Defibrillators installed outside homes in Melbourne to help with sudden cardiac arrests

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Melbourne has started installing defibrillators outside homes in Reservoir; making sure every resident has easy access to help with the increase in sudden cardiac arrests.

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“A new program from St John Ambulance Victoria that will transform Reservoir’s sudden cardiac arrest survival rates.”

“It will do this by placing defibrillators throughout the suburb so that no resident is further than 400 metres from a defibrillator, and by training one third of the population in CPR and defibrillation.”

Initiated in January 2022 and rolled out in March-April 2022:

Get out of cognitive dissonance and acknowledge what you’re seeing all around you… if you want to survive, you need to switch off the tv, and start doing your own research.

Senator Alex Antic on the increase in Cardiac Presentations since jab rollout:

[Senator Alex Antic] Injections Will Go Down As Greatest Medical Scandal In History

Two world-class cardiologists try desperately to get the message out:

Young People Are Dying These Days #UntilProvenOtherwise

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