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Documentary from Stew Peters Network is finally released – Not suitable for children – Horrific, yet must-see and important documentary on the Depopulation Agenda and it’s relationship to the COVID Vaccines.

Streamed on November 21, 2022 | Rumble | | Download Smaller Size on Telegram

The Stew Peters Network presents DIED SUDDENLY, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.

Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them.


  • Embalmers and funeral directors such as Richard Hirschman from the US, Brenton Faithfull from NZ, John O’Looney from the UK, and others whom I’ve never seen before, such as Wallace Hooker, Anna Foster, and Nicky Rupright King, showing the fibrous clots they are finding in the bodies of the vaccinated since 2021.
  • Lt. Col. Dr. Theresa Long. who spoke up on military injuries after the vaccinated, she doesn’t think there will be a standing army in 5 years.
  • Lawyer Thomas Renz, who submitted testimony from military doctors about the DoD’s injuries including neurological issues, cancer, menstrual issues, heart problems, and much more. (See the testimony)
  • Dr Ryan Cole, pathologist, who was the first to blow the whistle on the rise in cancers since the Jab.
  • Lt. Col. Dr Pete Chambers Weaponization of the healthcare system.
  • Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Prince Charles, George Soros, Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, Albert Bourla (CEO of Pfizer), Anthony Fauci.
  • Club of Rome, World Economic Forum, United Nations, Agenda 2030, Event 201 Simulation, CDC
  • Steve Kirsch, double-vaccinated, in fact his whole family including his kids were vaccinated, before he woke up and started becoming a covid-vaccine whistleblower “you should always be suspicious, if the people in charge of safety, don’t want to see the safety data – that should be a red flag“. “even the clinical trial showed that the vaccine killed more people than the placebo group – it’s supposed to be the other way around“. and the media and the public are not asking “What’s in the vials?” – “they don’t want to know, and if people understood what was in the vaccines, they would go ape shit.” He also talks later in the documentary about the VAERS system which was brought about after the government gave pharmaceutical companies liability for their vaccines but they ignore the data submitted. He also talks about the Israel
  • Vaccine Victims, including: Megan Fathers, AstraZeneca victim
  • Vaccine Inserts blank.
  • Cardiologist, Dr Peter McCullough, who blew the whistle first on the banning of effective treatment for covid in the senate, and then on the myocarditis causing sudden death after the jab.
  • From 45 min mark is the horrific footage you won’t want to show to children: Vaccine Victims acting strangely: Like turning around to see something over their shoulder before collapsing and seizing. And a whole reel of people collapsing on tv, sometimes falling under a train, falling in front of traffic, at weddings, whilst operating on someone, in shopping isles, whilst getting their nails done, bus drivers whilst driving, truck drivers whilst driving, falling down stairs, collapsing whilst on live covid zoom calls, teachers in front of students, shop keepers, and news presenters.
  • From 50min mark – more horrific footage – this one is Hirshman pulling a live MASSIVE fibrous clot being pulled from the artery of a dead body.
  • At 52 mins – they pull a huge clot from a beating heart.
  • At 53 mins, Dr Gene Posca, MD – Internal Medicine Specialist does a thermal-imaging scan on John, a Pfizer vaccine victim.
  • Michelle Gershon, Registered Nurse whistleblower from the partum ward of a major hospital in Fresno, CA. talking about the rise in stillbirths. She started raising the alarm after receiving an email that it was projected to increase each month.
    • Intrauterine fetal demise (also called stillbirth) occurs when a child dies in the womb at or after the 20th week of pregnancy. Prior to 2021, it was extremely uncommon.
      • I had a run of that in my Funeral Home, 5 of the 6 had been vaccinated and the other had Remdesivir, and they all lost their infants“. ~ Wallace Hooker
      • We are seeing a fridge full of babies, who are not actually doing a funeral, so it’s a mystery to me as to where those babies are going” ~ Brenton Faithfull, NZ Funeral Director
      • Dr James A. Thorp, MD, 43 year OBGYN. “I’ve seen death and destruction that I’ve never seen before”. “Babies are having heart-attacks in the womb“. (01).
      • 5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Pfizer report shows the babies didn’t fair well in the trial.
      • Hungary “Birth rate fell by 20%” came just 9 months after the covid vaccinations began.
      • Australia fell by 70%!
  • Lt. Col. Dr. Theresa LongWhat if hundreds of millions of people, would willingly, under duress or fear, allow themselves to be injected with a bioweapon? What if global mass vaccination could be accomplished in a short period of time, by applying relentless coercion tactics, and psychological operations, to demoralize people into submission?
    • It’s my professional opinion this is a bioweapon, unleashed against humanity, with the intent to depopulate and control the population of the world.
  • Dr Peter McCulloughIf the goal was to reduce population, it’s working“.
  • John O’LooneyThis has been well planned. This is Agenda 2030. This is the great reset. This is what it’s all about. One of the hardest things is having to accept people are going to die because they are just not going to believe it
  • Stew PetersWe have to be the plan. Each one of you have a purpose, a god-given role, and so if you are quiet, or apathetic, or complacent, you have to stand before God, and you have to answer for that.
  • Lt. Col. Dr Pete ChambersA warning to all people that are in the military right now – if you don’t stand in the gap, you’re complicit in this crime“.
  • John O’LooneyThis is probably the most biblical world event that anyone could ever imagine, it’s world war III, this is a spiritual war of good against evil, and I just hope that there’s enough good in the world that we can rally together to defeat it, because if we don’t, these monsters will destroy humanity
  • Vaccine Shaming by Joe Biden, News Anchors, Piers Morgan, Gene Simmons, and TV hosts.

I haven’t yet had a chance to do a separate post on the rapidly declining birth rate, miscarriages, lowered sperm count, and abortions in Australia, but I have all the data. It’s just too distressing, just a devastating topic—the only thing that’s made me cry this year after feeling immune to the emotions of what’s going on. So in the meantime, here is a clip from the Died Suddenly movie about Australia and the declining worldwide birth rate:

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