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Fact-checking the Fact Checkers

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Third-Party “Independent” Fact-Checkers?


Facebook Fact-Checkers funded by Johnson & Johnson


Full-Fact registered as a Charity

Just because you say you’re an “impartial charity” – doesn’t make you impartial and doesn’t mean you’re one of the “good guys”. You know what a good guy is? I make nothing. Noone has “bought my soul” except trying to find the truth. If someone is giving you millions of dollars, do you have that same freedom to be transparent and honest?



Facebook “Independent” Fact Checkers

Fact-Checkers are the new “Digital Police”

Created to fight “misinformation” and “disinformation” in times of a pandemic – this should’ve been our trusted go-to’s for factual information, and it actually was the hardest thing to wrap my mind-around at the start, and I even bought into their lies many times before I spent months making sure that I had the “journal publications” to back me up and that I understood everything about what I was saying, and when I posted actual referenced truth and was still ‘flagged’ – I realized the enormity of what we are facing and started to really scrutinize and “fact-check” them right back to follow the trail and see what they were actually doing.

They fact-checked many articles that were true, giving the indication that it was ‘untrue’ – the way they do it is insidious. I wish I’d saved some of the ones that enraged me the most and there may still be remnants of the rants I had when trying to explain how they were doing it on my facebook account. In the ones on my mind, they “fact-checked” without actually “disputing” the fact – they actually use the wordsmithing technique that I mention often, this power of word-manipulation to ‘deflect’ people from the ‘fact’ to another aspect of the article. So it ‘looks like’ they have fact-checked and dismissed the claims, but in reality they fact-checked some other aspect of the article. It’s a mind-game. It basically gives the impression that someone is posting something ‘wrong’ because the ‘fact-check’ warning comes up over the top of the article. But when you visit the fact-check, they are not even disputing the claim, they are just deflecting to something else.

When I come across it again, I’ll remember to update this post to show you, but I encourage anyone to ‘fact-check’ the ‘fact-checkers’ – follow any references they cite (which some of them do, and some of them don’t), and when you follow the reference, see if it actually says what they claim it says. They also use “we called “expert x” and they said this isn’t true. No recording, no video, no evidence that the “expert x” exists, or that ‘expert x’ is able to refute the claim.

The whole media right now is dirty and corrupt and we really need to carefully listen and read anything they say to discern what they claim because it’s out of control now – never before have we realized just how manipulative they are.

They are useful when they are correct, but unfortunately they are being used as a tool to deceive, so you have to do your due diligence on them, because their main goal right now is to “get the jab into all arms”, detract you from the great reset, defend their sponsors, and call anyone – even those who make vaccines for a living or who suffered injuries from the injections- an “antivaxxer” or I’ve seen “right-wing” and they’ve even hijacked “covidiot” or any kind of ‘derogative, dismissive’ trigger-word, they’ve implanted into the media to trigger you to feel “bad” or “wrong” or “dumb” if you share.

Ego is an easy thing to attack – people don’t want to be caught spreading “wrong” information – they don’t want their intelligence challenged, so they immediately delete their own post before any of their friends see what they posted.

Now, this is actually good if it’s a chain-mail meme or actual false information – but they are doing this with the truth, so we have a big problem here, this weapon is very effective. The AI will flag the post, the fact-checkers will create the article to refute it, and noone gets to see any other truth other than this new world government.

This has been an ingenious addition to the media’s weapon. Most people may question the news, but then to “learn more” might do a quick google search, and then find these “independent fact-checker sites” that claim they are not biased, or political, and ask for donations to give the impression they are not being funded, and all the things we want to hear – all the tricks that make us trust them more, and yet – this new form of Journalism is funded by those who are part of this agenda, or paid by pharmaceutical companies. Some of the articles get paid upwards of $45,000 per fact-check.

If you want to learn more about the damage they have done, search for “Who fact-checks the fact-checkers”. Or search for who has been censored by them. I have so much to add but no time to add them all but definitely want to let you know that this is happening – these Fact-Checkers are “disinformation” for the agenda – along with Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, Media, Journal Publications – they’ve covered all your go-to’s.

You can also do a search on my “verifiable references” post and compare that to all the mainstream fact-checkers. All my sources are referenced – compare my references to their “fact-check” for yourself. Spend an afternoon down “fact-checker lane”.

See also: Agenda-Driven Corrupt & Evil Programming – DO NOT TRUST THE MEDIA

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