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Bill Gates is heavily involved in all aspects of COVID-19. The Corbett Report has created a 2 hour documentary that I’ve only just come across (I’m a bit late to the party). I have to admit, they were so very convincing over the years – spending a fortune to turn-around his reputation from tyrant to “philanthropist” using the media and obfuscating/censoring those who disputed, making him out to be a victim of tin-foil hat conspiracies, that there was so much hope for me that questioning him was wrong because his fingers were all over everything, from:

  • the pharmaceutical industry
  • government
  • fact checkers
  • largest owner of farmland
  • fake-lab-created-food
  • GMO and Monsanto
  • farming / agriculture
  • climate change
  • science journals and trials – and his funded papers being always “open”
  • education
  • big media
  • big tech
  • world economic forum / young global leaders
  • world health organization
  • Microsoft
  • population-reduction
  • “hooking our brains up to some Microsoft thing”
  • some suspicious 060606 patent linking biometric data to Cryptocurrency
  • genomics
  • microneedle patches
  • Crispr
  • “mosquito-vaccines”
  • “blocking out the sun”

… that I really honestly wanted to be wrong about him because he was just everywhere – all over it.

Whatever mind-programming they are using on us, was definitely working on me. I asked my friends, can we be wrong about Bill Gates? He’s everywhere! I hope he’s one of the good guys!

But somehow I broke through the spell and no longer get the “pang” of resistance-anxiety that I felt when questioning his part in this at the start. I wonder if that’s what others feel and experience and why they can’t see through it? Did anyone else experience that “insta-fear” when investigating?

Watch the ‘Who is Bill Gates?’ Documentary Below:

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The documentary is broken down into the following main topics:

How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health

Watch / Transcript / Download / Comments

Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World

Watch / Transcript / Download / Comments

Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid

Watch / Transcript / Download / Comments

Meet Bill Gates

Watch / Transcript / Download / Comments

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