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Fraudulent Labelling: Agenda 2030 – The Way the United Nations is Dragging the World into the Abyss – the “New Normal” is for “The Common Good”, and other Lies.

Living Document. First Published March 2, 2022. Updated May 11, 2022.

It’s all for the “Common Good”. Create Crisis, Introduce Solution. Get you to agree to a “New Normal”. (Video 9mins)

UN’s Agenda 2030: The True Objectives Behind Their 17 ‘New Sustainable Development Goals’ – Some people are completely unaware of this action plan. Rumble | BitChute

With its agenda 2030, the United Nations is, quote:

“determined to liberate mankind from the tyranny of poverty and need and to heal our planet”

But is this really so? If you take a close look at their goals, you will find a completely different picture.

Agenda 21 is a UN action program that was adopted by 182 countries as early as 1992 at the Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. It contains specific developmental and environmental policy recommendations for action in the 21st century. With the 2030 Agenda adopted by the UN in 2015, the goals of Agenda 21 were then further developed in line with the challenges that had grown worldwide and now applied equally to all countries.

The official goal of the 17 key points of the 2030 Agenda is to respond to a deterioration of the situation in each country and to improve the world under the premise of sustainability.

The 2015 UN General Assembly

The 2015 UN General Assembly resolution states:

“We are resolved to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal and secure our planet. We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path. As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind.”

Fraudulent Labelling: Agenda 2030

However, a closer look at political programs reveals that they consistently pursue goals that are quite different from those that are ostensibly highlighted to populations.

Given this aspect of deception in mind, Kla.TV took a close look at 12 of the 17 key points of the 2030 Agenda and “decoded” them in such a way that viewers around the world can compare what the positively formulated goals actually mean in practice:

Fraudulent Labelling: Agenda 2030 – The Way the United Nations is Dragging the World into the Abyss (Video 11 mins):

Rumble | KLA.TV | PDF | DOC | Sources/Links:

Since these supposedly non-binding international agreements can sometimes be a bit tricky to decode, what with all the weaponized buzz terms and semantics games, KLA prepared a handy dandy translator on the 17 new Agenda 2030 goals below.

Goal 1

Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

Translation: Centralized banks, IMF, World Bank, Fed to control all finances, digital one world currency in a cashless society.

Entire populations are made dependent on state subsidies, and society is insidiously being led into a socialist system. Nations get trapped into debt through the International Monetary Fund, the IMF, from which they can never ever escape. (01) (02) (03) (04)

Goal 2

Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Translation: GMO’s, Lab-Made Frankenfoods, Gene/DNA-editing

The destruction of biological, small-scale agriculture is being observed, while at the same time multinational corporations increasingly control global food production through industrial agriculture, genetic engineering and agrochemicals. (05)

Goal 3

Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Translation: Mass vaccination, Codex Alimentarius.

Compulsory vaccination is being introduced throughout countries, and natural healing methods are being suppressed or battered. As a result, people are being more and more dominated by the pharmaceutical industry, whose drugs have evidently sickened and even reduced the population. (06) (07) (08) (09) (10) (11)

Goal 4

Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Translation: UN propaganda, brainwashing through compulsory education from cradle to grave. Dumb-Down & Corrupt.

As a result of Agenda 21 and 2030 particularly, the level of education has been rapidly declining worldwide. With the help of educational standards and education towards a common ‘core’, the population has been manipulated from an early age so that people become credulous/gullible/unsuspecting, and will accept anything told by an authority, remaining passive as a result. (12) (13)

Goal 5

Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Translation: Population control through forced “Family Planning”.

The natural, traditional family and life forms are vanishing, women are being used as cheap labor, and children are being raised by the state. We have also been approaching the goal of a genderless society for decades. While feminism is being pushed forward, all masculine characteristics, on the other hand, are being suppressed. The promotion of a transgender ideology has dramatically increased the number of sex change operations among young people, which will ultimately allow reproduction to be controlled by the state. (14) (15) (16) (17)

Goal 6

Goal 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Translation: Privatize all water sources, don’t forget to add fluoride.

90% of the world’s water is consumed by the raw material industry, which is dominated by multinational corporations, and at the same time the privatization of water supply is being strongly promoted worldwide. Today, a number of multinational corporations dominate global water markets, thus making water more and more a luxury good while preventing any self-sufficiency and independence for the population. (18) (19) (20)

Goal 7

Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Translation: Smart grid with smart meters on everything, peak pricing.

In Germany, for example, the expansion of renewable energies has kicked up electricity prices tremendously for which, above all, consumers have been asked to pay. (21)

Goal 8

Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Translation: TPP, free trade zones that favor megacorporate interests.

International corporations are increasingly dictating working conditions through globalization, ruthlessly exploiting people, and at the same time, taking over or destroying smaller companies on a large scale. For example, the five largest Internet companies alone took over 436 companies worth $131 billion in the past ten years. The result is that ultimately only a handful of groups remain to control and profit. (22) (23) (24) (25)

Goal 9

Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

Translation: Toll roads, push public transit, remove free travel, environmental restrictions.

Deindustrialization is taking place in numerous countries and has in some cases led to a significant increase in unemployment. At the same time, many countries, through “promotional” loans were lured into government over-indebtedness, and consequently into a debt trap. The result is the sellout of domestic resources, infrastructure and manpower. (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31)

Goal 10

Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries.

Translation: Even more regional government bureaucracy like a mutant octopus.

Economist Valentin Lang examined in a study the consequences of globalization in 147 countries between 1970 and 2014 and came to the following serious conclusion: Although income differences between countries are narrowing, income gaps within the population are widening. While the incomes of the higher-earning upper class increased, the average population is the big loser. They are often plunged into poverty, hunger and lack of prospects by international corporations, which are the main profiteers of globalization. These corporations ruthlessly exploit countries and their populations, resulting in an increase in inequality instead of the promised disparity reduction. (32)

Goal 11

Goal 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Translation: Big brother big data surveillance. Social Credit System. Digital ID. Gun-Control.

Total surveillance of the population is rather being pushed in the name of security. For example, more and more countries are using facial recognition technology for surveillance. In public places of cities, people’s faces are automatically scanned and processed by an algorithm. In addition, strict gun laws are supposed to ensure greater security but factually, however, gun bans do not disarm a single criminal, but rather law-abiding citizens, hence preventing rebellions and simply ensuring the oligarchs’ safety. (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38)

Goal 12

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Translation: Forced austerity (Raising taxes while cutting spending), Social Credit System. Monitoring Food, Energy, Thoughts.

The imposition of retaliatory taxes force people to abandon proven technologies. For example, due to the CO2 tax on fossil fuel consumption, new coal-fired power plants are being dismantled in Germany but continue to operate in other countries. The situation is similar for diesel vehicles. In addition, a social credit system based on China’s model is being prepared step by step in the name of the “Great Reset” both in Germany and in all other countries of the world. As a result, anyone who does not comply with the government can have their freedoms and basic rights massively curtailed, including their livelihood, i.e. the purchase of food. So these are the facts about the investigated alleged improvements. (39)

Goal 13

Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Translation: Cap and Trade, carbon taxes/credits, footprint taxes (aka Al Gore’s wet dream).

(40) (41) (42)

Goal 14

Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

Translation: Environmental restrictions, control all oceans including mineral rights from ocean floors.

(43) (44) (45)

Goal 15

Goal 15: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

Translation: More environmental restrictions, more controlling resources and mineral rights.

(46) (47) (48)

Goal 16

Goal 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Translation: UN “peacekeeping” missions, the International Court of (blind) Justice, force people together via fake refugee crises and then mediate with more “UN peacekeeping” when tension breaks out to gain more control over a region, remove 2nd Amendment in USA.

Goal 17

Goal 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

Translation: Remove national sovereignty worldwide, promote globalism under the “authority” and bloated, Orwellian bureaucracy of the UN
For the global elite, the point isn’t to improve the world, the point is to control it.

.(49) (50) (51)

So these are the facts about the investigated alleged improvements. In conclusion, if one now compares the many aspired and beautifully formulated goals with the actual developments, one realizes that it is a case of, you could say, fraudulent labelling.

UN Agenda 2030 and WEF Great Reset

Interestingly enough, the symbol used for the 2030 Agenda is the same as for the “Great Reset” planned by the WEF. But no improvement in this world situation can be expected from a self-appointed elite such as the World Economic Forum.

On the contrary, their New World Order is nothing more than the self-enrichment of a few financial oligarchs at the expense of the general public. Therefore, there is simply a need for a new world leadership with an overall awareness that must mature from the people. Any longed-for improvement of the world situation is therefore the duty of a well-informed population that additionally needs to be willing to take personal responsibility.

Why are they so straightforward?

Why are they so straightforward?

Well, apparently they believe that people fall into three groups: (52)

  1. People who follow everything the media says and won’t be able to accept what they see happening right in front of their eyes
  2. People who are smart enough to understand what is happening and support it (or at least are willing to go along with it because they understand where the power lies)
  3. People who are smart enough to understand what is happening, are against it and willing to speak up about it, and are censored on the internet for being racist neo-Nazi conspiracy theorist whackjobs

On the whole, it seems that their analysis of the situation is more or less entirely accurate.

Video: G Edward Griffin: Total Population Control

It’s about Total Population Control – over food, property, agriculture, government, health – everything.

is a writer, documentary film producer, and Founder of Freedom Force International.

Video: UN Agenda 21 for controlled New World Order

UNITED NATIONS agenda 21 for a controlled NWO (New World Order), the agenda for the 21st century – A Great Elite Reset. This has been out there for 20 years and most of us were completely unaware of it. It’s agenda 21, the agenda for the 21st century. This is not something that; you know just a bunch of people are out there making up. This is REAL. It’s a plan to remove humans and human activity from rural and suburban areas. It’s been implemented in our country and it has been supported by every president ever since. So you’re going to be concerned about this, not just as Americans but as free human beings. And this is a world plan. (53) (54) (55) (56)

Video: Rosa Koire Agenda 21

Rosa Koire on UN Agenda 21 – The concepts of “Agenda 21,” “Agenda 2030,” and “The GREAT RESET” represent plans closely tied to the “COVID-19 crisis. Rosa Koire is the absolute expert on the United nation’s agendas that seek to squeeze humanity into submission. Rosa Koire was an appraiser and had 28 years of land use experience. Thanks to this work, she noticed a certain trend, a shift in land use. Thus, she became an expert on Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and The Great Reset. What is Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030? What are the UN’s plans and how powerful are they? Can we do anything ourselves to turn the tide?

Rumble | YouTube |

More from Rosa Koire, author of ‘Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21″

The Babylon Code

“The UN is not asking permission, but issuing a command that the entire planet will commit to 17 sustainable development goals and 169 sustainable development targets designed to radically transform our world by 2030. The UN 2030 plan promoted by the Pope will advance Agenda 21 on steroids. Through a controlled media the mass populations will be told that this is all about saving the environment and “ending poverty.” But that is not the true agenda of Agenda 21. The true agenda of Agenda 21 is to establish a global government, global economic system, and global religion. When UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon spoke of “a dream of a world of peace and dignity for all” this is no different than when the Communists promised the people a “workers paradise.”

The plans within the UN’s Agenda 21 are not that dissimilar from the long-term plans of the Romans as they expanded their empire, though their ultimate ‘kingdom’ was subdued and eventually divided.

Paul McGuire - author The Babylon Code

Video: United Nations UNCED - 1992 (Important - George Hunt)

United Nations UNCED

Agenda 21 roots UNCED Earth Summit 1992 by whistleblower George Hunt

YouTube | Rumble

  • 1992 – Agenda 21 is the New World Order / One World Government plan.
    • That they see humans as cannon fodder that is overpopulating the earth and the greatest “destructors & squanders” of the world.
    • They designed the Earth Summit plan for complete rule over the planet, which was dictated, without debate or opportunity for dissent.
    • The UNCED treaties they get the world to sign will supersede national laws.
    • Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and others (he lists them in the video) were present at this environmental summit and dictated a “second” World Marshall plan.
    • World currency system. World Congress. World Wildlife Fund. World Conversation Bank. I.M.F. World Economic Forum.
    • They engineer the panic.
    • Fourth World Wilderness = One World Government.
      • Surrender your lives to the collective-consciousness.
      • 1984. Brave New World.
      • A “Collectivist” Fourth-World will be a “new society” created out of the ashes of chaos, complete with a collectivist religion, collectivist finance, & world national socialism.
      • They will offer mother-earth for the masses to worship; they will construct an “earth-religion” system.
      • The Earth Summit will link environment with industry.
        • They will be the masters of who gets what.
      • The world leaders – masters of the environment – will be the Rothschilds & Rockefellers.
        • They hope to run the lives of people for generations to come.
        • The same crowd that created Hitler, arranged for the assassination of Lincoln & Kennedy & want to drastically reduce the population of the world “to make the environment more sustainable”.

Video: United Nations Agenda 21 - in 5 Minutes

United Nations Agenda 21 – in 5 Minutes

Random Climate-Related Interesting Facts (Australia)

Random Climate-Related Interesting Facts (Australia)

  1. Australia is as wide as the distance between London to Moscow.
  2. The biggest property in Australia is bigger than Belgium.
  3. More than 85% of Australians live within 50km of the coast
  4. Australia is very sparsely populated: The UK has 248.25 persons per square kilometre, while Australia has only 2.66 persons per square kilometre.
  5. Australia has the highest electricity prices in the world. Due to the iniquitous carbon tax.
  6. Qantas once powered an interstate flight with cooking oil.
  7. Australia was one of the founding members of the United Nations.
  8. If you visited one new beach in Australia every day, it would take over 27 years to see them all.
  9. The Great Barrier Reef is the planet’s largest living structure.
  10. Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world.
  11. Australia is the only continent in the world without an active volcano.
  12. 91% of the country is covered by native vegetation.
  13. In NSW, there is a coal fire beneath the ground which has been burning for 5,500 years
  14. We are on track to be 100% reliant on imported petroleum by 2030.
  15. Australian oil refineries import roughly 83% of the crude oil they process from more than 17 countries, mainly in Asia (40%), but also Africa (18%) and the Middle East (17%). We are a significant oil producer, but export 75% of our crude production.

Agenda 21, 2030, 2050 Depopulate 95% of World

Agenda 21 (Reinvented as Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050) is a Plan to Depopulate 95% of the World Population by 2030 and it is in full swing right now. If you go to one of your local council meetings you might notice that they are implementing it as well in your city or town. Another name for it is “Sustainable Development (CSD)“.

Video: World Economic Forum & United Nations Agree to Accelerate Agenda 2030

World Economic Forum & United Nations Agree to Accelerate Agenda 2030 – 2019

Rumble | Telegram

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres signed an agreement to accelerate Agenda 2030…. in June 2019.

Video: Agenda 2030: The Next Great Leap Forward

Agenda 2030: The Next “Great Leap Forward” – Behind the Deep State


In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes the “environmental friendly” plan that is Agenda 2030. On the surface, it looks like an attempt to help preserve the planet, but to make it work, major radical changes are going to be required for it to work. Newman lists these changes, which would result in less money for the general public, more U.N. control, controlling means of production, as well as mass starvation.

Video: Climate Hoax Rant - Stop Complying

Climate Hoax Rant | Stop Complying | Claudia | CabinTalk

Rumble | Odysee | Twitter

Video: Reiner Fullmich - One World Government, United Nations & WEF

Reiner Fullmich | One World Government | United Nations | WEF

Rumble | Telegram

It’s like a dystopian James Bond movie, but unfortunately it’s reality.
– One World Government
– United Nations
– World Economic Forum
– Henry Kissinger
– One World Digital Currency | Social Credit System

April 30, 2022
Creating Order Out of Chaos: The Ultimate Goal Is to Install a One-World Government

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: “What they’re after is keeping us in panic mode for as long as it takes for them to install this one-world government. They’re trying to give us as much chaos as possible, first through COVID, [and] then there’s the breakdown of the supply chains. All of this is staged… but this is all part of the Great Reset. This is all part of causing as much chaos as possible, so that ultimately, we will, in our individual countries, agree [that] our government can’t handle this [and create a] one-world government.

Video: Birth of Climate-Hoax | Club of Rome | UN Agenda 21 | Documentary

Birth of Climate-Hoax | Club of Rome | UN Agenda 21 | Documentary

Rumble | Telegram 1 | Telegram 2


Birth of the Climate-Change Narrative

– Club of Rome
– Population Growth
– 1972 book ‘The Limits to Growth’ 2020-2026
– Sustainable Development
– Ann Bressington, SA, Australia
– Overpopulation
– Totalitarianism, Centralization of Power
– Senator Malcolm Roberts, QLD, Australia
– Lima Agreement
– Paris Agreement
– World Climate Simulation
– Al Gore
– WWF & Environmental Groups
– United Nations, Agenda 21
– Maurice Strong
– United Nations, Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development
– Seize & Demolish Private Property
– Unnecessary Regulations on Private Land / Land-Owners / Ag
– Removal of Humanity from Wildlands to move to Metropolitan areas
– Congregate humanity into Smart-Communities
– Smart-Growth to take control of all Human Action
– Unicef
– Wildlands Project
– Rural lands off-limits to human beings
– One World Government
– Globalisation
– G. Edward Griffin
– Global Climate Government
– More laws to regulate and control
– Sold to public as “necessary to protect nature & natural resources”
– Transfer control of property to global government
– Elitists will own everything
– Communism
– Club of Rome Climate Emergency Plan

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