is still up. That’s why.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Well, the video that’s really appalling is where she was repeating the lies of the people standing outside the emergency room in the middle of summer with winter coats on because they couldn’t get in because of those being treated for side effects of ivermectin. And it was in a Texas hospital. (67)

Jimmy Dore: And how could you not know that was a lie? Of course, you would know that was a lie if you did any due diligence as a reporter. Like I said, she’s got a $100-million staff. Nobody called that hospital to find out if that story was true? You just repeated a bogus propaganda story about people standing in line at an emergency room with gunshots, but because people who took ivermectin were clogging up the ICUs – that’s just so – they didn’t even try to make me believe that lie. She repeated that lie. You’re right. That’s an even more egregious lie. And she repeated that. And, by the way… it’s still on YouTube, it never got taken down.

Jimmy Dore: Never taken down that tweet and never apologized for it. Never said that they lied about Joe Rogan, that they lied about ivermectin. That’s how I know they’re lying. They’re lying constantly. You turn on the TV, it’s a lie from start to finish.

Gov controlled by oligarchs. Ross Perot.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: So, the solution – it’s always good to look for solutions. You’ve made a compelling argument that it’s a fool’s errand to consider any candidate in either the Republican or Democrat Party because it’s just not going to work if they’re controlled by oligarchs. So, how would you envision a successful third-party candidate? I mean, [Henry] Ross Perot tried it… (68) (69)

Jimmy Dore: That was pretty successful. Dr. Joseph Mercola: It was successful, but because he ran – I forget who he opposed. It was a Republican that lost and… Jimmy Dore: It was him against Bill Clinton and George Bush the first. Dr. Joseph Mercola: Yeah, yeah, that’s what – I forgot who he was running against. Yeah.

Jimmy Dore: As soon as he got traction, they started threatening him. And you saw he got scared [censored] that they were going to come for him. And he was saying stuff about, “My daughter’s getting married and they’re going to mess up my daughter’s wedding.” They’re going to do everything to him. And he didn’t know how politics worked. And so that’s why it scared the hell out of Ross Perot. He still got 20% of the vote even after he tucked his tail and ran away from the establishment.

He was afraid of them. They scared the hell out of him, the CIA and the FBI. They scared the hell out of Ross Perot, that’s why he didn’t do a better job or didn’t run again.

RFKjr. Kennedy Assassinations. CIA. Origins of term: Conspiracy Theory. Allen Dulles.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Yeah. Why don’t you think they would put that focus and fear of God in anyone who would appear to have a successful candidacy?

Jimmy Dore: They would. They would, but that’s why it takes a guy like Bobby Kennedy [Jr.] with balls of steel to go up against those people. That’s the only…

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Yeah, I specifically questioned him on it because his dad and his uncle were both killed by the CIA. So, I said, “How are you going to work around that?”

Jimmy Dore: So, I didn’t want to say that. I mean, I don’t know how do you say that to – you said that to him?

Dr. Joseph Mercola: I did, yeah. Jimmy Dore: Well, how did he respond? I would love to… Because that’s what I wanted to say. “You don’t think they’re going to kill you?”

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Because he’s been upfront about it. He openly acknowledges that the CIA was involved in both of those deaths and it’s not a conspiracy theory. Although interesting, that is the time that the CIA actually developed the conspiracy theory jargon. Jimmy Dore: That’s right. That was eventually a conspiracy.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Yeah, that was the result of that. It was interesting because Allen Dulles, who was the head of the CIA at the time, Kennedy fired him and the two guys under him, and then Allen Dulles, which is very convincing that he’s involved in the assassination, but they put him in charge of the Warren Commission to figure out who shot JFK. Go figure. So, anyway, I forget his specific response, but it didn’t seem like it was going to be valid. But I can send you that clip if you want to see how he responded to that.

Jimmy Dore: Yeah, I’d love to see that. But I’m a big fan of Bobby Kennedy [Jr.]. I’m just not – I see that it’s a fool’s errand to run inside the Democratic Party. We’ve got to break this two-party duopoly. It’s a uniparty, and they all…

Dr. Joseph Mercola: How do you do it when you got a CIA that will take you out if you’re successful?

Jimmy Dore: All you can do is, I would say, run as a third party and get people in the streets, encourage direct action, encourage worker unions to demonstrate, encourage people to get in and throw themselves on the gears of capitalism, because that’s the only way we’re going to get out of this. That’s the only way.

And I know now, as soon as you do that, as soon as you get in the streets, they’re going to call you Nazis, white supremacists, they’re going to do whatever they can, and they’re going to turn off your bank accounts just like they did to the…


Dr. Joseph Mercola: Well, it’s even more effective. The CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) are coming. So, they just electronically flip a little switch and you’re gone. You can’t purchase anything.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: So, it seems like if we’re going to try this strategy, there’s a limited window because once those CBDCs hit, it’s going to be even exponentially more difficult to do it.

Jimmy Dore: What does that stand for, CBDC? Dr. Joseph Mercola: Central bank digital currencies. (70)

Dr. Joseph Mercola: That’s all your finances are controlled by the central bank.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: You will not own anything. They don’t want you to buy a loaf of bread. You’re not going to get it. They don’t want you to travel 5 miles from your house. You’re limited. You can’t buy any – it’s the ultimate form of tyranny when they control all of your finances. And that’s coming. I mean, every single major nation in the world is investigating this. And there’s a few that have already deployed them, but the next year or two, they’re all going to be deployed.

Jimmy Dore: Did any of the books predict this? Did Aldous Huxley or [George] Orwell, did anybody predict that this would be the way they controlled people?

Dr. Joseph Mercola: No, I don’t specifically recall that was mentioned, but it’s an advancement in technology that allows them to do it. In some ways, it’s not too completely different than cryptocurrency. It’s just that instead of decentralized, it’s centralized into the central banks.

Jimmy Dore: Well, cryptocurrency is blockchain. So, I don’t understand what that is, but that’s supposed to make it safe, right? That it’s blockchain?

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Oh, no, it depends on how it’s configured. So, if it’s centralized like the central banks are, then it doesn’t matter because there’s a single point of control and it’s a little more secure for hacking and such. But with respect to privacy, no, there’s no privacy.

Jimmy Dore: Isn’t it decentralized? I thought it was decentralized. That was the selling point.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Well, that’s for Bitcoin, most of the others are not.

Jimmy Dore: Oh, really?

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Yeah, all the other coins, they call them altcoins for short, alternative coins, even Ethereum, they’re all centralized.

Orwell, Huxley. Both right. Distracted to death whilst fascists take over.

Jimmy Dore: So, Orwell thought it was going to be just rank authoritarianism of the boot of the man smashing your face forever. That’s what he thought was going to happen. Now we’ve experienced that with lockdowns.

But Aldous Huxley thought what was going to happen is that people were going to be so distracted that they wouldn’t even give a shit that they couldn’t go out of their house.

And I think we saw both those things happen at the same time, that here we are, we got our Soma, we got our antidepressants, we got our fentanyl, we got our alcohol, we got our marijuana, we got everything. And we also have Netflix, and we also have our phones, and we also have Twitter and TikTok and all. And so, we’re completely entertained to death.

We’re distracted to death while the fascists take over. And so half of them give it up that way, another half have to be crushed. And so, I think that’s what’s happening right now in our culture.

Oligarchy. No democracy. Things are going to get much worse.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: What’s your projection for the future? Do you think it’s going to get much worse?

Jimmy Dore: I think it’s going to get much worse. And I don’t see people getting in the streets to overthrow this oligarchy, because this is an oligarchy. This is not a democracy, which is why it’s hilarious that the Democrats still campaign on “You have to vote to save democracy.”

Democracy was taken from you decades ago. It’s called the corporate capture of our government, which is why workers haven’t had a pay raise since 1980. That’s why.

Anyway, so we don’t live in a democracy. And so, I think things are going to keep getting worse.

$100 billion to Ukraine. U.S. are the Terrorists. Russia. China. Covid Lockdown.

They’ll send $100 billion to Ukraine. They won’t send $100 billion to the United States. I say that on stage in Los Angeles, in front of crowds of people who don’t know I’m coming. So they’re not my fans. And so, when I get on stage and I say that, they cheer. These are people who don’t know me, random people who happen to show up at a comedy club, and I get on stage and I’m like, “Hey, I don’t mind if they send $100 billion to Ukraine. I just wish they’d send $100 billion to the United States.” And the people [censored] know that there’s something wrong with that.

They know that they could fix these problems in the United States, but they just don’t want to because we live in a rapacious oligarchy, which is what Dylan Ratigan coined that phrase on my show. We live in a rapacious oligarchy, they don’t care. And this is how all empires end.

We have a thousand military bases around the world. You know how many Russia has? Three. You know how many China has? I don’t know, two. It’s like nothing.

We have a thousand military bases. We’re the terrorists. We have 400 military bases surrounding China since the Korean War. We’re the ones provoking a war right now on Russia’s border.

Can you imagine if Russia was financing a war against us in Mexico to the tune of $100 billion dollars? Could you imagine if Russia was sending their missiles and their tanks? Could you imagine if that was happening? What do you think we would do? And so that’s exactly what’s happening right now. And so, people, I think, are catching on.

I thought COVID lockdown would do it. We were the only country in the Western world that didn’t give our workers a paycheck when we shut down their business. Every other country did that. Every other country in the Western world gave their workers a paycheck when they shut their businesses. They didn’t do that in the United States, and they wouldn’t even give them a $2,000 check. And Joe Biden lied about that right out in public. And people still didn’t rise up. And people still tell you, “You got to vote for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is your enemy. The Democratic Party is your enemy. There aren’t any good guys. Democrats, Republicans, they’re all bad guys.

100k dead Ukrainians. Millions dead due to covid policies.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: So, what is your perception of the most egregious crime that’s being committed? Is it the participation in the war and all the U.S. military bases overseas? Is it what they’ve done with COVID? Is it the movement towards tyranny, authoritarianism? What do you perceive the biggest issue is?

Jimmy Dore: Well, they’ve already slaughtered 100,000 Ukrainians in that war. How many people have been killed by this COVID policy? More than that? Dr. Joseph Mercola: Well over a million. A lot more than that.

Jimmy Dore: Probably more than that. So I guess it would- Dr. Joseph Mercola: Yeah, several million easy, probably as many as that got killed in Germany.

Tim Robbins. Jon Stewart. Malone.

Jimmy Dore: Yeah. So, I wonder how long it will take people to wake up. I don’t think the people who got this wrong will ever admit that they got it wrong. People like Tim Robbins are admitting they got it wrong – the actor Tim Robbins, he admitted he got it wrong.

Guys like Jon Stewart will not. They’re done pushing back against the COVID narrative. They’re done. Jon Stewart did a whole panel where he wanted to talk about vaccines. And who did he bring on? He brought on four vaccine liars. He didn’t bring on Dr. Robert Malone. He didn’t bring you on. He didn’t bring on anybody. He brought on four vaccine liars to tell you the truth about vaccines. And first, he had to do a five-minute homage to how great vaccines are and how they’ve saved all the – “They’re the greatest things in the world. And I’m a good boy. Please don’t get it wrong. I’m Jon Stewart. I’m a good boy.” It’s really sad to see someone like Jon Stewart, who was my hero comedically turn into this.

Vaccines are the greatest thing.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Yeah, I wanted you to comment on this. Thank you for reminding me. Because we’ve posted many of your videos on our site, and some of them have your disclaimer that you give just to not be de-platformed off of YouTube, just exactly what you said, “Vaccines are the greatest thing.” And you do it in such a convincing manner. Anyone who’s been watching you knows that you’re just saying that because you don’t want to get kicked off. But people who are new to your channel believe you.

Jimmy Dore: Well, Doctor, you know the vaccines are safe and effective. They’re fantastic. My heart swells to four times its size with pride after getting a booster. They’ll keep you from getting seriously ill or hospitalized or death. They’re fantastic. I take two boosters in the morning every day. I think they’re fantastic.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Well, that’s where you can get away with your comedic license. You did convince some people that you – I mean, they didn’t like you because they thought you were not being sarcastic about that comment.

Jimmy Dore: Well, I had to do that to save my channel. And when I say that like that, so over the top, obviously –

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Yeah, hyperbolic.

Jimmy Dore: -sarcastically, I’m doing it satirically. And there’s no better way to make fun of YouTube and their corruption than to do satire. Because I’m saying exactly what they have made me say, and I just say it with a straight face. And it’s hilarious. I think it’s very funny.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: I laugh every time I hear it. But I’m just concerned about the people who are new to your channel and think that they’re still brainwashed from propaganda and say, “I’m confused. Why does he say they’re no good?”

Jimmy Dore: Well, keep watching. I’ll clear it up for you

Dr. Joseph Mercola: You do such a magnificent job because there’s so much stuff that they’re throwing at us. Every day there’s something new in the news. And I just really appreciate you breaking it down, teasing it out, and reviewing it, and enlightening so many people. You’ve done so much to help so many people understand what’s going on there. Thank you so much for your-

FactCheckers = Propaganda Arm & the Trusted News Iniative

Jimmy Dore: No, I want to let people know who – so, if people see one of my videos on Facebook and it’s been fact-checked, know that that’s being fact-checked by someone that’s being funded by either Johnson & Johnson or Bill Gates or an oligarchy billionaire somewhere, for instance,

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Pfizer.

Jimmy Dore: Yeah. Or Pfizer., by the way, they’re not a fact-checking organization. They’re a propaganda arm of the oligarchy.

Do you know who funds They get a big check from the Annenberg Foundation. Do you know who’s the biggest donor to the Annenberg Foundation? Bill [censored] Gates, of course. And then, who’s the second-biggest donator to the Annenberg Foundation? Johnson & Johnson. It’s called the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It’s Johnson & Johnson. (71)

And so, all you have to do is do a little digging. They call themselves “fact-checking.” They’re not fact-checking. They’re just propaganda wings of oligarchy. And so, if people see some of my stuff on Facebook or somewhere else and it says, “Oh, it’s been debunked, or it’s been fact-checked,” that person’s getting money directly from Bill Gates or Big Pharma. (72)

Dr. Joseph Mercola: And that’s not the only fact-checking. We’ve got the Trusted News Initiative, and we actually have a lawsuit against them with Bobby Kennedy Jr. and a wide variety of others that have similar funding sources and are seeking to discredit people who are bringing the truth to dispute the narrative.

Election corruption. Pathological liars.

Jimmy Dore: I wish Bobby Kennedy Jr. would run as a third party, and I wish he would organize people to get in the streets. The guy, he’s a real hope when I talk to him. You can just sense he’s the real deal. And if anybody could do what he can… I hope he proves me wrong, by the way. I know he is going to run as a Democrat. And wouldn’t it be great if he proved me wrong? Like, “No, Jimmy, you actually can do it. Look, I did it. I grabbed power and I’m making big changes.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Well, the critical bottleneck there is, I didn’t realize there was a supermajority that would prevent him from ever getting the nomination.

Jimmy Dore: Well, superdelegates. Dr. Joseph Mercola: Superdelegates, sorry. Yeah.

Jimmy Dore: And they would find other ways to rig it. Look what they did to Bernie this last time. They invented a new app for the Iowa primary, and somehow that new app couldn’t count votes. Isn’t that amazing? They couldn’t figure out how many people voted. It just, it’s real. And who invented that app? A bunch of [censored] Democratic Party operatives and donors. That’s who did that to screw Bernie. That’s exactly – and so, they’re going to invent a way.

If it isn’t the superdelegates, which it will be, they will invent new ways to do it, plus the onslaught and the media. Plus, they’ll just say, “Oh, he didn’t win. He didn’t get the votes.” And then if you say you guys are stealing the election, they’ll call you a conspiracy theorist, just like they did to anybody who challenges their elections.

When the Democrats challenge an election, it’s because they’re good people standing up for democracy like they did against the 2016 election. They say the 2016 election was stolen by Russia.

So, that’s okay to say, but you can’t say any other election was stolen or you’re a kook. So, our elections aren’t secure enough in 2016 that a conman like Donald Trump could win, but they’re so secure in 2020 that you could never have a question about it.

These people are pathological liars, criminals. We’re ruled by criminals. And I hope Bobby Kennedy [Jr.] gets people in the streets because that’s the only way to get this done. Just like Martin Luther King did, just like Gandhi did. That’s the only way to overthrow.

Woody Harrelson SNL. Fascism - Marriage of corporations & government.

Woody Harrelson was on Saturday Night Live when he gave that great monologue about how…

Dr. Joseph Mercola: That was three weeks ago. (73)

Jimmy Dore: “The big drug cartels bought up all the media and they bought up all the politicians and they passed the law that said, “You can’t leave your house unless you take their product.” That’s exactly what they did“.

So Woody Harrelson has a saying. He said, “The problem with the world is that every government is run by a bunch of rich businessmen working for a bunch of richer businessmen, and nobody knows what to do about it because nobody knows how to fight corporations.” And that’s exactly true.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Fascism.

Jimmy Dore: Bobby Kennedy [Jr.] is – yeah. We live in fascism. This idea that you’re going to vote for a Democrat to end fascism. We already live in a fascist government. Your democracy has already been stolen from you. The perfect marriage of corporations and government, that’s what fascism is. That’s why they crushed the strike. That’s why they mandated vaccines. That’s why they gave $100 billion to the Ukraine and they won’t fix homelessness in America. They could fix homelessness three times over. They won’t do it. Anyway, we are living in fascism.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Well, I really appreciate your efforts to wake people up and educate them in a way that is really entertaining. Jimmy Dore: Okay. All right, Doctor, it’s been great talking to you. Thanks for the invite.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: All right. Likewise. You keep up the great work. I love your show. I watch it pretty much every night. Jimmy Dore: I appreciate you saying that. Thanks, I’m very flattered. Thank you so much

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