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Nov 18, 2022: TGA admits vaccines weren’t approved to stop transmission, and thereby, mandates were based on nothing. #WeWontForget

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Prof John Skerritt, Deputy Secretary, Health Products Regulation Group, TGA:

I need to emphasize the vaccines have not been approved for an impact on transmission. It is not in the approved-product process of the vaccine.

Senator Alex Antic, South Australia, Liberal:

Well, in that case, you would agree, therefore, that the instigation of mandates across the country was a-nonsense.

Paul Kelly, Chief Medical Officer:

Firstly, the mandates are no longer the case from a public health point of view.

Senator Alex Antic:

But they were for 18 months.

Prof Paul Kelly:

There are still some in some workplaces, I will admit, and that those mandates were largely an issue for the state and territory authorities, not for us here at the Commonwealth.

Reminder to all…

  • Kelly was the one recommending masks indoors, even when there were no mandates. (July, 2022), and that the vaccinated were allowed to just come into Australia, without quarantine, but the unvaccinated need to quarantine (April, 2022) (which doesn’t make sense if the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission!). He also retweeted HCQ-vilification.
  • Skerrit was the one who over and over again was downplaying everything. He couldn’t relate any vaccine deaths or injuries to the jab, and was continually saying there was no evidence of any toxic harm. He was also the one that said there’s no connection between clots and the jabs that happen within hours of the jab because “clots don’t happen that fast”. We won’t forget.

God, I just went through Hansard, doing a search to find the original transcript for this video and also to quote Skerrit lies, and now I’m so triggered that I want to just publish this post and move onto something else. I just can’t. These creatures are pure evil. We have evil in charge of all our health agencies. Demonic, evil, truly. In addition to that, they are now back-tracking and denying their transmission science, pretending they have data that proves that it was stopping transmission (but not providing the data). Do a search on my blog to see all the science that shows that these jabs have never worked, and they are bloody dangerous.

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