Fully-Referenced Scientific Reasoning to stay away from the jabs (Letter)

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I transcribe a letter that has been circulating via images from an anonymous doctor* to a disciplinary body in the UK calling out the known scientific evidence of the dangers of these new so-called vaccines.

*(source says its a doctor but there’s no names so how do we know?)

I couldn’t find this in text-format anywhere on the web (I randomly found it in image-format on a substack today), and I feel it’s an important letter that should be searchable by the uncensored search engines, so I just spent the past few hours painstakingly transcribing the important letter and will spend the next day or so transcribing the 10 pages of references.

Pages 1 & 2

25 April 2022

You asked me to provide any information that I feel is relevant for the PAG to consider. After giving it some thought, I have decided to show you the scientific reasoning behind my stance on the COVID-19 vaccines. Where possible I have drawn on peer-reviewed papers. However, I also consider preprints, articles and anecdotal evidence to be important tools in informing opinion.

When Frances Oldham Kelsey refused to authorise thalidomide for market in the United States, she had very little data to go on, but a strong feeling that something wasn’t right. Thalidomide had already been approved in 21 countries and Kelsey found herself under considerable pressure from the manufacturers to authorise it. Despite this, she was adamant that thalidomide not be approved in the US until the manufacturers had proven that the drug was not harmful to the foetus, She also asked for clarification on a study out of the UK that documented cases of peripheral neuritis. As we now know, Frances Oldham Kelsey was vindicated when it was discovered that thalidomide crossed the placental barrier and caused several thousands of severe birth defects. (01)

Here is my reasoning on the COVID-19 vaccines.

  • 1. ) The concept behind all of the COVID-19 vaccines is that our own cells produce a fragment of the virus (the spike protein) and our immune systems produce antibodies to that fragment. (02) (03) (04) (05) (06) (07) (08)
  • 2. ) Unfortunately, we now know that the spike protein is not benign. It causes some of the worst symptoms of COVID-19 disease.
    • The spike protein is a toxin, and the vaccines teach our bodies how to make it. (09) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17)
  • 3. ) All currently available COVID-19 vaccines turn our cells into spike protein factories which flood our bodies with spike proteins in concentrations that vary from individual to individual. (18) (19) (20) (21)
  • 4. ) In 2020, it was known that the virus was able to reverse transcribe into our DNA. (22)
    • Despite claims to the contrary by Pfizer, their vaccine mRNA has now been shown to enter our cell nuclei. Six hours after vaccination, the vaccine begins to weave itself into our DNA, where it can produce toxic spike protein indefinitely. (23)
  • 5. ) Despite claims that the spike protein would be rapidly eliminated, we now know that it is produced in the body indefinitely. (24) (25) (26) (27)
    • This means that the vaccinated are exposed to its toxic effects for a very long period of time. (28)
  • 6. ) A recent autopsy study revealed that deceased, vaccinated patients had severe pathology to their vital organs caused by the vaccine. The pathologist determined that the vaccine had caused 14 out of 15 of the deaths. (29) (30) (31)
    • Families in most countries are finding it extremely difficult to convince coroners to conduct full autopsies. The net effect is to obscure evidence of a causal link between the vaccine‘s and death, especially since most of the bodies are soon cremated. I am not alone in finding this concerning.
  • 7. ) The spike protein seriously damages the lining of our heart and blood vessels. (32)
    • It causes microscopic blood clots that prevent the lungs from adequately supplying oxygen to our body. In susceptible individuals, these micro blood clots clump together. This can lead to fatal COVID-19 in all ages, as well as the myocarditis, strokes and heart attacks seen in younger people who receive the vaccine. (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38) (39) (40)
    • The majority of these vaccine injuries occur within 48 hours of injection, Around 80% of vaccine deaths occur in the first 14 days after vaccination. (41) (42)
    • For many, the micro clotting may manifest as tiredness and lethargy as the blood loses its oxygen carrying capacity, but each booster shot increases the risk of larger clots forming. Colleagues have remarked on elevated D-dimer findings in vaccinated individuals, which supports this explanation. The fact that no formal studies are being carried out to investigate this makes me concerned.
  • 8. ) Analysis of the US VAERS database reveals that a small number of batches from each manufacturer were exceptionally toxic, leading to an extremely high number of strokes, heart attacks, severe reactions and deaths when distributed. Pfizer, Moderna and J&J’s products all showed excessive batch-to-batch variation, with fluctuations more than 10 times greater than flu vaccines. (43)
    • At best, this indicates grossly negligent non-compliant manufacturing practice. At worst, malfeasance. The problematic vaccines should have been recalled.
  • 9. ) The spike protein doesn’t just embed itself into our DNA. It also soaks up the BRCA1 and 53BP1 proteins that are essential to patch up our DNA when it gets damaged by a number of environmental factors, eg, sunlight and pollution. (44) (45)
    • It is clear that this can only cause degradation of our DNA which will inevitably lead to a number of unpleasant syndromes, including rapid ageing, shortened lifespan, neurological disorders and cancers. (46) (47)
  • 10. ) The vaccines also force our white blood cells (lymphocytes) to express spike proteins on their surface. This makes them look suspiciously like viruses. Since our CD8 killer T cell lymphocytes are programmed to destroy viruses, they immediately start killing themselves and each other with catastrophic consequences. Our immune system begins to die off. (48) (49) (50) (51) (52)
  • 11. ) Lymphocytes are also responsible for keeping cancers in check. Doctors worldwide are now reporting a huge rise in sudden, aggressive “turbo-cancers” in the vaccinated. Patients in remission are experiencing a resurgence of their cancers after getting vaccinated. (61) (62) (63) (64) (65)
    • In the absence of any official effort to investigate this phenomenon, the only rational response for any physician is to be informed by the mounting anecdotal evidence and treat it as a safety signal.

Pages 3 & 4

  • 12. ) Part of the spike protein, the S1 subunit, appears to have been designed to break off at a point called the ‘PRRA polybasic furin cleavage site’. This feature makes it exceptionally good at infecting humans, which does seem to support the gain-of-function lab origin theory. The PRRA sequence has never been seen in any naturally occurring coronavirus, but it does appear in a MODERNA patent dating from 2016. The chance of a virus naturally mutating to match the sequence in the MODERNA patent has been calculated as three trillion to one. (66) (67) (68)
  • 13. ) After it breaks off, the S1 subunit is capable of travelling through our spinal cord and up into our brain. (69) (70)
    • We now know that the S1 subunit contains a prion domain that can cause the types of damage to brain cells associated with CJD and dementia. (71) (72) (73) (74) (75) (76)
    • The prion domain in the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is not present in other coronaviruses. (77)
  • 14. ) Humanised mice challenged with the spike protein developed spongiform encephalopathy (CJD), colloquially known as ‘mad cow disease’. (78)
    • There have been many reports of sudden onset CJD in the vaccinated. (79) (80) (81) (82) (83)
    • Coincidentally, there have also been recent reports of BSE in cattle, including one case on a farm in the UK. (84) (85) (86) (87)
    • Interestingly, the EU has just re-legalised the feeding of animal carcasses to livestock. (88)
    • Oddly, a disproportionate amount of media coverage has been given to this man’s strange culinary habits. (89)
    • I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but I would not be at all surprised to see CJD in the headlines again at some point.
  • 15. ) Macaque monkeys tested with the spike protein developed Lewy bodies. (90)
    • Lewy body dementia is rapidly progressive, with patients typically dying 5-7 years after diagnosis. There are many reports of sudden onset dementia in people who have had the vaccine. (91)
  • 16. ) The lipid nanoparticles that envelop the vaccine mRNA are themselves toxic. (92) (93) (94) (95)
    • A Pfizer report to the Japanese government showed that these nanoparticles rapidly accumulated in the spleen, liver and ovaries. (96)
    • As one colleague recently pointed out, technology is being developed to target LNPs at specific cells in the body. Our spleen, liver and ovaries are essentially our immune, detoxification and reproductive systems. Again, I find this deeply concerning.
  • 17. ) Both Pfizer and MODERNA reports to the EMA showed that infertility doubled in vaccinated rats compared to the control group. (97) (98)
    • MODERNA noted that pregnant vaccinated female rats lost fur, suffered swollen hind legs and had limited use of their hind legs. However, MODERNA didn’t consider these effects to be ‘adverse’. (99)
    • They also noted skeletal abnormalities in pups born to vaccinated rats.
  • 18. ) The vaccine was designed for the original Wuhan virus. The virus has mutated many times since and the vaccines are now more than two years out of date. The antibodies they produce are highly tailored to the spike protein and are only produced in the blood. (100) (101)
    • Natural infection produces antibodies in the mucosal membranes, where they are greatly needed. The latest UKHSE data shows that the current crop of COVID-19 vaccines offer little or no protection. As a doctor, I am concerned at the push to ‘boost’ with these out of date injectables, given that they are adding very little benefit, yet increasing exposure to risk. (102)
  • 19. ) While researching, I discovered that several experimental coronavirus vaccines were abandoned after it was discovered that they caused Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). The animals in the trials died. The 2020 trials did not check for ADE reactions in humans. (103) (104) (105) (106) (107) (108) (109)
  • 20. ) The vaccine doesn’t prevent the vaccinated from catching or spreading the virus. Instead, it appears to limit the severity of the disease by suppressing our immune response. (111) (112)

Several eminent scientists including Dr Geert Vanden Bossche and Nobel laureate virologist Professor Luc Montagnier have warned that vaccinating indiscriminately in the midst of a pandemic is not a scientifically sound policy. The data out of Israel and the UKHSE appears to be proving them correct.

As you can see, I have a strong argument for my cautious stance on the COVID-19 vaccines. I’m sure you can imagine, it was quite a shock to discover that the vaccine spike protein could cause the above side effects.

I initially felt upset that I had been misled as to the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. If a friend, family member or patient expressed similar views, I would have to empathise with them.

I know exactly how it feels to realise that you’ve been injected with an irreversible gene therapy that could potentially cause you acute and long term adverse health problems that you would never have consented to had you been properly informed.

My learning from the above experience is that I recognise the importance of being empathic and open-minded to what my patients tell me.

Having had the unnerving experience of finding that magnets stick to my injection site, despite there being no magnetic API, adjuvants or excipients listed on the vaccine ingredients, I have valid and pressing questions for which I have to date received no satisfactory answers.

I am not the only person seeking these answers. In a 15th March 2022 letter to a UK Column journalist the RCGP admitted that, “The reason the GP cannot give you long-term information on side effects or the exact ingredients of a vaccine is because that information is not available to them.

Going forward, I will be following the vaccine safety and efficacy data with great interest. I would also like to participate in any studies that might shed a light on the long term effects of the vaccines.

Due diligence — albeit late — is better than none at all.

The WHO state that 67% of humanity has already received at least one injection. They expect to reach 70% by midsummer and 75% by the end of 2022. (121)

If the COVID-19 vaccines turn out to be another ‘thalidomide’, there will be no going back.

I look forward to discussing these points with you. I am more than happy to look at additional safety data as it becomes available, so please send anything on that you think I should take a look at.

Meanwhile, I will continue to maintain a cautious approach.

Yours sincerely,


Finished citing all references, I also took a screenshot or downloaded the studies, and made a word doc and pdf version, which I was going to upload to my mega folder but unfortunately it seems to be full (and I can’t afford to upgrade my plan), so I’ll upload on Telegram. (If you know of an alterative to Mega – Free – that I can use to continue uploading evidence, please reach out).

Also, for every single point discussed, I have written a few fully referenced blog posts about already, so use the search tool above (if on a computer) or at the end (if on a mobile device) to look for relevant information about any of the topics this doctor brought up. (I don’t want to mix up my own references with this particular letter, which is already fully referenced.) But let me know on Telegram if you would like me to link to my related blog posts for each point. I’ll also provide a copy of all the images on Telegram when the references are complete.


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