Against Our Will [Australia & New Zealand]

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This isn’t my choice – I’m being forced to do this



Aussie Qantas Pilot speaking out against Forced Jabs

Visit this link to offer Graham words of encouragement and support as he is truly brave and risking everything by speaking out.

Cienna, Gosford – didn’t want it, took Pfizer now has Clots in Lungs, Chest & Legs & a long road to recovery


Senator Malcolm Roberts – QLD – very concerned that Australia has stopped releasing the mortality data.

Compares UK stats which saw an increase in deaths amongst 15-17 year old’s of 20% following the vax-rollout.

Talija Raffone – Melbourne – 31 – Horrendous Pfizer Injuries and doctor won’t give exemption for 2nd dose. TikTok removed her Vax Injury videos but left all her older videos up. Help Finance her Recovery.

Australian Free Independent Press Network | Facebook Live | Mirror (Rumble)

NSW Nurse Quits – 30 yr career – COVID Cover-up – Forced Vax on Aboriginal Community


Melbourne Construction Workers Chant “FUCK THE JAB” Today @ CFMEU

Protesting construction workers gather outside CFMEU headquarters on Elizabeth Street and confront Victorian state secretary John Setka

Longer video:

VIC Eddie – Pfizer 1st dose – Heart, Chest, Lungs

Source | Eddie Instagram

URGENT Australian Whistleblower
Child Protection Agency – Forced to Vax Kids


NSW School Teacher Speaks Out – COVID Truth – to Other Aussie Teacher


Friend of 40 years dead & friends daughter in wheelchair

9 News actually reported Vax Injuries Whistleblower


Aussie GP Speaking Out About C-19 Vaccines – Dr. Peter Johnston

Dr Judy Wilyman – AHPRA
Doctors Gagged from Speaking Up

Nurse – Melbourne
Truth About COVID Vaccines & AHPRA

Australian Nurse of 40 years

Truckies for Pro-Choice: In their own Words – Rally – August 31st 2021


PCR Test – Child – Australia Hotel Quarantine – END THIS!

Words from a Friend “I didn’t have a choice”

Some weeks ago, I reached the point where I could see no other choice but to agree to have the shit poison. And I did. And, yes, I know how bad this shit is. I’ve seen the reports, I’ve watched the videos, I’ve read the peer reviewed empirical research. Please don’t try and explain it to me. I know how evil all this is.

So, I just gave up? Yes. I did. But no, it wasn’t a simple decision. I felt incredibly positive that I could get through this. Indeed, I thought NOTHING would stop me. There was so much on my side. I was on so many pages and each one had a constant stream of enticing promises.

  • These documents are created by (legal firm). They will help you. Just fill in your details and give it to your employer”
  • “Just talk to your manager and explain why you don’t want to have it – Show them this video, show them this study – show them VAERS/TGA – show them…”
  • “Just hold out – there’s a very important court case this week that will end this bullshit”
  • “Just take leave”
  • “Just hold out, I’ve heard from (spiritual people) that this is all going to end very soon”
  • “If you need more time, just say that you were at a Tier 1 site”
  • “Make up a fake certificate”
  • “Just find a doctor to give you a medical exemption”
  • “Severe anxiety is a legitimate medical reason as to why you can’t have the vaccine”
  • “Tell them, you can’t have it for religious reasons”
  • “Just quit your job”
  • “Pray every morning and night”
  • “I know someone who gave $1000 to a health care worker to say they had it”
  • “Federal legislation trumps state legislation. Andrews has no power”
  • “Click on this link to add your name to this petition
  • *Numerous random videos with false descriptions such as (In NZ) “We did it!!! We beat them. The Government lost. No more vaccinations”.

Yep. 100% bullshit.

The only thing they all had in common was that none of them were either true or made the slightest difference. They all promised everything and gave nothing.

A good mate of mine was adamant that he would NEVER EVER have the bullshit vax and then out of the blue, he told me he was booked in to have it. I completely lost respect for him. I thought he was weak. I even thought he didn’t care about his family. It was so wrong and I do understand you guys feeling the same way. But I now know how hard it is when your back is against the wall and I feel so bad about how I thought about my mate.

  • Just get another job? I either get a job where I’m classed as an essential worker and I’m in exactly the same position or one where I’m not and I have the risk of basically being unemployed for months on end when Andrews shuts the state down.

Yes. I can live very frugally. And I yes, I so have. But, I have to live somewhere. I need to eat.

  • We can all live together on some commune where we all work together? Wonderful. Now THAT is something I would love. But I need this right now.

So, no. I didn’t want to have the needle. I even told the girl who gave it that I had $2000 in my pocket (and I did) just to get out of it. She was lovely – a pharmacist and she even said that she didn’t want it either and she only had her first jab just a week earlier because she had to.

So, yes. I had it. Yes, I was weak. I gave up. Whatever. Go with what works best for you. But apparently, I’m now a “shedder” and I can infect others. TBH I didn’t even know that was possible. But there you go. So, there goes my chance of ever catching up with people I love and deeply respect. You know who you are ❤️

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No one gets left behind, jab or no jab! Community is family in good and bad times, we help each other out, no segregation here.

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Exactly. 👍 We can’t let TPTB divide and rule us. Coercion is not consent.

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If you think we think you’re weak, you’re wrong.. .. you’re not the only one and you can most definitely come along and MORE than welcome to come to the meetups, you didn’t suddenly become “one of them”.. many have had to do it and didn’t see any other way and are against this whole mandate shit and for the removal of all the corruption in the world ❤️

I hope you were able to read the “forced to get the jab” post I did so that you have all the things nearby to detox and stay well and we’ll have a proper meetup in a couple of weeks, and hopefully you are able to come along for that… we all thought there would be sooner-options.

We’re going to start creating “care packages” for both those who got the jab and those who are getting “covid” or whatever it is, and help as many as we can from our community .. this is the very opposite of that, it’s about unity .. it’s only the media that want to “divide”

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What ever the path you find yourself, know good people can stand along side it with you.. we all must take a positive outlook on all that we accept to do.. we need only to lift oneself up in this world.. don’t be too hard on yourself.. no one can judge your own personal stand to fight.. you fought 👊

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Mate you did what you did in the name of survival. It does not make you any less one of us. But even that feels weird to write because this divide and conquer BS that has been propagated by the government etc doesn’t work with us either. Thanks for sharing. ✌️😎 Now to detox that crap out of you. 👍

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Vaxxed or unvaxed so long as we unite to fight the tyranny thats what truly matters.

Look after yourself and flush that junk with activated charcoal, take asprin to clear micro clots and monitor your heart.

New Zealand

Rozanne de Wild – Pfizer

Dr Emanuel Garcia M.D. “I am gravely concerned about the roll out of the Pfizer vaccine”.

Silent Protest Warns against Vax

Dr Matt Shelton MD – We Have to Come Out

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