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Safety testing skipped on toxicity, genotoxicity, carcinogenicity (cancer-causing), immunotoxicology, juvenile paediatric, novel excipients, vaccine-induced autoimmune disease.

Senator Gerard Rennick just walked through TGA’s Freedom of Information Act FOI 2389 with Dr John Campbell and it’s something he doesn’t get to do in his short speeches in parliament so I thought I’d transcribe the video and put it on several posts. Video and document on First Post

Pages 12-14 – Testing skipped

And one thing I did notice, page 12 to 14 of the document, it actually runs through specifically things that weren’t done which are really quite inexplicable. For example:

  • there were no toxicity studies on the lipid nanoparticle formulation that was used
  • there was no secondary species toxicology
  • there was no genotoxicity on the DNA
  • there was no carcinogenicity studies to find if there was any cancer-causing (01)

  • there were no studies on immunotoxicology
  • there were no juvenile paediatric studies
  • and it also included novel excipients, which are additional components in the vaccine as well.

It actually specifically says that these things weren’t done when we were absolutely promised by all our chief medical officers, at least in the UK, and everyone in the UK that every step that was normally taken in a new vaccine was taken with this, that it was just compressed. (02) (03) (04) (05) (06)

But now I’ve got a big list of things at least in Australia that were simply not done. Do you imagine that these emissions were potentially the same in other countries? Do you think this document is somehow unique to Australia?

Absolutely not. I mean, we purchased this vaccine from Pfizer, and it was actually manufactured overseas. So the only difference would be that in Australia, it might take longer to get here, and you know, you have to store negative 70 degrees, this particular vaccine, so it’s a very fragile vaccine.

But another key point to make here is that everyone, including the health experts, including politicians, were saying this vaccine was safe and effective. Now, they hadn’t done enough trials to say that.

Censorship of “not safe, not effective”

I’ve had a video pulled down because it was deemed by social media when I posted it to be dangerous, and they’re trying to pull another post of mine down when I said the vaccine was dangerous. And I said, “Well, actually, what’s dangerous and I’m currently threatening to take Facebook to court, is when you say a vaccine is safe and effective, and you don’t outline all of the risks involved with that vaccine and all of the lack of safety testing that you didn’t do with it.” So, that to me is a massive issue.

And the key point about this vaccine is this wasn’t a protein vaccine. Given the urgency of COVID, you might have given it a bit of a pass, knowing that, well, we’ve got a good long history of protein vaccines. This is an mRNA vaccine. It uses a different pathway. It enters the cell, no other drug has ever done that. I mean, this is a whole new technology, and then they’ve rolled it out to, you know, a large percentage of the human population, assuming that everyone’s going to react the same.

Now I’ve got a child who’s allergic to penicillin. Penicillin is a high therapeutic index, most people are fine with it, but there are a small number of people who are allergic to penicillin. Every person is unique, and we have to listen to their concerns, especially if they’ve had prior anaphylactic reactions or reactions to other drugs.

But yet here in Australia, we’ve had people who got injured from the first vaccine, because they had to take that vaccine because their employer mandated it. They’ve been injured, and then they’ve got sacked anyway because they didn’t take the second vaccine, so they were forced into choosing between their own health and their own survival and keeping their job.

When you read this document and you read the number of checks and balances that were missed, in my view, it has been a gross violation of human rights. (07)

And another thing that concerns me, there really, you’re an elected senator in Australia, and yet social media platforms decide that you can be censored when the people of Australia have elected you into your democratic position. It just seems rather a rather anomalous situation that we find ourselves in, unfortunately.

Yeah, we do. And, the Twitter files are revealed, you know, the White House lent very heavily on social media companies not to promote so-called disinformation about the vaccines, and that’s certainly not my intent. My intent, and I came from a finance background originally, but you know, in finance, and when you’re working in billions of dollars in treasury, you’ve got to actually, minimize your downside risk. The first thing is to always minimize downside risk. You know, in health, as an equivalent saying, do no harm, and, these rules have come in place over the years because, you know, we’ve got to protect the people. I just feel as though those guidelines have been completely trashed, in the last few years with this particular rollout of the vaccine. (08) (09) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24)

Page 6: Vaccine-induced autoimmune disease not studied

Another thing I noted from page six: long-term immunity, vaccine-induced autoimmune disease were not studied. So we’ve got this risk. Well, it’s not a risk, we now know that the TGA knew in January 2021 that there was systemic distribution of this vaccine, and yet it specifically says on page six, long-term immunity autoimmune diseases were not studied. I mean, how do we account for the fact that these things weren’t studied? It just seems rather strange. How could there be so many omissions?

Well, yet again, I mean, you didn’t need to read the TGA reports to know this, it was also in the Pfizer documents. The original Pfizer documents that they know they didn’t do long-term studies, toxicity studies, carcinogenic studies, etc. They will argue that, because, COVID was such a severe virus, they needed to roll it out quickly. Now, you know, that may have been a fair point depending on your point of view, but you know, two wrongs don’t make it right, and taking shortcuts.

My particular circumstances were, I knew a little bit about biochemistry. I’d studied science for a year in my early 30s and had Biotech stocks, and I’ve actually had a mRNA stock in Australia, that eventually got taken over by Merck Roche, so I had a little bit of a background, but I knew enough to know that, because the coronavirus mutates very quickly, at best the vaccine might last one season before you end up with another strain of the flu. So, it was never going to provide really long protection, not necessarily because the vaccine was bad, but because the virus would mutate.

So, the argument that you can justify rolling out a vaccine so quickly, I always felt was a bit risky for something that we’re eventually going to have to learn to live with, but what we’ve now got, of course, is a lot of vaccine injuries.

From January 2021, let’s say, November 2020, just after Joe Biden got elected, we had three pharmaceutical companies come out and say they had a vaccine for Coronavirus, when a vaccine hadn’t been created for the coronavirus in the last 40 years, and suddenly, within a matter of weeks, three companies had found the vaccine that works, seemed quite astounding if you ask me, but anyway, I kept my mouth shut, knowing that we needed to do something.

But then around October 2021, I started getting contacted by a lot of young people who were getting getting injured in a matter of days after taking the vaccine. So there was a very strong temporal association between injuries and people taking the vaccine. Now, that of course, is the red flag of all red flags, especially for young, fit, healthy people who had no prior symptoms, suddenly getting ill, and what’s particularly annoyingly, the authorities have seen to gaslight these injuries, and haven’t tied back the wide range of injuries back to, as we looked at page 45 of that document, the large number of the fact that this vaccine does go into a large number of organs which, in theory at least, could explain a large number of injuries and the wider range of injuries. You know, the different symptoms, resulting in myocarditis, neurological issues, skin disorders, people having issues with their eyes, etc. (25) (26) (27) (28) (29)

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