Clearing Spike Protein by Fasting (it’s the Only Way)

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First published: 21 June, 2022 | Last Updated: 27 April 2023 (added Foods that Promote Autophagy)

Whilst Fauci and all the other lying or mind-controlled demons are still spokespersons for the trillion-dollar corrupt & damaging pharmaceutical “solutions”, the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) has been one of the many groups of doctors that have been dealing with the aftermath, with a focus on both prevention and healing/recovery.

Whilst not all groups of doctors agree with each other (they are all at different stages of not only the lifetime of indoctrination which we’ve all been subjected to, but in different stages of facing the reality of just how corrupt and infiltrated every institution has become), and those who are risking everything to help others – no matter what stage of awakening they’re at, if they are trying to help people and having success, then let’s support that.

FLCCC is more mainstream than others and some that know that the entire pandemic was fraudulent may struggle with them because of it, but I truly believe that it’s those that still have one foot in mainstream that have the best chance at breaking through the programming that the world is running on thanks to a very “effective” media mind-control campaign.

Many of us question what it “really” is that we’re actually being exposed to, and whether we are actually dealing with different things in different areas of the world, but Autophagy will help no matter what “it” is. Poisons, toxins, elf/emf’s… a severed spine – you name it.

All About Autophagy and Clearing Spike Protein

This video starts with a 3 min interview with Dr Fauci – showing how he’s still pushing for jabs, masks and Pfizer’s Paxlovid, and then cuts to the actual interview/presentation with Dr Paul Marik of FLCCC (Dr Paul Marik is one of the most-published ICU specialists in the world) and Dr. Mobeen Syed (Dr Been explains medical papers to doctors & other health professionals) who explains what Autophagy is and how it successfully helps the body to remove the spike protein – which would heal people suffering from exposure to the spike protein (whether they injected it or not).

All about ‘autophagy’. What is it, and why is it so important?

FLCCC Weekly Update (July 13, 2022) Odysee | Rumble (01)
Download compressed on Telegram (128mb) | Download on Odysee (2GB – huge!)

  1. There is only one way to get rid of spike protein, and that’s by stimulating autophagy. That is the only way.” ~ Dr. Paul Marik.
    • Basically, autophagy is the body’s garbage truck. It’s a fascinating idea… the concept is that the host heals itself.
  2. Dr. Mobeen Syed, with his helpful graphics, explains exactly how autophagy works in easily understandable terms.
  3. Dr Been & Paul Marik discuss how to optimize your own body’s autophagy.
  • How do I know when my body is free of spike protein? Odysee (1 minute clip from above video) (02)
    • Dr. Marik acknowledges that there is currently not an easy way to measure spike protein in the body, but suggests that stimulating autophagy in the body is something everybody should do to increase health.
  • Virtual Rounds Session 6: Autophagy and vaccine injury treatment with Paul Marik MD Odysee Dr. Paul Marik, FLCCC, discusses spike injury and approaches to treatments. Good insight on Autophagy. (03) Dr. Paul Marik discusses spike injury and autophagy. Odysee | Download on Odysee

Tyler Tolman | Vax Detox

Downloads (& Support) if you want to try this

If you want to try this, I suggest joining Tyler Tolman (Facebook group) as many are actively doing 3 day fasts in there and that’s his main protocol recommendation for curing a lot of things. Download the following video clips that I uploaded to Telegram that came from Tyler Tolman’s Vax-Detox special and a clip from his hour long Q&A session on doing a 7-10 Directed-Healing fast (04) (05)

  1. [ Video: 4 mins ] Heal yourself of any injury in 3 days with this FREE method – please send to all those who are suffering from paralysis, heart, or neurological damage from the V or have any other injuries they are struggling to heal. Telegram | Rumble
  2. [ Video: 10 mins ] Segment on Fasting Telegram | Rumble
  3. [ Video: 6 mins ] 7-10 Day Directed-Healing Fast Telegram | Rumble

1.) Heal yourself of any injury in 3 days 

[ Video: 4 mins ] Heal yourself of any injury in 3 days with this FREE method – please send to all those who are suffering from paralysis, heart, or neurological damage from the V or have any other injuries. Telegram | Rumble (06)

2.) Ancient Knowledge: Better to Fast than take medicine (Paralysis healed after a severed spinal cord – medically “impossible” – but your body makes it’s own stem-cell regeneration)

[ Video: 10 Min Segment on Fasting ] Telegram | Rumble (07)

3.) Your body generates it’s own stem cells en-masse after 3 days fasting

[ Video: 7-10 Day Directed-Healing Fast ] Telegram | Rumble (08)

Foods that Promote Autophagy

25 Jan 2023 YouTube (09)

Remember that autophagy is your body’s ability to self-heal. That is why we love autophagy because it is the body turning within and saying, “Okay, these cells need to clean up”. When we look at different levels of autophagy, what I want you to realize is that when I show you the food autophagy and how we can stimulate autophagy through food, it is not the same power as like fasting for 17 hours. The number one way to stimulate autophagy is through fasting and that starts at 17 hours and each hour past 17 hours, you’re getting more and more autophagy.

So what I’m going to show you here are some ways that when we, some of these things we can do in our fasting window and some we may want to do out after our fasting window. But these are a little lower level autophagy stimulators, but they’re great when we start to stack them together.

  • First autophagy stimulating product out there is mould-free Coffee, hallelujah, for those of you that are coffee drinkers, we love coffee and it is the caffeine in the coffee that will make a difference in stimulating autophagy. The next drink down from that is Green Tea and then the one down from that is Bergamot Tea, which you can find in Earl Grey. So those three, you drink them in your fasting window and you’re enhancing the autophagy effect you’re getting from fasting.
  • The second category that I want to talk about is oils and there are two oils that will help you with autophagy.
    • The first is MCT oil. We love MCT oil and you’re going to put that together with some clean coffee and now in your fasting window and now we’re getting ketones, we’re stimulating a deeper sense of autophagy, we’re cleaning ourselves up in a deeper way.
    • Extra virgin olive oil also stimulates autophagy. (10)
  • Next category of autophagy stimulating yummy foods are berries, but two berries in particular, organic blueberries and organic strawberries.
  • Next category, the magic mushroom. Two types of mushroom that stimulate autophagy, Chaga and Reishi mushrooms are known to really enhance that autophagy effect inside the cells. Note: Lion’s mane mushroom is great for brain health.
  • Third category. Spices: Turmeric and Ginger.
    • “Wonder if part of the magic of Turmeric is because it does stimulate autophagy, which is self-healing, self-repairing. So if you go to one layer deeper on a lot of these studies, you start to see that what these tools are doing is just enhancing a natural process that’s already in your body. Turmeric is not the healer. It stimulates the healer within you.”
    • “One of my favorite things to do in my fasting window is ginger juice. It doesn’t seem to mess up my blood sugar. Ginger juice can be one of those things that tips you into a deeper ketosis as well.”
  • Next category of autophagy stimulating foods is wild fatty fish. Now with fish, there’s a couple of fish you’re going to want to lean into. Salmon has a great capability of stimulating autophagy. Black cod is another one, sardines or another one. If you love sardines, more power to you. It’s the fattier fishes. They have more Omega 3’s and that is the part that helps to initiate autophagy and keep that self-repair going. With fish, you want to make sure it’s wild and that’s coming from the cleanest sources possible. (11)
  • Next: Sulforaphane. This is a fancy nutrient that we find in cruciferous vegetables. It’s in broccoli, brussels sprouts and broccoli sprouts.
  • Then we’ve got our supplements. Supplements should be exactly what the darn word says. It should be a “supplement” to your fasting regime and your good food regime. You want to be able to use these supplements as a way to enhance autophagy after you’ve done the fasting and the food. Here are the best supplements for enhancing autophagy.
    • The first is vitamin D.
      • “The reason I’m bringing vitamin D up is because remember that vitamin D is like a boat that carries your hormones around your whole body. If your vitamin D levels are low, not only is your immune system low, but you don’t have as many boats to carry all these hormones that you want to get into the cell.”
      • “A really good example of that would be thyroid hormone. Do you know that you have receptor sites for your T3 thyroid hormone on every single cell in your body? Okay. Well, I could do a whole video showing you how to make sure that you’re producing T3, but do you have the boats to carry them around your body? I know that we love to see vitamin D levels up around 60 and 70 for hormonal health. That’s a little side one.”
      • When you’re looking at vitamin D, you want to put it together with vitamin K. Those two together, especially when we’re trying to stimulate autophagy.
    • Other supplements that are great are:
      • Burberry – which balances blood sugars. Maybe that’s why it helps.
      • Spermidine, a lot of people got really into spermidine after Dave Asprey did a big podcast on spermidine, but I got to tell you that I wouldn’t go to the supplement first. I would go to food and fasting first.
      • Resveratrol, CBD, and acetyl-l carnitine are also great nutrients for stimulating autophagy. (12)

Now, how do we put this all together? When we set out to do a longer fast, like 17 hours, remember at 17 hours, that is when autophagy begins – it’s like a dimmer switch, so we’re just slowly turning up autophagy, and it’ll keep going up every hour after 17 – then, at 72, it hits its peak and that’s when you’ve got max autophagy just from fasting alone.

  1. As you’re moving towards that 17-hour mark, have some organic mould-free coffee and put a little bit of MCT oil in it.
  2. Then you go to break your fast. Break your fast with berries and maybe a little bit of fermented yogurt; feeding the microbiome or enhancing autophagy even more.
  3. In the afternoon, before you have your big meal, pour yourself some ginger juice.
  4. Then you come to dinner. What if you did something where you put some salmon together with some mushrooms and you drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil and maybe put some ginger and turmeric on top as a seasoning?

Now, everything you’ve done that day has been geared towards autophagy. Remember when it comes to protein, we got to keep our protein under 20 grams. Otherwise it pulls you out of autophagy. So keeping specifically, we want to keep that meal under 20 so it doesn’t pull you out.

So that’s how you stack this. This is how you go from, I’m not in control of my health too. I am in control of my health. So we don’t need a fancy doctor always to give us some fancy advice to heal ourselves. So when we use fasting, when we use food, we want to understand that the healing is happening because you were designed to be a self-healing machine, and every time we give the credit to the supplement, to the food, to the doctor, etc. we take the credit away from ourselves and you are doing the healing.

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