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If you want to survive, do some homework… If your doctor isn’t being investigated or suspended, then Run!” ~ Dr Mark Trozzi

Dr Mark Trozzie

Dr Mark Trozzi MD is an Ontario Emergency-Room Physician and one of the experts from the World Council of Health.

2 Min Clip on Poison Death Shot

Clip Rumble | Telegram (9mb)


Think about that… think of how many vaccines people get and put all of them together for 30 years – it didn’t cause as much death as these injections did in their first six months, and now I believe we’ve more than tripled the amount of death that all vaccines caused in 30 years.

And then you’ve got puppets come out and say “Safe and Effective”?

  1. So, is there a lot of death involved? Massive
  2. Is it poison? Yes—I mean, how else would it kill people if it wasn’t poison?
  3. So is Dr Zelenko being hyperbolic or is he just being extremely accurate and making sure the kids understand “Don’t eat the candy… even if they say that if you don’t eat the candy, you can’t play in the playground or get on a plane.”

Here’s something people need to understand: Pfizer’s own document. Pfizer is one of the biggest manufacturers of these injections, and made a record profit—we crossed 47 billion a long time ago. It’s just unbelievable how much money they’ve made while we all lost our human rights and been in this sick, abusive game of musical chairs. “Masks on, masks off, take a shot, swab your nose, lock yourself in the basement”; all this stuff.

Pfizer’s own documents – Their own research shows that within the first 3 months of getting these shots, 3% of the people were dead. 28% were seriously injured and were either still injured or permanently disabled at the end of the 3 month period.

So all of us have been saying, these things are going to hurt for a long time so the 3% is just the warmup and that’s within Pfizer’s “massaged-data“, in other words, the “best” they could make it do is say kill 3% of people within 3 months.

Ok, so tell me-if I “force” you to take that shot, if I come into your town and say, “If you’re going to be able to go to work, if you’re going to be allowed to walk in this store, if you’re going to be able to get on a plane, because there’s a cold that causes less than 0.3% mortality, where kids have no risk at all, you’re going to take this shot.

The government is negligent or they knew because the information’s there.

If Dr Tam can be a world expert and not even read Pfizer’s paper and be involved…

interviewer: or treat a single patient

… Yeah, and be involved in forcing people to take this injection that they know has a minimum of 3% death rate. So I come into town and kill 3% of everybody in town, and that’s OK? That isn’t a poison death shot, as Dr. Zelenko said? I have to support him. As much as it’s strong-language, it’s accurate.

Full interview:

The corruption of the WHO, Big Pharma and Bill Gates, transhumanism, 5G and more.

Rumble | Telegram (47mb) | Dr Mark Trozzi’s Website: DrTrozzi.org

Notes in order:

  • 1.) Controlled-Media. People can control what the world thinks due to the massive propaganda machine. To anyone that thinks that sounds crazy, I say you haven’t done your homework. Do some homework. If you want to survive, do some homework.

  • 2.) Don’t just discredit someone that’s saying these injections aren’t really vaccines and are not safe & effective.

  • 3.) Dr Zelenko routinely calls them the Poison Death Shot and when you consider that all vaccines for all of 30 years combined didn’t cause as much death as these covid shots in the first 6 months and we’ve tripled that, I agree that Zelenko is accurate in calling them Poison Death Shots.
    • As Dr. Hodkinson said, this is : “State sponsored murder.”

  • 4.) Pfizer made record profits with these injections and, in their own documents, showed that within the first 3 months, 3% of the people were dead and 28% were seriously injured. Their own “massaged data” says the best they could do is kill 3% of the people within 3 months.

  • 5.) Governments and health bodies know they are deadly. They are either negligent or they knew, but if you are a world expert, then you are reading Pfizer’s own documents, and yet they are forcing people to take it, so they knew it caused a minimum of 3% death rate. It is accurate to call it a poison death shot.

  • 6.) Crimes against Humanity. It’s not a conspiracy theory that Adolf Hitler existed, or that the Nazi’s did horrific things to Jews, Gypsies, and other people they stigmatized-kind of like now they try and stigmatize the term “unvaccinated.” After the Second World War, and upon the discovery of the horrificness, and after the hanging of many doctors, nurses, journalists, politicians, and people involved in that extreme abuse, because they mass-murdered. So in 1947, after the trial of the doctors involved in these crazy medical experiments, the Nuremberg Code was created to say this would never happen again. In 1964, the World Medical Association consolidated that in the Declaration of Helsinki.
  • So the Canadian government is saying you have to take this shot and therefore putting you at risk of the minimum — they know it; I know it’s way worse; we’re just getting started unfortunately.
    • But look at the documents that Pfizer provided that the government had when they were still forcing this and accelerating forcing this-that 3% of the people die? for a warm-up?

  • 7.) Swine Flu 2009.
    • This demonstrates just how dirty the World Health Organization was even before they got as dirty as they are now.
    • If I want to empty a building, I pull the fire alarm, and I can force everyone out of the building-even if there’s no fire.
    • In 2009, the WHO declared the Swine Flu H1N1 a pandemic, and that meant they declared a global state of emergency. And what happened?
      • Well, all the countries responded because of the WHO’s paperwork and agreements, and they therefore ordered tonnes of pre-order vaccines. The governments accepted liability, “whatever damage happens to the people, we take liability,” which means BigPharma’s off-the-hook.
      • The WHO serves BigPharma very well. There were massive profits made on vaccines that never even had to be delivered, most of them, and medications that didn’t work, and a year later, approximately in 2010, when they officially “ended” the Swine-Flu pandemic, the death toll around the world was 18,499. That’s 7% of a bad season for influenza.
      • The WHO was accused of staging a pandemic fraudulently, creating a global state of emergency that was then used to make record profits on injections and drugs. Those are facts.

  • What did they do to avoid being on the line for committing fraud?
    1. They redefined “Pandemic” to remove “magnitude of deaths” and removed any mathematical requirement from their definition.
    2. And unless we stand up and say no way, their next move is to make it so they can declare a pandemic anytime they want.
      • That means they just declare a pandemic, which declares a state of emergency, which puts them in charge and makes the world basically a dictatorship.

  • The World Doctors Alliance was not exaggerating where by June 2020, they analysed enough to know what was going on to say “Covid is a global dictatorship with a sanitary excuse.” In other words, they are using disease as an excuse to rule over people’.
  • If people think that’s an exaggeration, really? Look where we are now. I mean:
    1. We’ve crossed the line of forced-injections with deadly ingredients being mislabelled as vaccines. We’ve crossed that line.
    2. We’ve crossed the line of owning our own faces and deciding when we can look at each other and smile at each other.
    3. We’ve crossed the line with doctors-a doctor like me in Ontario cannot write a note which says “this person shouldn’t take this injection“.
  • 8.) Fauci & Gain-of-Function research

  • 9.) World Economic Forum states on their website in a 2020 briefing paper “Shaping the Future of the Internet of Bodies” that says “with an unprecedented number of sensors attached to, implanted within or ingested into human bodies to monitor, analyse and even modify human bodies and behaviour“.

  • When you look at these injections, we don’t know what’s in it. When you look at the portion that would contain protein genetic material, the mRNA injections, and you look at what’s supposed to be there in terms of what they claim the amount of messenger RNA is for their patented version of the spike protein, that accounts for 20–30% of the proteinaceous portion.
    • What does that mean?
      1. It means it’s either a really dirty vaccine with all kinds of impurities, or
      2. It means there’s a bunch of extra genetic material in there that they’re not telling us about.
    • They claim that they have intellectual property rights so that they don’t have to disclose everything.
    • How many times do I personally have to meet with scientists and have them show us electro micrographs spectrograph analysis and all sorts of stuff showing us that there is some weird electrobiological interfacing technologies in this thing.
    • Think about it – why are they so desperate to get it into everybody?
      • Why do they so badly want it in everybody?
      • Is it just the 3% death rate and progressive disease?
        • We know Bill Gates is very motivated by population control and we can see the harms he has caused through his massively-profiting vaccine-industry but I think there’s more than just killing and sterilizing…

  • 10.) I think we have to pay attention to the transhumanism element. (04)
    • I was researching EMF before Covid and realized how dangerous it was. (05)
    • Dr Devra Davis is a top world scientist has done a lot of lectures.
    • Before COVID launched, I was in touch with the Canadian government, issuing warnings saying this was a really uncontrolled mass-experiment causing severe harm.
      • Eventually, I reached a bunch of bureaucrats, one of whom said, “I agree with you and am scared for my own children.” I said, “Great, what’s the government going to do?” and he said “nothing, because the IT and cell phone industry has more power than the government.

  • 11.) 5G. What was going on when they launched Covid and told us to lock us all down which is a prison term “lock down”. When people went into prison-lockdown, “two weeks to flatten the curve“.
    • My son was in Ottawa locked in his apartment but he watched through the window of them installing 5g.
    • So when everybody else was told they were “not essential” and were locked in their houses, they were literally advancing 5G technology.
    • And if you look at 5G technology, there’s a target signal at 60GHz, which is so different-because EMF is dangerous, it scrambles cell signalling, it causes everything from cancers to infertility to neurological conditions to psychiatric conditions-but if you keep changing that frequency and you look at how much of that energy is absorbed by oxygen, it’s about zero, and when you hit 60GHz, it spikes to 98%. So that means that if you get to 60GHz, you can shape or disrupt oxygen at a very high level, and people should know it. Oxygen is very important for humans.
  • That frequency has been used as experimental weapons over the decades, on battlefields-telegraphing that at the enemies.
  • So that’s what they were setting up—this isn’t conspiracy-theory—this is conspiracy-fact.

Interviewer: 100%, in my own investigations, I know there are scientists from 40 countries that have said EMF radiation, especially from cell phones, is dangerous and is effecting people. People have a myriad of health issues that they don’t even realize are attributed to them.

Interviewer: (Minority Report) Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle-blower, has said 5G technology allows governments to have turn-key oppression. How? 5g technology is so quick, it will be able to pinpoint where you are within a second, and imagine if they can integrate this with the heart-maps that tell you your heart-rate, that tell you your emotional state. They’re talking about this now with the WEF with the Internet of Bodies, basically understanding your body physiology and your emotional states, so they take this information and say, “Listen, here are five people who are meeting in a park, and after they watched this certain politician speak, their blood-pressure went up. Time to round them up”. This is the turn-key oppression that he was talking about.

  • 12.) De-Centralized Structures.
    • More and more, I’ve realized how important decentralized structures are, because absolute power consistently results in absolute corruption.

  • 13.) FOCUS, Start Thinking, Pay Attention.
    • This is a time to unplug from your zombie land or being guided by Google-searches (and all these platforms that just “steer” you).
    • People need to really use their heads and really be intelligent now-go ahead and FOCUS.
    • Like, watch a lecture on the spike protein or about the vaccines-that dive into the science.
    • People need to become really intelligent, and the way to do it is to start thinking—pay attention.


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