Death of Shane Warne from suspected Heart attack sparks Vaccine Debate

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Although we’ll probably never know if Shane would still be alive if he hadn’t of taken the jabs, dying of heart-related issues after vaccination is not something to be disregarded or dismissed. RIP Shane.

RIP Shane Warne

Misledia trying to Downplay Possible Jab Connection

See my rant on how they weaponized the word “Anti-Vaxxer” so that they could do this and trigger everyone into not asking questions whenever they need you to slip back into mass-formation and stop doubting the ever-crumbling narrative. What’s disgusting is this kind of propaganda when you should be warning people about these bloody deadly injections. The end of misledia is near and the only thing they have is the grasping at straws to try and keep people on their side. Not gonna happen – you’ve lied too much in the most important time in history to be transparent and tell the truth. Mainstream media is despicable. Shame on you.

Jabs NEVER should have been Approved in the first place!!

Pfizer’s Own Trial Data: 1200+ Dead, 46.5% Required Hospitalization & 30% Still Unrecovered from their injuries in the First 2 months & 12 days of Rollout

They’re own internal data! Not some “antivaxxer conspiracy site”. Their own fucking data which is probably washed of us much evidence as it could shows these bloody things should NEVER have been brought to market, these injections are deadly and useless, and FDA is a corrupt organization that committed fraud by allowing it to rollout.

Un-psychosis-yourself. Please. The only thing these people have are the misledia. They have bought off the media – that’s it. There is no evidence supporting these shots are good for us, except that which they write themselves or pay for.

Pages 16-17 Pfizer Post-Marketing Experience
“Conclusion “nothing to see here, it’s fine that people are dying as long as we make our billions”

It’s no secret that Athletes around the world are dropping

Athletes are collapsing or dying on the field – in droves since the rollout. Pilots too. Mainstream misledia tries to “normalize” this – dismiss this – or pretend it’s just a coincidence?

I did a post about this in December and the list is far from comprehensive!

Funeral Industry say Heart Attacks are Common amongst the vaccinated

  • …what is killing people now is Vaccine Injury – whether you can relate it or not – it’s heart attacks, stroke, blood clots, myocarditis – inflammation of the heart, …”.Wife of Vicar

  • ‘There’s a lot of myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation), heart attacks… you know, it’s all blood, heart-based, pneumonia… But COVID? I’ve only had one this year! One COVID death written down, since January 2021.’ – Wesley, Undertaker

  • What we’re seeing is an unnaturally large number of deaths due to heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, and these are all as a direct result as thrombosis embolisms – in the lungs, legs, various places. These are well documented by the local coroners, and nobody seems to be concerned by the alarming rise in clots. I used to see a blood clot very, very rarely, and now I’ve seen more this year than I have in the previous 14 years. John O’Looney, Funeral Director.

  • “Young men are all heart attacks, strokes, blood clots. The odd thing we’re finding is the paperwork is “inconclusive and unknown” is what they’re dying of.”Funeral Industry, East Sydney.

See [Funeral Directors] Speaking Up About Covid And Boosters for Videos & Transcripts:

Doctors, Nurses, Pathologists & ICU Staff say the same

Dr. Roger Hodkinson on Heart Damage, Blood Clotting from mRNA Injection

Feb 17, 2022

This video is part of a larger article at RAIR Foundation USA:

“Heart damage and blood clotting from the Covid injection can have long term consequences”

Dr. Hodkinson explains that myocarditis is not limited to the “obvious” signs.

“There is a ‘spectrum of presentations’ – there are the obvious ones with extreme chest pain and and heart failure and rapid death, but symptoms could also be mild, with ‘just have a little soreness in your chest,’ for example. Those symptoms are likely not being investigated, much less being associated with the injection.

So there’s probably a great spectrum of myocarditis out there, but myocarditis and pericarditis are just two conditions on the “spectrum” of heart damage:

We also have the reality of – other than myocarditis and inflammation of the heart and the sack in which the heart is sitting – we have the reality of what we call arrhythmias conduction abnormalities. When the heart suddenly goes into a very rapid beat or stops beating altogether, ventricular fibrillation.

The big point is the brain and the Heart do not regenerate as opposed to the liver and the kidney, which do, so when you’re killing off a random number of cells in vital organs, such as the brain and the heart, the deep concern is…that reserve of those organs that people would rely upon like me when you get to my age…will be affected and it may result in a very premature onset of dementia and heart failure 10, 20 years from now before these people get old, when this might happen.”

Misledia & NWO-Controlled Health/Homicide Org’s are to blame

Celebrities, Athletes, and Influencers were paid to promote the vaccine. Unfairly they have used information-control and unprecedented censorship to manipulate the masses including these influencers where they actually thought they were doing the ‘right thing’ by encouraging these injections. Many still promote them, completely unaware of what is going on because they are trusting the worst kinds of people right now. Facts don’t reach them. The fear-based mass-media manipulation has worked on the majority of the world – none of us are completely immune to it because they have their hands in literally everything – from the scientific journals to control over our own health professionals.

Shane apparently had COVID, was put on a ventilator, and still thought the jab helped prevent him from a worse outcome…

If Shane had got information directly from the research rather from the misledia and NWO-websites, he would’ve known not to take the vaccines or any booster(s) – despite the dishonest, cowardice doctors recommendations / misinformation. Taking the injections can actually increase your risk of serious illness. This was known long before the rollout begun and even Fauci knew about it and spoke about the potential in his interviews, but now the stats speak for themselves and there are research papers and court documents confirming it. In fact, the only place you don’t easily find this information is from your tell-lie-vision sets.

Obviously whether he had the booster or not can’t be confirmed unless the family or those he travelled with comes out, but it’s possible that Shane really believed the mainstream narrative. As far as I can see, Thailand requires travellers to be ‘fully-vaccinated’, but does not require the booster for entry. Please correct me if that site is not correct. If this post is true about Shane taking the booster a couple of days before he died, then we will probably never hear about it on the news.

Hopefully his death serves as a wake-up call to others and that he didn’t die needlessly, hopefully his death helps millions of others start to break-the-spell of ‘safe & effective’ – or, and I don’t know if his family would be for or against his death being a warning for others, but it might save millions of lives if it sparks the conversation enough where people start to look at the research themselves – to finally see for themselves what the misledia has lied to them about, whether or not he died as a result of having these injections or not.

Maybe it will help people start to question what they’ve been told about all the other athletes who have had their lives or their livelihoods destroyed from “doing the right thing”, and maybe just seeing that for the first time might help them start to question the gaslighting of the media, to unscramble their minds, and start to lift themselves free from the endless lies and hysteria from the misledia.

Even the government knows these things are causing damage

What’s really going on in the world?

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