Sudden ‘Collapsing or † Dead Entertainer’ Syndrome 2022

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Performers, musicians, magicians, singers, comedians, & other entertainers: Collapsing on Stage, Hospitalized, Cancelling World Tours due to ongoing Health Issues, or Sudden Deaths

First Published: 1 November, 2022

  1. Mass immunization “if you want it, and vulnerable & health staff only” campaign began in December 2020
  2. Draconian mandates & full-on “get vaxxed to save granny, keep your job, remove your mask, enter stores or attend events, travel, visit loved ones, and go back to normalshame/propaganda-campaign began in October 2021
Pre Mandates

2020: (4 in 2018, 6 in 2019, 1 in 2020)

  • 18 January, 2020: Singer-songwriter David Olney died in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida while at the 30A Songwriters Festival. While performing alongside Amy Rigby, he became motionless. Fellow performer Scott Miller said, “David was playing a song when he paused, said ‘I’m sorry’ and put his chin to his chest. He never dropped his guitar or fell off his stool. It was as easy and gentle as he was.(01)


  • 23 April: Milva, 81 – Famous Italian singer, actress, and television presenter. Died 15 days after posting on social media that she got vaccinated and urging others to get vaccinated. No cause of death given. “I got vaccinated because I care about my life and the lives of others. Do it too. We need to go back to our former life, and embrace our loved ones. All of us together we can do it to defeat this virus(02) (03) (04)

  • 18 JulyMilan Lasica, 81 – Slovak comedian and author, died in Bratislava during his singing performance with Bratislava Hot Serenaders. Just after he finished a song called “I am an Optimist” and gave a bow, he slid down the stage and lost consciousness. After 20 minutes of resuscitation, he was pronounced dead from heart failure. (05)
  • 26 Sept: Richie Faulkner, 41 – Judas Priest’s guitarist, suffered an aneurysm (aortic aneurysm and complete aortic dissection) while performing, finished the show, then was Hospitalized, had reconstructive heart surgery, and now has 4 metal valves in his chest, and is miraculously lucky to be alive. He had to get vaccinated to go on tour with the band and to be able to play Live Nation venues. (06) (07) “One last thing maniacs, this came totally out of the blue for me – no history of a bad heart, no clogged arteries etc…my point is I don’t even have high cholesterol and this could’ve been the end for me. “ (08)

January 2022

  • Jan 9 – Bob Saget, 65 – Stand-up comedian and actor, Died suddenly of a suspected heart attack or stroke. (Autopsy reveals he was Covid-positive, had a brain bleed and an Enlarged Heart). (09) (10)

February 2022

  • Feb 10 – Heather McDonald – comedian, Collapsed on Stage and fractures her skull after making a joke about vaccines and boosters (2 x Pfizer and 1 x Moderna booster) (11) (12) (13)
  • Feb 20 – Dallas Good, 48 – guitarist “The Sadies”, Died unexpectedly of ‘natural causes while under doctor’s care for a coronary Illness discovered earlier in the same week (14)
  • Feb 22 – Jamal Edwards, 31 – Died of Sudden Heart Attack at his mum’s home (15)
  • Feb 23 – Paulinha Abelha, 43 – Singer “Calcinha Preta”, Hospitalized on Feb 11 and Died of multisystem failure (was she given Remdesivir I wonder? Kidney failure, possible bacterial infection, and severe neurological issues, was put into a coma). She had her first dose of Pfizer on June 20, 2021. (16)

Heather McDonald - comedian, Collapsed on Stage after joke about vaccines

Heather McDonald – comedian, Collapsed on Stage and fractures her skull after making a joke about vaccines and boosters

Rumble | Telegram

“I’m vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted… flu shot and I’m gonna be honest, I have the shingles shot, too. And—I still get my period, too! What? Yes! Travelled, went to Mexico twice. Did shows, meet and greets. I never got Covid. Clearly, Jesus loves me most. So nice, so nice.” At this point, Heather collapsed on stage. She was later transported to a hospital where doctors discovered she had suffered a skull fracture. She then had an interview with Dr Drew where she said she was double-Pfizer’d and boostered with Moderna and that she probably wouldn’t be having any more.

March 2022

  • Mar 7 – DJ Rab Bakari – Reggie Rockstone’s personal DJ – Died suddenly (17)
  • Mar 7 – Taron Egerton, 32 – Actor & Singer (best known for portrayal of Elton John in 2019 movie Rocketman), Collapsed on Stage in the middle of the first night performance of “Cock” (18) (19)
  • Mar 7 – DJ Dimplez, 40 – DJ best known for Way Up, Collapsed and Died Suddenly (sudden Brain Haemorrhage) after promoting COVID jabs on social media, receiving his 2nd dose on Sept 13, 2021. (20) (21)
  • Mar 10 – Mike Cross, 57 – guitarist “Sponge”, Died (undisclosed cause) (22)
  • Mar 22 – Jake Kiszka – guitarist “Greta van Fleet”, postponed future tour due to a non-COVID-related Persistent Pneumonia (23)
  • Mar 26 – Taylor Hawkins, 50 – Foo Fighters drummer, Died suddenly of unrevealed cause (found unresponsive in his hotel room while on tour). The Daily Mail and other mainstream news sites popularized “police speculating it may be drug-related” but said he had a dramatically enlarged heart – double the weight of a typical human male – when he died” which is a commonly reported covid-19 mRNA adverse reaction. (24) (25)

Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer, Found unresponsive in hotel while on tour

Mar 26 – Taylor Hawkins, 50 – Foo Fighters drummer, Died suddenly of unrevealed cause (found unresponsive in his hotel room while on tour).

March 26, 2022: SGT Report

April 2022

  • Apr 5 – Ramón Ayala –  Norteño (traditional Mexican folk), Collapsed on stage (26)
  • Apr 15 – Tim Feerick, 34 – bass player for Dance Gavin Dance, Died unexpectedly of undisclosed cause (27)
  • Apr 29 – Celine Dion(who sold her soul to the New World Order agenda, pushing all their narratives like clockwork) Postpones European shows due to severe and persistent muscle spasms  (28)

Celine Dion’s creepy New Order ad

May 2022

  • May 4 – Daniel Barenboim – Cancels upcoming tour due to Circulatory problems (recently diagnosed with an inflammatory vascular disease) (29)
  • May 13 – Raqhid Jevon Render (Lil Keed), 24 – Rapper, Died suddenly of mystery cause (complained of serious stomach pain leading up to his death and was rushed to hospital, after which his liver and kidneys began to fail) (30)
  • May 24 – Gennaro Cannavacciuolo, 60 – Actor & Singer “died suddenly this morning in Rome”. (31)
  • May 31 – Edava Bashee, 78 – Malayalam Singer, Collapsed and Died while performing on stage (32)

Performers Collapsing on Stage Video Compilation (Oct 19 2022)

Performers & Entertainers: Collapsing on Stage & Dying:

Video Compilation of 53 who collapsed, died, or cancelled shows due to health issues in the past 3 Months up to 19 OCT 2022

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June 2022

  • Jun 1 – Krishnakumar Kunnuth (KK), 53 – Bollywood star, Collapsed and Died an hour after performing (suffered chest pains, and was pronounced dead in hospital). (33) (34) (35)
  • Jun 11 – Justin Bieber – Cancels all tours until March 2023 due to Facial Paralysis he got in June 2022 which he says is caused by Ramsay Hunt syndrome (aka Herpes Zoster Oticus – a rare neurological disorder) (36)
    • Sidenote: Justin Bieber’s wife was hospitalised on March 10, 2022 after suffering a blood clot in the brain and stroke, which she later reported was caused by a hole in her heart. (37)
  • Jun 23 – Massimo Morante, 70 – guitarist, Goblin, Died of unreported cause (38)
  • Jun 28 – Nick Nemeroff, 32 – US Comedian, Died suddenly. (an earlier tweet mocked anti-vaxxers) (39) (40)

Comedian Nick Nemeroff, 32 - 1st jab: mocks side effects, 3rd jab: dead

6 February 2021 Nick Nemeroff Mocks Vaccine Side Effects

“I’d interview him, but he’s dead”… comedians, boxers, mountain bikers, paramedics, rugby & football players. Excess deaths in the most-vaccinated countries and a “surplus of life” in the under-vaccinated countries.

Rumble | Telegram

Justin Bieber cancels all tours due to facial paralysis

Jun 11 – Justin Bieber – Cancels all tours until March 2023 due to Facial Paralysis he got in June 2022 which he says is caused by Ramsay Hunt syndrome (aka Herpes Zoster Oticus – a rare neurological disorder)

11 June 2022 Justin Bieber reveals facial paralysis, pauses his World tour | International News | WION

July 2022

  • Jul 6 – Carlos Santana, 74 – rock guitarist legend, Santana, Collapsed on stage, Hospitalized, postpones future shows (his Instagram is unfortunately full of UN, Ukraine, vaccines, and Indigenous propaganda) . Tweet with video of the collapse said that “early reports think this may be due to heat exhaustion & dehydration”. (41)
  • Jul 13 – Tom Jones, 82 – “It’s Not Unusual” singer, Collapsed an hour before heading on stage for a concert (42) However, another article on the same day disputes that he collapsed and instead says he had doctor’s orders not to perform because of “viral laryngitis.” (43)
  • Jul 19 – Andrew LaBarre, 43 – guitarist, Impaled, & Ghoul, Died from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) (44)
  • Jul 20 – Fred Durst – vocalist, Limp Bizkit, Postponed upcoming UK/Europe tours (following medical advice to “stay off the road the rest of 2022”). (45)
  • Jul 22 – Shonka Dukureh, 44 – Singer & Actress, Found Dead in her apartment who she shared with her 2 young children of unknown causes. (46)
  • Jul 23 – Stefan Soltesz – Conductor, Collapsed and Died during an Opera performance (47)
  • Jul 23 – Nick Lee, 32 – guitarist “Moon Tooth”, Hospitalized and placed in Medically Induced coma after multiple seizures | GoFundMe (48) (49)
    “A week later, and now suffering from seizures every night escalating to the point of needing to be intubated and essentially put in a medically induced coma to give his body a chance to heal. The cause of all this still remains unclear, and a very confusing situation as it came out of nowhere. Nick has absolutely no history of medical problems like these. Aside from the grind of touring life, Nick lives as healthy a lifestyle as anyone. We have all seen him running, climbing, and jumping on stages all over the country, occasional yoga, hiking, etc.” (50)
    After 34 days in the hospital, Lee now has hope and a diagnosis — limbic encephalitis” (inflammation of the brain caused by an infection or through immune system attacking the brain in error) (51) (52)
    (Despite pharma-funded fact-checker nonsense/lies, Pubmed does have peer-reviewed case reports on encephalitis following these experimental toxins (53) (54) (55) (56) (57) (58) (59) (60) (61) and the Autopsies also show necrotising encephalitis (62) and suspiciously, Ivermectin is being studied as a possible treatment candidate. (63)

July 6, 2022: Twitter

August 2022

  • Aug 2 – D-ROC, 43 – Rapper, Collapsed on stage while performing, saying it was due to dehydration (64)
  • Aug 5 – David Coverdale – frontman for Whitesnake – Cancels US tour due to ongoing respiratory issues (65)
  • Aug 13 – Teddy Ray, 32 – Comedian, Died suddenly (found in swimming pool, cause of death unconfirmed) (66)
  • Aug 14 – Shuhua – (G)I-DLE, Girl group, Collapsed on stage during concert (67) (68) (69)
  • Aug 16 – Darius Campbell Danesh, 41 – British reality TV pop idol, Died suddenly of unknown causes (found unresponsive in his apartment) (70) (71)
  • Aug 23 – Stuart Anstis, 48 – Former Cradle of Filth guitarist, Died of Unknown Causes (72)
  • Aug 30 – John Paul Young – Australian Singer “Love is in the Air”, Hospitalized with Health Issues, Cancels upcoming tour. He also had pneumonia in Feb 2019. (73) (74)
  • Aug 30 – Dave Le’aupepe – Lead singer of Australian rock band ‘Gang of Youths’ cancels US tour due to ongoing health issuesI need to unfuck my shit and get my body, voice, and mind in better working order(75)

Shuhua - (G)I-DLE, Girl group, Collapsed on stage during concert

Shuhua – (G)I-DLE, Girl group, Collapsed on stage during concert



September 2022

  • Sept 2 – Phil Mogg, 74 – Singer, UFO, cancels October shows due to Heart attack (76)
  • Sept 7 – Javi Maneiro – Heediros da crus cancels all his concerts for 2022 due to Javi still recovering after being Hospitalized from a stroke (77)
  • Sept 7 – Dead Can DanceCancels 2022 and 2023 US & European tours for health reasons (78)
  • Sept 8 – Yogesh Gupta, 20 – Died of a Heart attack while performing Shiva Stuti dance on stage (audience thought it was part of the act and kept clapping) (79) (80)
  • Sept 12 – Valencia Prime, 25 – Drag Queen, Collapsed and Died on stage mid-performance at a nightclub (81)
  • Sept 15 – Jesse Powell, 51 – R&B Singer, Died at home from unknown cause (82)
  • Sept 17 – Arlo ParksCancels US tour due to Debilitating mental health issues (83)
  • Sept 19 – Queen’s Funeral 5 Military Personnel Collapsed – another five soldiers collapsed during the Queen’s Jubilee back in June 2022 (84) (85) (86)
  • Sept 22 – DJ Jamie Roy, 33 – Died Suddenly (87)
  • Sept 22 – Raju Srivastav, 58 – Comedian, Died due to complications post heart-attack after collapsing while running on a treadmill at a Delhi gym (was in ICU on a ventilator for over a month) (88) (89)
  • Sept 22 – Electric callboycancelled US tour and postpones UK/France tours due to significant health issues (chronic severe jaw & middle-ear infection) (90)
  • Sept 23 – Melanie Müller, 34 – Ballerman Star, Suffers a Stroke after an argument with ex (91)
  • Sept 26 – unnamed guitarist of reggae singer Edson GomesCollapsed on stage, Hospitalized, suffered three cardiac arrests and in critical condition breathing with the help of a device (92)
  • Sept 27 – Jimmy Buffett, 75 – Hospitalized, postpones tour due to undisclosed health issues (93)
  • Sept 29 – Coolio, 59 – ‘Gangsta’s paradise’ Rapper, Died suddenly after collapsing at a friends house. Cause of death is unknown but paramedics suspect cardiac arrest. His last performance was just days before (September 18) and his friend/manager Jarez said he went to use the restroom but didn’t came out and when he eventually went to check on him, he found him on the floor. (94) (95) (96)

Yogesh Gupta, 20, Died Suddenly while performing dance on stage

Yogesh Gupta, 20, Died Suddenly while performing dance on stage

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October 2022

  • Oct 1 – David Malachowski, 67 – guitarist, music director for Shania Twain, Died from Heart Failure (apparently linked to cancer treatment he underwent as a teen, died in hospice) (97)
  • Oct 2 – Roberto Gonzalo – bass player, Tierra Santa, Hospitalized, Heart attack on stage in full concert (98)
  • Oct 3 – Lindsay Buckingham – guitarist, Former Fleetwood Mac, cancels rest of UK/European tours due to Ongoing Health Issues (99)
  • Oct 3 – Bin Valencia, 61 – ex-drummer of Almafuerte, Died on stage in full concert (100)
  • Oct 3 – Andres Pancho – Singer, Fatal Heart Attack, Died on stage during a concert (101)
  • Oct 3 – The Avalanches – Australian electronic music group, Cancel the remainder of their US & Canada tour due to Serious illness (102)
  • Oct 4 – Alan Jackson – Singer, Cancels concert due to Neurological condition called Charcot-Marie-Tooth or CMT (CMT = damage to peripheral nerves – from brain & spinal cord & can directly affect the nerves that control the muscles) (103) (104)
  • Oct 4 – Murali Mohapatra – Singer, Collapses and Died on stage (105)
  • Oct 5 – Stevie NicksCancelled concert due to non-COVID-19 respiratory illness (106)
  • Oct 10 – Chris Martin, – Coldplay lead-singer, Cancels shows due to Serious Lung Infection (107)
  • Oct 12 – Andres Cuervo, 40 – Colombian singer-songwriter, Died suddenly of Heart Attack (108)
  • Oct 13 – Brandy, 45 – US Singer, Hospitalized due to “Possible Seizure” (109)
  • Oct 14 – Ringo Starr, 82 – US Drummer of Beatles, Cancels tour due to testing positive to Covid-19 again (110)
  • Oct 14 – HalseyCancels tour due to Unforeseen Health Issue (111)
  • Oct 16 – Mikaben, 41 – Haitian Singer, fell unconscious right after he finished his final concert performance and pronounced dead a few minutes later. (112)
  • Oct 17 – Arsenio Puro, 46 – magician, Semi-Finalist of “Got Talent”, Heart Attack, Died on stage (113)
  • Oct 17 – Joyce Sims, 63, RnB legend, Died , Unknown cause. (114)
  • Oct 24 – Tim Gough, 55 – UK Radio presenter, Died whilst presenting his breakfast show from a suspected heart attack. (115)
  • Oct 26 – Matthew Ward (DJ Mighty Mouse), 48 – Boostered April 11, 2022. Died in his sleep after suffering an aortic aneurysm (116)

Last video of Mikaben on his Youtube channel singing with his family on 10 Jun 2022:

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