[ICIC] The Science behind the Personality Changes in the Jabbed

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Personality changes after the jab are not our imaginations—we’ve all noticed it in some of the people we interact with, that something is ‘off‘. Here, the ICIC (International Crimes Investigative Committee) talks with Dr Wolf, Dr Breggin, Dr Bhakdi, and Dr Reiß about the evidence.

“Many have spoken about how their loved ones, especially right after injections, can seem intellectually rigid, emotionally cold, or altered in their thinking. People have become angrier and less able to modulate their emotions, becoming more primal in their reactions; those who were always affectionate, warm, and loving have become cold, distant, and cut off their relationships. And the bizarre behaviour towards the unvaccinated—to deny them groceries, to deny them medical care—this closing down of compassion; the kinds of things that make us human—can these injections shut down people’s compassion or critical thinking? Can it make them stop considering the next generation? We don’t know; this is a mass experiment on the human race, and the human heart.” ~ Dr Wolf

[ICIC Clip] Some people have been lobotomized “it breaks their will”

Rumble | Telegram (48secs)


  1. Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, former Microbiologist/Immunologist, and his wife:
  2. Prof. Dr. Karina Reiß, biochemist (authors of Corona, False Alarm?: Facts and Figures)
  3. Dr Naomi Wolf (DailyClout – the team of 3,500 medical & scientific researchers that are working through the Pfizer Data dump and author of The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human)
  4. Dr Peter Breggin, Psychiatrist (author of COVID-19 and the Global Predators – We are the Prey)
  5. with Reiner Fuellmich, lawyer.

ICIC | New Telegram Channel (1hr 40mins)

  • 00:00 Intro by Reiner Fuellmich.

Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi

  • 06:50 Dr Bhakdi on how the mRNA fake-vaccinations, enter the blood in masses in the poor fake-vaccinated people, what it does to the body, and how it can cause brain damage and personality changes.
    • Spike proteins found in capillaries of the brain. Damage in the frontal brain. All documented.
      • You cannot afford to clot any capillary in the brain – if you do this, there are going to be irreversible consequences.
    • Spike proteins causing damage in the small vessels of the Myocardium.
    • He doesn’t want us to be divided, but to re-unite, he wants us all back together, the mainstream media, and even the politicians don’t know what they are doing.
      • “Let’s not fight against them — let’s talk to them, so that we all come to our senses and say ‘this cannot be allowed to happen'”.
    • He continues his passionate plea that the authorities we trust are lying to us. (CDC, WHO, FDA, EMA, etc)
    • The WHO is a private club – like a private football club – financed by Bill Gates and the top contributor right now is Germany. (01) (02)
    • There are so many people that don’t want this, for themselves or for their friends, kids, and loved ones – they are changing mankind – your brain is being changed, your personality is being changed, and your heart is being weakened.
    • Every injected mRNA fake-vaccine will cause severe damage in our body and must be forbidden.

Dr Naomi Wolf

  • 28:00 Dr Naomi Wolf (Telegram link)
  • Lipid nanoparticles are industrial fats covered in Polyethylene glycol (PEG) which is a petroleum by-product and a toxin, and they’re designed to cross every membrane in the human body.
  • Interesting: Many kinds of LNPs are solid at room and body temperature. (09) (10)
  • On the personality changes, looking at nerves, asked her researchers to look at the affect of neurological responses, and got a very detailed report, Dr Chris Flowers.
    • “Conjectural Analysis of LNPs Affecting Nerves in Brain and Heart,” that starts with the effect of LNPs on the brain: “The nervous system is the mechanism that the brain uses to communicate with various organs in the body. (11)
    • Neurological conditions are seen at scale in the Pfizer document “Post marketing experience” like M.S. and Parkinson’s, Dementia – degraded neurological issues.
  • We know that LNPs are gumming up, in both men and women, the factories of hormones;
    1. Dr. Chandler has shown that they disrupt the ovaries,
    2. Amy Kelly has shown that they disrupt the Leydig and Sertoli cells, the factories of masculinity, the generators of testosterone in the testes.
    3. The LNPs are indeed impairing sexual signalling and even changing, and dampening or deleting, human desire.
      • The lipid nanoparticles may hold a clue to these subtle changes. The LNPs may indeed be changing those we love by possibly affecting nerve conductivity.

I recently had the bizarre experience of going to Manhattan after a wave of “boosters” had been rolled out. I remember standing on a crowded rooftop bar on top of a boutique hotel; attractive couples flirted at tabletops; singles crowded the cocktail area; the sun shone, and everything looked normal. But I kept having the disconcerting sense that I was standing inside a hologram. I could not figure out what was wrong, until I realized — it looked like a crowd, but it did not feel like a crowd. I could see the people, of course, all around me, but I could not feel that dense, joyful, passionate, sparky, fractious energy of a human crowd, pre-2020…. continued here

Dr Naomi Wolf

  • 40:00 Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s response to Naomi: “Dr Bhakdi did a longer presentation in Athens and at the end he directly points to the fact that some of the small capillaries — and I guess it starts in the frontal lobe of the brain — don’t get enough oxygen anymore, and he says that that is what seems to be causing these perceived personality changes”

Dr Peter Breggin

  • 42:00 Dr Peter Breggin was the psychiatrist that stopped the experiments on the homeless & destitute, and was instrumental in stopping lobotomy’s in the US.
  • What are the globalists trying to do with their plans and efforts, because there’s a whole long history of animal experimentation showing that in fact the lipid nanoparticle packaging and the mRNA was very harmful to animals – in particular, it killed them.
    • And in 2020, just as the infamous rush through the FDA around the world was taking place, a Fauci-funded study out of American University’s declared that the mRNA platform – which is basically the LNPs was too dangerous to experiment on in humans.
      • So right at the start, they knew what they were doing, and this was very hard for me because I’ve been in court a lot, I’ve testified 100 times in court, and so I’m someone that sticks to the facts and evidence, not a “conspiracy theorist”. I was not expecting to find what I’m about to say:
  • Clearly, the most important damage being done are the deaths and the infertility.
    • Now, that is a program nearly all the globalists – whether it’s Bill Gates, Fauci, Schwab, Xi Pingthey all want to control population, that is one of their dominant ideas.
      • Bill Gates happily has a section on his website about Population Control.
      • Creating infertility is one of the ways in which the World Health Organization, along with Gates involved with them in Africa, has used vaccines to deliver infertility to people.
        • They used a flu vaccine to deliver substances that causes infertility.
    • It’s almost an unanimous view from the global predators
      • We have too many human beings — too many to control — too many useless eaters — too many problem people
  • So, we have infertility and the culling, but there’s another aspect of the brain damage now and that is “conformity and docility
    • When they finally got around to doing detailed studies of lobotomy, one of the ways that they put it (those that favoured it), said “the person in a controlled, confined situation does reasonably well” – that is they are manageable, they could be under control, they could be let out and get their dinners, they get irritable but they don’t have the energy to do a criminal act, or the energy of planning to really get into serious trouble” Walter Freeman bragged about that very proudly.
    • Now what is better for a totalitarian mass than producing docility, lack of being able to plan anything – lack of rebellion. In the event that they anticipated a generally brain-damaged reaction, docility is a big part of it.
  • In 1954-58, I got to see a lot of lobotomized patients.
    • One of the things I noticed when the person would be led-into an insulin-coma; is that the people came in as human-beings – they were angry, upset, didn’t want to be there, irritable, difficult to handle, and then they’d get knocked-out by the insulin, they’d go into seizures, and then they’d be given sugar or orange-juice with extra sugar, and they’d come out of it. And now they were not just docile — they were grateful for having their lives saved. Completely helpless, docile, people. And that was the goal.
    • Same story when the psych-drugs came in; the anti-psychotic drugs they brought in the 50s. One dose produced somebody similar to somebody who had been abused in a concentration camp – one dose made people docile.
      • This occurs through the dysfunction of the frontal-lobe.
    • When they did shock-treatment, the body would end up full of little haemorrhages, and the person becomes helpless, dependant, needy, they lose their ‘spark’, and the highest-function.
      • Wide-spread injury to the brain and specific to the frontal-lobe.
      • The first loss is love.
    • This will also happen with most psychiatric drugs – happens with most neurotoxins, marijuana, alcoholism – the finest-tuning goes first.
      • The frontal-lobes contain our civilization.
        • The civilization of the person – the highest centres of the brain, are being impaired, along with lots of other things that relate to it.
          • The brain is integrated beyond our knowledge.
        • The irritability – that’s the impulse-control – that’s one of the highest centres, it’s empathy, it’s caring, it’s love – it’s all a package.
  • How much of it is done purposefully, I don’t know, but they are definitely creating the kinds of masses that they want. There’s no question about that.

Perhaps WWII never ended…

  • 50:23 Reiner Fuellmich. Both you and Naomi are Jewish, I’m German. If we have a look at the horrific picture that’s been unfolding for us over the last 3 years, I can’t help but confirm – much of this, if not all of this – reminds us of what happened 80 years ago in the Third Reich.
    • This cannot be a coincidence.
      1. The biggest donor, to the WHO is not Bill Gates anymore, but it’s Germany.
      2. The PCR test as ordered by the WHO was invented – not the original one – but the one that was used in order to create ‘cases’ that didn’t exist was created by a German fake professor by the name of Droston.
      3. And the first fake-mRNA vaccines come from Germany (BioNTech), which has now been more or less bought out by Pfizer.
    • We must not ignore the parallels between what we saw then to what is happening now.
    • One of the common denominators is “something is wrong with Germany” – with those parts of the German history that don’t seem to have died off.
      • To me, it’s like a continuation – not a new start

I have to leave the note-taking there because I need to sleep and have a big day tomorrow. But the next 40 minutes is a discussion between them that I haven’t listened to yet.

Update: April 25, 2023 (Older video sent to me with links to Psychological and Neurological disorders in the literature after the jab)

Psychosis linked To Covid-19 Vaccines

July 16, 2022 Rumble (Video on Epoch Times article)

  • PMC9006421 Psychiatric adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines: A rapid review of published case reports (12)
  • PMC8349391 Can new onset psychosis occur after mRNA based COVID-19 vaccine administration? A case report (13)
  • PDF Psychiatric pathology potentially induced by COVID-19 vaccine (14)
  • PMID: 33982853 Encephalitis as a neurological complication of COVID-19: A systematic review and meta-analysis of incidence, outcomes, and predictors (15)
  • PMC6056174 A meta-analysis of blood cytokine network alterations in psychiatric patients: comparisons between schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression (16)
  • List of Studies – Another phenomena mentioned: Many organ transplant recipients describe a change in personality, reporting they have acquired the tastes, emotions and even memories of their deceased donors. (17)
  • PMID: 31739081 Another’s heartbeat: Can transplant recipients acquire traits of donors? (18)
  • Nature Biological insights from 108 schizophrenia-associated genetic loci (19)
  • Article mentioned: What Causes Psychosis? (20)
  • PMID: 29609930 A pilot study: Horticulture-related activities significantly reduce stress levels and salivary cortisol concentration of maladjusted elementary school children (21)
  • PMID: 35451297 Correlation Between the Different Types of Antipsychotics and Serum Cortisol, Dehidroepiandrosterone Sulfat and their Ratio in Schizophrenia (22)
  • Nutritional therapy: The World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP) and the Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments (CANMAT), a team of psychiatrists and clinicians from 15 countries, have extensively analyzed the therapeutic effects of nutritional supplements on human psychiatric disorders and found that some nutritional supplements can treat schizophrenia. In descending order of effectiveness, they are:
    • Methopterin
    • N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC)
    • Vitamin D
    • Omega 3 fatty acids (not therapeutic, but can prevent risk factors from turning into psychosis)

Update: Dec 3, 2022 | See also “Spiritual-Energetic changes in the Jabbed

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