BMJ Clinical Trial Whistleblower Sues Pfizer (Brook Jackson)

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Pfizer Clinical Trial BMJ Whistleblower Brook Jackson sues Pfizer, Ventavia Research Group & ICON for $2 Billion over falsified mRNA data submitted to obtain FDA Authorization for COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ and “deliberately withholding crucial information that calls the safety and efficacy of their vaccine into question.

BMJ 2021;375:n2635

Jackson’s concerns include: (01)

  • There was a lack of experienced and certified trial site staff
  • The informed consent process was inadequate
  • COVID vaccines were stored at incorrect temperatures, potentially compromising their effectiveness
  • Electronic diaries of participants’ reactogenicity were not properly reviewed
  • Clinical trial staff were unblinded since the randomization scheme placed in every participant’s chart
  • Lab specimens were mislabeled 
  • Fabrication of data including participants’ informed consent signatures and lab specimen logs
  • Potentially COVID-19-positive trial participants were untested due to a lack of testing supplies
  • Adverse events were not investigated or followed up on in a timely manner
  • Expired emergency medications in the crash cart included expired epinephrine the cornerstone of emergency treatment plus other essential items that were missing
  • The principal trial investigator was typically absent and rarely seen at the sites
  • One of Ventavia’s employees was an individual who was a receptionist, clinical trial coordinator, and an unblinded vaccinator whose last place of employment was a taco restaurant, where she worked as a waitress. 

After Jackson realized Ventavia’s CEO and senior management were not taking heed of her concerns and rectifying them, she recorded evidence of the repeated violations at various trial site clinics. Jackson eventually filed a formal complaint at the FDA on the morning of September 25. Later that afternoon she was fired by Ventavia raising concerns that her complaint’s confidentiality was breached. Ventavia provided no reason for Jackson’s firing apart from stating that “she was not a good fit.” The FDA has yet to respond to her complaint.” – from interesting TrialSiteNews article that breaks down the timeline of why she came forward to the public.

Many people have done a far better job at reporting this than I ever could:

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