UK Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill

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“There is a lot more damage being done to our citizens as a result of Covid-19 vaccinations than in any other vaccination programme in history.”


Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill

The government have produced quite a lot of information about the extent of vaccine damage. Some of that is set out in the documents that the Government produce on those who have applied for compensation or have notified under the yellow card scheme. Essentially, what the yellow card scheme shows—from the most recent report, which came out on 9 September and covers the period from 9 December to 1 September—

—it shows that there have been 435 reports of major blood clots and low platelet counts, including 74 deaths.

It shows that there have been 767 cases of inflammation of the heart, a condition that is almost unheard of in medicine on a normal day-to-day basis.

It shows that there have been some 35,000 reports of menstrual disorder, and there are all sorts of other effects set out in the comprehensive report.

Very worryingly, it says that there are 1,632 reports of deaths having taken place shortly after vaccination.

I think it’s very important that we’re able to put this issue into context, because There is a lot more damage being done to our citizens as a result of Covid-19 vaccinations than in any other vaccination programme in history.

We’ve already got a lot of evidence that our people have suffered damage or death as a result of these vaccinations.

It surely should be the judgement of an individual as to whether or not they are going to take the risk of having a vaccination or not take the risk of having a vaccination, and obviously we know that even if people are vaccinated, it doesn’t mean that they are immune from COVID-19, and it certainly doesn’t mean they are incapable of transmitting COVID-19 to someone else, and all this needs to be weighed-up.

These families have suffered real, serious damage as a result of “Doing the right thing”.

You can’t ignore the fact that there is a fear out there about vaccination, and you can’t suppress the reports from coroners of someone who has died as a result of vaccination.

I know from my own personal knowledge of people who have suffered – they were in really good health, and they had their first vaccine and I know one person in particular who then had a stroke and was in hospital for some time after that, and then had severe heart problems and even had to be referred to Hairfield hospital, and those aren’t just anecdotes, those are facts – that are known across the country by people – the government may not be too keen to promote that information but I think in failing to do that, it is actually counterproductive.

I think most important of all, it’s to give some assurance to those who are already suffering.

“Our hospitals have a large number of in-patients who are there only because they took the vaccine.”

It’s causing a lot of angst for consultants across the country. We know there is causation between vaccinations and damage caused by those vaccines, yet the government in a lot of its literature, seems to be denying that“.

Sir Christopher Chope

This Bill is about all those who have suffered injury or even death as a result of enlisting in the war against covid by being vaccinated.

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