Magnetic Phenomenon is Real

IN C19 Vials
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The Electromagnetism phenomenon in the Vaccinated (or what we now dub “Graphinated“) is real. Along with myself and other friends who are “magnetized” (jabbed or not), this is a real phenomenon – where you would do best to trust your own experience rather than a “fact-checker” website funded by those that don’t want you to know you are magnetized, and something we are yet to still figure out.

Living Document. First published: March 29, 2022 | Last update: April 29, 2023

Magnetic Phenomenon is Real

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I'm magnetic! (and the Antidote)

For me and the friends I’ve tested, I’m magnetic “sometimes” with 2 strong magnets – strong enough to open drawers, one of them being a hard-drive magnet (not the standard fridge-magnets). I was magnetic all over random places the first day I tested (before starting to deliberately detox) and now it’s just my forehead and upper-chest area — and sometimes it IS due to being sweaty (and the magnet comes off in a few seconds with gravity) and sometimes it’s not at all due to the sweat and it doesn’t fall off with gravity.

Some friends are not even remotely magnetic – can’t stick it anywhere lol, and others are magnetic either on the jab-site or forehead & neck same as myself, or back. I try and chase all my visitors around with a few magnets if they let me (not surprisingly… I don’t get many visitors) :)

Coincidentallythe “cure” to magnetism, is also the antidote to “covid-symptoms” and these same ingredients are what we’re using for “Spike Protein Detox“:

NAC, Glutathione, Zinc, Quercetin, Astaxanthin, Vitamin D3, Milk thistle, & Melatonin.

I was randomly taking NAC, Zinc, Quercetin, VD, ZeoLite, VC, VB12, COQ10, Milk Thistle and all the other things I researched, and I regularly (3x week) have Epsom/Borax/Bicarb Baths, but I also made up a concoction of Activated Charcoal, ACV, Fulvic Acid and other detox stuff like CDS and shook it all up in a jar with distilled water and just had a shot-glass of this black-goop for a few days – but I experiment with all sorts of stuff – the “human experiment”).

I think those just using a bottle cap, coin, paperclip, etc. can definitely be “explained-away” by gravity, sweat, sticky-skin, band-aid residue, tape, or excess oils or grease. And the lightweight cheap fridge-magnets are probably in the same realm as a a paperclip. But we want answers for the heavier magnets and heavier items – we want to know what the heck it is – it’s certainly not “grease or fake”.

Was anyone magnetic BEFORE the pandemic?

This phenomenon – especially those sticking heavy-cellphones to themselves – was not found before the pandemic – only freak, extremely-rare “Headline-Making” – “World News” cases and stories were found.

I just did a search again now from March 2000 – March 2019 and it used to make “World News” if someone was a “Human-Magnet”:

  • 1 from Croatia (Ivan Stoiljkovic)
  • 1 from Serbia (Bogdan 2011)
  • 1 from Russia (Nikolai Kryaglyachenko 2014)
  • 1 from Bosnia (Erman Delic 2016 – cutlery & coins)
  • 1 from Turkey (Mehmet Sumbul)
  • 1 from Brazil (Paula David Amorinm – forks, spoons, scissors, saucepans)
  • 1 from Rome (Elvir Silayciya).

They still had critics saying “these kids must be just sticky or have smooth, hairless bodies”…. but it used to be newsworthy enough that one magnetized person would make “world news“.

Now we have one in twenty? (At least in my circle it’s about half of us). Who knows or will ever know the true numbers of what’s going on out there – but now we have thousands of “Human Magnets” and instead of making “World News” – it’s censored, ridiculed, and “debunked”.

Some people believe ‘fact-checkers’ so much, they trust the bloody screen over what’s happening to them lol, cray-cray to think fact-checkers are truthful – it’s been more than 2 years now, time to learn who they are.

With me, it’s only the super-strong magnets that work, and when I detox, it will not stick at all, but with the vaccinated, there are varying differences that are astounding to watch – most especially is the denial of anything causing “magnetism” in the jab but there are those who are magnetic “ONLY” at the jab-site.

Fact-Checkers are Gaslighting us (Rant)

Rant about ‘debunking without debunking’ — you can skip this part or expand it if you like me yelling at “fact-checkers” — but my blog is my outlet for a whinge:

Thousands – possibly millions of videos – in all languages all around the world.

Why is it not world news? Why do you “hide/censor/ridicule” it instead of doing a story with all those who are magnetized? Not a single news story of someone who is magnetized (except for cherry picking a “fake-joke” Tik-Tok influencer one?) Why? There are thousands to choose from, some of them are quite distressed – and you pick just one person who decided to do it as a prank? (and the public is gullible/naïve enough to believe you ‘debunked‘ it?)

Each time, our main social networks “cancel it” and people who it’s not happening to start getting nasty (I even got called “idiot” by a “poker-acquaintance” when I was sitting here with 6 magnets all over me – asking on facebook if anyone had tested it lol – I’m like wow…. “the tv is strong with this one, Obe One“. Not even curious? Just 100% trusting of the fact-checkers saying it’s fake? Don’t even want to test it for yourself?

People see this and their brain shuts off!
This is all it takes to shutdown critical thinking & fool anyone these days:

CDC & YouTube

“Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine will not make you magnetic, including at the site of vaccination which is usually your arm” ~ CDC Website

And YouTube only allows videos that “debunk” or “vilify” those who are magnetized. All others are removed.

Magnet challenge victim, Robert Carroll, use (stud finder & a compass) on the location of covid vax-injection site

His YouTube video has been removed:
– even so far as when you look up the URL on –
they still place a “context warning” with a link to

COVID-19 vaccines don’t contain magnetic ingredients; dose volume is too small to contain any device able to hold a magnet through the skin.

Fact Checkers “Gas-lighting” Humanity

Fact-checkers: “But instead of facts, all these people have are oily arms and some tape, experts say. “No. Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine will not make you magnetic, including at the site of vaccination.” (“experts” say.. yes, where are these experts – who are these experts, why aren’t you heading to the streets to test and do an interesting story on it yourself?)

Fact-checkers: “Why “anti-vaxxers” are stuck on the “magnetic vaccine”…. (there’s that derogatory word again that they’ve weaponized to get people to associate magnetism with “anti-vax conspiracy theory”)

Fact-checkers: “As with many things on TikTok, the magnetic vaccine theory is completely made up. According to the CDC, COVID-19 vaccines do not contain ingredients that can produce an electromagnetic field…” (implying that if its on TikTok, it must be ‘fake news’ – gaslighting people to say that they are making up – in other words “lying” – about being magnetized, even though they can see it for themselves? Is it to stop people from even testing it on themselves? or “Shame” people to not share it if they are?)

Fact-checkers label it a conspiracy theory or sweat/grease/sticky-tape, etc. – which only serves to wake up more people because these are people who weren’t magnetic before and are suddenly a walking fridge-door — and they want to know “why” it’s happening, why the fact-checkers are telling them not to believe their own eyes, and why they are being “cancelled”. So do I.

DEBUNK IF YOU MUST -> DO IT! – But don’t just ride the nasty and lazy: “Let’s just call it an ‘antivax’ conspiracy theory about microchips” – the magnetic-jab-site victims are vaccinated – so “Pro-Vax” would be a more correct definition to use. All you say is “it can’t be the vaccines”, that’s not debunking. Debunk correctly – by figuring out the actual truth of whatever it is – by actually ‘debunking’? I’m so sick of these fake-fact-checks which are just “hit pieces” to protect their vaccine-gods/pharmaceutical payday. If you were legitimate – if you were “real news” and if you weren’t suffering covidpsychosis, then you might do a real investigation to figure out what is going on with all these people, not just interview the prankers or call everyone liars – go investigate those who are magnetic like the others have. Test it on yourself, test it in your family. Figure it out, provide the answer. These nasty evil hit-pieces are not useful or believable and don’t provide any answers at all, just ridicule and vilification.

Btw, rGO possess interesting magnetic and electrochemical properties — and is “transparent”.

What is causing the magnetism?

What is causing the magnetism?

In some it could be contaminated vials (Japan had 1.6 million doses of Moderna recalled with contamination of ‘stainless steel’ and ‘white floating matter’ – and there are more toxic batches worldwide).

Or it could be by design – the literature on some of the LNPs (Lipid Nanoparticles) used in the jabs do mention magnetic properties (hard to wrap ones head around something so “tiny” holding up a cell phone though.. unless it’s accumulative or some other phenomenon. Like shouldn’t we test this out? Exactly how much LNP’s are required to be magnetized? What temperature? What else?

Is it even possible to disregard anything so quickly when it’s using completely novel ingredients and a completely new technology – why are we just saying “it’s just not possible” when noone, not even our health authorities, know what the excipients & adjuvants do – because they didn’t test them, they are novel, there is nothing they can refer to – there is no data they can look up to be able to answer the question.

There is no relevant testing to back up any claims that it’s either possible or impossible. They skipped that step in their fast-tracked operation “warp-speed”.

None of us know what this is – the people doing the “ridiculing” have no idea what it is – the news anchors have no idea what it is. Just because it doesn’t “seem” possible (of course it sounds nuts!)

… but yet.. we have people who are jabbed with the jab-site magnetic, even weeks after?

Why do the magnets flip-over? What is it, a frequency thing? Maybe not an ingredient at all? Where is the investigation into the “what” and “why”?

Maybe it’s the graphene or iron or something else magnetic in the food (some supermarket chicken is magnetic these days – why?), supplements, air, water, buildings, clothes, masks, medications and so on. But this only makes sense to those whose magnetism is spread-out. Makes less sense to the “jab-site” magnetism.

Point is, fact-checkers lie because they work for the ‘bad guys’ and we can’t find a reasonable definitive answer as to what is causing it – most especially when it is “only” magnetic at the jab-site.

Except the literature does show it’s absolutely possible – that two non-magnetic ingredients can suddenly – like magic – become magnetic when mixed, such as Graphene and Biomolecules, and the literature also talks about Superparamagnetism that has the same phenomena.

Europe - Luxembourg Study of Magnetized Vaccinated People

Luxembourg Study of Magnetized Vaccinated People

Study on the electromagnetism of vaccinated persons in Luxembourg | PDF This study confirms that most people who received the jab are magnetized, compared to those who had not receive the jab. (01)

New Zealand Doctors - Magnetism Investigation

New Zealand Doctors – Magnetism Investigation

Magnetism in New Zealand Covid-19 Vaccinees:  Evidence of Graphene Oxide or Contaminated Vials or Both? “We did not believe the magnetism at first, but we kept seeing reports. So, the NZDSOS science team investigated”.  This is their report, which they have shared with NZ authorities.

From Conclusion: The evidence and results presented in this report present alarming findings. Of the 41 reported cases of magnetism (to date), alongside concerning side effects post–vaccination reported, at least 11 batches of Pfizer–BioNTech COVID–19 mRNA vaccines distributed in at least 9 cities throughout New Zealand were found to be temporally associated with magnetism. These findings point to the possible contamination of vials of Pfizer–BioNTech Comirnaty COVID–19 mRNA vaccine vials in New Zealand, or toxicity from graphene oxide, which must be investigated thoroughly. The experience of magnetism causes great distress and we believe should be investigated transparently due to the association with serious health conditions from the presence of graphene oxide and other contaminants.

UK Doctors - Magnetism Investigation

See further down the post under the heading “Vaccine-Induced Magnetism – Not on the Beeb (UK)”

South America - AstraZeneca - detected electric fields

AstraZeneca – detected electric fields

Molecular Biophysicist Guillermo Iturriaga, CEO of Laser Beam Technology Chile, has conducted a series of analyses of AstraZeneca vaccination vials from an external and electronics point of view. Based on what he has discovered and studied, he wrote an official interim report that describes how he detected electronic components in the composition of the substance that so many people carry in their bodies. 

Interesting that these nanocomponents he detected create electric fields when the vials are shaken, and he detected semiconductors, capacitors, transistors, diodes in the AZ vial. (See Chile section of my Graphene post)

Interim Report of AstraZeneca vials (PDF) – Laser Beam Technology – Chile

Video (1995): Mandatory Magnetic Vaccines warning...

Dr. Pierre Gilbert Warns In 1995 About Magnetic Vaccines (English Subtitles)

BitChute | Rumble | Telegram
Dr. Pierre Gilbert: (in French) Website | Odysee

“In the biological destruction there are the organized tempests on the magnetic fields. What will follow is a contamination of the bloodstreams of mankind, creating intentional infections. This will be enforced via laws that will make vaccination mandatory.

And these vaccines will make possible to control people. The vaccines will have liquid crystals that will become hosted in the brain cells, which will become micro-receivers of electromagnetic fields where waves of very low frequencies will be sent. And through these low frequency waves people will be unable to think, you’ll be turned into a zombie.

Don’t think of this as a hypothesis. This has been done. Think of Rwanda”

Dr Pierre Gilbert in 1995

Magnetic Vaccines exist in the literature…

Magnetic Vaccines exist in the literature...

Advances in COVID-19 mRNA vaccine development (2022)

“Production of mRNA vaccines does not require culturing cells or viruses as in traditional vaccine production technology, relying instead on in vitro synthesis technology. The Lipid InOrganic Nanoparticles (LION) delivery vehicle developed by HDT Bio is composed of squalene, Span 60, Tween80, cationic lipid 1,2-dioleoyl-3-trimethylammonium propane (DOTAP), and superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO), and has been used to deliver self-replicating mRNA encoding the S protein of SARS-CoV-2. Preclinical results indicate that this delivery vehicle can improve vaccine stability, delivery efficiency and immunogenicity, thereby inducing strong neutralizing antibodies and T cell response in mice and non-human primates.” (02)

An Alphavirus-derived replicon RNA vaccine induces SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody and T cell responses in mice and nonhuman primates.” (2020)

“Here, we developed an alphavirus-derived replicon RNA vaccine candidate, repRNA-CoV2S, encoding the SARS-CoV-2 spike (S) protein. The RNA replicons were formulated with Lipid InOrganic Nanoparticles (LION) that were designed to enhance vaccine stability, delivery, and immunogenicity.  LION is a highly stable cationic squalene emulsion with 15 nm superparamagnetic iron oxide (Fe3O4) nanoparticles (SPIO) embedded in the hydrophobic oil phase.”  (03)

Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine (2014)

The efficiency of delivery of DNA vaccines is often relatively low compared to protein vaccines. The use of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) to deliver genes via magnetofection shows promise in improving the efficiency of gene delivery both in vitro and in vivo” (04)

(Maybe it’s this “superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO)” that is causing the magnetism depending on temperature / magnetic fields?)

Superparamagnetism (Study shows its absolutely possible)


Just because we don’t understand “how” something can be possible, doesn’t mean it’s not:

This 2012 study published in the International Journal of Nanomedicine talks about a “super-magnetic” phenomenon used in biomedical fields that once the drug is loaded is “guided by an external magnetto their target tissue. (05)

Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: magnetic nanoplatforms as drug carriersInternational journal of nanomedicine,  2012. PMID: 22848170

Is this not a plausible explanation for what we’re seeing?
If this was possible a decade ago, what is possible now?

SPIONs are small synthetic γ-Fe2O3 (maghemite), Fe3O4 (magnetite) or α-Fe2O3 (hermatite) particles with a core ranging from 10 nm to 100 nm in diameter. In addition, mixed oxides of iron with transition metal ions such as copper, cobalt, nickel, and manganese, are known to exhibit superparamagnetic properties and also fall into the category of SPIONs. However, magnetite and maghemite nanoparticles are the most widely used SPIONs in various biomedical applications.

SPIONs have an organic or inorganic coating, on or within which a drug is loaded, and they are then guided by an external magnet to their target tissue. These particles exhibit the phenomenon of “superparamagnetism”, ie, on application of an external magnetic field, they become magnetized up to their saturation magnetization, and on removal of the magnetic field, they no longer exhibit any residual magnetic interaction.

This property is size-dependent and generally arises when the size of nanoparticles is as low as 10–20 nm. At such a small size, these nanoparticles do not exhibit multiple domains as found in large magnets; on the other hand, they become a single magnetic domain and act as a “single super spin” that exhibits high magnetic susceptibility. Thus, on application of a magnetic field, these nanoparticles provide a stronger and more rapid magnetic response compared with bulk magnets with negligible remanence (residual magnetization) and coercivity (the field required to bring the magnetism to zero).

This superparamagnetism, unique to nanoparticles, is very important for their use as drug delivery vehicles because these nanoparticles can literally drag drug molecules to their target site in the body under the influence of an applied magnet field.

Moreover, once the applied magnetic field is removed, the magnetic particles retain no residual magnetism at room temperature and hence are unlikely to agglomerate (ie, they are easily dispersed), thus evading uptake by phagocytes and increasing their half-life in the circulation.


Self-Assembling Ferritin “controlling brain circuits using magnetised protein”

Sneaking into the Brain with Nanoparticles (2015)

Sneaking into the Brain with Nanoparticles (06)

Nanoparticles’ unique properties could dramatically change the way we understand and treat the brain and its diseases.

Trojan Horses

While some nanoparticles act as treatments, others play the role of Trojan horse: they pretend to be ordinary, recognized molecules, gain access through special receptors, and sneak the drugs with them as they pass through the restricted entry gates. Nate Vinzant, an undergraduate in Gina Forster’s lab at the University of South Dakota, is using iron oxide to smuggle anti-anxiety drugs into the brain.

When injected directly into the brain, antisauvagine decreases anxiety in rats. However, direct injection into the brain isn’t a feasible treatment option for humans and antisauvagine is incapable of passing from the blood to the brain on its own. To sneak it in, Vinzant attached antisauvagine to iron oxide nanoparticles, which are regularly taken into the brain via specific receptors. When hitched to iron, antisauvagine goes along for the ride because “the brain thinks it’s iron,” Vinzant says. Indeed, typically anxious rats given iron-bound antisauvagine displayed less signs of stress than untreated rats, confirming that the drug made its way from the injection site in the abdomen, through the blood, and across the barrier.

Remote Controls

In addition to improving treatments, nanoparticles can also help researchers understand diseases and the brain in general. President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative, a program aiming to map the neurons and connections within the human brain, is initially focused on the development of novel technologies that may lead to future breakthroughs. This fall, Sarah Stanley, a post-doctoral researcher in Jeffrey Friedman’s lab at Rockefeller University, received one of the initiative’s first grants to develop technology that uses nanoparticles to control neurons.

Stanley’s goal is to examine a diffuse network of neurons distributed throughout the brain. “We were really looking for a way of remotely modulating cells,” Stanley explains, but existing tools weren’t able to go deep or dispersed enough. For example, one popular new technique known as optogenetics, which uses light to activate neurons, wouldn’t work for Stanley’s project because light can’t penetrate very far into tissue. Another method involving uniquely designed drugs and receptors can’t be quickly turned on and off. So Stanley turned to nanoparticles.

Ferritin nanoparticles bind and store iron, and Stanley genetically tweaked the nanoparticles to also associate with a temperature-sensitive channel. When the channel is heated, it opens, leading to the activation of certain genes.

To generate heat, she used radio waves. Unlike light, radio waves freely penetrate tissue. They hit the ferritin nanoparticle, heating the iron core. The hot iron then heats the associated channel, causing it to open. Stanley tested the system by linking it to the production of insulin; when the radio waves heated the iron, the channel opened and the insulin gene was turned on, leading to a measurable increase in insulin. The nanoparticle is “basically acting as a sensor for radio waves,” says Stanley. It’s “transducing what would be entirely innocuous signals into enough energy to open the channel.”

To optimize the system, Stanley first tested it in liver and stem cells of mice, but she is now moving into mouse neurons, intending to turn them on and off with her nanoparticle remote control. The radio waves’ penetration should allow researchers to use this technique to manipulate cells that are both deep and spread throughout the brain. “This tool will allow us to be able to modulate any cells in any [central nervous system] region at the same time in a freely moving mouse,” Stanley notes.

For now, remotely controlling neurons in this way will only be used in research to discover more about these deep or dispersed networks. But eventually, it could potentially be combined with gene therapy to fine-tune protein levels. For example, in diseases with a mutated or dysfunctional gene, like Rett Syndrome, a developmental disorder causing movement and communication difficulties, gene therapy aims to replace the defective gene. Adding a functional gene isn’t always enough, however, as it must be adjusted to produce the appropriate amount of protein. Controlling the gene with radio waves and nanoparticles would allow doctors to carefully tweak the protein production.

“It was really exciting to see earlier this fall that the [National Institutes of Health] has awarded about 50 new grants for some amazing, innovative ideas.” 

Neuroscientists may need to temper their excitement, however. Clinical trials for cancer treatments have stalled as some nanoparticles—including iron—have been found to generate free radicals, which can trigger cell death. But a compromise may be possible: iron nanoparticles are also being studied to enhance magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) signals and toxicity doesn’t seem to be an issue so long as the doses are kept low. If the drugs the nanoparticles carry with them are powerful enough, lower doses can be used and harmful side effects prevented.

Study: Controlling brain circuits using magnetised protein (2016)

Magnetized protein for “Remotely Controlled” behaviour

Genetically engineered ‘Magneto’ protein remotely controls brain and behaviour (07)

“Badass” new method uses a magnetised protein to activate brain cells rapidly, reversibly, and non-invasively

Fri 25 Mar 2016

Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviours, using genetic engineering to create a magnetised protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance.

The most powerful of these is a method called optogenetics, which enables researchers to switch populations of related neurons on or off on a millisecond-by-millisecond timescale with pulses of laser light. Another recently developed method, called chemogenetics, uses engineered proteins that are activated by designer drugs and can be targeted to specific cell types.

The new technique, developed in Ali Güler’s lab at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and described in an advance online publication in the journal Nature Neuroscience, is not only non-invasive, but can also activate neurons rapidly and reversibly.

Several earlier studies have shown that nerve cell proteins which are activated by heat and mechanical pressure can be genetically engineered so that they become sensitive to radio waves and magnetic fields, by attaching them to an iron-storing protein called ferritin, or to inorganic paramagnetic particles. These methods represent an important advance – they have, for example, already been used to regulate blood glucose levels in mice – but involve multiple components which have to be introduced separately.

The new technique builds on this earlier work, and is based on a protein called TRPV4, which is sensitive to both temperature and stretching forces. These stimuli open its central pore, allowing electrical current to flow through the cell membrane; this evokes nervous impulses that travel into the spinal cord and then up to the brain.

Güler and his colleagues reasoned that magnetic torque (or rotating) forces might activate TRPV4 by tugging open its central pore, and so they used genetic engineering to fuse the protein to the paramagnetic region of ferritin, together with short DNA sequences that signal cells to transport proteins to the nerve cell membrane and insert them into it.

When they introduced this genetic construct into human embryonic kidney cells growing in Petri dishes, the cells synthesized the ‘Magneto’ protein and inserted it into their membrane. Application of a magnetic field activated the engineered TRPV1 protein, as evidenced by transient increases in calcium ion concentration within the cells, which were detected with a fluorescence microscope.

Next, the researchers inserted the Magneto DNA sequence into the genome of a virus, together with the gene encoding green fluorescent protein, and regulatory DNA sequences that cause the construct to be expressed only in specified types of neurons. They then injected the virus into the brains of mice, targeting the entorhinal cortex, and dissected the animals’ brains to identify the cells that emitted green fluorescence. Using microelectrodes, they then showed that applying a magnetic field to the brain slices activated Magneto so that the cells produce nervous impulses.

To determine whether Magneto can be used to manipulate neuronal activity in live animals, they injected Magneto into zebrafish larvae, targeting neurons in the trunk and tail that normally control an escape response. They then placed the zebrafish larvae into a specially-built magnetised aquarium, and found that exposure to a magnetic field induced coiling manouvres similar to those that occur during the escape response. (This experiment involved a total of nine zebrafish larvae, and subsequent analyses revealed that each larva contained about 5 neurons expressing Magneto.)

In one final experiment, the researchers injected Magneto into the striatum of freely behaving mice, a deep brain structure containing dopamine-producing neurons that are involved in reward and motivation, and then placed the animals into an apparatus split into magnetised a non-magnetised sections. Mice expressing Magneto spent far more time in the magnetised areas than mice that did not, because activation of the protein caused the striatal neurons expressing it to release dopamine, so that the mice found being in those areas rewarding. This shows that Magneto can remotely control the firing of neurons deep within the brain, and also control complex behaviours.

Neuroscientist Steve Ramirez of Harvard University, who uses optogenetics to manipulate memories in the brains of mice, says the study is “badass”.

“Previous attempts [using magnets to control neuronal activity] needed multiple components for the system to work – injecting magnetic particles, injecting a virus that expresses a heat-sensitive channel, [or] head-fixing the animal so that a coil could induce changes in magnetism,” he explains. “The problem with having a multi-component system is that there’s so much room for each individual piece to break down.”

This system is a single, elegant virus that can be injected anywhere in the brain, which makes it technically easier and less likely for moving bells and whistles to break down,” he adds, “and their behavioral equipment was cleverly designed to contain magnets where appropriate so that the animals could be freely moving around.”

‘Magnetogenetics’ is therefore an important addition to neuroscientists’ tool box, which will undoubtedly be developed further, and provide researchers with new ways of studying brain development and function.

Study: Ferritin can self-assemble into a cage that holds up to 4,500 iron atoms (2019)

 Ferritin, can self-assemble into a “cage” that holds as many as 4,500 iron atoms (09)

If scientists could give living cells magnetic properties, they could perhaps manipulate cellular activities with external magnetic fields. But previous attempts to magnetize cells by producing iron-containing proteins inside them have resulted in only weak magnetic forces. Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Nano Letters have engineered genetically encoded protein crystals that can generate magnetic forces many times stronger than those already reported.

The new area of magnetogenetics seeks to use genetically encoded proteins that are sensitive to magnetic fields to study and manipulate cells. Many previous approaches have featured a natural iron-storage protein called ferritin, which can self-assemble into a “cage” that holds as many as 4,500 iron atoms. But even with this large iron-storage capacity, ferritin cages in cells generate magnetic forces that are millions of times too small for practical applications. To drastically increase the amount of iron that a protein assembly can store, Bianxiao Cui and colleagues wanted to combine the iron-binding ability of ferritin with the self-assembly properties of another protein, called Inkabox-PAK4cat, that can form huge, spindle-shaped crystals inside cells. The researchers wondered if they could line the hollow interiors of the crystals with ferritin proteins to store larger amounts of iron that would generate substantial magnetic forces.

To make the new crystals, the researchers fused genes encoding ferritin and Inkabox-PAK4cat and expressed the new protein in human cells in a petri dish. The resulting crystals, which grew to about 45 microns in length (or about half the diameter of a human hair) after 3 days, did not affect cell survival. The researchers then broke open the cells, isolated the crystals and added iron, which enabled them to pull the crystals around with external magnets. Each crystal contained about five billion iron atoms and generated magnetic forces that were nine orders of magnitude stronger than single ferritin cages. By introducing crystals that were pre-loaded with iron to living cells, the researchers could move the cells around with a magnet. However, they were unable to magnetize the cells by adding iron to crystals already growing in cells, possibly because the iron levels in cells were too low. This is an area that requires further investigation, the researchers say.

  • Engineering a Genetically Encoded Magnetic Protein Crystal (10)

COVID-ferrtin Jab funded by Zuckerberg & Stanford (2021,Jan)

Here’s a covid jab funded by Zuckberg and Stanford Uni

If you’ve done your research, you’ll see alarm bells already in the title with the ferritin, but the first couple of sentences of the abstract should make your eyes pop.

We designed subunit vaccine candidates using self-assembling ferritin nanoparticles displaying one of two multimerized SARS-CoV-2 spikes: full-length ectodomain (S-Fer) or a C-terminal 70 amino-acid deletion (SΔC-Fer). Ferritin is an attractive nanoparticle platform for production of vaccines, and ferritin-based vaccines have been investigated in humans in two separate clinical trials. 

The conflict$ of interest are fun too:

The authors declare the following competing financial interest(s): A.E.P., P.A.W., and P.S.K. are named as inventors on a provisional patent application applied for by Stanford University and the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub* on immunogenic coronavirus fusion proteins and related methods.

*Zuckerberg Biohub is owned by ChanZuckerberg (Mark & his wife)

COVID-ferrtin Jab funded by AstraZeneca & the US Military +Moderna,Pfizer (2021,May)

AstraZeneca & the US Military have a joint ferritin covid jab too with connections to Moderna, Pfizer & other Big-Chemical giants

 A Spike-ferritin nanoparticle (SpFN) vaccine elicited neutralizing titers more than 20-fold higher than convalescent donor serum, following a single immunization, while RBD-Ferritin nanoparticle (RFN) immunogens elicited similar responses after two immunizations. 

Their conflict$ are even more impressive – wow. almost the whole gang is here!

M.G.J. and K.M. are named as inventors on International Patent Application No. WO/2021/21405 entitled “Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses.” M.G.J. is named as an inventor on International Patent Application No. WO/2018/081318 and U.S. patent 10,960,070 entitled “Prefusion Coronavirus Spike Proteins and Their Use.” Z.B. is named as an inventor on U.S. patent 10,434,167 entitled “Non-toxic adjuvant formulation comprising a monophosphoryl lipid A (MPLA)-containing liposome composition and a saponin.” Z.B. and G.R.M are named inventors on “Compositions And Methods For Vaccine Delivery”, US Patent Application: 16/607,917. M.S.D. is a consultant for Inbios, Vir Biotechnology, NGM Biopharmaceuticals and Carnival Corporation and on the Scientific Advisory Boards of Moderna and Immunome. The Diamond laboratory has received funding support in sponsored research agreements from Moderna, Vir Biotechnology and Emergent BioSolutions. S.R., P.M.M., and M.T.E. are employees of AstraZeneca and currently hold AstraZeneca stock or stock options. Zoltan Beck is currently employed at Pfizer.

Just say no to jabs people, just say no.

COVID-ferrtin Jab funded by US Military and Fauci (NIAID) (2021,Oct)

Here’s another one, funded by NIAID and the US Military (amongst others)

We evaluated whether a SARS-CoV-2 spike ferritin nanoparticle vaccine (SpFN), adjuvanted with the Army Liposomal Formulation QS21 (ALFQ), conferred protection against the Alpha (B.1.1.7), and Beta (B.1.351) VOCs in Syrian golden hamsters. 

Wouldn’t want to be in the military right now, certain they are experimenting on them.

Pretty sure this conflict$ of interest statement is very incomplete: (check out the list of affiliations on this page to see what I mean – they also neglected to mention NIAID – Fauci)

Drs. Modjarrad and Joyce are co-inventors on a pending patent application for the Spike Protein Ferritin Nanoparticle (PCT/US2021/021405) Assigned to the U.S. Government as represented by the Secretary of the Army.

Magnetic LNPs

Why they use LNPs and PEG in mRNA vaccines

Why they use LNPs and PEG in mRNA vaccines

mRNA vaccine delivery using lipid nanoparticles (Published by co-founder of Moderna, Robert Langer, who also collaborated with Bill Gates on developing implantable-chips, and Charles Lieber – expert in “nano-wires” who was funded by DARPA & CCP China and working in Wuhan!)

This paper goes through why they use Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) with mRNA vaccines, why adjuvants are used (and how they can be incorporated in LNPs to tailor the immune-response), why they use polyethylene glycol (PEG), and that at the time this study was published (2016), there were still no mRNA vaccines using LNPs. (14)

Magnetic LNP studies

Magnetic LNP studies:

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Deactivate Parts of Brain | Alter & Manipulate Beliefs)

Video (2013): DARPA | Magnetic thought to 'accept a narrative'

2013 : Ben Swann Truth in Media: Government Program To Control Religious Thought

The intention of the NWO is for you to accept having your thoughts controlled by DARPA.

Rumble | Telegram | YouTube

In this episode of Ben Swann’s Reality Check, Ben talks to an anonymous source who details mind control research that DARPA has been funding to see how narratives (and even direct magnetic stimulation of the brain) can control how people think, act, and perceive reality!

Video (2008): 'Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation' Lets You Deactivate Selected Parts of Your Brain

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Lets You Deactivate Selected Parts of Your Brain.

YouTube | Rumble | Telegram

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a process in which you run an electromagnet over parts of the brain, which essentially turns them off.

Research Project (2012): DARPA & US Govt - 'Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation' (TMS)

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for “Religious Extremism”

DARPA, US Dept of Interior (DOI) and The Center for Strategic Communication at ASU “Mapping the Narrative Comprehension Network and its Persuasive Effects” (supposedly for ‘religious extremism’)…

  • Funding by: US Department of the Interior (DOI): $2,057,390.00
    •  the research group will “selectively alter aspects of narrative structure and brain functions via Transcranial Magnetic Simulation (TMS) to induce or disrupt selected features of narrative processing.
  • Once the research group determines which parts of the brain are associated with cognitive reasoning and narrative comprehension, they will be attempt to impair those sections in order to “create a fundamental basis for understanding how to disrupt or enhance aspects of narrative structure and/or brain functioning to minimize or maximize persuasive effects on subject proclivity to engage in political violence.” (Page 23)
    • Once it is determined that disruption of certain portions of the brain can enhance persuasive messaging, individuals can be persuaded to do things they normally would not do and believe things they normally would not believe. This could include something as simple as telling a closely guarded secret, to believing in government propaganda, or even committing a violent act.
  • The group writes on page 26, “once we have produced a narrative comprehension model [i.e., how individuals comprehend stories and persuasive messages], end users [aka the government] will understand how to activate known neural networks (e.g., working memory or attention) and positive behavioral outcome”
    • The group will investigate “possibilities for literally disrupting the activity of the NCN [narrative comprehension network] through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.” (page 30)
  • The group is so confident that they will be able to induce or disrupt the operations of narratives in the brain, that they say on page 26 that the research “offers the capability to induce or disrupt the operation of narratives in the brain, and develops the capability to induce narrative validity, transportation, and integration with certainty.”

The group gives the following example of this projects usefulness: “If it is the case that activation in one particular neural network enables people to connect personal narrative to master narratives, by disrupting activity in that brain area, we should be able to selectively impair that specific aspect of narrative processing while holding other meaning making processes constant, effectively creating a ‘narrative disruptor.’ Not only would this be an important finding in the science of neural networks and narrative persuasion, but would also have considerably practical and strategic importance.” (page 40)

Essentially, the research aims to literally disrupt how people think and comprehend ideas and messages.

  • Further, and perhaps even more terrifying, on page 40, the group writes, “Mechanical disruptions of narrative processing may be, ultimately, replicated in through targeted strategic communication campaigns that approximate the narrative disruptions induced via magnetic stimulation.
    • So, after figuring out which parts of the brain are activated by particular persuasive messages and propaganda, the government can test out messages that only activate particular portions of the brain and not others, in order to persuade individuals to believe or not believe something.
    • Essentially, they are attempting to modify brain functioning without TMS, and only words.
      • They could make the public believe almost anything that suits their needs. It could literally lead to mass brainwashing.

But what does this mean, practically? It means that if this research succeeds, the government will be able to modify how one personally thinks. 

Further, through extensive research, they may be able to replicate the machine’s brain disrupting functioning simply through carefully crafted and researched persuasive messages and propaganda. They can use brain imaging to determine which portions of the brain are activated when a particular message is presented to an individual, and if the “right” portions are activated, they know the message will circumvent one’s mental reasoning and lead to almost automatic acceptance. With enough data, the government could spread propaganda through the media that people will almost automatically believe, whether it is true or not. (20)


Magnetofection studies

They use ‘magnetofection’ as a more effective delivery system.

Magnetofection product description (by company selling it)

Company selling these substances (24)

“Magnetofection™ is a novel, simple and highly efficient method to transfect cells in culture. It exploits magnetic force exerted upon gene vectors associated with magnetic particles to draw the vectors towards, possibly even into, the target cells. In this manner, the full vector dose applied gets concentrated on the cells within a few minutes so that 100% of the cells get in contact with a significant vector dose. This has several important consequences:

Greatly improved transfection rates in terms of percentage of cells transfected compared to standard transfection.

Up to several thousand fold increased levels of transgene expression compared to standard transfections upon short-term incubation.

High transfection rates and transgene expression levels are achievable with extremely low vector doses, which allows to save expensive transfection reagents.

Extremely short process time. A few minutes of incubation of cells with gene vectors are sufficient to generate high transfection efficiency, compared to several hours with standard procedures.”

Graphene-related Hypothesis

Video: Self-Assembly Nanotech in the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccines

Self-Assembly Nanotech in the Pfizer Covid-19 VaccinesMarch 23, 2022

Graphene Oxide Detection - Observational study - Electron Microscopy (PDF)

Graphene Oxide Detection in Aqueous Suspension, Observational study in Optical and Electron Microscopy Study (English version):

Magnetotransport properties of reduced graphene oxide & nanoparticles

The following article explains the measurements of alternating current measured with a voltmeter on the head of the “vaccinated”:

“In this paper we present detailed investigations of the structural, AC transport and magnetotransport properties of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) compounds and magnetite nanoparticles measured in the frequency range of 10 Hz to 2 MHz and in static magnetic fields of up to 500 mT. The AC conductivity of the composite samples increased by a factor of ~ 3 over that of pure rGO, although the conductivity of magnetite is five orders of magnitude less than that of rGO”.
Capital Magnetoconductivity of Reduced Graphene Oxide and Transport of Alternating Current (25)

Related Studies

Related Studies:

Video: By mixing graphene with living molecules, they become magnetic like magic

If you mix Graphene with Biomolecules, it becomes Magnetic

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: ‘If you mix graphene together with biomolecules, it becomes magnetic‘ – June 5, 2021

“By mixing graphene with living molecules, they become magnetic – magic”

Transcript | Video | Rumble

Transcript: (Transcribed from Spanish to English)

Presenter: Imagine a material that in addition to being flexible, is the hardest material in the world and also conducts electricity. It already exists, it’s graphene. From it you can develop a whole world of new technologies. But it was not perfect. It lacked magnetism. A group of Spanish scientists have managed to give it that gift. How? By mixing graphene with living molecules.

Scientist: “I have put A and B together. And neither A is magnetic and neither B is magnetic. Why is it that when I put it together it suddenly becomes a magnetic thing? This is the magic moment.

Presenter: And what is the point of graphene being magnetic? 

Well, magnetism is what makes it possible to store a lot of information. For example, on a flash drive or a hard drive. Magnetic graphene would multiply that possibility by millions of times.

How could this magnetic graphene be obtained? 

They did it here, in this microscope that exactly reproduces the conditions of the cosmos space with a minimum pressure and a temperature of 270ºC below zero. This is the only way they could achieve the miracle. Our scientists believe they could grow neurons on graphene and control their impulses, interfering with and controlling the signal that is transmitted by neurons eventually grown on graphene. And this is a truly exciting possibility, because it could help combat many neurological maladies. Graphene – how could it not? There is no limit to this curiosity.

Barcoding FOOD with Graphene

Barcoding food with Graphene

What could possibly go wrong? See also NWO-Food

See also my Graphene Posts

Vaccine-Induced Magnetism – Not on the Beeb (UK)

Films by Dr T

Film 1: Not On The Beep investigates the Magnet Challenge - True or False?

Film 1 (28mins) – ‘Not On The Beeb’ investigates the MAGNET CHALLENGE – True or False?

‘Not On The Beeb’ fact checks the fact checkers.
“Some things are hard to prove. Some things are easy.”

Films 2 & 3: Dr T tests the public for vaccine-induced magnetism

Film 2 (22mins)  – Dr T tests the public for vaccine-induced magnetism.

The world is curious – do magnets stick to people after the jab, or is it an illusion? We take Dr T to a London Park to ask random people to take part in the Magnet Challenge.

Film 3 (15mins) – Compilation of magnet challenge home videos

(Video Removed from YouTube, I’ll try and find a mirror when I remember) This collection of videos is a glimpse of the 1000s worldwide discovering they have been magnetic and we demand answers.

Film 4: Dr T delivers a devastating verdict on magnetism

Film 4 (15mins) – Dr T delivers a devastating verdict on magnetism

Dr T – UK Medical Doctor – Thinks the Experimental C19 vaccines is genocide.

Statement by DR T – MBChB MRCGP

I am sharing the following hypothesis urgently of how the Covid-19 experimental injections may be harming and killing in the hope that it may be able to help in some way to help stop this attempted mass genocide.

I do not believe this is an accident and I will explain why.

My hypothesis is that the experimental mRNA Covid-19 injections contain a magnetised nano particle attached to the mRNA which crosses the blood-brain barrier and is then attracted to the brain, particularly mid-line structures.

I further hypothesize that two things aid this passage of the magnetised mRNA to the brain: local temperature effects from EMF radiation and from an artificial network such as from hydrogel. I will now explain why I am proposing this hypothesis:

.Since April/May 2021 thousands of reports around the World have emerged of people who have been injected with the Pfizer BioNTech or Moderna Covid-19 experimental injections who are now finding that a specific area where they were injected in their arm has become magnetic.

There are a number of emerging patterns which need to be urgently investigated. They are all emerging patterns and all, some or none of them pay be of significance:

  1. It appears that people who have had two injections have a higher tendency towards stronger magnetism than those who have had one.
  2. The effect seems to be extremely localised and strongest in the first weeks after the injection and after this time the effect can change from an area of  a few centimetres to 10-20cms and in a few documented rare cases to affect other parts of the body.
    • It is still being found in people more than 2 months after their last injection. It is also being found in some people immediately after injection which suggests that it is an ingredient in the injection rather than something that eventually is pulled from the body towards the injection site.
  3. The effect is magnetic rather than metallic, as the neodymium magnets can be seen to flip over if the ‘wrong’ pole is against the skin and ‘stick’ when the correct pole is against the skin.
    • ​Some people can feel that pull within their body when the magnet is sticking.
      • Some individuals, more common in those who have had 2 injections, are magnetic enough that metal objects will stick to their arms and stay there.
        • I have seen this personally and my understanding is that there are cases of objects as large as cutlery sticking where the patients have attended hospital for investigation.
  4. Body types seem to vary in how easy it is to pick up this magnetism from the skin.
    • This may be due to a different dispersal pattern, different uptake or purely due to more layers of fat running between the possibly magnetised muscle and the testing magnet.
      • Those with more superficial fat (as opposed to muscle bulk) in their arms appear to have weaker magnetism compared to very slim people.

A possible correlation with recent Flu vaccinations.

Notably some people who have had the Pfizer injection after being vaccinated against flu in the same autumn/winter season have stronger magnetism and those who have never had the flu vaccination having no detectable magnetism few months after the Pfizer injection. The numbers I have been able to look at personally on this are very small, however it warrants further investigation. It is relevant at this point to note there has been widespread discrediting of this magnetism from many main stream news sources from the BBC to Reuters.

The people effected by this phenomenon being “fact-checked” and called “fakes”. It is also of note that the listed ingredients do not include any metals or magnetic particles. However, this magnetic nano-technology does exist and extensive studies in animals and cells in vitro have taken place over the last 5 years.

Information in the public domain shows that Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna both used an S2 spike protein during their manufacture made by Acrobiosystems and they show a diagram of the mRNA with a magnetised nano-particle on one end that was used in the development of the Pfizer vaccine.

It appears that by some means some magnetic property may have been transferred into the body with the mRNA injections.

I hypothesise this magnetised mRNA is crossing the blood-brain barrier and causing harm there for a number of reasons. Firstly, reviewing the passive data bases from the Yellow Card System, Eurovigillance and VAERS with respect to Covid-19 experimental vaccines a number of side effects are extremely common.

One example is Bell’s Palsy. This is where there is a paralysis of the facial nerve that causes weakness and drooping on one side of the face.

Just in the UK on the yellow card system on the 2nd June 2021 there are 661 cases of Bell’s palsy, 437 cases of Facial paralysis and 173 of facial paresis. It is of note that many other side effects that have been reported after the vaccines include cranial nerves that emerge from the deep midline structures of the brain, in particular the brain stem.

  • Cranial Nerve Olfactory. Damage to this affects sense of smell.
  • Cranial Nerve Optic. Damage to this affects vision.
  • Cranial Nerve Oculomotor. Damage to this affects the eyelids, pupils and the lens  ie focusing of the eye.
  • Cranial Nerve Trochlear. Damage to this affects looking down and towards the nose.
  • Cranial Nerve Trigeminal. Damage to this affects touch pain and temperature sensation on the face as well as chewing.
  • Cranial Nerve Abducens. Damage to this affects eye movements.
  • Cranial Nerve Facial. Damage to this affects facial expression, lip movements, taste towards the tip of the tongue, as well as tear and saliva secretion.
  • Cranial Nerve Vestibulocochlear. Damage to this affects hearing and balance.
  • Cranial Nerve Glossopharyngeal. Damage to this affects taste at the back of the tongue, the gag reflex, swallowing and some aspects of speech.
  • Cranial Nerve Vagus. Damage to this affects the muscles inside the organs such as the heart, lungs, intestines.
  • Cranial Nerve Spinal Accessory. Damage to this affects the movement of two large muscles of the neck: trapezius and sternocleidomastoid.
  • Cranial Nerve Hypoglossal. Damage to this affects speech movements of the tongue and swallowing.
  • The 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 12th Cranial nerves arise within very close proximity in the brain stem, which sits between the top of the spinal cord and the base of the brain/cerebral cortex.
    • I would like to highlight in a bit more detail what damage to the Vagus (10th) Cranial Nerve can cause as this nerve has very far-reaching and complex functions. Damage can cause emotional disturbances including anxiety and depression, difficulty with breathing and swallowing and changes in heart rate and blood pressure including leading to fainting/ syncope.

Damage can also affect digestion, with delayed ability to digest food, vomiting and nausea, heartburn and weight loss or gain. Pins and needles (paraesthesia) may be felt at the extremities ie fingers and toes.

This leads me onto my hypothesis that low level radiation, from EMF may be directing where this damage takes place. Although the significance of the small temperature increases that take place inside the brain with the use of mobile phones has been debated, there is agreement that a very small temperature rise takes place within the brain with the use of mobile devices.

Many factors will effect how significant this exposure is from skull thickness to how much development is happening in the brain. So children and the elderly may be at more risk. The effects of EMF is not just limited to heat, there are animal and cell studies looking at changes of ion channels, demyelination and autophagy too.

EMF radiation has been listed as a ‘possible carcinogen’ since 2011 by the IARC (The WHO’s International Agency for Research into Cancer). When mobile devices are then connected to the ears either remotely using blu-tooth devices or directly using wired earphones this radiation is directed between the two ears or the external auditory meatus. The centre point between the two ears is the Pons part of the brainstem and from there the 7th Cranial Nerve (facial nerve) originates.

Could it be that this nerve (and other cranial nerves) is being damaged at its origin by EMF interacting with magnetic nanoparticles? Of further concern is that there is emerging evidence that Covid-19 swabs (both PCR and Lateral Flow Swabs) may be contaminated, possibly with hydrogel.

If this is the case then when these swabs are shoved far into someone’s nasopharynx, enough to cause superficial trauma in many cases, that this hydrogel may also be attracted towards these magnetic and electrical fields. The body’s own magnetic sensing gland, the pineal gland is also deep within the brain and it could be that the combination of hydrogel, EMF radiation and magnetised mRNA is a deadly trio that leads to deep brain structures being destroyed. The properties of magnetic hydrogel is also being investigated as this article summarises.

These are only hypotheses but they are extremely serious ones. With the further push through of the Covid-19 vaccination programme World wide including now on the children who are at such slight risk from Sars CoV-2 itself compared to adults, how can we allow any further injections to take place without this issue being fully investigated?

Sars CoV-2, has been artificially made and causes harm. This makes it a bio weapon. How can we then trust an international pharmaceutical industry that has been involved in whatever way in the making of a bio weapon to then propose the ‘cure’.

We must not be blinded because we can’t imagine that people could want to cause harm to others. A very small number of people do, and an even larger number allow and facilitate that harm taking place by being unable to consider that harm could ever be deliberately done.




Film 5: Dr T delivers urgent call to action to all health professionals

Film 5 (7mins) – Dr T delivers urgent call to action to all health professionals

Since the start of time, no plant, animal or human has ever been magnetic.  
Since the vaccination rollout, people are now showing clear and proven magnetic properties.
​The disclosed ingredients contain water, sugar, salts and fats. None of these ingredients are magnetic. Undisclosed ingredients are illegal. ​Undisclosed biotechnology involves the deception of the public.

Films 6 & 7: Zach and Gwen Interviews with mind-bending revelations & extraordinary footage

Film 6 (4mins) – Zach and Gwen with a mind bending revelation &
Film 7 (1hr15mins) – THE Z&G INTERVIEW

More testing. Extraordinary footage.

Videos about the Magnetic Phenomena

One Hour of #MagnetChallenge clips

One Hour of #MagnetChallenge MagnetGate: Magnets Stick To Covid Vaccine Injection Site FULL 2021 DOCUMENTARY #MagnetChallenge – May 15, 2021


Please sit down and watch this important video to know how to test yourself and others for these self-assembling nanotech. It gets powered-up by being near electromagnetic frequencies. I will have a post on this soon (internet is playing up this weekend). (link not currently working, but I’ve uploaded it and have transcribed it here: BlueTRUTH [Part-1/5] Documentary )

Found in both the vaccinated and unvaccinated (that took PCR/RAT tests or in partnership with someone who was vaccinated)

The bluetooth MAC addresses are not the same number when it’s re-assembled.

Video - Dr Wilfredo Stokes - Moderna Magnetism

Dr. Wilfredo Stokes on magnetism caused by Moderna vaccine

Feb 13, 2022 Rumble | OrwellCity

Dr. Wilfredo Stokes: We have a magnetized patient after 2 doses of Moderna. You can feel it. In this area, the magnetism is less than in this one. The magnetism is stronger here. 

Pass me the knife.

You can take things off now. 

The question is, what is being done to people? All people suffering from similar issues should go to where they were vaccinated and demand an explanation. There’s no reasonable explanation. 

I’m a physician. I’m Dr. Wilfredo Stokes, a physician and scientific researcher from Guatemala. Collegiate 10,215. 

People should denounce this. And they shouldn’t inoculate more children because we don’t know the effects. In this case, there’s myocarditis, neurodegeneration of the brain, and neurodegeneration of the cerebellum.

People have been victims because they trusted. The crime committed by the people was trusting in doctors, trusting in governments. 

So, we’ve already asked the president of Guatemala to stop vaccination immediately. A crime against humanity is being committed with each person who continues to be inoculated. 

Random Magnetic Videos

Random Magnetic Videos

  • Magnetic Nurses – May 2021 – Nurses in Spain “now she won’t forget her keys sticking them on her arm”.24secs
  • Sinovac – Two cell phones stuck to her arm – Claudia Pacheco, Chilean teacher
  • Pfizer – NC Voltage Tester (EMF Tester) – Jun 2021 – By Ricardo Delgado – La Quinta Columna – 1min
  • COVID Magnetism Becomes Massive – Jan 2021 4mins
  • COVID Magnetism – Vaccinated 30 mins ago – Jun 2021 6mins
  • A huge amount of people get Magnetized after being inoculated – Jun 2021 6mins
  • COVID Magnetism Continues – Jun 2021 4mins
  • COVID Magnetism – May 2021 17mins
  • MagnetGate: Magnets Stick To Covid Vaccine Injection Site FULL 2021 DOCUMENTARY #MagnetChallenge – 1hour Compilation
  • Covid-Magnetism Increases with Time (EMF Tester) – May 2021 2mins
  • Covid Jab Side Effects, Magnetism & Censorship – May 2021 4mins
  • Magnets Sticking on the Covid Vaccinated Arm (compliation) – May 2021 15mins

Videos discussing the Phenomena

Videos discussing the Phenomena

  • “Magneto-Genetics” / Ferritin / DNA / Nano (& Vaccine Technologies) [Tlav (21.05.17)] – May 2021 – 28mins
  • The COVID Vaccine Magnet Challenge – The Highwire – May 2021 – 17mins
  • Magnetism Confirmed (the component is graphene – but at least Media & Doctors starts to admit the phenomena) – Jun 2021 (Stew Peters show with Dr Jane Ruby) 11mins
  • COVID Antennas, Mind Control & Magnetism (Italian TV asks Dr Stefano Montanari – NANO Pathologists why the magnets stick) – May 2021 4mins
  • Dr. Luis Marcelo Martinez, PhD, Geneticist, Physician / Argentina – May 2021 (phone call to a colleague) – (English translation in Video Description) – May 2021 4mins
  • Blood & Magnetism – Demo Science Video – Explaining Blood & Iron & Magnetism – Blood is “repelled” by the magnet 8mins
  • Magnet Vaccine Arm, What’s Going On? Hugo Talks – May 2021 9mins
  • La Quinta Columna – Flu Vaccines: Graphene, Genocide & Human 2.0 Slavery – English Voiceover – July, 2021 10mins

Articles / Rants / Blogs


  • Magnetism? Say What? We did not believe the magnetism at first, but we kept seeing reports. So, the NZDSOS science team investigated. Sept 2021 (New Zealand Doctors for Science)

Video (2022): Liquid Magnetic Slime Robots | Black Goo (Study)

Liquid Magnetic Slime Robots | Black Goo | Study

YouTube | Rumble (Mirror)

“Magnetic miniature soft-bodied robots allow non-invasive access to restricted spaces and provide ideal solutions for minimally invasive surgery, micromanipulation, and targeted drug delivery.”

Study (March 25, 2022): Reconfigurable Magnetic Slime Robot: Deformation, Adaptability, and Multifunction (33)


Articles: Magnetogenetics, Co-Financed By DARPA, Gates, Rockefellers, Zuckerberg

  • Magnetogenetics, Co-Financed By DARPA, Gates, Rockefellers, Zuckerberg! Isn’t This Why Vaxxers Turn Into Fridge Doors? – May 2021

Magnetogenetics - remote control cells (Video & Study)

Magnetogenetics refers to a biological technique that involves the use of magnetic fields to remotely control cell activity. Cell activity control is achieved using magnetic compounds such as ferritin or magnetic nanoparticles.”

Here we have a video put out by the authors of the following study in ScienceDirect in 2015 titled: Magnetogenetics: remote non-invasive magnetic activation of neuronal activity with a magnetoreceptor (34)

YouTube | Rumble | Telegram

Here, we have invented a non-invasive magnetogenetics that combines the genetic targeting of a magnetoreceptor with remote magnetic stimulation. 

… the magnetogenetic control of neuronal activity might be dependent on the direction of the magnetic field and exhibits on-response and off-response patterns for the external magnetic field applied

The activation of this magnetoreceptor can depolarize neurons and elicit trains of action potentials, which can be triggered repetitively with a remote magnetic field in whole-cell patch-clamp recording.

Magnetogenetics Remote activation of cellular functions - 2022 (study)

  • Magnetogenetics: remote activation of cellular functions triggered by magnetic switches (35)
    • During the last decade, the possibility to remotely control intracellular pathways using physical tools has opened the way to novel and exciting applications, both in basic research and clinical applications.
    • Indeed, the use of physical and non-invasive stimuli such as light, electricity or magnetic fields offers the possibility of manipulating biological processes with spatial and temporal resolution in a remote fashion.” 

Magnetogenetics Lecture 2019

Magnetogenetics Lecture 2019

YouTube | Rumble | Telegram

Peter Littlewood, University of Chicago | Genome Architecture and Dynamics Workshop – The Grand Hotel Varna, Bulgaria

  • Remote regulation of glucose homeostasis in mice using genetically encoded nanoparticles (36)
  • Physical limits to magnetogenetics (37)
  • Magnetic Entropy as a Proposed Gating Mechanism for Magnetogenetic Ion Channels (38)
    • Magnetically sensitive ion channels would allow researchers to better study how specific brain cells affect behavior in freely moving animals; however, recent reports of “magnetogenetic” ion channels based on biogenic ferritin nanoparticles have been questioned because known biophysical mechanisms cannot explain experimental observations.

Radio-Frequency Mind Control & Electromagnetism (OLD Mini Documentary)

Radio-Frequency Mind Control & Electromagnetism (OLD Mini Documentary)

Rumble | Telegram

“Change behaviour using parts from Radioshack”


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