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Canadian citizens are currently having an independent investigation into Canada’s response to Cov-19. The National Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI) – a completely independent and citizen-funded initiative. The governments’ interventions have impacted nearly all Canadians in unprecedented ways, and the citizens have created an official platform to conduct a comprehensive, transparent, and objective investigation into the appropriateness and efficacy of these policies. I highly recommend watching them all, especially if you are in Australia, UK, Canada, and NZ, as you might relate to every single speaker as they give their sworn testimony on how the Canadian government’s covid measures (which was almost lockstep into our own covid measures) impacted their lives. (I wish I could create a new post for each speaker!)

Christine Anderson Endorses the National Citizens Inquiry


Short video from MEP Christine Anderson endorsing the National Citizens Inquiry and highlighting the importance of citizen-led initiatives to effect real change in society.

Truro Day 1 (3hrs)

Livestream starts: 9:53

  • Opening / Welcome (Intros)
  • Chad Horton, Injury & Insurance Lawyer (19:40)
  • Dr Chris Milburn, Emergency Family Medicine, Public Health, Head of Canadian Medical Association (19:53)
  • Dr Peter McCullough (1:04:17)
  • Dr Patrick Phillips
  • Cathy CAREEN
  • Shelly HIPSON
  • Dr Stephen Bate
  • Vonnie ALLEN
  • Susan Leigh-Anne COOLEN
  • Artur ANSELM
  • Kassandra MURRAY

Dr Stephen Bate (52s clip)

Day 2 (11 hrs) Saskatoon

Livestream starts: 1:04:24

  • James Kitchen, Lawyer (1:37:55)
  • Louis Brown, Lawyer (2:56:22)
  • Suzanne & Barry Thiessen
    • Barry severely injured by the Moderna
  • Luz Maria Gucci (3:33:10)
    • Batch quality & the manufacturing process (this is shocking & important)
  • Stephanie Foster (5:46:50)
    • holy hell… injured by 2nd shot, then booster, lost licence because she had seizure, and lost her mum 7mins after her mum’s booster
  • Ryan Orydzuk (6:16:06)
    • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Adam Conrad (7:28:40)
    • Injured by 1st Pfizer shot and dad died
  • Melody Cossette (7:46:12)
    • Injured by flu shot so didn’t take jab, work mandated it, she lost her job but couldn’t get on unemployment and burned through her retirement funds, sister and sister-in-law both died.
  • Steven Flippin (8:14:00)
    • Pastor, laws against worship
  • Charlotte Garrett (8:53:15)
    • This is the one I’m up to

Hearings | Truro Day 3 (9hrs) – March 16, 2023

Livestream starts: 7:12

Winnipeg Day 3 (10hrs)

Livestream starts: 1:04:19

National Citizens Inquiry CA

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