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On May 30, 2023, Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt passed away unexpectedly. He not only called out the damage caused by the so-called “vaccines” in the autopsied corpses, but also the undeclared metal-containing components.

Arne was an accomplished pathologist, who in 2021 came out of his well-earned retirement in order to investigate the injury and death caused by the gene-based COVID vaccines.

Arne’s tireless and expert work provided clear proof of vaccine-induced inflammation in blood vessels and in all major organs. Shortly before his death, Arne had presented his findings at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Arne was a regular attendee at the weekly meetings of the Doctors for COVID Ethics with Arne’s close friend and colleague, Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi.

RIP † Dr Arne Burkhardt (Pathologist)

Rumble | Telegram

A little bit of sad news. I have to announce the passing of Professor Arnie Burkhardt. Many UK Column members will have seen Professor Burkhardt on previous Doctors for COVID Ethics Symposium that we run. So was a German pathologist researcher. He was teaching for many years in the University of Hamburg, Bern, other universities, professorships in Japan, in the United States, in Korea, in Sweden, in Malaysia, and Turkey. Hugely experienced and hugely respected doctor, and of course, he was looking, he was probably the only person that we know of, that was actually running autopsies and post-mortems on people that had been said to have died from COVID-19 and looking at particularly where the spike protein was finding its way into various parts of the body and asking very much whether vaccination was part and parcel of how they passed away. So sad to see Professor Arnie Burkhardt go.

Dr Arne Burkhardt (Germany) Confirms Sperm Almost Entirely Replaced By Spike Proteins

It shows that actually we could confirm that the spike protein is produced in the diluted muscles where the vaccine is administered, injected.

But we could show it in almost all organs, more or less explicitly, and here you see a case where we show the testes, and you can see that in this 28-year-old man who had a healthy son, and who died 140 days after injection, the spike protein is strongly expressed in the spermatogenic organ and the testes,and you can see there are almost no spermatocytes in here, but it’s strongly expression of spike protein in the spermatoconic tissue.

This is an old man and you can see here also a strong expression in the spermatogonia. There’s not one single spermat and a strong expression of the spike protein.

So if I may make a personal comment, this is not a scientific comment. “If I were a woman in fertile age, I would not plan a motherhood from a person – from a man – who has been vaccinated unless…”

I think these pictures are very disturbing.

Good afternoon and I would like to thank that I have the opportunity to talk here about the results that we have achieved in the last two years by doing autopsies and bioptic examinations of histopathological specimens in Reutlingen, Germany.

Actually, it was only three months after the vaccination campaign started that the first relatives came to me, and asked me if I could re-evaluate the autopsies that were done by coroners and by other pathologists because they did not believe in natural death causes.

So, by now we have 75 autopsies that we have evaluated and all people that died in timely connection with the vaccination, and increasingly, we get a surgical and bioptical specimens and we are by 50 sub specimens now and they are increasing.

  • Important presentation by pathologist Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt (Germany) (3 May 2023) in the EU Parliament at the International COVID Summit III on his discoveries in 75 autopsies of people who died in connection with COVID-19 vaccination. @DrJohnB

Now, of course, from the beginning when we saw the first cases we realized that there was a new therapeutic vaccine that was a new way of action on the body, so it was clear that there had to be some new disease entities that we had to discover actually, and it was a toxin, apparently not coming from the outside where you examine the contents of the stomach or the serum, but it was a toxin produced by the body itself.

So we had to look for the toxin in the tissue; in the cells, and that meant that we had to develop a method to demonstrate this by (histology?) chemistry in the tissues.

So it became very clear from the first cases that I looked at—first I was alone with this—but it developed into a scientific project because of these many new and very alarming scenes that we saw, and by now, we are about 10 scientists internationally; we are a loose group collaborating in different fields and chemists and physicists and biochemists, working together just depending on the question.

Our review reveals that actually in 77% of the 75 autopsied persons; the vaccination had an important impact on the death process.

  • In 77% of the autopsies, the findings indicate that vaccination had an important impact on the death process
  • … all organs are affected
  • … the spike protein is in practically in all organs, mainly in the vessels
  • Image of vessel damage: (2/11)

Now, you have to know that the older the gap, the most more complicated the process of this is, but definitely in these 77%, it was a major contribution.

This is very different from the first reports on the autopsies, which many of them had been done without histology, and in the first diagnosis was there was a natural cause of death in 91%—so only in 10% the possibility of vaccination damage was discussed.

Important is in our series, in 80% these cases, were what we call now the SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome), so they dropped that at home; on the street; in the car, and the advantage for us was that there are practically no therapeutic effects that we have to look for.

So if you have people who have been artificially [ventilated/respirators], you have changes in the lung from the therapeutic methods.

So some basic effect of course is overlap between the true viral infection and the vaccination effects on the body, but this overlap is very small because, first of all there are differences in the composition, like the vaccine has adjuvents, it has contamination, and second, the entrance in the body is different because the natural infection comes through the nose, the throat, and the airways, and this is an epithelium that is immunocompetent. The immune cells are already there, waiting for the virus to enter.

Now, if you inject the vaccination into the muscle, and finally, it always gets into the vessels, and into the blood, so if you do this, this is these are both tissues that have no immunocompetence—so there’s no defence by the body, primarily.

So, it’s the endothelium that is the first a target of the vaccination and as we have endothelium in all organs except for the teeth and some other structures—all organs are affected, and actually we could demonstrate the spike protein in practically all organs—mainly in the vessels.

Heart Tissue (Pfizer/Comirnaty)

  • Heart tissue with disintegrated muscle fibres and lymphocytic infiltration
  • Detection of spike protein in the heart tissue (3/11)

The first picture here shows you on the left side a normal a small vessel in the heart muscle and you see these spindle cells that surround the vessel like a wallpaper. They are very delicate, and in the middle in the lumen there are erythrocytes and some leukocytes.

On the right side you see a victim of the vaccination, and you see the small vessel is destroyed, the spindle cells you can still see these are the remnants of the endothelium, and the dark dots are the lymphocytes that are attacking them.

I could show practically in all organs, similar pictures, referring to the preceding presentations also in the testes, in the ovary, and other organs.

So the science and public attention has mainly paid to the acute deaths and adverse effects of the vaccination, and we focused on the long term effects.

We focused on those structures that are not renewables, so this is the heart. We already heard about the myocarditis and you see the destruction by lymphocytes, and on the right side the demonstration of the spike protein.

Brain Tissue

  • Needle biopsy of brain tissue (4/11)
  • Damaged vessel with dense infiltration of lymphocyte and bleeding in the surrounding area

Here you can see this is a needle biopsy from the brain, and you see in the middle a vessel with the dense infiltration of lymphocytes and the necrosis and bleeding in the surrounding.

Damaged brain tissue

  • Damaged brain tissue (5/11)
  • Spike protein in nerve cells (left picture above)!
    (The COVID-19 vaccine probably caused an transfection of neurons so that they produced the spike protein and were then attacked by the immune system)

You can see that also on the upper-left, you see the vessel is the inflammatory infiltrate that is positive, and then you can see also that the nerve cells express the spike protein, and I personally would prefer to use by nerve cells for syncing and not for producing the spike protein.

Damaged elastic fibres

  • Damaged elastic fibers (a main component of vessels) (6/11)
  • Defects in the structure of the aorta (main vessel of the body)

Another permanent structure that is not so well known are the elastic fibres and the elastic fibres are the main component of the vessels, and here you can see that there are defects in the structure of the aorta—the main vessel of the body. I think even a layman can see that there’s a hole practically in the middle which we call a medial necrosis.

Aorta rupture

  • A specimen of the aorta (7/11)
  • Clear damage can be seen: on the right is a splitting of the tissue layer and a haemorrhage visible
  • Person died of rupture of the aorta

Here you can see there’s specimen of the main vessel of the aorta, and on the left side you see the wall is still coherent, and then there’s a split and there are actually two parts of the wall and in the middle the dark is blood. This person died of a rupture of the aorta.

Brain Vessels

  • Damage of the vessels in the brain
  • Fragmented elastic lamella
  • Microaneurysm (8/11)

We can find the same defects in the small vessels of the brain.

You can see the dark is the elastic lamella, they are clumped together and fragmented, and you see on the left side below these elastic lamella are missing, actually and this is a micro aneurysm.

Elastic Fibres in the Skin (vs Healthy)

  • Damaged elastic fibers in the skin (causes skin aging -> premature aging)
  • These elastic fibers were dramatically reduced
  • Right figure above: healthy elastic fibers (9/11)

Finally, one more structure that contains elastic lamella is the skin, and you see it on the right upper-side, that normal skin we see elastic fibres which gives the young appearance of people which have a good skin.

Elastic Fibres in the Skin (Dramatic Aging of Vaccinated)

  • Damaged elastic fibers in the subcutaneous tissue (10/11)

And here on the on the whole picture you see a 30(?)-year old man, and you can see that these elastic fibres are dramatically reduced, and they are not only directly under the basement membrane reduced, but also in the subcutaneous tissue, you can see again, normal and destruction.


So to come to the conclusion.

There are non-regulating elements lost forever, and these are the heart muscle valves, this results in physical weakness, to handicap, and temporarily loss, and actually we had one patient who was an athlete who committed suicide because he could not participate in any competitions anymore.

Second are the nerve cells. These resulted in multiple neurological failure and death, a temporary loss of speech, heavy personality changes, and unconscious periods.

Third (and not so well known and not talked about so much until now) are the elastic lamella. Now, the elastic lamella are never replaced after puberty, so if they are lost they are lost, and what is the consequence? In arterial vessels resulting in immediate necrosis structure death and scar, and if there’s a scar, the elasticity of the order of the arteries are going down, and the blood pressure rises.

So in the skin, this results in premature aging.

I am sorry to say, since people know I have a telephone, they call me, and I will have some kind of a telephone counselling, and one of the most frequent complaints now, is that somebody calls and says, “Well my my husband looks 10 years older since he has been vaccinated,” and I think I know why: Loss of elastic lamella.

So I think these are devastating findings for the long term, because in 10 years nobody will think that maybe the blood pressure rise may have resulted from the lesions in the aorta, so I think this is really alarming, and that is why we have to go to the public. Thank you.

  • Conclusions: (11/11)
  • The COVID-19 vaccination is associated with damage of heart muscle cells, nerve cells, vessels and elastic lamella
  • … devastating findings for the long-term future
  • … really alarming

From an email by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi:

We are surrounded by woes and worries. Our association* is trying to establish the Arne Burkhardt Institute of Pathology and Molecular Biology. Our fund-raising video went off on YouTube last Thursday afternoon and received immediate responses.

Then, yesterday afternoon, after 53 000 views and $30 000 donations, our entire YouTube channel with almost 100 productions over the last 3 years was pulverized. The ruthlessness of these inhumans is simply incredible.

*Association of Physicians and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy

“It’s human responsibility… If I have the education and the ability to see something alarming and a threat to all humanity. There is no way out.”

“Always question what so-called experts tell you.”

“Solidarity demands you step forward and come out when you see something going wrong.”

“If I see a car heading for a child on the street, I have to do something. I cannot just turn my back and say bad luck.” 

Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt

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