WHO Pandemic Treaty Debate [Greens – Shoebridge “Cooker speech”]

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If you want to see for yourself evil spewing out of someone’s mouth, and who is behind the “Cooker” slurs, and hateful “right-wing fringe conspiracy theorists” divisive and sickening smear campaigns originate, see this horrific speech by Greens Senator David Shoebridge.

Senator opposing the Senate Inquiry into the WHO Pandemic Treaty (Debate) calling people “Cookers” for distrusting the WHO.

What makes someone behave like this? Is he a true believer? Under some kind of psychosis? Or is he complicit/corrupt? It’s astounding the reality he’s representing, what is he standing for in this case? “The narrative at all costs?”; that he feels justified to speak these words and treat people this way, that somehow it’s acceptable? .

WHO Pandemic Treaty Debate [Smear Campaign by Senator David Shoebridge]

Livestreamed yesterday 27 March 2023 Full Debate on YouTube | Rumble-Clip | Telegram-Clip

Thankyou Acting Deputy. I rise to speak against this motion and I want to thank Senator Cox for her contribution and putting the perspective of First Nations communities on the floor of the Senate when it comes to spreading disinformation about critical public health responses, because these conspiracy theories from the ‘cooker conspiracy club’ that occupies the far-right fringes of the Senate chamber actually cause harm in the real world.

  • How do you live with yourself David, speaking like that?

I don’t know what the credentials to get into the ‘cooker conspiracy club’ are, but they would probably involve some secret handshake and a genuine disgust of science and evidence.

  • Or, people who value truth, aren’t afraid to look under rocks to find that truth, and care very much about evidence.
  • Genuine disgust in this speech and anyone who promotes hate and division in the way you are doing now. Genuine disgust in those who do not value transparency of government and especially of corrupt globalist organization. Genuine disgust in those who smear and shame.

I suppose they’re the kind of people you have to establish that before you get in, before you get entry into the club. Um, a sort of darkened, miserable 1970s shag pile on the floor of the ‘cooker conspiracy club’, um, a variety of strange antiquarian suits or clothing that they wear.

  • Wow, who wrote your speech, fellow smear-campaign queen, Jacinda Arden?

Who knows what it involves but at the core of it is actually a dangerous disbelief in science, and worst, still a political willingness to play with people’s lives and play with public health for a narrow, sectional political interest. And it’s actually dangerous what they’re doing. It’s dangerous to public health, it’s particularly dangerous to First Nations communities who are especially vulnerable.

  • Don’t you dare claim for a second that the “injection” campaign in the aboriginal community or these needles actually saved anybody. Are you kidding me right now? You really need to go and speak to those in the communities rather than making things up in your own lala-land reality. There were NO deaths due to Covid-19 of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people during 2020. The deaths followed the ludicrous jab push where you sent people out to terrorize and coerce them into getting jabs, and even paying some aboriginals $200-$700 a shot. Even Uncle Bevin, the first aboriginal you jabbed on tv that the ABC convinced to help remove “vaccine hesitancy” in the aboriginal community died 6 days after his second dose, which the ABC said was from a heart attack with no mention of him being the poster child for their vaccine safety campaign. (01) (02) (03) (04) (05)

These public health risks, and it is a reckless abuse of their positions as senators in this place. What the pandemic has highlighted very clearly was a dangerous lack of preparation around the world for pandemics.

  • 2019, Sept – [Tabletop] ‘A World At Risk’ W.H.O. “Prepare World For Lethal Respiratory Pandemic & Universal Vaccine” – In September 2019, WHO/WorldBank Scenario – “Prepare for the Worst: A Rapidly Spreading, Lethal Respiratory Pathogen Pandemic” – all countries must be prepared by September 2020, including developing a system for immediately sharing of genome sequences, means to share medical countermeasures across countries, and commit to financing and development of a universal vaccine. (Gates, WHO, Fauci, United Nations… etc.) (17)

  • 2019, Oct [Tabletop] Event 201 (Pandemic Simulation with novel Coronavirus – Mild Flu-Like signs to Severe Pneumonia) – Oct 18 2019 – John Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. (18)

  • 2019, Aug-Oct, the Trump administration held an 8-week planning, 4-day real-world national level functional exercise, training simulation called Crimson Contagion, of a hypothetical pandemic originating in china that has to do with a novel influenza virus that is as large as the Spanish flu of 1918 that “struck without warning” (20)

  • The IMF wants the whole world injected, the faster the whole world is injected, the more money they will give governments. IMF Chief (International Monetary Fund) makes “Vaccinating the World” their highest priority – higher than fiscal & monetary policies. $50 billion was injected into countries to “inject the world” and they will “add 9 trillion dollars” to global output if “everybody’s vaccinated faster” (21)

  • 2019, Oct – The Vaccine Safety Net workshop – prepared BigTech for lockstep messaging on health advice. (4 WHO’s divisions, UNICEF, CDC, GAVI, member states, technology companies (Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft and Google), academia and VSN members) (22)
  • 2018, May – Clade X Tabletop – Pandemic of a “novel coronavirus that caused a mild, flu-like disease in most instances, but pneumonia and/or hypoxia requiring hospitalization and extensive medical treatment in a small minority of cases.” (23)

And when it comes to Australia, it showed how the Commonwealth was not adequately prepared to respond to a global pandemic.

As much as we would want to wish pandemics away or hope that they could be dealt with by putting up Sovereign borders and sealing Australia off from the world. We’re in a globally connected world, and if we’re going to respond to the threat of a global pandemic, we need to do it in cooperation with the rest of the world, and we need some global strategies to deal with how to deal with a pandemic. And that means we need organization and resourcing. To ignore that or pretend otherwise actually exposes our community and the rest of the global population to harm, and they’re quite happy to do that. The Cooker Club is quite happy to do that, to expose Australians, particularly vulnerable Australians, those with significant health concerns, older Australians, the Cooker Club is quite happy to expose those vulnerable parts of our community to highly elevated risks from pandemics. They’re quite happy to do that.

  • The “TV” didn’t tell us what Australia’s own Government report found: (52)
    • Most deaths happened in Aged Care, and the 2021 report on “the first year of Covid-19 in Australia” said that 75% of all deaths were in people living in residential aged care facilities
      • (and what did we change in Aged Care during the pandemic? Removed their access to loved ones – removed their ADVOCATES, scared the shit out of them and made their last days unbearable, forced them to wear masks, removed bacterial pneumonia treatments in place of “End of Life” treatments under the guise of “COMPASSION”!, forced shortages of health care staff (let alone scared the health care staff into being too terrified to treat anyone who was sick; and doctors refused to attend in Melbourne aged-care centres!), forced asymptomatic testing, changed their death certificates so that if they tested positive or were “breathless”, they became a covid statistic, even if they died of something else, including if they died on the same day as their covid vaccination or within 2 weeks of a jab, and on and on… THIS is what you need to do a senate criminal inquiry into!) (53)
      • (and… since when do we televise hospice and palliative care patients deaths on the nightly news? well, apparently it’s acceptable to do that, when we want to give the world the impression there’s a dangerous pandemic… )
      • (and by the way, they still have these deadly protocols in place _* TO THIS VERY DAY *_ So if some poor elderly person gets diagnosed with Covid, they get put on these dangerous protocols. These people do not need to die but right now… “government policy” is risking their lives. The only thing that can save these people is honest nurses.) You talk about COMPASSION for the vulnerable? Where’s YOURS?

  • The 2021 “First Year of Covid-19” Australian government report told us that:
    • Only 3% ended up in ICU (the media would have you believe it’s EVERYONE, yet most people just got a few days off work, just as they do when they get the flu)
    • That Australia used PCR tests to qualify someone as Covid-positive.
      • But PCR cannot be used to diagnose disease. PCR is not a test of infectiousness! It cannot tell you if someone is SICK or INFECTIOUS. But the media gave the impression that a Covid Positive person is a highly infectious super-spreader, “Filling up the hospitals!”, and gave the impression getting a positive test meant “death”, “close to death”, or being an ICU patient dying on a ventilator, even though the “standard recommendation of care” from the Dept of Health was “stay home”. And later… “unless you are an asymptomatic health worker – we need you to come into work”. (54)
      • Sick people were testing negative, healthy people were testing positive, the test was essentially useless, and that there were other tests, that TGA blocked…. why is that? (55)
      • Conveniently we stopped testing for the Flu due to Covid. So some of those who tested positive with Covid, could’ve had Flu A, Flu B or RSV and got given dangerous “Covid Therapeutics and protocols” instead of “tried & true” flu protocols. (56) (57)
      • The report also didn’t mention that the CDC LOWERED the CT requirements for Vaccinated people to 28 – even though someone who took the shot did not have a lower viral load. They had to backtrack when they were found-out. (58)
      • Yet our government forced staff to do daily tests before work, the public to constantly test whenever they had a “sniffle”, and retail workers would have to constantly go get re-tested anytime someone in their store tested positive. (59)
      • The report did not mention that Australia had their PCR tests collaborated with a high CT threshold – way too high; even the WHO told governments that they should not be testing asymptomatic people, and that a high positive test should match “covid symptoms”, and that PCR Tests are incapable of differentiating between Flu A, Flu B, and RSV. (60)
      • Australia was “diagnosing” someone as Covid-Positive using high CT 40-45 thresholds, and even Evil Fauci said that anything about 37 CT was dead nucleotides. (61)

  • From the Same 2021 Government report:
    • “It is not possible to differentiate between dying of or dying with COVID-19″
      • A “death” due to COVID is defined as a death “resulting from a clinically compatible illness” (i.e. breathlessness, fever, sore throat, cough) – even if they haven’t been formally tested or diagnosed, in a “probable” or confirmed COVID case (i.e. faulty PCR test) – unless they died in a car accident, trauma, etc. (62) (63)
  • Of the 909 COVID deaths in the 2021 Govt report – 58% were over the age of 85
    • 88% of deaths had associated causes listed – an average of 2.4 associated causes
    • Over half had another causal condition and 73% had pre-existing chronic conditions
    • Pneumonia was the most common condition (56%)
      • (…but we changed the pneumonia protocol if they tested positive for covid – yes, we removed life-saving medication from those with Pneumonia if they tested positive on those corrupt and faulty and inaccurate covid tests!)
    • Respiratory failure, other infections, cardiac complications and renal failure were other common conditions
    • Dementia was an associated cause in 41% of deaths and was already the 2nd leading cause of death in the general Australian population
  • AND YET…(same report)
    • Australia recorded “lower than expected total mortality” compared with the previous 5 years
      • (“The median age at death for COVID-19 registered deaths was 87 years, which is higher than that for all causes of death in 2020 which is 83 years of age.)

They think they get some sort of narrow political benefit out of it, and we saw, I think, one of them, Victorian senator, step up and say how actually spreading conspiracy theories had been his pathway to getting elected to this Senate.

  • Um, no. He said “Specifically, we sounded the alarm on the pandemic treaty.”. And you have twisted it to “spreading conspiracy theories” What the hell is wrong with you? Pure evil.

Well, that’s a kind of tragic statement, really, that the spreading of conspiracy theories was actually his way of getting elected, and he was quite shameless about it. Quite shameless about it. And the far-right fringes of the National Party and the Liberal Party are also giving a safe berth to these same conspiracy theorists, giving the same place to conspiracy theorists because they think there’s an electoral advantage in it, a narrow electoral advantage in tearing down public health outcomes, tearing down public confidence in vaccines, which we know have been some of the most significant public health victories for the planet in the last century. They may not like it, they obviously don’t like science. They obviously don’t care, but vaccines have been some of the most significant public health outcomes, and they’re willing for their narrow political advantage to tear down public confidence in that. That is almost the definition, almost the definition of venal politics. That’s the definition of venal politics right there from that lot. And of course, conspiracy theories are now in vogue in the far-right fringes of politics around the world. This is the kind of Trumpian politics they’re trying to introduce into Australia.

  • Hmm. Still from the same government report, you knew in 2021, that natural infection had at least 8 months immunity and that “natural infection may provide lifelong immunity”.
    • (and what does “Pfizer” give you? 2 weeks immunity and even that is questionable considering the extra risks involved… would you rather a bad flu (which would be a nothing burger if you weren’t using dodgy experimental therapeutics and banning tried & true, if you let doctors be doctors instead of using laws to override health policies) or a lifelong injury or death playing Russian roulette with different batches, different dosages, different manufacturers, no accountability, no promise of long-term safety or even short-term safety!?)
      • ( … and those 2 weeks, is only counted if you don’t get sick within 2-3 weeks after taking a shot!! Otherwise, you’re counted as “unvaccinated” or “not fully vaccinated”.. the whole data on this is corrupt, and that is ANOTHER valid reason to NOT put WHO or any other GLOBALIST FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATION IN CHARGE OF THE VERY THINGS THEY PROFIT FROM either directly or indirectly)
  • They still had no evidence on “how effectively vaccines reduce infection rates or stop transmission of the virus”… and yet it was MANDATED “for our safety or to protect grandma”, but even in the first report, they knew about breakthrough infections and knew it probably wouldn’t be effective against ‘variants’.
    • (Not in the report but no one on the planet knows what will happen with multiple shots. If you keep taking these shots, there is nothing, no data, you are literally the experiment to whatever happens. There are adjuvants and novel excipients in these injections. You do not know and no one on the planet can know what this can do to people over time. There are also over 200 secret materials required to make the covid-19 vaccines that are protected by IP – we don’t know what’s in it, so who is studying for it when they don’t even know what the ingredients are?) (64)
      • The TGA safety studies are limited to 2 months post 2nd dose. Some of the issues brought up in the approval process, only passed because there were only ever going to be a maximum 2 doses so the concerns on some ingredients’ toxicity were deemed low-risk. Not good enough to skip safety studies but more urgent now that people started taking and governments started recommending more than two, so the approval process should’ve been reviewed all over again and all the skipped safety studies should be performed immediately. (65)
      • “Pfizer CEO won’t budge: his vaccine’s secret formula. Pfizer’s shot has more than 280 materials made by suppliers in 19 countries.” (66) (67)
      • FDA Pfizer release showed that they used several versions of their “product” in their so-called safety studies, none of which were the same as the product actually given EUA authorisation – but Pfizer said it was “pretty-close”, and apparently FDA said “ok, we’ll take your word on that”. (68)
  • They knew the vaccines were created using the “gene-bank” version uploaded to the computer by China – again, FIRST REPORT, and that they started development just 66 days after the gene-bank was uploaded, and that Pfizer was approved before we even had it, and we had signed 3 more vaccine contracts before we had them – was there ever an option to not “approve” them when they didn’t work? We’d already pre-paid billions for them without needing any safety data, we paid for them to make “whatever they came up with” and gave them full immunity if it didn’t work or did harm. Wow. What could possibly go wrong with that “great deal”? (69)

They’ve never seen an election result they don’t agree with that they haven’t won, a tear-down for a conspiracy theory. And they use conspiracy theories in the United States to produce appalling public policy outcomes, not least of which is targeted voter suppression. So, they create a conspiracy about the integrity of the voting system without any factual basis for it, based on one or two anecdotes, and then they weaponize that politically to do targeted voter suppression in the United States. That’s the game plan of the cooker conspiracy club. That’s what they do in the United States, and they want to bring that game plan here.

They do it on anti-vaxx too, bringing deeply unscientific, non-credible anecdotes to try and tear down public confidence in vaccine efficiencies. And of course, one of the things they want us to do is to repeat their conspiracy theories, because if we in meeting these unscientific fringe conspiracy theories, if we repeat their conspiracy theories, it produces what’s called the backfire effect. That if we engage in any way in a place in the Senate with the details of their myths and their conspiracies, that somehow makes them appear more plausible. They actually want us to repeat the nonsense back at them because that gives their nonsense some kind of credibility. And I think we need to be mindful of not doing that, mindful of not repeating the nonsense conspiracy theory, and instead resort to the facts.

And the facts are, when it comes to the very sensible moves are put to get a pandemic treaty. The facts of this, the World Health Organization’s assembly’s pandemic treaty is designed to establish an intergovernmental negotiating body which intends to draft and negotiate a World Health Convention agreement or some other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response.

The idea is that we cooperate with the rest of the world to come up with a plan for the next pandemic, to prevent it, to be prepared if it hits the planet if and when it hits the planet, and to have an integrated response to deal with the global pandemic. They don’t want that to happen because they don’t care about vulnerable people. They don’t care about the elderly. They don’t care about people with who have immunodepressed health response. They don’t care. They’re willing to play with the lives of vulnerable Australians for their own narrow political advantage, and that is kind of an obscene outcome. That is a kind of obscene outcome from the cooker conspiracy club in the Senate. And of course, the intentional instrument under a long-standing article of the World Health Organization’s Constitution. And then of course, once we have a global treaty framework, it’s up to Australia how to implement it. Entirely up to Australia how to implement it.

  • So Tedros’s Tweet “welcoming the agreement by @WHO Member States to develop a zero draft of a legally binding #PandemicAccord” and the WHO’s December News update with “Member States of the World Health Organization today agreed to develop the first draft of a legally binding agreement designed to protect the world from future pandemics.” is a “nothing burger” to you? (91) (92)
  • A “conspiracy theory”? A “Nothing to see here, Australia can do their own thing?” Are you sure about that? I think someone’s telling big porkies’ here. Whose side are you on? The Australian people, or the globalists? I think the answer to that is clear and we might have to dig into where you came from and what your conflict$ are next.
  • At the very least you should’ve voted YES to the inquiry so that you know which part WHO/UN and Australia’s “funding” will be legally binding, so that you can truly be confident in your words.
  • From the Covid ‘pandemic’, countries were offered billions but had to follow the WHO to the letter to access it. Having a sentence or so on the WHO site saying “it’s up to the member states to decide what compliance mechanisms would be included” is not the same as the member state having free will to decide, when they are at the mercy of the funding offered in insane amounts to implement the measures “to the letter”.
  • If the member states do indeed have “free will” to implement as they see fit, why does the WHO use the term “legally-binding” all over their messaging; it’s not transparent, it’s not clear. Those two words shouldn’t be used at all if it is just a recommendation.
  • Which parts will be “legally binding?” Tell me. Do you know? Is it funding related? “Do this, get this?” Is there some other aspect? We need to know why they are using double messaging. Why do they use “legally binding” and at the same time “member states will decide how to implement”? Just answer the question we have: What do they mean by “Legally Binding”?
  • Calling people “conspiracy theorists” or smearing them with new made-up terms like “cookers” isn’t answering the question, isn’t helpful, and is a juvenile response to legitimate concerns from the Australian public. If you have legitimate verifiable reasons to dispute the ‘legally-binding’ concerns as well as how much power and control the WHO already seems to have over global health, why not table that, instead of focusing your efforts on spewing out slander and hate towards those raising the alarm?
  • You can’t just take these people at their word because there is massive pressure to “do as they say” to the letter. Look into the IMF funding. Look into the World Bank funding. Look into what bribes they offered countries. Look what happened to officials who refused the bribe. Where’s the transparency? (93) (94) (95)

It’s up to decisions of the Australian government and our state and territory governments how we implement a World Health Organization treaty. And I know that’s awkward for the conspiracy theorists to take on board. But once a treaty is implemented under Australian law, and perhaps they should perhaps read the Constitution they say they care about. Perhaps I’d suggest that Senator Ren”w”ick doesn’t start his lesson in Australian constitutional law in 1776 because he’s probably on the wrong continent. But it’s up to him. But if they’re interested, they would know entering into a treaty under Australian law, in no way incorporates that into Australian domestic law. It just doesn’t. Now that’s an awkward constitutional reality for the club. You know, the conspiracy club finds the reality of how our Constitution works politically inconvenient because it doesn’t work with their scare campaign. But the Constitution is very clear. The High Court has said repeatedly that entering into a treaty, the act of the executive government entering into a treaty, whether it’s a World Health Organization treaty, arms reduction treaty or a treaty on bilateral trade, does not incorporate the treaty into domestic law. It just doesn’t. And I suppose, you know, actually understanding the Constitution, some people would think would be a kind of prerequisite for a senator before they get up and sprout their conspiracy theories. But they’re not troubled by that. They’re not troubled by evidence. They’re not troubled by law. They just want to make people feel uncomfortable and uneasy because that’s their political, they think there’s a political advantage for it. But it does not incorporate a treaty into Australian law. For a treaty to, for any element of a treaty to be incorporated in Australian law, this Parliament or a state or territory Parliament has to determine to do so, by passing a law or granting a power to a minister. The idea that it’s entering into a treaty is some sort of surrender of sovereignty is just plain nonsense. And they know it’s nonsense. I think because I actually give them some credit. They know it’s nonsense. They know it’s false. They know it’s a lie. But we still get ridiculous motions like this. They know they’re peddling lies to the Australian public. They know they’re deliberately creating people to be to have an ease.

Senator O’Sullivan. President, uh, interesting debate, but I believe there’s a crossing line in terms of tuning mode against other Senators.

Yeah, I was listening to you, Senator Shoebridge, and you might have – you might have accused senators of doing something that is perhaps unparliamentary, so I’ll just ask you to consider that and move on with your comments, and I’ll be listening carefully, Senator Shoebridge.

Thank you Deputy President, they don’t care that the rhetoric they put here is totally contrary to the law, totally contrary to the Constitution, and as I said before, I give them the credit; they know it’s wrong. They know what they’re saying is wrong, but they don’t care because a really good conspiracy for them doesn’t have to be grounded in the truth. Now, I was counting the number of conspiracy theories that Senator Ren”w”ick had. It’s one of the challenges in following the senators’ contributions, and I got up to six. I got up to six, and there was somehow superannuation was in it, somehow the Button Plan was in it, Bill Gates of course featured at some point, the UN was in on it somehow or other, universities were in on it, former Minister Dawes was in on it, and I was trying to work out how to weave all the conspiracies together into some coherent whole, and that way danger lies. I think trying to pretend that they think that there’s some sort of coherence in it, they just throw out all these individual elements, they throw out all these individual conspiracies, and they hope that one of them will stick in someone’s mind. You know, maybe it was the UN, maybe it is superannuation, maybe it all comes down to the Button Plan, maybe it’s the W.H.O, maybe it’s Bill Gates, maybe it’s banks in general, maybe it’s something that happened in Ottawa in 1917. I don’t know, but it is never grounded in any kind of coherence or facts. It is the worst abuse of the position of an elected representative to do that. (96) (97) (98) (99) (100)

  • 2019 – Gates invested $55 million in BioNTech back in September 2019 – then Pfizer partnered with BioNTech to create it’s Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines, sold when it was worth north of $550 million, then publicly announced the jabs don’t protect people. (102) (103) (104) (105) (106)
    • Feb 18 2022 – Bill Gates on how we are doing in beating COVID-19: “Sadly the virus itself, particularly the variant called Omicron, is a type of vaccine, that it creates both T cell and B cell immunity, and it’s done a better job at getting out to the world population, than we have with vaccines” (107)

Point of order.

Two against my friend and colleague Senator Rennick. Senator Shoebridge was directly speaking about Senator Rennick then, and he talked about abuse and process, etc. You should withdraw.

Senator Shoebridge, it is appropriate to use people’s proper titles, and we will collectively, I think, clarify that it’s Senator Rennick. I just ask you to reflect on the comments that you made in relation to that, Senator.

Yes, yes, well, I apologize for calling Senator Rennick anything other than his name.

On the point of order, Acting Deputy President, I specifically raised in my point of order that Senator Shoebridge should withdraw. If you didn’t have an opportunity to hear the comments, then perhaps you want to take on notice, review the Hansard, and make a decision unless Senator Shoebridge would be prepared to withdraw.

Senator Shoebridge, it’s up to you.

I’ll withdraw it. Thank you.

Of course, the Greens oppose this motion, and it would be useful to see the Coalition actually forming a position on this and opposing this motion and speaking against those kinds of dangerous fringe elements that they otherwise give a safe home to within their party because it comes at real cost. Senator Cox made it clear that one of the communities that pays the cost of these conspiracy theories, one of the communities that pays the highest cost, are actually First Nations communities. So, reflect on the damage you’re causing in these motions, and I’d ask the Coalition to reflect on allowing this to continue to happen week in, week out in this place and reflect on the real cost that’s causing on the ground to some of the most vulnerable people in this country whose job it is, I would have thought it’s our job, to protect, not to expose them to this conspiracy, the cooker conspiracy club that’s pushing this motion forward.

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